First time at the ABS


First time at the ABSI had a suck buddy, Steve, who I met about 5 or 6 years ago. We used to meet at his place when his roommate wasn’t home. Steve is a larger chub guy, about 35, good looking, with a nice 6″ cock. He loved to be serviced although he would give me handjobs and make out with me, he didn’t suck cock.One day I got a text from Steve, he was horny and wanted head, but neither of us could host. He suggested an ABS that had a theater on Rt. 22. I had never been there, but he said to pay the guy at the desk $20 and you could go into the theater. He said we could fool there. I met him there about 30 minutes later. The place was seedy, but relatively clean. I paid my $20 and the clerk buzzed me into the theater. Theater is a bit of stretch, the “theater” has 2 rooms, one with couches and a big TV showing interracial porn, there are also 4 booths, if you want some privacy. The other room has a chairs along the walls and a two couches with a divider between them. There are 3 TV’s, one with straight porn, one with tranny porn and one with gay porn. Steve and I went into the second room. There were 5 or 6 guys in the first room and 7 or 8 in our room (almost all of them were wearing wedding rings). There was a guy stroking his cock on the couch facing the straight porn, so Steve and I sat on the couch where you could see the tranny and gay porn. Steve took his cock out (most everyone had their cocks out jerking) and I reached over güvenilir bahis and started playing with it. When I got him hard he stood up and faced me and dropped his pants and underwear. I grabbed him by his ass cheeks and pulled him closer to suck his cock. I didn’t realize that we would get an audience, but in less than a minute, 4 other guys were on either side of us, cocks out and stroking. Steve didn’t want to cum to fast and suggested I help some of the other guys out. The guy standing next to Steve was about 45, 6′ tall, blond hair, he looked like a gym teacher, but he had a really nice 7″ perfectly shaped cut cock. I sucked him into my mouth and reached out with both hands taking a cock in each hand. Now I had a beautiful cock in my mouth and I was jacking off 2 other guys, both with average size cocks. Gym teacher guy, started grunting and fucking my face. Without any warning he blasted his load in my mouth which I quickly swallowed. He tasted really good! But then he zipped up and left. One of the guys I was jacking stepped in and now I was sucking my 3rd cock in about 10 minutes!He got into it ass well, but pulled out before he came and jacked off into a garbage pail on the floor. Another guy stepped in and he had a really nice cock! He was uncut, I would guess a little over 7″ and thick. I would guess he was in his mid 50’s, a blue collar kind of guy. I was drooling to get his cock in my mouth! I learned his name türkçe bahis was Jim (at least that’s what he said it was) and Started to suck his cock. There were now 4 or 5 guys standing and watching and stroking their cocks. Steve had gone into the other room. Jim’s cock was amazing. I was working the head and licking up and down his shaft. He began playing with his nipples as I took him further into my mouth. He was leaking precum, which tasted amazing! One of the guys I was jerking off grunted and came on the floor. He moved away and another guy took his place. I kept sucking Jim, for almost 10 minutes, when he pulled out, saying he didn’t want to cum yet. Steve had come back into the room and stepped in for Jim, feeding me his cock. He asked if I was having fun, I smiled and said “Fuck yes!” I took Steve’s cock back into mouth and began to give him a great blowjob. It was now just me and Steve and the 2 guys I was jacking off. One of the guys I was jacking, pulled away (he didn’t want to cum) and I let go of the other guy so I could play with Steve’s balls while i sucked him. I was deep throating Steve, then took him out of my mouth to get my index finger we with saliva before taking his cock back in my gullet. Steve enjoyed a finger in his ass and I was happy to oblige. I slowly slid my finger in his ass I continued alternating between deep throating him and working his head with my tongue. He was now moaning a lot and between güvenilir bahis siteleri the great head I was giving him and working his prostate with me finger he was pre-cumming a lot and I knew he was close to shooting. Less than a minute later as his ass clamped down on my finger I was rewarded with a big load of cum from Steve. I sucked him until he began to soften, then he zipped up. He told me he had to get to work and left. The amazing thing was in the hour that I was there up until that point, I hadn’t realized how much pre-cum was leaking from my cock. I was rock hard and I shifted on the couch and realized the mess in my pants! Jim came back over and offered me his cock, I began sucking him, bobbing my head up and down his delicious shaft. Another guy, kinda short and Asian, came over and played with Jim’s balls while I was sucking. Asian guy soon shot a load on the floor and left. Jim took his cock from my mouth and sat next to me on the couch. He leaned into me and we had a very hot, make out session for about 5 minutes. I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. I needed to make him cum. I sucked and slurped his cock for several more minutes when he started to jerk and buck. Suddenly my mouth was filled with a big load of his cum, I swallowed, but he kept on cumming! I swallowed a second mouthful and part of a 3rd before he started to go soft. Jim reached between my legs and my cock exploded a huge load of cum inside my pants.Jim gave me his number and we’ve hooked since then. I’ve been back to the ABS with and without Steve and have had a lot of fun there. I haven’t been there in about a year, but every now and then I get the itch to go back.

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