First Time With The Good Girl (MF)


This all happened when I was in my twenties. I had a tendency to put girls on pedestals back then and my girlfriend at the time was no exception. She had been through a lot of bad stuff and it made her very hot and cold, so much so that we decided to keep things open and see other people. Which was really a blessing since she was driving me crazy! So I started going out with a number of girls that I knew, most of them from an extended friend group. We were all in really good shape and all generally open and accepting so it was no big deal that I was going out with them.

One of the girls I asked out was this girl I will call Sandra. Sandra was the kind of girl that everyone loved and who constantly did nice things for other people. When I started going out with her several of our shared friends took me aside and basically warned me not to do anything that would hurt her. I knew she had broken up with some guy about 6 months ago, but it seemed that she was still pretty upset about it and they wanted me to be careful. Yes that is the kind of girl she was – everyone was looking out for her.

This was really fine with me because I was already hooking up with a couple of the girls I was seeing and it seemed fine to have just a friendly kind of thing going on. Plus Sandra was just not the kind of girl who tried to be sexy or flirted very much. A good girl as they might have said in the 50s. So on our first date I planned for a dinner out and then if things went well watching a movie at either her place or my place. The movie part was kind of up in the air and no big deal since we both had roommates. Dinner was pretty low key. We laughed a lot and talked about mutual friends and what was happening with them. At the end of it I mentioned the movie and she said I could follow her to her place.

We got there to find that her roommate wasn’t home, which did not seem to surprise Sandra. Looking back bahis şirketleri this seems like she might have planned that, but at the time it did not seem to be a very big deal. I was still thinking of her in that friend zone kind of way so it never really crossed my mind that she might be thinking something different. We started the movie and settled on the couch to watch it.

It was wintertime, and the apartment was a little on the cold side. Midway through the movie Sandra grabbed a blanket and wrapped up in it. She offered me a corner of it and I put my feet under, but I started getting cold and asked her if she had another blanket I could use. Instead, she scooted a little closer to me on the couch and offered me half of her blanket.

Being that close and under the blanket, I started having some very non-friend-zone thoughts. Sandra is a redhead and thin – not thin like diet thin but in shape thin with curves. I shifted to lay my arm behind her on the couch and she moved a little closer, putting her head on the front on my shoulder. From there it was just a minute before I had my arm around her and had my fingers just slowly stroking her skin there.

I still had no particular plan to do anything – I was just enjoying having her close and touching her arm. We hadn’t even kissed yet. As the movie continued she moved her legs up on the couch so she was curled up next to me. This had the effect of pulling the blanket off my legs. After some shifting and some wrangling of the blanket we ended up both laying on the couch, me behind her. By this time I was really aware of her next to me and starting to think about what she might be thinking. I had one hand free so I started stroking her arm with my fingertips again. The next part was a little surreal. We weren’t kissing and we weren’t talking. Both of us were kind of pretending to watch the movie. But I slowly move my hand down her arm bahis firmaları and onto her hip. She had a skirt on so I could touch a little of her skin below the hem line. And when I did she moved a little to push her butt back against me – which I took as a sign to continue. So I moved my hand back up her hip and under her skirt, just running along her leg up to her panties. She shifted again and pushed back a little and I pushed too. I was hard then and it felt good to rub it on her.

Both of us still quiet, I moved my hand from under her skirt and back up her arm, then around to start circling and teasing her breast. I could hear her breathing getting a little quicker and heavier. After a few minutes of that she reached up under her shirt and undid her bra – an obvious invitation for more. But still no words. I was surprised but reached under to start touching her breasts and playing with her nipples. And meanwhile we had both starting moving our hips together.

At this point I was fully turned on and intending to see how far she would let me go. In my mind she was still the good girl and I believed that she would stop me before things went much farther. But when I slid my hand down her tummy and pressed my fingers between her legs she just softly moaned. And she moaned again when I slipped my hand under her skirt and pressed it against her wet panties. And she didn’t stop me when I slipped my fingers under her panties and started stroking her pussy and clit.

Nothing is sexier to me then watching a girl while I finger her. I could see the side of her face as I played with her. She had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. Her hips were moving and she was getting wetter and wetter. Until she just seemed to suddenly start cumming. It was like she held it all in except for those soft moans until she crashed.

I’m not sure what I expected then. Maybe just to lay there a minute. Maybe kaçak bahis siteleri she would turn and we would kiss. But what happened was that as soon as she had recovered she slid off the couch and knelt there, her hands pulling my pants open. I shifted onto my back and she pulled my cock out of my underwear. And then she leaned forward and started sucking my cock.

I’d like to say that it was the best blow job I ever got, but the truth is that she wasn’t very good at it. She did try hard but she just did not seem to put it all together right. Still, it’s hard to have a bad blow job so I just put my hand on her head and enjoyed it. After a minute or two she stopped and I pulled her up and kissed her the first time. Which led to more kisses and us pulling the clothes off each other. Funny that the apartment no longer seemed so cold.

We ended up with me sitting on the couch and her straddling me, which happens to be one of my favorite positions. We were kissing constantly and so it was a little unexpected to feel her lower down on me. She was incredibly wet – wetter than any girl I have ever been with, and so I slid into her easily. We fucked like that for a while, alternating between her grinding on me and keeping me deep inside with her lifting and falling back on me. During this time she got even wetter. But because of that I didn’t feel close or in danger. It was like she was so wet that there was virtually no friction.

She was obviously getting tired at this point, so we stopped for a minute with me inside her. Then she looked at me and lifted up and let me fall out of her. Still looking at me she started rubbing her pussy and clit all along the underside of my hard cock. With her being so wet, and her labia so big, this felt incredible. We shifted so I was on my back and she rode me that way, pushing her clit down on my cock and drenching it with her juices. I don’t remember which of us started cumming first but we both came at about the same time. I remember shooting cum between us and getting it all over both of us. Having her pressed down on me like that made it one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

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