First Time In Heather


It all started with a simple BBW personal ad. Who knew anyone would be interested in a relationship with a big girl? Meeting online is the norm in today’s world. So, when Heather decided to place a personals ad, because she wasn’t meeting men, the internet was her first posting.

“How hard can it be?” she thought.

She started to fill out her stats; 5’4″, brown hair, brown eyes, big and beautiful. She always hesitated putting that down. If only she were thin. She plugged away at her interests, her work, her social life. ‘It’s like selling myself,’ she thought, as she wrote about what her turns ons/off were. “All this for a man.”

She put her cursor over the submit button and hesitated. She was really going to do this. She hit the confirm button and let out a big breath. “Now let’s see what happens.”

Within a few days her personal had about 50 hits and generated a few smiles. Just no one she really found interesting. Hopeful. She noticed there was a chat room on that site and decided to go in and check it out. Being a newbie in a chat is no fun. It’s hard to get anyone to talk to you, nevermind notice you even entered the room. As luck would have it, there was a guy in there who had said about as much as she did. She read his profile and thought, why not, and sent him a private message.

They chatted a few times in the room, got friendly and decided to trade screennames. Happier than she’s been in days, she thought, this might actually work.

His name was David, he was 29 and living in Michigan. Quite a hike from Massachusetts, but doable. They spent days online talking to each other. Hours looking into each others web cameras, trying to find out who the person on the other end really was.

Their relationship progressed into nightly phone calls and lengthy discussions about love, life and what makes them happiest. “Happy?” she wondered. “I haven’t been happy in a while.”

David brought up meeting about two months into them getting to know each other. Heather decided it would be a nice idea. A neutral meeting place. Niagra Falls was their destination.

Heather packed her clothes accordingly. Long pants, in case it got cold, capris for a casual stroll. All short sleeve jerseys, one sweater and a pair of reliable sneakers.

Getting into her car, Heather was wondering if she had been making a mistake. Was it really going to be ok, meeting a stranger by herself? Maybe she should have asked someone to go with her just in case. It was too late now though.

At least according to, the first real weekend of warm weather for the spring season was going to arrive at Niagara Falls this weekend, which only increased David’s anticipation of the upcoming weekend. This was the weekend that David was finally going to meet Heather. He had been anticipating this moment from when they first started chatting online.

It was a bright sunny, Saturday morning as he stored his suitcase in the backseat of his car and prepared for his 4-hour drive from Michigan to Niagara Falls. As he pulled out of his driveway he reflected on the last few months.

He had finally decided to give the on-line dating a try. It seemed like a reasonable idea, after all he was 29 and was not meeting anyone through more conventional means. He was not one to frequent bars, especially not to pick someone up at. He was dead set against the fix-up, even though numerous co-workers and friends had the ‘perfect’ person for him to meet.

So finally he created his add, professional white, single male, 5’8 average to slim build with brown hair and brown eyes. He had sent a few letters through the web site but did not receive any promising responses. It was tough because he was fairly average and did not know how to separate himself from the hundreds of other single guys on the site.

Finally he decided to try the chat room where he found someone as shy as himself hanging on the outskirts of the chat room. Her name was Heather and she was from Boston. She listed herself as a BBW which he had always had in interest in, though he could not really explain why. The conversations between them had flowed very naturally, and after seeing her on her web cam, he knew he wanted to meet her. Finally, with sweaty palms he typed the message he had been waiting to type ‘How would you like to meet some weekend?’.

It seemed like an eternity (even though it was only a few seconds) before she wrote back and agreed that it was a good idea.

So today, his destination was Niagara Falls. The trip had been smooth and uneventful. He had found his hotel, the City Plaza Hotel, and was surprised to find that his room offered a spectacular view of the Falls.

Noting the time before he was to meet Heather, he had time for a quick shower. During the shower he was thinking more and more about meeting Heather. He was not nervous at all and not surprisingly found himself more than slightly aroused during the shower. He smiled as he gently touched himself pendik escort and wondered where things might lead.

