Forced to Fuck

Alexis Ren

Robert looked at his wife tied to the bed. She was handcuffed and her legs were spread apart to reveal her smooth waxed cunt.

“So, I’m no longer enough for you then?” He asked her in his usual quiet calm voice.

Sue thought carefully about how to phrase her answer.

“It’s not that you aren’t enough for me…just that you don’t seem to be interested in me anymore.”

“So that’s your reason for meeting strange men and having sex with them then?” He threw back at her with a mixture of hurt and anger coloring his words.

“Just untie me and we’ll talk about it…” His wife pleaded with him.

“NO! I have organized a treat for you dear wife. So you must stay exactly where you are for now. But tell me…what is your fascination with twenty year old boys? Do they look better than me? Can they go longer?”

Sue wondered how he had found out about the two twenty year old guys she had met online in recent months. She only met with them once or twice and found she was instantly bored with their inability to communicate intellectually with her because when her mind was not engaged…then neither was her body.

“How do you know about that?” She asked her husband with one raised eyebrow.

“Don’t ask me that! Just answer the question.” He retorted menacingly.

Sue took a deep breath and tried one last time to wrench her hands out of the tight cuffs around her wrists.

“Ok, I don’t have a ‘fascination’ for twenty year olds. It just so happens that they responded to my profile, not the other way around. Many young men prefer older, more experienced women these days, as opposed to the usual Barbie doll airhead types. The fact that I’m fifteen years older than them was not even the slightest deterrent and actually, my age turned them on all the more!”

“What could you possibly have in common with a boy just barely out of high school?” Robert asked incredulously.

“I was just out of high school when we met.” Sue bounced back at him quickly.

“That was different. You were different. Your age didn’t matter to me at the time and it still doesn’t. Besides, I thought you liked older men.” Robert replied.

“Yes I do,” said Sue, “But I owed them at least a chance to show what they could do and see if they could hold my attention at least for a little while.”

“And how were they Sue?” Her husband asked, coming up close to her face and looking straight into her eyes. “Better still, have a think about it and I’ll be back in a minute.”

Sue watched in bewildered silence as her husband answered a call on his mobile while walking out of their bedroom and leaving her tied up and spread out vulnerable and unable to move. She wondered a little fearfully what he was planning to do to her and what he had meant by a ‘treat’…

She could hear voices and then footsteps coming up the wooden stairs. Suddenly terror gripped her as she realized that her husband was not the only one coming back to the bedroom. Sue struggled in vain to free herself from the ropes restraining her but it was no use. Robert was bringing company into their bedroom with no regard for her modesty. She closed her eyes and hoped one last time that they would turn and go back downstairs at the last second.

Her hopes were dashed when she heard Robert enter the bedroom and say:

“Surprise! Open your eyes Sue!”

Sue opened her eyes and saw to her horror that both twenty year olds now stood in her bedroom looking down at her naked, spread eagled body tied down on the bed.

“Welcome in boys.” Robert said. “Sue was just about to tell me how much she enjoyed you both and what she found most fascinating about the experience. Go on Sue, tell us more.”

Sue looked up at the two young men who stood before her. Neither one had ever seen her naked before and they were staring with open appreciation at her big tits and wet glistening pussy. She tried to ignore the fact that she was naked and being stared at but it was no use. She was turned on and ached to have them both bury their faces into her wet cunt. Her hips began moving up and down on their own as she felt herself produce more juice by the second. She was so ready to get down and dirty and surrender to the filthy slut within her. Her mind was engaged and her body was on fire with lust. Sue could not remember ever feeling more excited in her life before this moment. She couldn’t wait for someone to touch her. She felt she would die if they didn’t touch her soon.

Robert could not believe how turned on Sue was getting from the sudden unexpected male attention she was receiving. The two guys were practically drooling all over her and it startled him to realize that his cock was growing harder all the time. It had surprised him to find his growing excitement during the time he had tied Sue up and stood over her naked exposed body on the bed. Now, however, he was shocked to discover that he wanted to see his wife getting taken by these two well hung young studs. He was sure they both had decent sized cocks as his wife vbet loved to play with cock and the bigger, the better, judging from her ever growing toy collection.

Tom and Shane were both stocky and strong with athletic bodies and washboard flat stomachs and six packs. Robert had to give his wife ten out of ten for her good taste. But she had a lesson to learn about fooling around and he intended to make sure it was one she would never forget.

