For Her Enjoyment


For Her EnjoymentA different story from the other I wrote. I will continue that one soon.I was sitting on the couch reading. When from behind I felt. The warming hands of my mistress on my shoulders. This usually meant that she was in need of servicing. As I sat waiting for my mistress to come near. Just wondering how she was going to use me today. She walked around and stood in front of me.“I want you to lay down.” She ordered.I did as she said and layed down. She then put her leg over my body. Like she was deciding where to sit on me. Then all of a sudden. She started to lower her pussy toward my face. As her pussy got closer. I began to stick my tongue out. Just waiting to taste her juices. Mistress then began to grind on my mouth. “Oh I see someone likes when I do this.” Mistress commented.She was talking about my rock hard cock. Which was sticking straight up. Mistress grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. This resulted in me licking and sucking her pussy harder. Mistress then let out a slow low moan.“Looks like I figured out. How to switch the speeds on you.” She laughed to herself.Mistress then slowly stopped grinding my face. Then positioned herself so her clit was accessible. Her clit was resting on bakırköy escort my lips. I knew what to do. I began to work it with my tongue. I would circle around it. Work my tongue under the hood. Just when I heard the right amount of moaning. I would take her whole clit in my mouth. Then suck on it like it was the only nourishment I could get. My mistress then tried to moan but all that came out was air. “Your such a good pet. You can stop now.” She said.My mistress then climbed off of me. Then stood and looked at me for a moment. She motioned for me to move to one end of the couch. She then sat on the other end facing me. She then made a jerk off motion. I started jerking off while my mistress spread her legs to give me a good view. She then started rubbing her clit and lips. “I want you to do it slow. I enjoy watching you jerk it.” She said with a smile. As I slowed down. My mistress began to rub herself faster. I knew why she wanted me to go slow. It was easier to see my cock ooze pre-cum. Once enough pre-cum formed. My mistress stuck one of her fingers. Deep in her pussy and took it out. It was soaked with her juices. “Let’s taste ourselves at the same time.” Mistress commanded. beşiktaş escort I then scooped up my pre-cum with my finger. Then looked at my mistress. We locked eyes and we slowly brought our fingers to our mouths. As we tasted ourselves a look of joy was on my mistress face. My mistress then came over to my side of the couch.“I want my cum out of that cock.” She said.Mistress then grabbed my hand still on my cock. Which she started to jerk faster. My mistress then looked me in the eyes.“Do you want to cum pet? If you do you have to ask me!”.“Please mistress can I cum? I want to give you the cum you deserve.” “Hmmm. Where do you want to cum pet? She inquired.“Any place you want mistress.” I said confidently.All of a sudden she stopped jerking my cock. Then got up and slowly lowered herself on my cock. Once she took me completely in.“I will tell you when to come. When I do no holding back. I want all of your cum inside me.” She ordered.Mistress started riding me slowly. Then would pick up the pace and slow down. She liked to do this just to tease me. She also knew I would build up a bigger load if edged properly. Just to add to the waiting to cum. She would stop and have me suck on beylikdüzü escort her tits. My mistress then did something unexpected. She took her middle finger and shoved it in her pussy. When she took her finger out it was dripping wet. “I want you to cum soon. I am going to count you down from 10.” I just shook my head and just waited. Mistress started ridding me again quickly. She was riding me in such a way. That her boobs were in my face. She started the countdown. It was a slow count. “10…………..9…………………8…………..” While she was counting she reached back and touched my balls. She pulled them up.“7………….6………………..5…………..4”Then I felt this slippery thing on my hole. Then I realized it was her finger. She slid it up inside me. It felt great. “3……………2…………………..1!”I started cumming my cock pulsating inside her pussy. At the same time she shoved her finger hard up my ass. I had never cum so hard before. I thought I was never going to stop cumming. As fast as she put her finger in it was out. My mistress face was shocked. “I don’t think you have ever filled me so much!” She shouted with glee.As mistress slid off my cock. She stuck her finger inside her. Then tasted the combination of our juices. “We taste pretty good. You should try some.” I moved my head up waiting for her finger. That is when she pushed my head back down. Then moved her pussy over my mouth.“You can try it from the source.” She said as she pointed to her pussy.

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