Fist to the Heart Ch. 07


Chapter Seven — My Favorite Fighter

Ruslan was watching, barely hiding his excitement and satisfaction. Johnny was a beast in the cage, and he knew how to throw a good show, too. From the corner of his eyes, he was trying to gauge the old man’s reactions, as well. For some reason now, he really wanted his papa to accept Snake. Never before had he cared for the man who had taken him under his protective wing to like the men he took to bed. Most of them, the old man hadn’t known. But right now, he wanted so much for Douglas Kent to be impressed with Johnny ‘Snake’ Bryne. To the point that he was not going to be against his adoptive son being together with the guy.

Was that really what they were? Together? The word sounded nice. But Ruslan was not the kind to believe in fairytales. Except for that time when the old man had saved him and Yanis, he had a hard time believing in miracles. And since one had already happened, he wasn’t expecting a second one. No, he and Johnny were nothing but fantastic bedfellows, nothing more. And it wasn’t going to last.

Despite all that, he wanted his papa to like Snake, and that was something he could not get out of his head. No longer in the mood to wait for the verdict, he started talking.

“What do you think?” he asked.

The old man moved his eyes from the ring below to him.

“He has talent, that is sure. And strength. Still, he likes dragging matches a bit too much.”

Ruslan frowned.

“I think it’s good that he knows how to put on a good show. That makes people come. It sells tickets. I thought we were looking at ways to make a profit, here.”

His papa chuckled softly.

“Did I trespass, by saying something is not oh-so-amazing about this man you seem to like so much?” he asked. “I’m only trying to say that it wouldn’t hurt for him to get a proper trainer.”

“Ah,” Ruslan eased back into his upholstered chair. Funny how tense he was. “But not right now. It wouldn’t be fair to the others if we lent a helping hand, favoring one of them.”

The old man nodded.

“Of course,” he said. “But I thought you wanted him to win.”

“By himself,” Ruslan replied. “I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way, either.”

“And I’m glad to see that you have a strong sense of justice. Could it be that you’re not that blinded by this love affair, after all?” the old man questioned.

“Love affair?” Ruslan snorted, trying to ignore the small fire kindled in his chest by those words. “I told you, it’s just plain old … you know.”

“I know,” the man laughed. “By the way, I told Martin you find him too stiff. He says that he will try to be, well, less stiff. But he also begs you to have patience with an old butler who is maybe a bit too set in his ways.”

Ruslan’s eyes grew wide, and, for a second, they left the man slicing his way through another victory and his opponent alike in the cage below, with jabs and mean hooks.

“I can’t believe you told him that!” he protested. “I hope you didn’t tell him everything,” his eyes thinned as he looked at his papa.

“By everything, do you mean your theories concerning a certain kind of interactions between Martin and me?”

“Yeah, that is what I mean!” Ruslan answered, and a new collective cheer from the audience drew his attention.

This time, he got up and sat close to the large window, setting his eyes on Johnny. Damn, just looking at the man’s chest, glistening with sweat, was making him weak to the legs. From the day when Johnny had taken him over the desk in his office, they had only talked on the phone. And he knew enough not to ask for the man to come to meet when important fights were ahead. He could not be that selfish.

Plus, when Snake was going to sign with them, there was going to be plenty of time for them to screw around. Until they burned to the bone. Or got bored with one another. He wanted neither to happen. What he wanted was to feel Johnny’s skin against his, the man’s hard cock against his ass, ready for action.

He was wide-eyed dreaming.

“Russy,” the old man called for him. “I must say that I’m impressed with Snake. Since my golden boy is ready to go out the door with such a troublesome guy, I must ask. What’s so special about him?”

“Everything,” Ruslan said, a bit too theatrically to be taken seriously, and then he started laughing. “C’mon, papa, you really want me to say it? I’m young. I’m horny. And Snake’s the same. Does it really surprise you that we fit so well?”

The old man sighed, but Ruslan knew his papa wasn’t that upset over him being so much taken with that bawdy fighter.

“I know it must be more than that. I just told you the most outrageous truth about Martin and me, and you didn’t bat an eye. You were too busy watching your lover scoring another win. For you.”

“What outrageous truth?” Ruslan now turned, still keeping his hands on the glass, like a kid in front of his favorite toy store, and pretending he hadn’t felt a small shiver, like pleasure and pain combined, at hearing bursa escort his papa calling Snake his lover.