He decided to take action and get this pair to stop staring and start acting.

“Do you like my wife boys?” Robert asked in almost good nature.

Tom spoke up first. “Yes sir, we sure do.” He winked at Sue as he said that.

“How do you like her all naked and tied up like that on the bed?” Robert pressed on.

“Sweet” Shane offered by way of reply while rubbing his hand along the huge bulge in his jeans.

Robert almost sighed out loud as he realized he would have to give this pair of cock heads point by point instructions on what to do to his bad-ass cheating wife.

“Right! Enough stuffing about! Do you two want to fuck the ass off this whore or what?” Robert demanded impatiently.

“Oh fuck yeah!” They both answered in unison.

“Well you had better get your cocks out then hadn’t you huh?” He encouraged almost sarcastically.

Suddenly it was as if a big light had come on in their heads and they sprang into action, quickly removing their jeans and t-shirts at top speed.

Tom and Shane did indeed have thick long cocks noted Robert as they each knelt either side of Sue’s head on the bed and shoved them in her face.

“Suck them bitch!” Robert commanded his wife.

Sue was surprised by the harshness of her husbands’ tone of voice. She had never seen him this forceful before and she couldn’t help getting even more turned on by it. She looked at the two young cocks in her face and felt saliva build up in her mouth. She had sucked both their cocks before but never at the same time. She really needed her hands to do a proper job. She opened her mouth very wide and Tom stuffed his engorged cock in all the way to his balls. Her throat closed tightly around the full fat mushroom of his helmet. She had no time to explore its lovely shape and texture or taste his veined shaft…she was being gagged by many inches of hard meat and she loved it!

“Suck the other one now!” Robert instructed curtly.

Tom pulled out and Shane jumped in to take his place, pushing in as far as his cock could go and then pumping into her, roughly fucking her face.

Robert was so excited now that he too shed his trousers and began pulling his cock. He had never watched his wife getting her face fucked or any other part of herself fucked before and this scene was blowing his mind!

Tom furiously pulled his cock while Shane fucked Sue’s face hard.

Robert reached out and set her hands free from their restraints.

Sue immediately began to use her hands, rubbing Tom’s balls and pulling his cock for him. This left Tom’s hand free to rub her dripping pussy and clit. Her hips bucked up, pulling against the ropes and she began to groan with pleasure.

“Pull both their cocks now!” Robert instructed and was pleased when everyone obeyed him at once. Shane pulled his cock out of her mouth along with long drools of saliva which she put to good use, spreading the goo all over his cock with her hand and spitting on her other hand to work on Tom’s cock too. Both boys immediately moaned in lust and closed their eyes with joy, savoring the sensations of capable feminine hands which knew just what to do instinctively. Sue knew how to work a cock but Robert had never seen her touch another man’s cock before, let alone two at once! He was mesmerized and rooted momentarily to the spot. The sight of his wife pulling two huge slick cocks, covering them with saliva and pulling…pumping…slow…fast….hard…gentle…it was too much. The look on her face was so beautiful to watch from this distance. Her eyes were glazed over and she seemed to be in a trance of sorts, as though invisible strings controlled her actions which continued on effortlessly…expertly.

Her tongue darting out to lick her lips was Robert’s undoing and he jumped on the bed with his knees either side of her face. He could stand by no longer and merely watch her perform. He wanted to be part of the action too. Sue jumped, startled by a sudden third cock presenting itself to her this way. Her hands never missed a beat as she swallowed her husband’s cock in her stride. Now she was working two big cocks with each hand and sucking a third cock with no trouble at all. It was clear to all involved that this woman knew and loved handling cock.

Now Robert decided that it was time to push the boundaries a bit.

Sure she had probably fucked at least one of them, he was sure she had not ever fucked them both at the same time. Well now that time had cum!

“Everyone stop!”

Tom and Shane pulled away from Sue’s hands reluctantly vbet giriş and looked at Robert questioningly.

Robert untied the ropes from around his wife and pulled her up to her feet. She swayed a bit for a few seconds and then found her balance.

“You like to have your ass fucked, don’t you?” Robert spoke straight into her ear.

“Yes…I do.” Sue answered hesitantly.

“You have fucked your ass with two dildos at the same time, haven’t you my dear…?” Robert said with slight menace.