Heather pulled up to the hotel. “City Plaza Hotel,” she said. Letting out a sigh she grabbed her duffle bag from the passenger side seat and closed the car door. She pulled out her cell phone to call David to find out what room he was in.

Stepping into the elevator Heather could feel her chest get heavy. She was having trouble breathing. “Too late to back out now. He already knows I’m here.” She stepped out onto the 7th floor and strolled down the hallway.

“711, 713, 715…… 717,” she stopped. Standing outside his door she started to wonder if he was waiting for her on the other side. Was he looking at her thru the peekhole? Would he not answer the door if he was? Crazy thoughts running thru her head. As she went to put her hand up to knock on the door, she heard the handle turn.

Heather stepped into the room with a look of worry, which was easied the second he planted a kiss on her forehead and gave her a hug like she had never been hugged before.

“It’s nice to finally meet you. Face to face I mean,” David said calmly.

“I know what you mean. I was really nervous when I got on that elevator. I was calm all the way here,” she giggled, knowing full well that was a lie. She was a nervous wreck.

“How was the drive?” he asked.

“Not too bad,” she said nervously. “It was all highway, so I didn’t have too much trouble.”

“Oh good.” he responded with a smile. “Is there anything you want to do first? Or are you ok with hanging out here for a while?”

“Well,” she said, “I am kind of hungry. Is there any place to grab a bite to eat and then we can talk about what we want to do from there?”

David suggested a local steakhouse that he passed on the way to the hotel. When they got to the restaurant, they were seated, ordered the food and talked for what seemed like hours. The comfort level they had with each other was incredible. She felt like she had know him her whole life.

After David paid the check they decided to go check out Niagra Falls. It was still early in the day that they could get some great pictures. Since the falls wasn’t that far from their hotel room, they could always come back tomorrow for more.

“We are losing good light,” David commented. “We should head back to the room so that you can unpack and get settled.”

“Sure,” Heather said shyly. “That’s a good idea. That Ceasar Salad dressing left a bad taste in my mouth,” she said and started to giggle nervously.

On the way back to the hotel, they chatted in the car and fought jokingly over what radion station they should listen to. In the parking lot, David ran around to the other side of the car and opened Heathers door. He gently took her hand in his and walked her to the room.

They held hands all the way through the lobby and into the elevator. Heather’s hand felt very smooth in David’s, and they could sense that each were a bit nervous. As the elevator door closed they found themselves all alone. They looked into each other eyes and David took Heather’s free hand in his own. They smiled at each other and a nervous laugh escaped each of their lips.

As David slowly leaned in to Heather the elevator stopped and the door opened to allow another couple to enter. Both David and Heather turned red but held back their laughter until they got off the elevator on the 7th floor where they giggled all the way to room 717.

David used his key card to unlock the door and held it open for Heather. He watched her as she slowly walked past him and into the room. He admired her from head to toe and she turned and caught him staring at her, which made them both blush once again.

“Why don’t you unpack while I wash up a bit,” David suggested.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Heather replied. She proceeded to begin to unpack her bag and decided to investigate the view from their window. She pulled back the curtains and could see the Falls in the distance. She had to agree that is was a great view.

Suddenly she was startled as she felt a pair of hands gently circle around her waist. She giggled as she realized it was David and did not hear him come out of the bathroom.

“I did not mean to startle you, but you seemed to be daydreaming.” His arms felt very strong around her and she let herself relax as they looked out the window. After a few minutes David leaned in and kissed the back of Heather’s neck, which sent tingles down her back. She turned around in his arms and looked into his eyes.

Their eyes met and David slowly leaned down to her and gently kissed her lips. He felt her accept his kiss and return with her own. He gently parted his lips and ran his tongue over her soft lips. Her slight moan and the parting of her lips told him that she was enjoying herself, so he slowly began to slide his tongue between her lips and into her warm mouth.

She sefaköy escort felt his tongue enter her mouth and immediately welcomed it with her own. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him even closer as she sucked his tongue deeper into her mouth. As they held each other close their tongue danced slowly.

