First Swingers Club Visit. [Fantasy]

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First Swingers Club Visit. [Fantasy]I have a long standing fantasy. To attend a swingers party and to watch my wife get her pussy filled by another man. The following is how I imagine it happening:I was scanning though porn on the internet as my wife played some game on her iPad. I was lost in my views of two men having their way with what was said to be the woman’s husband. The familiar theme was there. A surprise visit (usually set up by the husband) by a friend who the husband thought his wife found desirable. As plot lines and script are none existent anymore on online porn, the three seemed to have worked their way through the awkward beginning and the wife starts by rubbing the friends cock through his pants. From there the predictable action follows. I try and pick out which male actor I would be and just insert my wife in the role of the sausage sandwich. My cock gets hard and uncomfortable as I have to shift it to allow it to freely become erect. I’m not sure if my wife saw me or she noticed how intent I was looking at my laptop but I hear her speak. I don’t have the volume on so I was sure she didn’t hear anything. I’m not real sure what she said as I am ripped from my fantasy view of her getting pit roasted. I stammered a “Huh?” and she repeated, “What are you looking at?” She gets up and crosses the room saying as she approached, “Let me see.” Embarrassed, I leave the site up with the video still going, and she joined me by sitting next to me on our love seat. I was petrified at what her reaction would be and I watched her as she looked at the woman sucking a cock as from behind the woman was being stuffed with a stiff cock. I waited for her to chastise me and return to her game but I was amazed when she asked for the volume to be turned up. We watched for the next fifteen minutes till the woman was covered in both men’s cum. Her face with a nice gleam of spunk and her pussy dripping that creamy white cum oozing from her pussy. When it stopped my wife just turned and smiled. She said,”Is this what you want us to do?” I looked back at her as she waited for me to respond. Her hands clasped in her lap and her nipples showing through her shirt. I told her that it has always been a fantasy of mine to share her. I had no interest in not including her in any form of swinging, but I never felt she would be alright with it. We have talked about it in the past and even role played a few times. She never put her foot down and said no way, no how, so I just let it collect with the rest of my fantasies. I was shocked when she said she would like to investigate this and asked just how I planned on doing this. I’ve been replaying this in my mind for years so I had researched local swinger clubs. I found one close to our location and watched all their promos and read through all the rules and what kind of actions would be expected of first timers. The biggest thing was the respect that was expected and that no means no. I showed my wife the web site and she read through the pages as well. When she was done she turned and smiled saying, “OK. Lets try this.”I called to make an appointment and was told by the very nice lady that she suggested to all her first timers to come in on a Sunday as it was slower and we could get a better feel if it was right for us or not. The first open Sunday was in two weeks so with my heart pounding I booked it. She suggested that we wear something sexy and refined. A suit and tie for me and a nice sexy dress that showed of my wife’s assets and sexy lingerie. The first week we just went back and forth with the idea, but the Sunday before our date she put on one of her sexy outfits and was holding her large realistic dildo with a suction cup. We have played many times with this idea but she wanted to role play how I thought this would play out. She placed the dildo at the spot that worked the best for her and told me I was a married man of another woman who was having sex as we speak with his wife. I went full in with the role and God it was a fantastic night. I must have busted a nut three times during the four hours we played. We laid in bed exhausted and she turned and said it was alright with her to go.We didn’t speak of it much during the week leading up to Sunday. Saturday we went out to the lingerie shop at our mall and picked out an outfit we both thought would be good. Watching her pick through the outfits, knowing she was thinking of what would look good to the man she was going to fuck, my own erection was visible to anyone who looked. We got home and I want to see her in it as soon as we walked through the door but she wouldn’t. She told me she was going to let the man she choice to fuck her, see her in it first. That was driving me mad with excitement. Sunday