First Release Ch. 01


I had just set up my own business. Eager to make some money by my own efforts, instead of hanging around in some anonymous office, seen doing the ‘right’ thing, and waiting around for a promotion, I was now spending a lot of time working at home. And while I was motivated and got plenty done, I was spending many days working alone. There were inevitable moments of boredom, and I usually filled them surfing the web for porn and reading erotic stories. I am in my late twenties, and while I am tall, slim and probably fairly good looking, I was single for the time being. This all happened a few months ago.

I would surf around, finding pictures of some hot pornstar stripping herself naked until she was spreading her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy, maybe being fucked hard by some stud until she took his sticky load all over her. I might then find some erotic stories, and read a few. The stories often got me far more excited than pictures alone could. There’s something about a story that can bring things to life, bring fantasy closer to reality. Imagining yourself as part of the story, stepping into the experience, and having it. Porn images are fine, but even the films have laughable storylines, and reading something allows you, the reader to experience it in your own way, to fill in the details to match yourself and your life. Or the way your life could be.

After looking at some porn, and finding a story that really got me going, I would usually be feeling that familiar tightness in my pants as my cock ached for release. My balls beginning to tingle, I would pull off my pants and underwear and stroke my shaft, maybe rubbing the head with a saliva-soaked finger, imagining myself in the story, driving deep inside that luscious babe I saw in front of me, until I could take it no longer and start cumming hard, jerking off to completion.

As time went by, I began to explore the web more, enjoying more hardcore scenes, and reading stories about group sex. At first it was just women being taken by several men, or each other. But then things took a step in a new direction.

I was doing a websearch, trying a few sites, and popups were opening in every direction. It happens often. I was already feeling pretty turned on. But then a small window opened with a picture of a hot naked babe next to some stud. It looked like the stuff I was used to. I glanced at the caption: ‘Fuck my hot tight pussy while you suck his cock. Then he’ll bend you over and slide into your asshole until you cry out in ecstasy. Have you ever had your ass filled with cum? Try it and love it.’

I was shocked. So I was far from naive about sex, but it was so dirty. If I hadn’t been feeling turned on already, I would probably have looked at it with disgust, or even humour, and closed the window. But something deep inside me stirred. I felt a tightness in my stomach, a mixture of fear and excitement. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between them. That feeling spread from my stomach, down to my cock and balls, and through my whole body. I began to shake a little, but just the thought of something so taboo made my groin ache like never before. I knew I loved women, but the sense the image on the screen gave me of breaking all the rules, and the possibility of just indulging so fully in sex, with women, men, however, wherever, made my cock feel like it was going to burst if it didn’t get the attention it now so desperately needed. I pulled down my pants and hardly needed to stroke my shaft more than a few times before I began spraying a flood of sticky cum across the table. It hit the wall and ran down, dripping onto the floor; I had cum with such force.

As I slowly calmed down, still breathing heavily, I began to feel a little guilty about having become so horny over something that I would obviously never come close to. I loved women. That was me. That was my sex life. Except when I was single. I was single now. I got back to work.

A couple of days later though, after I had got plenty of work done, I felt the inevitable hornyness building up again. What the hell, it was time to have a satisfying jerk-off. Looking at some of the same websites, that image of the naked hot babe next to the stud, and those words next to them that had so shocked and excited me, kept flashing through my mind’s eye. I knew how excited I had been, and image seemed as if it had been burned into my mind. It would not go away. The more I kept seeing it, the more I started to get that feeling in my stomach again, that excitement. Fuck it, no-one needed to know. I thought I’d look at some group sex stories to get me going even more. Secretly I was hoping I’d find one with something a little extra. At the same time, part of me was pretending that I was just looking for the same old scenarios. But that part was rapidly dissolving in all that I was feeling.

I knew what I was looking for. A guy involved in sex with girls and other guys. Just the thought of it filled me with lust. I found the bisexual category, and started reading. Categories and labels didn’t seem too important poker oyna to me at that moment. I just knew what was turning me on. It wasn’t long before I’d unloaded another load of cum in a frenzy of excitement.