Heather had to come up for air. She shyly backed away from David, grabbed her handbag and told him she would be back in a second.

In the bathroom, Heather looked at herself hard in the mirror. She pushed aside some bangs, fluffed her hair a bit, opened her handbag and pulled out her toothbrush. She heard a soft knock at the door.

“Are you ok?” David asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just going to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit,” she said. “Can you hand me my duffle bag?”

He reached in around the door and handed her her bag. She finished brushing her teeth and pulled out a light blue nighty. She took off her clothes and stared at herself in the mirror. She ran her eye over every curve on her body. Her double d breasts, her protruding nipples, her round belly. She gave herself half a smile and slid the nighty over her head.

She opened the door and saw David sitting in the chair by the window. He caught her in the reflection off the window. He got up to look at her. She walked over coyly and he pulled her into him. Without a word he pressed his mouth against hers and kissed her deeply. Heather ran her hands up his shirt and around his back feeling her way. David parted Heathers mouth slightly with his lips suckling the bottom one.

He moved with her towards the bed. She leaned back on the bed and he leaned in with her, never letting his lips leave her once. He started to kiss down her neck, leaving traces of his tongue on her. His fingers found her now erect nipples and started to play with them, pinching them gently with his thumb and forefinger. She let out a gasp of delight. This is exactly how she thought it would play out.

David lifted the light blue nighty over her head and watched her breasts as they fell nicely on her. He layed her back and took her left breast into his mouth. His tongue glid over her nipple. She ran her fingers thru his hair, pushing him deeper into her. His sucks got harder and he began to nibble at her nipples now.

As she ran her hands around his back to pull him closer to her, he started to slide his left hand down her side, to her thigh and slowly slid his hand between her legs. Being the insecure person Heather was, she tried to keep him away from her throbbing pussy, but David felt so good.

As David’s left hand began to caress her inner thigh Heather let out a moan of pure pleasure. David was not sure if she had wanted him to proceed but her moan of delight told him all that he needed to know. He gently laid his palm overtop of her pussy and could feel her wetness. Gently he began to rub his palm up and down, massaging her with his hand.

As his hand began to explore her pussy, Dave’s mouth was still covering her long, hard nipple. As his sucks continued to intensify, he began rapidly flicking his tongue over her nipple. With his right hand he lifted her substantial breast toward her mouth offering the nipple to her. Heather hesitated for a moment before slowly sliding her tongue out of her mouth and touching it to her own nipple. David’s tongue quickly joined hers on her nipple and they both began running circles around it with their tongues.

David once again took the nipple into his mouth and when he released it Heather took it into her mouth and began sucking it softly. She had never taken her own nipple into her mouth before and was shocked to discover how erotic it felt.

They continued to share her nipple as his fingers moved past her outer pussy lips and began caressing her inner lips. His fingers slid easily over her soaked pussy and soon he reached her throbbing clit. He touched her clit gently, which caused a tremor to run through her entire body as he began caressing it.

As her moans intensified, David slid slowly down her body until his head was below her waist. He continued to caress her clit as his tongue explored her inner thigh. Overcome with pleasure, Heather placed her hands on his head, and guided his face to her throbbing pussy.

As David’s face reached its destination he looked up into Heather’s eyes and smiled. As she smiled back he pressed his tongue against her pussy and slowly licked up the entire length of her pussy. He continued to lick in an up and down motion and finally slid his tongue across her swollen clit. Heather’s reaction was immediate and certain as she pressed his face harder against her. He began licking her clit with a steady rhythm as he slipped two fingers into her slick pussy and began sliding them in and out of her.

Heather could barley contain herself as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. The feeling of pleasure was intense and she soon found silivri escort herself reaching orgasm. She ran her fingernails sharply down David’s arm as she let out a moan, which she was sure, could be heard through the hotel. Her orgasm was long and powerful as David gently caressed her pussy with his tongue.