came and we were to show up around two in the afternoon. We showered, cleaned, dolled up and dressed. I could see the nerves reaching the top with her as it was with me. I kept telling myself she is the one who finally suggested it so I let that balance the indecision in me. I mean I am going to let my wife fuck another man! We finished and as I grabbed the keys I followed her to our car. The drive over was a quite one. I figured she was thinking about what we were about to do. I was afraid she would back out. At any time she wanted to I would without comment. We arrived at the location. A valet open the door for my wife and took my keys. Giving me a numbered chip he nodded and told us to have a nice evening. The exterior was tasteful and well kept. No neon or flashing lights with gaudy signs. We knocked at the door and I felt my wife’s hand squeeze a little tighter as the door opened. The beautiful lady who opened the door was in her thirties. As we entered she closed the door and moved to a matradee’s stand. She smiled and ask for our name. Looking at what I assumed was the appointment book she said, “AH! There you are. Welcome and as first timers I would like to give you a tour of our house. We walked hand in hand listing to our canlı bahis host give us information on drinks (since we didn’t bring our own bottle we would have to wait till our next trip if we wanted one.) at the bar, the common area, the private rooms which weren’t that private, the play room for more adventurous play, and a hot tub area with a shower to clean up. We were told that lockers were available with a lock for use to store cloths and valuables. We went over the rules and was escorted back to the common area. There were empty couches and chairs throughout the area. The bar was over to the left next to the door to the hot tub and showers. Our host told us to have a seat anywhere and she hoped we would enjoy our evening. We found a nice couch which was comfortable and deep. I asked my wife if she wanted me to get her something to drink and she said yes but she wanted to go with me. We went to the bar and since we had nothing to mix with we were given two bottle waters. I turned to take a good look at just how many people were there. I now understand why we were suggested to come on a Sunday. There were four or five other couples. Some laughing and touching playfully the others enjoying sitting and watching. We became one of the others and sat back on the couch we started from. We were talking and planning on just where we would go off to have sex ourselves. It didn’t look like there were enough people around to take much notice in us. That is why we were both startled by the masculine voice saying hello.We looked up and a couple stood next to the arm of our couch. The man extended his hand and introduced himself as James. I stood clasping his hand and giving the normal handshake in greeting. He then introduced his lovely lady next to him as his wife Karen. My own wife then stood and I did the introductions of her to them. We offered them a seat. James pulled another overstuffed chair next to the couch and his wife took a seat next to my wife. Karen stated they could tell we were new and wanted to come over and try and help to get us through those first timer nerves. They have been members for a couple of years and come in on the occasional Sunday to see who is new. The ladies started to chit chat what women chit chat about. James and I passed the usual niceties when he said how beautiful he though my wife is. I of course told him just how gorgeous I though Karen was. As I did I turned and looked with a smile towards her and my wife. They were both smiling and both thanked us for the compliment. James asked us how long have we been in the lifestyle. To my surprise my wife answered we haven’t been and this was our first time at this. She volunteered that she said ok after years of it being hanging out there. Karen let out a giggly “good for you”, and patted her knee and then suggested that my wife and James get to know each other more, and she wanted to, as she put it, pick my brain. My wife and I exchanged looks and we both nodded yes. James stood and took my wife’s hand, giving it a gentlemanly kiss, as he smiled and told her how pretty she looked and offered her a seat at another couch not too far away. Karen slid next to me where my wife sat and she asked if we have had sex with others. I told her we haven’t. I have always wanted for us to but until now my wife was against the idea. Karen asked why she was willing to now. I shrugged and said I did not know for sure. She never said and I sure wasn’t going to over analyze it. Karen laughed and nodded towards where my wife and James were sitting. I could see they were in a good conversation. He was holding her hand with his right hand and had his left