From there, with all those days at home, and my curiosity stronger than ever, I started downloading film clips. I couldn’t find any bisexual stuff, so I thought I’d make do with some gay stuff. I wasn’t gay of course, and it was really just curiosity, so I went ahead. At first, it seemed like it was the taboo that got me excited, and I would always finish by jerking off looking at pictures of women. After a while though, I was jerking off watching some stud sucking another’s cock deep into his mouth. Or one ramming his cock deep into his partner’s asshole. As I said, I wasn’t naive, and I knew already that gay guys had anal sex, but the thought had always seemed a bit distant, as if it was nothing to do with me. And it wasn’t. Yet here I was, stroking my cock as I watched gay porn. And cumming as hard as I did when watching the women being fucked. I had also begun to read the gay erotic stories online. About guys having their first time, about being seduced into sucking cock, or being fucked in the ass. And about them loving it.

I began to play with my own asshole while I stroked my engorged cock, sliding a finger in, sometimes two. I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I was enjoying too much pleasure to care. And it was only fantasy. We all know that some things are best left as fantasy, and may not be that great in real life situations. Fantasy is safe, I knew that. So it was safe for me to do this in private. I’d probably get a new girlfriend soon. Then I would stop all this.

My mind was racing in overtime, rationalizing all the things I had been doing. I was straight, but getting turned on reading about bisexual guys, gay guys, watching gay porn, imagining I was sucking a guy’s thick, warm cock all the way into my mouth, sucking hard until he released his load onto my tongue. Imagining teasing his asshole with my tongue, before pushing my cock into him and fucking him hard and deep. Then turning over, and allowing my fantasy stud-buddy to do the same, until he came again deep into my bowels, filling me up. Even being taken by two guys, sucking a cock as I was fucked. And women were involved too sometimes. The thought of fucking a warm pussy as I was taken in the ass and sucked another guys cock drove me wild. But I was straight. This was just fantasy. It was safe. And maybe too much fantasy without any real sex was driving me a bit crazy. Perhaps it was time to put that right.

I started socializing more and going out to bars. I met a few girls, but none of it really led anywhere. By day, I carried on working, and enjoying my private fantasies. By now I had grown quite comfortable looking at all sorts of porn, straight and gay, and enjoying reading erotic stories in the same way. It still excited me, but I would no longer be shaking. The taboo had been broken, at least in my mind.

The room where I worked faced the street and the houses opposite. It was on the second floor, so no-one could see in from outside, and the houses across the road were usually empty. If I saw anyone in while I needed to be private, I would simply shut the blinds. No problem. I could masturbate unobserved.

This particular day, I had just finished enjoying jerking off over the usual mix of porn and erotica. The excitement of it all had got me so worked up that I had stripped off all my clothes to caress my body, and play with my ass while I did it. There was cum splattered on my stomach and I was resting, catching my breath and enjoying the sense of release for a few moments. As I did so, movement from the corner of my eye caused me to turn rapidly towards the window, fearing the worst. Someone was looking at me from the house opposite. This time I really was afraid, and embarrassed too. My stomach felt tight, my cheeks flushed. I could make out a dark silhouette at first. It was a guy, but he was motionless. He didn’t seem to react. Maybe he wasn’t watching after all? Feeling a little easier, I continued to look. There wasn’t much light in my room, perhaps he couldn’t even see me? My thoughts were racing, as my eyes adjusted to the light in the house opposite. This guy was definitely facing in my direction. He was becoming clearer now, and I could see that his hand was rubbing his crotch. Was this guy jerking off too?

I could see more of him now. He looked fairly young, perhaps late twenties. He was rubbing his crotch and looking at me, as I lay on my sofa, naked, with cum splattered on me. I didn’t know how much he could make out as he continued to rub himself. I watched as he started to move a little. He was standing, and his hips were moving around, back and forth. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his very erect cock. I had never watched another guy jerking off before, and I was transfixed. His hand slid up and down his shaft, quickening suddenly, before his head jerked back, and his body convulsed. I canlı poker oyna couldn’t see clearly enough, but I knew that he had cum. Quickly, he moved from the window, and shut his blinds. It had all happened so fast.