“Well, you missed your chance to hear it,” the old man chuckled. “I’m at peace with my conscience. Now you should know everything.”

Ruslan hurried to the man, with excitement written all over his face.

“No way! You two really are lovers!” he exclaimed.

Douglas Kent stared at him and pursed his lips.

“You haven’t heard a word I said.”

“I don’t have to hear anything,” Ruslan’s smile grew wide. “I just know.”

“Ah, and here is how your imagination is running away with you again. I said nothing of the kind,” the old man raised one hand to caress Ruslan’s head.

“You’re playing with me,” Ruslan pouted. “Now I’m sure you didn’t say anything.”

“Do I have the habit to lie to you, Russy?”

He pondered a little.

“You don’t? That’s what you’re trying to say? Then why me?”

“Why you?” the old man looked at him with kind eyes. “What do you mean?”

Ruslan knelt by the man’s chair, pushing his head to be caressed a little more, like a kitten.

“You saved me. From that place, that time. Why me?”

“I took out of that place both you and Yanis,” the old man pointed out. “Not just you. And what makes you think I have never saved, as you say, other people?”

“You’re dodging the question,” Ruslan glared and stopped pushing his head into the old man’s hand. “You always do that. I think you do that so that you can say you never lie.”

The old man laughed again, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes growing deeper for a few seconds. Ruslan placed one hand on the man’s face and caressed it reverently.

“When I will have all the correct answers to all your questions, I will not hesitate to share them with you. In the meantime, just know this, Russy. I love you as much as I would have if you had been blood of my blood.”

He brushed the tip of his nose and stood up, walking toward the window again. He didn’t want to show the old man how much he was affected by words like those. And his adoptive father was always getting troubled if he saw Ruslan affected by something. The least he could do was to show the courtesy of not bothering the old man with trifle things.

Yet, he felt compelled to say, as he rested his forehead against the cool glass.

“I love you just the same, papa,” he whispered.

And this time, his eyes were no longer searching for the man in the ring. He could not have seen anything if you wanted to. So he blinked, and blinked, until the moisture went away, letting him see clearly ahead once again.

“I should go grab Johnny,” he said quickly. “I’m taking him home with me so that you know.”

The old man gestured for him to get close.

“Give me a kiss, first.”

He kissed his papa on both cheeks and held him close a little. All right, so he needed to rein in his emotions a bit more. No point in making the old man worry over him.

“I’ll be fine, papa. With Johnny and everything. I know how to take care of myself,” he assured the other.

“I trust you, Russy. It’s the other guys I don’t trust,” the man said, smiling, and caressing Ruslan’s cheek gently. “One of them will want to snatch you away from me one day.”

Ruslan giggled.

“You worry too much. No one’s snatching me. You’ll always be my papa.”

“Promise?” the old man insisted.

Ruslan eyed the other with a bit of unease.

“Of course I promise. And what’s with you, so emotional tonight?”

He was actually the one who was emotional tonight. But it was easy to blame it on his papa. Way easier.

“Go have fun, Russy. Don’t forget to call me tomorrow. If you don’t, I will,” the old man wagged the finger at him. “And you know how I hate to interrupt you when you’re having fun with other men. No matter how jealous that makes me feel,” he joked.

Ruslan laughed out loud, this time around. The old man was funny like that sometimes. Almost a little too possessive. But not like a lover. That was not it. Probably like a parent with an only child. Ruslan couldn’t know such a thing since he had never known his parents. But he knew the old man was trying to fill that void left by the two unknown people from whose union in flesh and blood he had been brought into the world.

“Hey, you know I could have gone down with that for you. Even offered. But you said ‘no’,” he laughed.

Anyone overhearing them talking like that would have been quick to judge. It was the kind of joke only the two of them could share.

“How could I have said ‘yes’ to a boy still wet behind the ears?” Douglas Kent shook his head. “Seeing that I have been married for the last 30 years to Martin. You know, a man my age, who knows well his way around,” he added, as his lips twitched in amusement.

Was it a tinge of longing in the man’s eyes right now? Ruslan wondered. No, the man liked to joke. Maybe a little too much when they were together. Ruslan could not always tell bursa escort bayan when the man was serious and when he wasn’t. Like right now.


Johnny barely managed to walk around the corner when someone almost crashed into him. He was about to grab the guy and straighten him up when he noticed who it was. With a grin, he eased against the wall, allowing the other to attack him.