arm on the back of the couch behind her. I could tell she was nervous but she didn’t stop it. I have to admit a tingle of jealousy bubbled up but I pushed it away watching her enjoy the attention. Another man approached them and not hearing the exchange I could tell James told him that her husband was over there with his wife and they all looked towards us. Karen gave a playful shove telling me to wave and smile. As I did an electrical shock went through me when her hand grabbed at my crotch.Snapping my head back to her she was smiling and leaned in for an Earth moving kiss. When I was able to muster the will to pull away I looked back towards James and my wife. I couldn’t tell if they saw anything or not but from the body language it would seem they were having similar thoughts as us. Karen pulled my face back towards her and said there would be plenty of time for watching, but for now she want my full attention. Her hand still on my crotch, rubbing my hard cock, she looked deep into my eyes, with our faces no more than a nose apart, we kissed again. This time I let the moment take over. I moved my hand to her breasts. She moaned as I touched her and her hand was rubbing me harder. I took a breath and thanked her for helping to break the ice. She just buried her lips into mine. Her perfume overpowered my senses and I was so turned on. All my senses were engaged. Smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight. I was becoming lost in her. It had been a very long time since I kissed another woman. I became aware of the subtle differences in in technique and approach. I took my hand from her breast and parted her legs with it and slid my hand up her dress. She was wearing a pair of sheer panties. I could feel the wetness through them and I started to rub her she moaned and pulled away. With a breathy voice she stood and grabbed my hand pulling me up. She told me to follow her. It was the first time I had a chance to see what was going on with my wife. I was shocked and so tuned on seeing her in a passionate embrace and kiss. I could see his hands exploring her and hers was under him presumably rubbing his cock through his pants. My ears caught that familiar moan of pleasure from her. As I was pulled past them I caught a glimpse of her looking at Karen and me heading for the back rooms. She guided me through the hall way that just bahis siteleri 30 minutes earlier my wife and I walked down looking over the many rooms holding hands. We turned left into about three rooms down from the entrance to the hallway. There are no doors and inside there were three beds facing two couches. Karen picked the middle bed and turned to me and told me to sit on the couch. She reached back and unzipped her dress. As the back opened her shoulders could not hold the dress up alone. Her dress feel off her shoulders and with her arms crossed she held it up teasing me with what I imagined was under it. I was staring at her, my breath becoming excited and short. My cock was the hardest it had been I a long time. It was obvious. She then let the dress fall to the floor standing there in white sheer lacey bra and panties. Her nipples were hard and visible through them. Her breasts were firm and round. I let my eyes soak up her body as I look to her panties. She said’ “See how wet you have made me?” I shook my head smiling saying she had made me just as wet. Karen unhooked her bra and let it fall off. Her breast were even more glorious. She sat down on the bed and spread her legs showing me that wet spot I felt earlier. Laying back on her elbows she asked if I wanted a taste. I stood up, cock bulging in my pants, I started to take my clothes off. I hate ties and this is one of the reasons. I got to my shirt when Karen leaned back up and unbuckled my belt. She unhooked the top of my pants and unzipped them. My cock was pushing my boxers out and she rubbed it looking up at me smiling. I finally got my shirt off and I used my feet to remove each shoe. My pants fell and Karen pulled my boxers over my cock, letting it free. I about shot my load when I felt her breath on the tip of my cock right before she took it in her mouth. The room was spinning as she licked and sucked me. Licking my balls and playing with my ass. I just stood there, weak kneed, and ready to cum. Just then she stopped and laid back and pointed to her wet stained panties. I finished pulling my pants, boxers, and socks off and knelt down and put my mouth right on that spot. Her hands reached for my head as I did and her moans of pleasure washed through me. Oh her taste and her scent was enticing. I finally pulled her panties off revealing her wet pussy. She was shaved around her pussy with a nice bush on top. I was in a trance until I heard a familiar voice.As I had my head buried between Karen’s legs James and my wife came in the