First Meeting


Finally the day of my arrival had begun. You knew you were going to blow me out of the water on our first meeting, especially after everything that had gone before us. Thankfully its spring and so the warmth in the days gives you more confidence than normal when choosing what to wear. Not that it’s going to be a hard decision for you. You settle instantly on a black A skirt number with a pert white cotton blouse that verges on the point of being formal. As you look at yourself in the mirror you wonder what I’ll think when I finally get to see you in all your naked glory and can’t help but have a twinge of anxiety run straight to your stomach, which is where you’re looking.

“Damn it Robin, you’re the mother of two children, what the hell does he expect: Elle McPherson – well, he’s got me!”

you reassure yourself just as I had always done.

You expertly dress yourself in your chosen outfit after carefully loving every part of your body as you luxuriated in your early morning bath. Yes, it was luxuriating because for the rest of the week you have the place all to yourself having taken the children to your parents to play with the prairie dogs at the farm. You know how much they’ll enjoy themselves so you don’t feel an ounce of guilt, just sudden jolts of,

“O my God, he’s arriving today”

which put you in check every so often. After all the stories that had been exchanged between us you know how you’d like this first meeting to go and so with your knowledge of what turns us both on you dress to impress. Your legs are silky beyond belief after the beauty treatment you had on the weekend and so you simply rub some exquisite smelling lotion into them and pull your skirt on. It does up just so and you feel exhilarated when you look at yourself in the mirror. Next is the shirt, which you do up to just show off the tops of your firm breasts. So you’ve had a couple of children but you’re in amazing shape and you know I’m going to be blown away with every part of you, which is why you teasingly leave your bra and panties off the clothing list today so that you can tease me as much as possible.

On your way back from dropping the children off your van developed a fault and so it was at the garage being fixed, which meant that Owen was taking you to the train station so you could make your way to the airport to pick me up. Not the way you’d have liked it but it might just serve us both well as we start to get to know one another face to face. Owen arrives and is stunned by how slick you look and instantly compliments you on how good you smell.

“You be sure to ring me and let me know he’s not an axe murderer you hear!”

is the last thing he tells you before you head towards the open doors on the train. You’ve pushed the boat out and treated yourself to a first class seat so you yenimahalle escort can stretch out in style and this is the way we’ll return to so it’ll be a much quieter, less intruded upon first meeting as we have a small cabin to ourselves on the 4 hour journey back from the airport.

Luckily the flight was as smooth as a pond without the slightest ripple, which means I’ve slept like a baby and am wide eyed and bushy tailed by the time I land and psych myself up to meet you. As soon as I walk through the arrivals gate our eyes lock and rather than run at one another we mysteriously check each other out as I walk towards you.

“Hey Robin!”

are the first words out of my mouth as we finally meet. I lean forward and peck you on the cheek, not daring to presume I could do more and gently squeeze your shoulder as we engage in our first contact.

“Hey yourself smart ass!”

and so the ice is broken.

Luckily the train back to SK leaves in an hour so we go and grab a coffee at Starbucks, which gives us time to chat ourselves nearly to exhaustion, so that our coffee is cold before the waitress offers us fresh ones. We get them to go because the train will leave soon and so we head off together. On the way to the train our hands brush together at least a dozen times with a bolt of electricity sent streaming deep into our bodies each time contact is made, neither of us being brave enough at this stage to take the lead and hold the other’s hand. I’m shocked and slightly annoyed that you should have stretched yourself to the first class section on the train but am grateful as its peak time and the rest of the train is packed.

All aboard and we’re off, hurtling down the tracks through countryside that’s alien to me. I’m on your turf now and so your confidence grows in that knowledge. The meal comes and goes swiftly and soon we’re left with our bottle of wine and laughter as we make one another laugh.

“I’m gonna head off to the ladies room.”

You announce and so I take the opportunity to go to the gents because the wine has not only gone straight to our heads but our bladders too. As soon as you get into the ladies you call Owen.

“He’s frickin better than I thought ya’know! No axe murderer, you’ll have to come over and meet him one afternoon this week, oh, and the accent, man – it’s driving me to horny heaven and back – gotta run now.”

You straighten yourself in the mirror and look into your own eyes in that knowing way. In the gents I look at my own reflection and can’t believe my luck – yes, Robin looks exactly as I imagined and no, I’m not going to run from this one, especially not from such a gorgeous woman like this!