As David come up to Heathers face he kissed her full on the mouth. She licked every ounce of her own juices off his shiny lips. She was so hungry for him, she had to have him in her mouth now. She kissed David hard and long, making sure she got it all. She started to nibble at his neck, down his chest, making sure not to miss his nipples. She teased the left one with her teeth and he started to squirm.

Licking and kissing his chest, she ran her hands down his thighs. She kissed around his hard stomach, played with the hair of the ‘happy trail’, and kissed his pelvic area. She could see David was in his glory at this moment.

She ran her finger down his almost erect shaft. She cusped his balls with the palm of her hand. She leaned in to kiss the head of his penis, and he could feel her warm breath, which made him more excited. Heather’s big brown eyes were bigger as she looked up at David to see if he was watching her. She showed him the tip of her tongue as she caressed the head with it. David let out a pleasurable sigh.

She took his penis into her mouth slowly. She worked him long and deep until she had it nice and hard. Her tongue ran up and down his shaft as she let her fingers do the walking a little further south. She stroked David’s balls with her finger tips. Sliding underneath the balls, to that very sensitive area all men love so much, and gently pressed on it. David let out a moan that made Heather giggle a bit. She knew it felt good.

Placing her hands on David’s pelvis, Heather brought her body up a bit to get better access to his cock. She went down on him and he placed his hands on her head to guide him. The more David got excited, the faster she went. Up and down on his rock hard cock, taking all of him into her mouth. “Mmm,” Heather moaned. “Oh my God,” she said. She could feel the head of David’s cock hitting the back of her throat with every thrust into her mouth.

She took her head off his dick and started to stroke it for him. He was watching her eyeball his cock like a hungry wolf. She licked the palm of her hand and continued to stroke him. Again, she went on his shaft, licking and sucking every inch of him. She reached up and started to play with her left nipple. She could feel her pussy starting to throb and get wet. She wanted him inside her and she wanted him now.

David started to moan as he ran his finger’s through Heather’s soft hair. He lay his head back and closed his eyes and felt like he was in heaven as he felt Heather’s warm mouth devour his hard cock. Her tongue was divine as it ran from the top of his shaft down to the base and back up again. David opened his eyes and looked down at her. His eyes met hers and he smiled. He could barely contain himself as he watched her pretty face move up and down on his cock.

He know that he had to be inside of her soon, so he gently turned her over and lay her gently on her back. He moved on top of her and again offered his cock to her mouth, which she took hungrily. He gently held the sides of her head as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her warm mouth. They looked into each other’s eyes once again and both know that it was time for David to enter her.

David slowly slid his cock out of her mouth as a couple drop of pre-cum were slipping out of the head. Heather licked these drops with her tongue and smiled with delight. David slid his cock down her throat and rested it between her massive tits. He pressed both of her breasts against him before rubbing the tip of his cock against her right nipple. Heather shuddered as she felt a sensation run through her nipple down to her pussy.

David slid down further so that his hips met Heather’s. He began to rub the tip of his cock up and down against her pussy lips. As he did this Heather grabbed his arms and squeezed tightly. Finally Davis slid the head of his cock inside her. He held it there for a few second and Heather lifted her hips to allow more of him to enter her. David leaned down and slid his tongue into Heather’s mouth at the same time he slid his cock deep into her pussy.

He held his cock inside her pussy for what seemed like an eternity as they continued their passionate kiss. Finally David began to work his hips and slid himself in and out of Heather’s slick pussy. Both of their hips worked together to cerate a steady rhythm all the while increasing the speed and strengths of their thrusts.

Davis moaned into Heather’s mouth as she tightened around him signaling that she was about to explode with another blissful climax. David felt the tightening in his balls and knew he was about to explode as well, which only made him increase his thrusts until the bed was rocking under their motions.

Heather grabbed onto the pillow behind her head and pumped her pussy against David’s cock. She moaned right along with him with every thrust into her soaking wet box. David took his mouth from hers and wrapped his lips around her nipple. She let out a shreak of ecstasy.

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