room. I looked in shock but in lustful stare, as my wife was ravishing James with her kisses. I saw her quickly remove her dress and reveal the lingerie she bought the day before. A black strapless bra with a garter belt holding up a pair of black fishnet stocking. Over that she had a pair of crotchless panties that matched. Both the panties and bra has a red stitching and the panties had a red rose in front. James must have already found the crotchless panties as my wife was really wet. I heard Karen say, “Hey baby”. He said hey back and asked me if I was enjoying Karen’s pussy. Karen responded before I could telling him to “stop talking”. I started to lick her slit and suck on her clit. Karen groaned out a “Oh My God he does”. Karen’s hands was griping my hairs pulling me in as I licked and sucked her clit. I thought I was going to get her to come but I guess some things doesn’t changed with women. She wanted me to finish her with my cock in her. I leaned up and started to suck on her nipples. My cock hovering over her. I teased her with letting my cock head touch her wet pussy. She screamed, “Put that cock in me”. I plunged it in her watching her arch he back as I shoved deep inside her. I got about five or six good pumps before she told me to roll over and let her on top. I took this opportunity to see what my wife and James were up too. My wife was laying down. James must have removed all his cloths while I was preoccupied with Karen. He was on top kissing her and playing with her ample breasts. I know that is the one thing that will spread her legs and he was doing her right. Karen mounted me and I had a glorious view of a woman that the gods chiseled out of marble. She started to rock her pelvis back and forth rubbing her clit against my pelvic bone. She was playing with her tits as she ground me hard. I turned my head watching my wife. She still had her bra and garter/panties on. As I watch her being kissed passionately I could see James moving to slide his cock into her through the crotchless panties. Her arms wrapped around him I could tell the moment of penetration. She gasped and he moaned as his cock slid into her wet hole. They held each other hard as he pumped her. Hearing her gasp and moan with pleasure was the most wonderful sound. She never opened her eyes as my quick glance ended and returned my attention to the fuck machine on top of me. Karen smiled at me when I turned my attention back to her. She looked down at her husband fucking another woman and she seemed to get just as excited as I am at the sight. She asked my wife if she liked James huge cock. James leaned up looking back a Karen and my wife just gasped, “Yes! God I love his huge cock. He is filling me up.” Karen then said, “Well your husband me stuffed full too.” And she giggled and ground harder. I looked over and James, looking at me asked me just how on earth I survive a sex session with my wife. He told me her pussy was so tight around him. I smiled and nodded as I really couldn’t speak with Karen grind me. Karen finally leaned down so I could play with her tits. She kissed me hard the leaned up enough to leave her tits dangling in my face. Her nipples were hard and protruded about a half inch. I wrapped my lips around her left one while holding he right one between my fingers. She let out a growl of pleasure as I sucked on her nipple flickering it with my tongue. This is one trick I do on my wife as well, and the response to me doing it on güvenilir bahis Karen is just like my wife’s. James pulled out of my wife and it was really the first time I got a look at just how big he was. I estimate him at nine inches. No wonder my wife was groaning in a trance of pleasure. James rolled to his side watching Karen and me. My wife then stood up and squealed in surprise. All three of us looked at what caught my wife’s attention and there was two other couples on the couches across from our beds. They were in different stages of sex themselves. Must have been recent arrivals as I didn’t remember seeing them when we first got here. We said hi and they acknowledged us with a hi back. One of the guys told my wife to go ahead to take her bra off. She looked a little stunned so I told her to go ahead. It’s not like they haven’t seen more of you. She smiled and unhooked the clasps and the bra fell to the floor. Those familiar breast hung there. Her nipples hard. She shook them for the pleasure of her new audience. They responded in a very favorable manor. James said, “Enough my dear. Come here”. James rolled on his back, that huge cock sticking up, and my wife leaned over and took both hands and started to lick and suck his cock. James had his arms crossed behind is head and had a shit eating gin. Very rarely do I see my wife that intense on a blow job. She was going after him like a porn star. I can only imagine