Looking down at my cock, I was surprised to see that I was hard again. My god, I had just seen my neighbour jerking off, while watching me, and here I was, rock hard for the second time today. With thoughts of what I’d just witnessed flashing through my mind, images of men fucking other men, scenes from the stories I’d been reading, all making me stiffer and more excited, I gripped my shaft and began stroking once more. I licked two fingers from my other hand, coating them in saliva, and reached round under my ass to finger my warm hole, before sliding them in, imagining that they were the cock of some stud. For a moment, I imagined they were the stiff cock of my neighbour, but I quickly pushed that image aside, as I continued to jerk my cock faster. It wasn’t long before I closed my eyes and cried out loud as my second load of the day shot from my cockhead, coating my already damp stomach and chest. Feeling confused and exhausted, I showered, the hot water washing all the cum off me and down the drain. I felt as if I was in a dream. Had all that really happened? Perhaps he hadn’t been looking at all, and it was all coincidence, fantasy, in my hyperactive and horny imagination.

The next morning, I was brought down to earth with a bump. Among my post was a note in a envelope labeled simply with my house number, and no name. My intuition had already leaped ahead. The note read: ‘I know you saw me yesterday. I don’t want anything bad to come of this, so I need to set things right, so no-one gets in any trouble. Come on over. I’m in today.’

My cheeks flushed again as the reality of the situation came home to me. He was right. What if someone else had seen him or me? Indecent exposure was a possibility. I felt embarrassed and nervous, and I wanted to take this seriously too.

After I’d finished work and grabbed some food, I headed across the street. Rather than feeling nervous, I was now in responsible mode. Neither of us should get in trouble for this. Underneath, I knew what had happened, but for the moment, that was far from my thoughts.

I rang the bell. My neighbour answered. He was more or less as I remembered. Tall, like me, perhaps 30, and he looked slim and fairly fit and healthy. He smiled.

‘I’m Dave.’

I shook his hand and stepped through the door.


‘Come on up. This is a bit embarrassing, but I don’t want the police in on this, if any other neighbours complain. Let me get you a drink. Make yourself comfortable.’

Sitting on a large sofa, Dave handed me a beer. I was still feeling responsible, and the fact that I’d caught him jerking off was far from my mind. Neither of us had mentioned it, it was like an assumed embarrassment, something we would both quickly forget.

We chatted for a while, just small talk. Dave had lived there a few years, enjoyed the area, worked locally. He shared his place with a couple of friends. We agreed we’d keep our little embarassment private, and to back each other up if any nosy neighbours made any trouble about it. I felt much more comfortable. The issue was forgotten.

‘I don’t have much planned for this afternoon,’ said Dave. ‘You wanna watch a movie? I have stacks.’

‘Sure.’ I was at a loose end for the rest of the day, and had nothing better to do.

Dave clicked on the TV and VCR. A girl was lying on a bed naked. Then a guy walked on screen and pushed his cock into her as they started fucking.

‘You like porn?’ asked Dave.

I shifted a little on the sofa. ‘Errm. Sure.’ I hadn’t expected this, but what the hell.

The couple onscreen continued fucking. Then another guy walked on, holding his erect cock. I waited for him to feed the girl his cock, so she’d be taken from both ends. But he bent forward behind the first guy, parted his cheeks, and pushed his cock straight into the guy’s ass. This was a bi flick.

I looked at Dave. He was holding his crotch, and it was bulging. He glanced briefly down at my groin, then looked me in the eye.

‘I can see you’re enjoying this.’

I couldn’t hide the bulge in my pants. Dave reached across and started rubbing my cock through my pants. Looking back at the porn on the screen, I saw the two guys had separated from the girl and she was now sucking the cock of a guy while he had his ass fucked hard. He was moaning, his eyes closed. I was used to this stuff, but I’d never seen a bi film before. My groin was aching as Dave continued to stroke me. I just sat there, growing more and more excited, but not really knowing what to do.

Dave moved closer, pulling of his pants and shirt to reveal a completely shaved body, save for a little patch of hair above his groin. His cock was thick and hard, standing maybe 7 inches erect. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I hardly

noticed when Dave started pulling my own shirt up, and stroking internet casino my chest, squeezing and pinching my nipples gently. My pants and underwear came off quickly. We were both naked.

‘I’m not gay you know,’ I said firmly. It was like a get-out clause, with me pretending reluctance. I was anything but.

‘Me neither.’ Dave leaned over and kissed me, sliding his tongue between my lips, and continuing to rub his hands on my chest. I responded, my tongue meeting his, tasting, exploring. It was different from kissing a woman. Soft, warm and wet, but with something extra, that told me I was kissing another guy.

