First Time Pegged


First Time Pegged”Hunny?!” I Shouted, shutting the door behind me; I had just got home. There was no response. I walked through the house looking for my wife, I knew she must be home. I needed to know if the mail had arrived.”Sweetie?” I heard her purring behind me. She was stood against the door frame, naked except for her new feeldoe. “It came this morning.” She said with a grin.My cock stirred, I hadn’t cum in days, not since I told her my fantasies, not since we ordered it. Now it was here. It was time to give her my ass.I had always dreamt of being ass fucked, but it was just a fantasy, I never had the courage to make it happen. I must have jerked off to hundred porno’s where guys take it in the ass from girls. That’s how she found out, she found my secret stash and watched it all. I walked in on her, she didn’t even blush. I did.”Sweetie, do you watch this?” She asked after an awkward silence, only broken by the man moaning on screen.I nodded. There was no point in lying, only us two use the computer.”You fantasise about it happening to you?”I nodded again, blushing harder.”Do you want to do it?””I, erm, I…””I’ll make it simple for you hun,” She said interrupting me, “You won’t fuck my pussy again until I’ve fucked your ass. So, do you want to do it?”We talked for hours and I told her every single one of my ass slut fantasies, she liked what she heard. Every time I stopped talking she begged me for more. I told her about the feeldoe, she read a few reviews and promptly demanded I order it. I could tell she was hot, that I had turned her on with my nasty fantasies. I offered to lick her pussy, she didn’t need much persuading. I greedily sucked up her juices and started to wank as I usually do. She told me to stop, I had to save it until after I had been screwed. My cock throbbed as she came loudly. I knew she got off on frustrating me, and dreaming of fucking my ass.I should describe what a feeldoe is. Well it’s like a strap-on, but better. It’s a V-shape double dildo. When a women puts it on, one end sticks out like a cock, and the other shorter but thicker end sticks in her pussy, like a plug. It’s a strap-on without straps, but more then that. When it moves the bulbous end in her pussy rubs against her g-spot, and if that wasn’t enough reason to fuck harder, the base of the shaft has a rough patch right against her clit. It’s a strapless strap-on that gives the fucker pleasure.It’s a simple but ingenious invention. I had been waiting impatiently for it to arrive for days; I knew that I would only get relief once it had been used. Now it was here and my wife was stood in front of me, ready to use it.”On your knees.” She said. I got down as she walked over. I watched the tip of the feeldoe swing side to side with each step.”My cock’s bigger then yours sweetie.” She teased.”I can see.” I wasn’t expecting it to happen suddenly like this, I was shocked.”You think you can take it in your ass, little boy?” She said in her teasing voice. My cock became stiff; it turns me on when she’s cruel. I could feel butterflies in my stomach though, I could hardly believe she meant to go through with it.”I hope so hunny.” I replied nervously.”Call me mistress. I’m your sexy ass fucking mistress, okay?” She asked, grinning down at me.”Yes. I mean, yes mistress.””Good boy. Now suck my cock.”I wrapped my mouth around it and started licking, moving my head up and down. It felt massive in my mouth, I had no idea what to expect, this was my first blow job. I could only imagine how big it would feel in my ass.”Strip slutty boy, I want you naked, but don’t bursa escort take your mouth off my cock.”I took my clothes off quickly, my shoes, socks, and shirt. My pants were the hardest, I struggled to suck it and take them off at the same time, somehow I managed it. My cock sprang to attention the moment it was revealed, betraying how much I liked this.”Good boy. Now let’s go to bed.” She said. I started to stand up. “Did I say get up? Walk on all fours sweetie, like an a****l. I want to see that sexy ass of yours wiggle.”I thought she would do me like in one of my fantasies; I hadn’t ever thought of any of this stuff. I liked it though. I walked slowly, it was humiliating to know she was watching me every step of the way. I could feel her eyes on my naked body, especially my ass. I felt vulnerable in a way I never have been before.”On the bed sexy boy.” She said as I walked into the bedroom, I climbed up and knelt there waiting for her. My cock stuck out obscenely despite being ignored.She walked over to the desk and picked up a bottle of lube, she squeezed a thick trail along the top of the feeldoe. She put the bottle away and wrapped her hand around her new cock, then she wanked it like it was the real thing.”Hmmm, that feels soo good.” She said, wanking