Ruslan’s lips were hot on his. The guy seemed not to care squat about being seen assaulting another man in the hallway. Johnny grabbed a handful of Ruslan’s golden hair, enjoying how soft it felt, and how easy it was to wrap his fingers through. Damn, the guy was a sex bomb. They were practically dry humping for all the world to see.

He took his time, nonetheless, to explore the guy’s mouth with his tongue, and allowed the other to do the same. Everything was sweet and spicy about the guy. Especially his tongue which he knew well how to use. Johnny could stand there forever and drink from the guy’s mouth. He was getting hard, so he pulled the guy closer, groaning into their kiss.

It was nice to rub his hard cock directly into the guy’s crotch. Yeah, he was hard, too. Ruslan was a tad shorter than him but had long legs so that their erections could duel through their clothes.

But the hallway was not exactly the best place to get freaky. So, with all the regret of letting the guy’s sweet mouth, for now, he needed to put a stop to their kiss.

“I need to shower,” he mumbled, as his thumbs mapped the man’s jawline slowly. “Then I’m all yours, pretty.”

“Don’t shower,” Ruslan said hotly and nipped at Johnny’s lips as if he wanted to snack on them. “I want to feel your smell when we fuck.”

“You sure?” Johnny laughed. “I won’t stop once I start. If I’m inside you, nothing can, and you should know by now. Not even if you beg me to let you ’cause I smell like an animal.”

“Stop underestimating me,” Ruslan whispered and sneaked both hands under Johnny’s t-shirt.

And inhaled deeply, pushing his nose into the crook of Johnny’s shoulder.

“Ah, damn,” Ruslan threw his head back a little, with a seductive look in his eyes. “I feel like I want to lick you all over.”

“Hey, that’s my line,” Johnny laughed. “Come on, pretty. Let’s go to that crib of yours, and I’ll do as you want.”

“Promise?” Ruslan’s smile widened.

“Scout’s honor,” Johnny replied, faking seriousness, despite his lips stretching into a smile, too.

“Don’t tell me you were,” Ruslan guffawed. “A boy scout, I mean. You don’t seem like the type.”

“Good. ‘Cause I’ve never been a goody two shoes, and I’m not going to start now.”

“Aww, so you want to be a bad boy?” Ruslan pressed his fingers against Johnny’s cheeks, ready to pinch them.

“You can bet your sweet ass that’s what I am,” Johnny shook the guy’s hands and pulled him closer again.

“And I’m counting on it,” Ruslan stuck out his tongue and licked Johnny’s lips playfully.

“Enough, or I’ll end up pounding your ass right here. I have a feeling your old man is not going to like it. And then, who knows? He might want to ground you.”

“Ha, ha,” Ruslan said dryly. “Why does everyone think I’m a kid?”

“A kid? Nah,” Johnny shook his head. “But you know, you do look like you need to be protected. Precious, you know?”

Ruslan snorted.

“I’m 24. Not some ingénue in need of rescuing and protecting. And told you, I have been plenty around the block.”

“So? How does any of that say that you don’t need protection?”

“I thought it was self-explanatory. Now let’s go. I want to get you into bed and show you why I’m not that … precious,” Ruslan said with a small laugh.

“Ah, man, and I wanted to cuddle,” Johnny laughed, too.

“We’ll cuddle. After,” Ruslan said shortly and began dragging Johnny after him. “Don’t tell me you’re tired?” the guy threw a flirtatious smile along with that question.

Johnny let himself carried away like that. He knew he could stop Ruslan at any point, just by deciding to pull the guy to him. But he wasn’t going to do that, or they were really going to end fucking in the hallway. And he wanted Ruslan in a bed, not like that.

Despite anything the guy was running his mouth about, he was precious. And Johnny had no troubles with that. If anything, he wanted to spoil the guy rotten, too. He kind of got the guy’s old man. Ruslan must have been such a beautiful kid, with those deep blue eyes, and golden hair. The kind to make all the parents who had seen him wish to have a baby just like him.

He must have looked like his mother. What a woman that had to be, Johnny thought. Probably so stunning that she could turn heads everywhere she went. Some supermodel. Ruslan’s old man looked like he had the dough to buy a beauty like that for a trophy wife.

“Hey,” he called. “I looked up to see you and you were gone from that window. You know, after I won. Were you sure I was going to win or were you afraid to look?” he bursa escort kız snickered at his own joke.

Ruslan threw him a bit of an odd look over his shoulder.

“I was just talking to papa. And I did see you win. Sorry, I didn’t watch you boast,” he snickered, too. “But you can boast all night long if you want.”

