First Meeting


Our conversation started out innocently enough. We talked about what we do and how we relax. Then somehow the subject turned to sex. I began twirling the straw in my drink mixing the crown and coke a little faster as I became nervous of the subject. First they were simple questions about first time and last experience. I was not use to being asked all the questions. Usually I am the one poking and prodding trying to get the girls to open up. We glanced back and forth at each other. Her eyes never attempted to stop looking into my inner soul. I was intimidated by this. She was like no other woman I had ever met. Then she put her bare foot in my lap under the table. The bar was somewhat dark and her actions were not visible to others. I tried to turn the tables and started firing questions at her.

Quickly she answered all of them like she had done it hundreds of times before. Could this be my match? I took her freshly manicured foot in my hand. I began to massage it as our conversation continued. She moved her foot closer to bulge between my legs. My stomach was knotting up as this aggressive woman was taking control of our first meeting. Then her foot grazed my hard package. Her eyes widened as she apologized. I could tell she did not mean it and that it was her intentions. I couldn’t handle being out of control so I attempted to seize the moment. I rubbed her foot around crotch. Her eyes closed as I did this. I knew neither one of us wanted to stay in public much longer. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear that there was a hotel right down the street. All she could do was shake her head yes. I quickly paid our tab as we walked out the door trying not to sprint and draw attention to us.

We decided to take one car over there so I offered mine. As I went to open her door she pushed me against the car and quickly pulled me to her lips. The passion was intense. I turned and pushed her against the car as my hands began to explore her body. Our tongues fought furiously for position within taksim grup yapan escort each others mouth. I couldn’t keep my hands off her incredible body. We broke our kiss and we both knew it was time to get to the hotel. Once in the car her hands were fighting to get in my pants. I kept slapping at them trying to get her to wait. My defense was useless against the determined woman in my passenger seat. Before she could get my zipper fully down, we arrived at the hotel. I scurried in to get a room as she waited outside. The valet took the car and we made our way upstairs. The elevator ride seemed to take forever. There were others in there but that didn’t stop her from standing in front of me and rubbing her hand up and down my zipper line. I whispered for her to stop but all she did was grin. 10th floor finally! Our room was not far now.

I had to fend her off while I opened the door. Once Inside our clothes started hitting the floor. First my shirt then pants. Her shirt and skirt followed quickly behind. I watched as her beautiful body shed every ounce of cover. Her large full breasts were still perky for her age at 36. Her nipples were very hard and very big. My mouth watered from the desire to taste them. She slid her thong down her long tanned legs. I was beginning to stroke my naked hard cock. She shook her head side to side and said “That is my job.” You leave him to me. Her hands quickly pushed mine out of the way as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She wasted no time taking me between her lips. They were full lips tinted with a light shade of red. Her soft full lips were moist and felt amazing as they enclosed around me. I watched as my length disappeared in her mouth. Inch by inch it quickly vanished. All eight inches were now inside her warm wet mouth. I could feel the back of her throat. At this rate I would not last long. Hell with the desire and charge in the air I wouldn’t last long no matter what she was did. Then her head taksim masöz escort began to move up and down my shaft. Saliva was beginning to drip down her chin as she moved faster and faster. Her hand was stroking what was not in her mouth. Twisting and turning as it stroked in unison with her lips. Ever once in a while she would let it pop out of her mouth to look at the large head she had devoured. She licked it and teased it all before she swallowed it again. I couldn’t take it much longer so I pulled her off me.

I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. I laid over her and pushed my lips against hers. The heat from her body was overwhelming. My skin felt like it was melting when our flesh met. My hands did not take long to find her DD cup breasts. I cupped them in my strong rough hands. She moaned lightly as I caressed her large nipples. I couldn’t control myself. The heat of the moment was too great. I was biting and sucking on her ears and long neck. She moaned a little louder with each bite. Her nails seemed to pierce my back as they dragged across it. I worked my way down her body. I squeezed her large tits as bit around her areolas. My hard cock pressed against her thigh as I ravaged her body. I moved between her legs and buried my head into her well trimmed bush. I could smell her sweet juices immediately. My tongue explored every inch of this glorious sex pot. Her lips were thin and well defined. I sucked them into my mouth one at a time. Her hands caressed my hair and seemed to push me into her more. My tongue found its groove and licked her wet slit to a fast rhythmic pace. It was not long before her legs began to shake and her moans got louder. She tried to hold my head still but I wanted more and more. Finally she moved away as her body was trembling uncontrollably.

She was soon able to catch her breath and not long after that she was begging me to fuck her. I pulled her to the end of the bed and put her on all fours. I lined myself taksim otele gelen escort up behind her and slowly pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy. She threw her head back as I entered her. I reached up and got a hand full of her long brown hair. I pulled on it as my pace picked up. I loved being able to see my hard dick pounding into her tight little pussy. She was beginning to moan really loud. There was no doubt that if there were people next door they could hear us. “You like the way my cock feels in your pussy baby?” I said loudly! All she could do is moan louder. Then I felt her body tighten up again. So I pounded my hard cock into her harder and harder. “Cum baby! Cum on my cock! That’s it Shelly, CUM FOR ME!!” She moaned and her body shook until finally she collapsed onto the bed.

She rolled over and begged for more. She jumped to the end of the bed and began to suck my hard dick. It was not long before I pulled her up and lifter her up off the bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. Our lips kissed. I twirled around until we finally hit the window. She lowered herself onto my hard cock as I proceeded to thrust as much as possible into her. I wanted to be deeper so I turned her around. I pushed her naked body against the window. From our room you could see the entire Downtown skyline. Her large tits spread as they are pressed hard against the warm glass. I kiss her neck as I push my dick into from behind. I began to fuck her furiously. My frantic pace was hard and fast. In and out of her tight wet pussy I went. Damn it felt good.

I never wanted it to end but I knew it would soon. I gripped her hips to get more leverage for thrusting harder and harder. I knew I was going to cum soon. She could sense it from my breathing and loud moans. She whispered that she wanted to see me cum. So just before I came she got down on her knees and stroked my cock hard and fast. Suddenly my cock erupted in a huge orgasm. I shot load after load firing into the air. Some hit her. Some hit the window. She whipped off the bit that hit her and sucked it off her finger. Then she cleaned my slowly shrinking cock off with her mouth and tongue. It was all we could do to make it back to the bed. We both slept a little while before showering and leaving. We both knew this was the first of many, many wonderful meetings.

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