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First time experienceIt was 1978; I was 18 years old at the time and was hitchhiking along a highway in upper Michigan in the middle of winter, late at night. A car stopped to pick me up after a few minutes of walking in the cold and I was grateful for the ride. I jumped in and thanked him for stopping, telling him I was headed for the cabins up the road a few miles. He was probably ten years older than me and we engaged in casual conversation as if we’d known each other for ages. After a few minutes we came upon a store and he asked if I’d mind if he stopped and picked up a bottle, I said sure. I waited in the car while he went in and made his purchase. A few minutes later he came out with a bottle in a bag and handed it to me as he jumped in. We started up the road again and he told me to go ahead and open it up and take a drink, asking if I liked peppermint schnapps. I replied stating that I had never tried it. I wasn’t comfortable drinking and didn’t do it very often but he insisted so I opened the bottle and took a drink. He took the bottle, took a couple swigs and handed it back to me. It tasted good so I took another drink…and another.It wasn’t long before I was feeling very inebriated. He pulled the car over on this desolate stretch of highway and we chatted for a little while and at some point the conversation turned to sex. At this point I wasn’t objecting when he reached over and put his hand on my crotch. Apparently Peppermint Schnapps removes all inhibitions! He played with me for a while and could feel my cock getting stiff so he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel a big bulge in his pants and have to admit, it was a little exciting. I had never had a sexual encounter with a man before. After about a minute he asked me to pull my pants down while he was unbuttoning his own. He leaned down, grabbing my stiff cock and put his mouth around it. I jumped a little feeling his wet, hot mouth around my manhood, sucking me in hard. I laid my head back, almanbahis yeni giriş enjoying this man’s mouth for a few seconds when he got back up and grabbed my head, pulling my face toward his crotch. I resisted a little at first but gave in when he insisted, telling me it was OK.I gently put my lips against the head of his cock at first, not wanting it in my mouth. This all felt so foreign to me! Here I was getting ready to suck a man’s cock! As I held my lips against his penis for what seemed like forever, I felt his hands push my head down a little harder, forcing his cock harder against my mouth. I parted my lips and he slid his cock in. I could hear him moan and it turned me on. His cock was short but was so fat that I could barely get my lips around it! I had no experience at this and didn’t know if I was even doing it right. He sensed this and began talking me through it, telling me I was doing great and that I must have done this before. I assured him that it was my first time. I continued sucking him for a few minutes until he pulled me off of him then leaned back over and started sucking me for a while. He was very talented and would suck my cock until I was about to cum and then would pull my head into his lap again. We went back and forth like this for probably forty five minutes and finally I couldn’t hold out any longer. I grabbed his head and shoved my cock down his throat and began thrusting and cumming, pulsing my hot jizm into his face until I could cum no more. He swallowed every last drop of cum, sucking hard enough that he almost hurt me.When I had gone limp, he allowed my cock to slowly slide out of his mouth until it flopped down then told me it was his turn. I leaned back over and slowly licked up and down his thick shaft, teasing the head of his cock right where I knew it would feel the best. I continued this for a while, teasing him until he began to thrust his hips toward my face and as I quickly plunged his engorged cock into almanbahis giriş my face, he let out a gasp, grabbed my head in both hands and tried to shove his cock down my throat! I gagged until I thought I was going to throw up so he pulled back and let me catch my breath. It was a thrill to see that I could turn someone on so completely. I was enjoying this more than I could ever have imagined!! I sucked on him for about another ten minutes and could feel his already huge cock swell even bigger as he started thrusting faster and faster, holding my head tightly between his huge hands and moaning loudly.As he began to cum, I could feel him shooting one huge volley of jizm after another into the back of my mouth. He whispered between thrusts, “don’t swallow it yet!” So I held it in my mouth and thought about how good this tasted! Before he was done cumming I started to wonder if I was going to be able to hold it all in my mouth without spilling it. As I felt the last drops of cum squirt out, he pulled my mouth off of his cock and started to kiss me deeply, sucking his cum out of my mouth and swallowing it. When he was satisfied that he had gotten all of it he pulled back and told me that was the most amazing blow job he’d ever gotten. I told him I doubted that! It was my first time!He picked me up nearly every night after that and began talking about how he wanted to fuck me. I was really nervous about letting him because his cock was so fat. I sucked his cock nearly every night and nearly every night it made my jaw ache. I was afraid he would hurt me. After a couple of weeks of him begging me, I finally agreed to let him try but told him I would sit on his lap and would pull off if it hurt too much. He agreed.We both took our pants off and I straddled him, facing him after he lubed his cock and my ass. He started by putting his finger in me and gently working my ass, then two fingers, then three… At this point I had my arms wrapped around him holding him tightly almanbahis güvenilirmi as he guided his hard cock to my hole. He was very gentle and went very slowly, only pushing when I would let him. It took what seemed like ten minutes for him to get the head of his cock in and it hurt like hell but I was determined at this point to go through with it. He was VERY patient with me! Once he was able to get the head in, he thrusted slowly and gently until he had his entire cock in me. I swear I could feel every ripple and vein in this man’s dick. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of him way up inside me! At that moment I didn’t want it to EVER end! He fucked me very gently for about fifteen minutes and then grabbed my hips firmly and began thrusting harder and moaning, slamming against me. I knew he was about to explode. I reached around and cradled his balls and felt his hands hold me like he was going to ram his cock all the way up into my throat! I could feel him swelling up inside me and his balls tighten up in my hand. This was really starting to hurt but it felt so GOOD!! I felt him explode inside me sending his juices flowing into me, filling me with cum and I nearly came on his chest. I sat on his cock until it went limp, feeling it shrink inside me. As his cock got smaller, it hurt less and I didn’t want him to pull out. I sat on him for a while longer with my arms around his neck. When I finally pulled it out he sucked me off. I was so turned on that it only took about a minute to blow my load down his throat!After a couple of weeks I moved into his house with him and we enjoyed each other and the company of a few of his friends on occasion (maybe I’ll save that for another story!) for the rest of the winter until I had to move back south for my job.I communicated with him occasionally after I left and we still talk to this day but I’ve never had the opportunity to return. I spent the next twenty five or so years married and raising c***dren. Now I’m divorced, the c***dren are grown up and I’m starting to have those feelings again like I want a short fat cock in me again. It’s been my experience that two men can get along so well because all we expect is sex from one another. Women have to play head games and just can’t get along. I need a m

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