Dave’s hand slid down to my cock, encircling the rock hard shaft. Mine was probably a similar size to his, about 7 inches, thick, and veiny, with a large pink mushroom-shaped head.

‘You have a lovely cock,’ he said. ‘I want to taste it.’

He licked his way slowly down my chest, a little slower than I could stand, exciting me further, as he worked his way towards my groin. Fuck, I couldn’t stand it, I was anticipating what was to come, but he was hovering over my stomach, licking me, nibbling. Then suddenly he lifted his head and sank his open mouth over my cock, his tongue swirling around the shaft, moving up to tease the head gently with his teeth, sucking it hard, before plunging down, until his lips touched my groin.

This was more than I could take, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Dave slid his mouth off my cock and teased my balls, sucking one into his mouth as he rubbed and caressed my shaft with one hand.

‘Oh, god, I’m gonna cum. Suck me. Take me in your mouth Dave.’ I could hardly believe what I was saying. I’d said it all before, by myself, in the safety of my fantasies. But this was real, it was happening. My neighbour, who I’d watched jerk off at the window, was sucking my cock deep into his mouth, as well as any girl I’d been with. Perhaps better.

Dave kneeled on the floor in front of me, bobbing his head up and down on my cockhead, as he played with my balls. I watched him sucking eagerly, wondering for a moment if he’d done this before. I could hear the slurping as his mouth slid up and down my saliva-coated shaft. And the feeling was fabulous, pure pleasure. The feeling of this man, another guy, making love to my cock as if nothing else mattered to him at that moment. Dave removed his mouth long enough to lick a finger. As he returned his lips to my shaft, he pushed a finger towards my ass. I lifted my hips to help him, wanting him to do it so badly. Then he teased the rim of my ass with one finger, before sliding it in slowly. Dave was sucking harder now, with one hand gripping the base of my shaft, while he finger-fucked me. I could hold it no longer. I groaned, grabbing his head in my hands, pulling him all the way down onto my cock, as I started to cum. My whole body convulsed, emptying my balls into his mouth and down his throat. Dave stayed there, holding my cock in his mouth.

He looked up at me, and moved to kiss me. For the first time, I tasted my own cum from someone else’s mouth. We shared the tangy juice. It was unbelievably dirty. Sharing my cum in a deep kiss with Dave. It was so hot. I was bathed in a light sweat, breathing hard and deeply.

‘You taste so great. I hope there’s more of that,’ moaned Dave.

‘Ooooh. There’s more.’ I looked down at my cock. I was still semi-hard. Whatever I was thinking about this, it was taking second place to what I was feeling.

‘I know watching those guys fucking on that video got you hot,’ said Dave. ‘And I know you’re gonna love it too.’

I thought back to that pop-up that had so surprised me not so long ago, and remembered those words that had made me feel so turned on: ‘Try it and love it.’

Dave pushed my legs back towards my shoulders, exposing my asshole. I felt a little vulnerable. His cock was hard. He held my legs up as he bent forward and began licking my asshole, teasing my tight ring, licking all around my rim, before pushing his tongue inside. God, it was so hot, feeling his hot tongue wriggling deeper inside my hole. Dave started to push his tongue in and out, fucking me with it.

‘Ooooh. Oh yessss. Ream me out, baby. I fucking love it. Oh yes Dave, push deeper.’ I was writhing on the sofa, pushing my hips up to meet his tongue, my body reaching so eagerly towards the source of the pleasure, my asshole wanting more.

Dave then stood and held his hard cockhead at the entrance to my tunnel. He waited, his thick manmeat poised. Instinctively, my hips again pushed up to meet him. I was too far gone to even think about not wanting this. He was about to fuck me, a straight guy, in the asshole, and I was hot for it. Then I felt the head push slowly in. Dave had already got me well lubricated, and I was used to putting a few fingers in my ass, but it still hurt a little. I grimaced as he slid further in. I could feel the shaft inching its way past my sphincter, stretching me a little. I tried to relax as Dave continued to ease inside me. He stopped when he was all the way in and slowly pulled out, leaving just the head inside. He looked down into my eyes as he pushed his cock into me for the second time, all the way in, until I could feel his balls resting against my asscheeks.

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