harder. “I’m afraid I came before you got home hunny, I couldn’t wait.” I looked at her surprised. “Yes, it can make me cum, silly, but you know how tough it is for me to cum the second time. I’m afraid I’ll have to screw you really hard.”I was shocked, she had never acted this way before. Her words made my cock twitch, but the butterflies in my stomach were multiplying. I was an anal virgin and she was talking about screwing me hard. I was tempted to back out.She walked over and kissed my face softly, her big cock rubbing against my smaller one. She reached down and stroked mine, the pleasure sent a shiver down my spine.”Are you going to be a good little anal slut?” She whisper to me, squeezing my cock.”Yes mistress.” I replied in a soft moan.She wanked me harder, I started thrusting against her hand, my eyes closed, enjoying the sweet pleasure.”That’s enough sweetie.” She said firmly, letting go of my cock.I looked at her with big sad eyes.”I might touch it again later, if you’re a good boy.” She said even more firmly. “Now turn around and present your ass to me.”I nervously turned around to give her access. She squeezed my ass cheeks, one in each hand, and spread them. I could feel her eyes looking at my exposed ass hole.”It looks so tight. Have you ever been fucked before?””No mistress.” I responded. She already knew that though.”So you’re a virgin. Are you sure you want my big cock in your tight little virgin ass?” She said, using her teasing voice again.My cock ached for her. I wanted to be fucked.”Yes.””Yes, what slutty boy?” “Yes I want your big thick cock in my virgin asshole, mistress.” I said, blushing a deep shade of red.”Spread your ass cheeks for me slutty boy, both hands.””Yes mistress.” I reached around, spreading my ass cheeks apart with my ass stuck up in the air and my face pressed against the bed.She rubbed a finger against my hole, I could feel lube on it. She ran circles with her finger, running around and around. It felt great, even better then when she touched my cock before. She pressed against the centre of my hole, her finger sinking into me slowly. I was penetrated by someone for the first time, and it felt wonderful. I spread my ass wide as her finger sunk deeper and deeper into my ass.”You like that don’t you?” She purred.”Hmmm, yes mistresss.” bursa escort bayan I groaned.”Do you want something bigger?”I looked around at her, looking into her eyes, and nodded. She slipped her finger out, then pressed her thick cock head against the rim of my ass. I felt so much bigger. She pushed and I felt my ass resist, trying to keep out the massive intruder. She didn’t stop, she pushed harder and my hole gave way, suddenly stretching wide around her large cock.I moaned as it entered me, it ached, but I liked it. I liked the feeling and I liked the way it made me feel. I felt dirty, and sexy, taking a cock in my ass for the first time.She slowly pushed it deeper, feeding inch after inch into my sensitive hole. It felt like it was never going to stop sliding into me, it just kept going deeper and deeper, making my ass ache more with each little bit, stretching me to fit her thick long shaft. Then I felt her legs against mine. I had done it; I had taken her whole cock.”Good boy. Such a good boy, you’re doing so well.” She said, stroking my back and legs. “It looks so sexy, I wish you could see it. I can see the shaft going into you ass, there must be 6 inches in there. I never knew you were such a slut.””Thank you mistress.” I said, breathing heavily into the mattress.”You have been a very good boy so far.” She said, pausing for a few moments to let me get use to the feel of being full of cock. “It looked so nice when you sucked it. I like you sucking my cock sweetie, you look so sexy. You’ll suck it again for me later won’t you?”I looked back at her with wide eyes in horror. I told her that idea in one of my fantasies, sucking her dirty cock after it had been in me, but I told her I couldn’t actually do it. I couldn’t believe she was asking me to.”I know you’ll do it hunny, you horny slutty boy. You’ll do anything for me won’t you?” She smirked at me as she said it.I was about to protest, but she started slowly sliding her cock out of me, all the way to the edge of my ass. I shut my eyes savouring the feeling. She rammed it back in me, fast, her legs against my ass cheeks, taking me as deeply as she could. I moaned pathetically. She liked it, she giggled with pleasure.”Good boy, I knew you wouldn’t say no to your mistress.”She started to draw her cock back out slowly, and I lay there, letting her take me however she wanted. She was nice for once though, and slowly pushed back in, picking up a smooth rhythm.I moaned each time she thrusted her thick cock into me. I had never felt anything like it, it was painful and pleasurable