“Once I’m in your bed, I won’t do anything except nail you hard. I won’t have time to boast.”

“Great,” Ruslan grinned happily. “Now let me whisk you away to my lair,” he joked.

Johnny wasn’t going to oppose that. And he was going to show the guy how precious he truly was.


“Ah, hmm,” Ruslan hummed in pleasure as Johnny went deep, pushing his legs apart.

Damn, the man’s technique was flawless. It was driving him mad. Usually, taking such length and girth was making Ruslan feel uncomfortable, and that was an understatement. As much as he loved big dicks, his body was not exactly quick to adjust.

But Johnny knew what to do with his big cock. First, he had taken his time, sucking Ruslan’s balls, then making love to his ass, and then engulfing the hard cock in his mouth, and pleasuring his bed partner like that until Ruslan couldn’t take it anymore and came.

Now, Ruslan was safely pinned to the bed, with a hot and hard rod in his ass. And Johnny was moving slowly, giving him enough time to accommodate and open. Ruslan loved how their bodies were moving in synch, and the fact that they were close in height helped. Johnny was definitely larger in frame, hovering over him, but they fit like two halves of the same whole.

Ruslan wrapped his legs around the man. He shuddered as the man reached his prostate with pinpoint accuracy, helped by the angle of penetration. As he moaned his pleasure, Ruslan moved his head around, settling for keeping it to one side. And then, he sank his teeth into one of Johnny’s shoulders and licked the salty skin to make it all better.

Johnny had listened to him and hadn’t showered. So now Ruslan could bask into the man’s natural smell. He was not particular to his bed partners’ smell, and he preferred them freshly washed if possible, but Johnny was different. They were compatible as far as their scents were concerned. Johnny had said as much as he had licked Ruslan’s fresh sweat off his neck while going through the exertion of stretching his bed partner on his hot pole.

They were moving so slowly it didn’t hurt at all. Johnny was moving his hips and kissed him every once in a while. He had expected a bit of rough, with Johnny’s excitement over his latest win, but it looked like the man had no troubles reining in his emotions. He was quite good at taking Ruslan slowly, letting him grow accustomed to how their bodies melded, so perfectly.

He would have been a liar to say that he didn’t like it. His sexual trysts weren’t, usually, so thoughtful. Even with Yanis. Ruslan pushed the thought away. He wasn’t going to think of his best friend while being so carefully and thoroughly fucked into the mattress by another.

No, made love to. That was, indeed, the right word. There hadn’t been much lovemaking in his personal history. He cared about fucking. And this was so different from his expectations, and his experiences, that he had no idea where to put it.

Johnny ‘Snake’ Bryne was in a league of his own. Ruslan was happy to put the man on the map like that. He hoped he was going to enjoy the man’s muscular body, skillful lovemaking, and dizzying smell for a while, at least.

So he was enjoying everything he was given to the max.

“Damn, pretty, you squeeze me so good,” Johnny whispered and bit Ruslan’s bottom lip, enough to make his bed partner shiver. “Can I retire in your ass? ‘Cause I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

“Aren’t you a bit too young to retire?” Ruslan gasped, and moaned, as Johnny was beginning to pick up the speed now.

“I could be convinced to throw in the towel,” Johnny joked.

“Let no one know you just said that,” Ruslan bit Johnny’s lips in turn, and snickered.

“I won’t,” Johnny promised.

Ruslan pulled Johnny so close the guy was almost crushing him. But he loved that sensation. Of being full where he felt empty. It wasn’t about a physical reaction. Not anymore. The thought was almost scaring him. Almost. He was ready to welcome that, just like the small shiver making goosebumps rise all over his skin when his papa had called Snake his lover.

Lover. Johnny knew how to make love. It was such an odd thing to think about. But it felt right. Johnny was making love, not only to him but for him. And the realization hit him right into the solar plexus like a punch well aimed.

Maybe it was only because his bed partners were never this considerate. This passionate. By how rough the man was, he had expected to be taken fast and hard. But over and over again, Johnny was just proving him wrong.

What was with him? The endorphins flooding his brain, climax after climax, with each encounter with this man, was making him a mess. He pushed his legs up more, wanting more of Johnny inside him. It was nothing but pleasure.

And Ruslan was famished for it. If he could, he would keep Johnny forever there, screwed deep inside his body, and lose himself.

“So good,” he let out breathily, as Johnny began moving faster and faster.

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