the show her ass was giving the couples on the couch. Karen asked if I liked watching my wife sucking James cock. I smiled and nodded yes. I told her as much as I love seeing her grinding on me. I returned my full attention back on this sex machine on top of me. Her hands now rested on each shoulder allowing her to take me deeper and to let my cock to slide in and out of her. She started to pump harder. Giving me verbal comments on how good my cock feels and how big I am. We go at this for few minute and she begins to cum. Leaning down holding me close, her mouth next to my ear, she gasps in my ear with that hot breath she was going to cum. As her orgasm starts she leans up and moans loudly saying “yes, yes, yes. Pump it harder”. I go as fast as I can and she lets go. I am sure the entire house knew she was cumming. As she climaxed I could not hold mine any longer. I shot my load in between her orgasmic waves as deep as I could. Her pussy pushed hard against me as we both finish. Karen collapsed on me as we laid there, my cock still inside her. We both start to watch James and my wife. By now my wife was on her knees sucking James cock and to my surprise one of the guys on the couch was fucking my wife from behind. The other guy was enjoying the other two ladies. He looked very happy. My wife was getting fucked hard and she had to take James cock from her mouth. Holding his cock in her hand, her hair whipping back and forth, she looks over at me and with her eyes a little glazed said, “Oh God this feels good”. When she timed the guys thrusts in her she took James cock back in her mouth and started to moan on each stroke. I head the guy fucking my wife groan out “I am going to cum!”. I watched as he pushed hard on that initial pulse releasing his cum deep in her. My wife joined him in his moans. He finished pumping her full and finally pulled out letting his cum gush out of her stretched pussy. My cock never really went limp so watching my wife get a load in her made my cock get harder again. Karen noticed and purred, “Someone is getting hard again”. Her smile told me she was enjoying my reactions and tuned her head back to watch James and my wife. She slowly road my cock as my wife never missed a stroke with James. His cock was back in her hungry mouth as she used her hand to help cover the eminence shaft of his. I am guessing the other guy on the couch decided he has seen enough and want a try with my wife’s pussy. He slowly slid up on her. Her legs slid further apart exposing he very wet and still oozing cum. His cock was about the same size of mine and he easily slid his cock in her. His hands on her hips he pulled her harder against him and my wife moaned again as he did. James was pumping his hips, face fucking my wife. Karen leaned over and gave him a kiss. You could see in both their eyes the bond they have. She started to tell my wife to keep sucking his cock. She wants to see her take his cum on her face. She started to suck harder jerking his shaft as his precum and her saliva mixed and ran down his shaft onto his balls. James started to moan loud telling us he was about to cum. His fist shot went into my wife’s mouth but the rest of his ropes covered my wife’s face. She rubbed his cock over her lips and chin then on both cheeks. James covered them all. The other guy fucking her couldn’t hold out once he saw James cum over my wife’s face. He slammed his cock deep in her and as my wife leaned down on the bed he shot his load in her. My wife was out of breath and was able to get out a “Oh God”. His cum mixed with the other guy oozed out of her again. The girls with the two guys were playing with each other and seeing the cum dipping out of my wife came over and started to lick her clean. This caused my wife to jump with sensitive pleasure but she did not move away. The other girl followed and when they were done they went to the third bed, letting the their guys fuck them. Karen started to grind me harder and she hand another orgasm with me. I was hard and very, very turned on but I still haven’t had enough time to reload the shotgun. My wife licked James cock cleaning his cum off. Karen pulled me out and went down to help my wife clean James cock. I was laying there enjoying the sight and my wife found a towel to clean her face and saw me there with a very hard cock. She mounted me sliding my cock into her very slick pussy. My God I am the fourth person today to fuck this woman. She leaned to my ear and whispered a thank you and she wanted to become a full member. I held her tight as I pumped her and whispered back I’ve already prepaid. She leaned up with a sinister grin telling me I was a naught boy. With me still in her I asked if she wanted to go to the hot tub. Karen and James chimed in with my wife in saying yes!

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