at the same time. I looked down at my small cockhead, it was covered in precum, there were even a few drops on the bed.She slowly built up in speed, hardly noticeable at first, but before long I was moaning on both the way in and out. I loved every perverted second of it.”You’re a nasty little slut, lying then with your ass cheeks spread wide for me. Moaning for my cock. You love my cock don’t you. Tell me you that you love it slutty boy.” She said, fucking me harder.”I love your cock mistress. It feels so good in my tight virgin ass.” I groaned. She fucked even harder in response, and I heard the first of her moans, the feeldoe was beginning to have its remarkable effect on her too.”Do you want me to cum in your ass, slut?” She asked, still teasing me.”Ohhh yes please mistress; fuck my ass until you cum.” It felt great having her use my ass for her pleasure, I felt like her whore.”Good boy, such a good slutty boy. I love fucking your ass, it feels so tight around my cock.” She moaned loudly, escort bursa her words obviously true. “I hope you like it more then fucking my pussy.””Why mistress?” I moaned breathlessly”I have a big cock, you have a small one; I think it’s only fair I fuck you much more then you fuck me.” My little cock twitched in response.”Yes mistress, I do too. I love your cock even more then your pussy.” I groaned, glad to be her slut. She fucked me so hard it brought tears to my eyes, but I stayed right where I was, spreading my ass cheeks wider for her. I desperately wanted her to cum.”Ohhhh, you’re such a slutty little bitch aren’t you?” She moaned at me, fucking me wilder then ever, her hands tightly gripping my hips.”Yes mistress, I’m your slutty bitch.” I admitted. I hoped she would cum soon, my ass was starting to ache unbearably. I loved being pounded, but it was too hard to stay still for her.”Ohhhhh fuck.” She moaned, humping against me so hard the whole bed shook. “I’m cumming in your ass you disgusting slut.”I moaned back, louder then ever, my cock twitching in response to her orgasm, I didn’t want it to end. One, two, three more times she bucked hard, pushing her cock even deeper in me then before, making me scream in response. Then she was spent.She pushed me forward making me lie down and fell on top of me; her cock still stretching my now ex-virgin asshole.”Hmmmm. That was great sweetie.” She whispered in my ear. “I hope you’ll be ready for some more tomorrow.””I will be mistress, but don’t I get to cum?” I stammered.”Why should you? I did all the hard work!”I despaired for a second, searching for an excuse to cum, then an idea hit me. I remembered her comments before.”If I suck your cock, mistress, can I cum?””You want to suck my dirty cock do you?” She was clearly amused at my predicament.”Yes mistress, please may I?” I begged desperately.She rolled off me, her cock slipping out of my sore ass; I missed the feel of it stretching me. I turned around and looked at it, it was very dirty. It was coated in a layer of santorum, a frothy mixture of lube and the contents of my ass. It looked disgusting.”You sure you want to lick my cock clean sweetie?” She purred.I considered my options, eat that mess and cum, or nothing until tomorrow. My cock decided for me.”Yes I do.” I said as I moved down to take it in my mouth. She laughed at me. I put my hand on my small cock as I moved my mouth over her thick one.”No hunny, no wanking, not until you’ve licked mine all over.”I let go of my cock, stuck my tongue out, and slowly licked my way up hers. I lapped it all the way up to its head, sucking the juices up as I went. It tasted filthy, but my cock didn’t mind, it liked it. I started on the other side, it was even dirtier. I ate it all up while making yummy noises.”You filthy boy, you’re enjoying it aren’t you?” She said in her teasing voice.I nodded and blushed as I licked it from top to bottom, getting every bit of dirt in my mouth.She wrapped her hands in my hair, pushing my mouth onto her cock head.”Okay nasty boy, you’ve earned your orgasm now.”I immediately started wanking my rock hard cock, it made loud squelching noises because of all my precum. She pushed her cock deep in my mouth, forcing my head up and down. I furiously wanked as she made me to give her horrible tasting cock a blow job. I moaned onto it, loving the slut I had become.I felt my cum rush up from my balls, and in a moment that felt like forever I waited for it to erupt from my cock. I squirted cum everywhere, shot after shot, my body shook in the strongest orgasm of my life. I groaned deeply, acting every bit as slutty as I had before.In that moment I knew I was addicted for life, I would want to do this all again, over and over, begging to take her thick cock deep in me. I knew I was her slut for life.

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