First Time Gay BBC Pt 2


First Time Gay BBC Pt 2As you may have read in part one, when I was a teenager, and recently turned 18, I met a friend of the family, named Bill, who worked at a movie theater in the maintenance department. My life would change forever. Until I met him, I had lived a very sheltered life. My mom kept me in church and always reminding me that sex outside of marriage was a sin and I would go to hell for all time. I was so afraid that I rarely masturbated. And afterwards I was so guilt filled that I confessed to God my sin of feeling good. Bill was a tall heavyset black man with a typical beer belly seen on many mature men from the south. But Bill was really all muscle. He often let me into the movie house without a ticket. My parents loved this because they always knew where I was during the summer. All of us saw him as an uncle adopted into the family. After all Bill was the son of a preacher and well respected in the community as a church member. The only family he had was his brother and his nephews and nieces. And it was my uncle Bill who turned me into a BBC slut by taking my ass cherry. After a week of being abused and used my Bill we drove to his brother’s home for a party he gave for his wife’s birthday. Sometime during the night, I found myself passed out in the backyard. Bill had warned me about his family and how much they loved turning out white boys like me and making them sex slave for big black cocks. I laughed it off as Bill’s attempt to keep me faithful to him alone. I had no desire to fuck around on the man who love my tight ass-pussy so much. Then I felt hands on my naked body. How did I get my clothes off I asked myself feeling groggy? I had my legs spread someone fucking my ass brutally. My hands tied behind my back. Jake, the young son to Bill’s older brother, aged 22, pumping in me slowly then fast, I could hear him grunt I was a good slut, ”My uncle been training that hole boy, huh white boy?” Drunk and too weak to fight back he pounded without mercy. He felt big but not as big as his uncle. Still, I was getting pounded like a bitch, in the complete dark. The sound of the part in full swing above the loud music masked the slapping of his groin belly against my bubble butt. His balls slamming violent against my trapped balls. As I lay naked tied up looking at the tall black silhouette hold my legs and fuck me as his slut, bahis siteleri he pulled out of my gapping asshole and plugged my mouth with his hard cock and fired several ropes of cum down my throat, feeding me so much I gagged and coughed up several globs of his black seed. He didn’t untie me and whisper in my ears, “My Dad will come out for his nightly smoke and he can untie you, if he likes.” Jake laughed as he turned and waked away pulling up his loose-fitting shorts. I sobered up wresting against my restraints. I lay in the grass naked for at least half an hour, wondering why Bill had not missed me. I tried to several times to get up but realized that motherfucker had tied my feet as well. When I finally was able to push my legs underneath me into a fetal position, I saw the flash of a handheld lighter fire u a cigarette. ”oh my god, what are you doing here?” Jake father Carl stood only a few feet from where I lay in the grass. The he said, ”Your one of my brother’s? I see you had a good times it seems.” “Your son, Jake did this. Help me…please” Carl kneeled getting down on the grass rubbing a finger on my hole poking it in, pulling his jeans down his massive cock all hard happy to see me. ”Oh, you like getting fuck. I fit two fingers easily in your boy pussy. I stared at his cock and he was much thicker and longer than Bill’s he cock. There was no way that monster was getting inside my asshole without ripping me apart. A grin crossed Carl’s face, ”I’m gonna make you feel so good white boy, look at this big black cock boy, that’s what you want?”’ “I am supposed to be inside with Bill. Pleaseeee…. ‘ I moaned as he dug deep into my ass with his thick black fingers as he shoved his thick cock into my open mouth. My jaw stretched to the limit. ”Shhhhhh stay quiet boy, suck my cock,” he said twisting his fingers deeper. ”Oh, you can take 3 fingers like a champ, did my son cock felt good? ” I struggled to break free but remained tied up. ”Stay quiet boy, we don’t want our party interrupted.” he laughed. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved behind me and pull my ass upwards more into a supported fetal position. I could feel him getting his big black cock in line with my hole. He spit glob after glob of spitball of slime into my asspussy. He pushed and I felt the head of his monster cock pile drive past my tortured spinster. canlı bahis siteleri “UUUUGGGGGGGGGGGG…FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK…..”I screamed into the grass. “Pleaseeeeeee……ssstttooopppppppp….uuugghhghghghggggghhhh…” He grabbed me by the throat and fucked me like a slut he wanted brutally enslave. I knew he was the master of my body now and there was nothing I could do. “You fucking Bitch, I only got the head followed by a few inches. There’s more. If you scream out again, I’ll make you sorry as fuck, you rotten slutty whore. Now take this cock like the slut you are…” He slammed into me with a cruel thrust only able to push a few more inches into. I moaned into the dirt and grass powerless to prevent his cock going inside me. “Fuck, Bill never told me you was this tight.” The tall black daddy pounding in me just like his son had earlier, both so big and enjoying stretching my ass using my white ass for their pleasure. ”You will be a perfect little piece of ass, your so cute enjoying a cock in your pussy, ” he said as he pushed his entire length deep into my ass. I felt his balls slam my scrotum. His final and forceful thrust pushed the air out of my longs. I near blacked out as I hear a voice coming from the house. “Hey Marie, where did Carl get off to,” a male voice asked. “In the back having a smoke,” Carl’s wife answered. I heard footsteps on the concrete patio leading to the yard. Carl kept pumping me hard and fast as the footstep halted. ”Well look at this. Carl, where did you find this cutie pie?” Henry expressed in surprise. “Does Marie know?” “A present from my son Jake,” Carl replied as he pulled his cock fully out of my ass leaving only the tip inserted and then savagely drove it home again balls deep into my asspussy. Again, again, and again he plunged hid monster cock into me. :and if Marie gave a shit about what I was doing then she would give up some ass herself… the fucking Bitch is tight with it.” “Upphm uphm uphmmm…” was all I could moan against the assault on my ruined asshole. ”Ohhhh my god Henry wow he looks so fuckable,” Henry observed. ”Come here buddy and shove your cock into this sissy’s mouth. I don’t want him screaming too loud. It may wake the neighbors.” Carl smiled. “I am your neighbor, Carl,” Henry said dropping his pants in front of me and quickly pushed his large black cock into my drooling canlı bahis mouth. Thank god he was smaller. I never knew the meaning of split roast until tonight. Carl increased his speed as he fucked me raw. “I’m cumming, bitch,” Carl groaned. “Take my cum you filthy slut.” “What the fuck, Carl,” I heard a woman scream. It was Marie. “You need something, Marie…” Carl pounded me harder as I felt him shoot several ropes of his juicy cum into my bowels. Then he said, “Can’t you see I am breeding Bill’s fuck toy.” He pulled out of my gapping asshole and soon filled by Henry’s cook leaving my sore mouth free. Or I thought. Marie now stood in front of me, pulled my face upwards by my long hair. She smirked and then spit into my face. What she did next totally surprised me. She lifted her flowing skirt, dropped her panties and shoved her hair fat black pussy into my mouth. “You better eat my pussy better than sucking cock, Bitch. This be my house and you been fucking my man.” I went to town on her pussy sucking on her swollen clit like a tiny cock. My face kept being pushed into her soaked black pussy with each thrust Henry delivered to my ass. “Oh, Carl baby, this bitch got talent,” Maire said looking at her husband. “Can we keep him?” she laughed. “Ya gotta ask, Bill. He owns the bitch,” he replied. All the time finally came in my ass and grunted as he withdrew. I felt cum leaking out my ass down my thighs. Henry untied my legs but left my hands bound. He then told me to go look for my Master. I could barely move I was so sore. I remained naked when I walked into the house with more cum dripping out of my ass. The room was filled with black men and women. They glanced at me but said little as if a naked white boy in the house was a common occurrence. “About time you showed up, Slut,” Bill said sitting on the couch. He attached a leash and collar to my neck and walking me around to demonstrate his power and ownership over me. Carl’s daughter, Beatrice, home from college and older than Jake, walked into the room with a beautiful and sexy white girl on a leash. She led her sex toy to the center of the room and told everyone they could play with her cunt slave. Men and woman surrounded the girl and ravaged her body for hours as I sucked off Bill, Carl, and took Jake once again in my ass. When the men and women were finished with the white girl, I was commanded to lick her clean from all the cover on and in her body – all three holes. As I ate the white slave girl, Bill jammed his hard-black cock into with one massive thrust. I knew I found my place. A sex toy for Big Black Cocks.

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