Flate mate


Flate mateHorny Flat mate punished Well it was one of those mornings when I woke up with a woody, I tried to go back to sleep up the earge in my cock was to strong as it poked out the side of my boxer shorts, I reached down and pulled on the fore skin to expose the head and gently touched it with my hand ooh that felt nice. I gently ribbed the head of my cock until it grew to full size, I needed to get up but wanted to stay in bed as well. I threw the blankets of me and gave myself a quick wank about 15 strokes or so just enough to get a real good feeling in my dickI started to get dressed for the day and decided to put one item of clothing on and to stroke my cock at the same time, I started with the socks and soon found this didn’t work so I put on one item and then tugged my cock a few times then added another item , this worked fine, after longer than usual I was dressed and really horny ready to start the day.Later in the day when I returned to the flat after my morning activities My flat mate Danny was siting at the lounge table attempting to do home work, Danny was a hot university student that shared the flat, we had flirted çankaya escort a lot but that never went any where, She was dressed in a short skirt and I positioned myself opposite her with a cold drink in the hand, I asked her what she was doing. I need to study for the exam on Mon she said but I cant keep my mind on the task, she then told me about a boy she noticed on campus earlier that week and how he was on her mind while she was telling me this her legs opened slightly giving me a small view of her panties up her skirt.. I said Danny are you horny for this boy, no she said but he was kinda cute. Danny I don’t believe you I think you have been horny because you want to fuck this boy, again she denied this, Well I know one way to find out I said but I will need to sniff your panties and I will be able to tell you how horny you have been, take them off and give them here. I actually was surprised when she stood up and whipped of her panties in a flash and threw them at me, go on then she said have a sniff of these and tell me what you think, I took several sniffs pretending to saver the balgat escort smell and trying to be a pussy connoisseur,, Yes you have been rather horny but I need a little more evidence I would like to see if you pussy is wet come here and let me see, She approached and lifted her skirt to I could see her mound in front of me, see pulled up her pussy and I could see the head of her clit poking out from under its protection hood. I raised my hand and inserted a finger into a moist hole and moved it from side to side rather tan in and out, I removed it and it was glistening with pussy juice, Danny I said you are very horny and for not being able to concentrate on your home work, I need to give you a good punishing.ooh are you going to spank me she said, No I think you need to have your pussy licked lie on the settee and spread those leg, she did as told and I went done on her giving her 15 or so long full pussy licks from top to bottom, I asked her what the boys name was and she told me, If you say his name again I will punish you again Paul she said and I buried my head into her wet snatch and gave elvankent escort her another 15 or so, as I came up for a breather she said John and pushed my head back down we repeated this for a few other names and I am not sure who was being punished but my cock was hard down the side of my pants and I needed to re leave it.I proceeded to remove my clothes in a similar reverse fashion as getting dressed this morning and tried to pull my cock off in between each item of clothing I removed, she loved to watch this and was also soon naked and had fingers buried in her wet hole by the time I was naked. I have been horny she said and I need to be punished more she stood up and pushed me in a chair and stood inches away from my face with her finger making a slapping sound as she fingered her self.. It didn’t take long and she was moaning with excitement. I told her to get back on the settee and within a few second I had my cock inside her. The feeling was mind blowing and we fucked each other hard and fast I pulled out and she opened her pussy as wide as she could, her clit was poking out full and I shot my come onto her sloppy wet cunt and clit she rubbed it all around with her hand and we were soon relaxing exhausted.After this we had a few week end experience like this and was glad to have a flatmate fuck budd. After graduation we went separate ways and now we have lost contact but this was the beats flatmate I ever had

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