First experience

First experienceDue to rules, I cant give a lot of details, but Im sure you guys will figure it out.It was a warm late spring mid day. And I was with my then boyfriend, John, who was a year older than me. We were hanging out in his car, drinking some drinks in the parking lot, listening to music and talking shit.I wasn’t drunk, but I was a bit buzzed. He had asked for a blowjob, and had only had sex with him once, so being close to a public place, as was careful and started my gf duties of satisfaction. As I placed my mouth on his cock, his phone rang, and he pushed down on my head to choke on his dick, he liked that. He said the sound of me choking on it turned him on.All I heard was “yeah, we will see guys there” and he hanged up. He then asked me if I wanted to go hang out at the gym for a bit, and I said dont you want to cum?, he smiled and said, no worries.So, we left the car, I was wearing a summer type dress, and John placed his hand on my ass as we walked through the hallways. As we got closer to the gym, his hand kept pulling my thong and it rubbed on my already wet pussy, he was teasing me.He slowly opened the door and we walked in. I thought he wanted to make out there, so, I held his hand as he walked me to the change room. I said “John, we are not having sex here, plus do you have condoms?”, he didnt say anything. As the door opened, 4 of his bahis siteleri canlı friends were sitting around chatting.He greeted them and they responded, they kept looking at me, I knew a couple of them, the rest looked a bit older, rough guys. John asked me “Ash, aren’t you going to greet my friends” and I did, as I hug one of them, his hand went down my back, I was shocked. I was a bit shaken, then as I hugged them, they were feeling me out, I was feeling unease, John wasnt saying anything.So, the guys looked at John, almost as he was going to do or say something. He asked me to come to him and I did, a bit scared now. As he wrapped his arm around me, he said, “Ash, I told my friends about your hot body, can I show you off?”. I looked at him, scared and confused. “Dont be shy, here, let me help you” and without hesitation, he pulled down the back zipper and my dress was on the floor. Exposing my breasts and me on a tiny white thong to these men.I covered myself with my arms, but John started rubbing his finger on my wet pussy, on top of my thong. I moaned, and was caught in the moment, and with a smile and my hands, I invited them to touch me. 5 men’s hands rubbing on my small body, my thong was ripped quickly and I found myself having my tits, nipples, ass, legs, neck, pussy being practically adored by these men. They were wearing clothes, canlı casino siteleri and as I got hot and wet, in between moans, I said “clothes need to come off”.In an instant, the men stopped and took off pants and shirts, shoes and jackets, the floor became a sea of clothes. John took it a step further and was completely naked, he got closed and grabbed his cock, suggesting I taste it. And I obeyed like the slut that I was. He wanted his friends to see me suck his dick, so I did. I chocked on it on purpose, just to hear him moan. He did, and the men slowly took off their underwear. I knew what was coming, and John got pulled off by one of his friends and another stood infront of me with his dick on his hand, I looked at John as I slowly put this strangers cock in my mouth and began my duty as a slut.The men organized themselves and made a circle around me, and I quickly caught on. Sucking on all of their cocks, one by one, making them rock hard. My pussy drenched with my juices for the sinful act I was committing with men, alone in a room. I couldn’t resist any longer, lust took over my young naive mind. I was surrounded by 5 hard cocks, my pussy drenched, with juices dripping down my legs, my nipples rock hard, my mouth drooling and that taste of precum on my tongue. I walked to the bench and said, ” I need to get fucked, who is first”. John casino oyna quickly came over and layed on the bench as I smiled to him and guided his cock inside me.We fucked like we did in my house, he moaned and his friends watched in awe. “can I cum inside you hun?” he said, I forgot about condoms, I just wanted to get filled up, and for the first time I said “Cum inside me”. And I repeated it, over and over, moaning until it happened, he filled me up. I could fill his cock exploding inside me. As I lifted myself up from him, his cum was dripping a bit from me. The guys didnt seem to mind, since John moved and they laid on top, one by one, waiting for me to service them.But the time, 3 were drained, I asked to be DP’ed. I was a virgin in my ass still, and that day, a man whose name I can’t remember took it from me. I sat on one of them as his cock entered my cum filled pussy, making that delicious wet sound as he penetrated me and this fellow slowly inserted his cock in my ass. It hurt at first, and then, all of the sudden he grabbed me by the hips and pushed hard, making me moan from pleasure and a quick snap of pain. It felt good. Their cocks there stretching me to my limits, then one of the guys I had fucked started licking and sucking my nipples as I experienced sexual exctasy with these men.They both came inside me, and once we were done. We all quietly put on our clothes and left without saying word.John dropped me in my house, were I was greeted by a typical angry Dad. And I took a long shower to clean all the cum. I was fortunate not to get pregnant, the aftermath of my lust was me being very worried.

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