I’m back in the cabin when you arrive back and you sit on the bench opposite me. Where as before I had noticed ankara escort how much pain you had gone to in order to ensure I only just saw your knees you sit freely now and I notice just what a fabulous looking woman you are. Another couple of hours pass and we’re still fully locked onto one another just that by now we’ve managed to check each other out as much as possible – one distinct bonus of sitting opposite one another. Feeling a lot more at ease I venture down the

“So, how about we laugh about some of the rampant stories we’ve sent one another?”

routine and although you blush at first you were hoping this conversation would come around and I notice that as the flush leaves your face your nipples start to press against the white cotton of your shirt and I convince myself you have no bra on.

“I bet you didn’t think I’d talk about this on our first meeting did you?”

I ask you and with that you rummage on your bag and pull out a small wad of papers,

“No smartie, I kinda thought you would – remember this one about the gala dinner?”

you quickly say as you motion for me to come and get the story from you. As I stand up, my jeans show off my now semi erect cock and you don’t miss it at all,

“See someone’s definitely not forgotten it eh Mr”

I’m busted right from the beginning!

I take the story from you and you shuffle yourself on your seat so that your legs are slightly more open than perhaps they need to be and you catch me glancing over the papers at your silky legs.

“Which bit grabbed you about that one Michael?”

brings me straight into the here and now and although I’m caught slightly off guard I tell you directly,

“The bit where you bend over and I enter you for the first time!”

Your legs open a little more and I can now see clearly that you’re not wearing and panties, which makes me instantly painfully hard as my dick tries to force its way out of my jeans.

“How about you come and sit with me and we can go through it together”

I proffer and you quickly get up and come and sit next to me

As you’re sitting down I lean forward and cup your face in my hand and guide your lips to mine, where all that electricity flows between us as our tongues entwine themselves during what can only be described as the hottest passionate kiss in my life.

“Come on now – let’s not get too carried away young man”

you scold me in a cute way and you sit close to me so that my arm is around you and my hand resting just below your left breast. I can’t bear it any longer and let my hand squeeze you gently at first and then a little harder as I find your nipple and make you let out a pleasurable gasp.

“I’ve waited a long time for someone like you Robin! You’re amazing!”

and with that your hand plunges into my pants, your eyes widening as your hand grasps my cock for the first time.

“You don’t know how long I’ve fantasised about this and now we’re actually going to do it.”

You murmur into my ear as your other hand frantically undoes the buttons on my jeans.

Just as you’re about to expose me there’s a knock at the door: it’s the waiter with a final drinks order for us.

“Phew, that was a close shave”

I sigh as you swiftly get up when he’s gone and pull down the shutter on the window of our door and return to sit next to me.

“Now … where were we?”

you exclaim in true school teacher style as you quickly pull my cock out. Before we know it my hands are inside your shirt and my tongue is flicking over your nipples bringing you closer and closer to wanting to just let go. Not satiated by simply running my hands from your ankles to just above your knees I push further up and let my thumb play in your moistness so that each time I flick your nipple, or squeeze your breast, my thumb manages to rub exactly in the right place that gets you to push against my hand and let out a whimper as you nuzzle my ear. I know that I must fuck you but I’m worried about that waiter guy coming back.

“I want to … you know … I want you to want me to fuck you Robin … but … I’m worried …”

“Shhhhh silly boy – you didn’t think I came without panties on for nothing did you?”

you gently reprimand me as you stand up and turn around to face away from me.

“Michael, I want you, and I want you right now – fuck the waiter!”

You hike your skirt up just enough so that I can see the bottom of your amazing arse, which I cup in both hands and squeeze, pulling you down towards my dick, which is now throbbing to be inside you. You lower yourself onto me slowly and I play with you with the head of my cock so that you are aching for me to fuck you when suddenly the train jerks and you sit fully onto my cock, which drives you instantly to cum. All of a sudden our inhibitions are gone and I don’t want you t face away from me. I help you to turn around without dismounting, which gives you even more pleasure as you grind onto me and when you are facing me I undo your shirt so that your breasts and loose and I can kiss and tease your nipples as you ride me. You grind yourself against me so that not only are you feeling me deep inside you but your clit catches me every time we come totally together.

“I’m going to cum Robin if you don’t stop that”

“That’s ok sweetie, I want you to – but just be a little patient coz I’m also gonna …”

you trail off as we kiss more forcefully than we could both imagine and as we do, the combination of the motion of the train and our heightened state of horniness we both sigh into one another as we both let go and feel the pleasure together.

We kiss tenderly for a while before you say,

“I’m just off to the ladies room sweetie – how about you go freshen up too, we’ll be there soon”

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