“Well…yes, I have.” Came her tentative reply.

“Well……..guess what? Your fantasy is about to become a reality now.” He said with an evil grin on his face.

Sue felt the color drain from her face at the sudden confrontational proposal. Sure, she loved to have her ass fucked and she had stuck two big rubber cocks onto a wall and double penetrated her ass with them once. She had even managed to take pictures of her ass stuffed full with two rubber cocks. That was how Robert had come to know about it…

Now though, the thought of real cocks inside her ass scared her as well as the fact that her husband was right there watching…

Robert pointed at Shane.

“You lay down on the bed so this slut can ride your pole.”

Shane got on the bed and his big cock stuck up against his smooth flat stomach.

Robert motioned to his shaking wife by clicking his fingers a few times and gesticulating at Shane’s hard ready cock on the bed.

Sue didn’t move.

“Are you sure this is what you really want?” His wife asked him uncertainly.

Robert wasn’t at all sure of anything but he did know that his wife was turned on more than he had ever seen before and that in turn was making him very excited and hard as HELL!

“Sure. Why not? You love cock and I am going to get a kick out of watching you get well and truly fucked every which way by these two cocks.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on!”

Sue saw the look of steely determination on her husbands’ face and knew better than to argue with him when he was like that. She obediently crawled onto the bed until she felt Shane’s cock touch her smooth pussy.

“Stick it into that hot wet juicy cunt of yours.” Robert instructed gravely.

As soon as Sue had guided Shane’s cock into her pussy he began to thrust into her, grinding the base of his cock against her clit.

Robert and Tom stood watching and pulling their cocks as she got pumped full of hard man meat. It looked particularly good from behind.

Sue was moaning loudly as Shane grunted happily while fucking her.

Robert spoke to Tom:

“Her ass needs to be gotten ready boy. You know how to do it?”

Tom immediately spat on his finger and rubbed Sue’s tight little asshole until his finger slipped inside her hole. He jabbed her asshole with his finger, pushing and prodding until her ring of muscle relaxed and loosened a bit. His other hand kept stroking his thick hard shaft.

“Now get more fingers into her asshole boy! You’ll need to fit your whole cock up there shortly.” Robert said.

Tom started inserting more fingers one by one into her ass as she rode Shane’s cock continuously. Robert moved around to get on the bed and then fed Sue his pumped up cock to suck on.

“See how much more fun it is when you don’t keep just one stud to yourself? The more the merrier I always say!”

Sue gratefully sucked her husbands’ cock.

“Suck my cock while you get your cunt fucked and your ass finger fucked.

You ready to get that cock of yours into her ass now boy”

“Yes sir. She’s ready now I think.” Tom answered feverishly.

“Then do it!” Robert demanded roughly.

Tom started gently nudging Sue’s tight asshole with his hard engorged cock. It took some doing but finally his mushroom head squeezed through the tight ring of muscle and popped inside her hot willing hole. Tom groaned out loud, a long sighing sound that ended in a shudder as his cock began to slide deeper and deeper into Sue’s ass. Sue could do nothing more than suck her husbands’ cock as she felt the cock move deeper. Shane waited, keeping his body still while he felt Tom push past his cock with only the thin wall of skin separating both their cocks inside her.

“Ok boys, start working on your rhythm now and get it going good and hard because I want this slut fucked hard!” Robert said in between thrusts, as he face fucked Sue. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and leaned his face in close as he said:

“How does it feel, my little slut, to have two real cocks inside your ass and cunt with a third one in your mouth? Do you need more? I know you need more so we will give you more and more until you’ve had enough! I will want to hear you say ENOUGH COCK! But I won’t stop until I am convinced that you really mean it.”

With this threat, Robert pulled her head roughly onto his cock and impaled her throat, until she gagged noisily. Then he released her hair and pulled his dripping wet vbettr cock out of her mouth. He walked around to watch the two boys fucking his wife’s holes. He pumped his wet cock with one hand while watching the action and then he heard his wife start to moan with each thrust into her. They took turns thrusting into her. When one cock went in, the other came out and on it went as she moaned and groaned. When they pumped her harder, her moans turned into little continuous yelps which she could not control.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh!” Over and over like that she yelped but at times the sounds she made sounded like she was being tortured and pleasure was crossing over into pain. All that was clear was that the sounds she made excited the three even more than they could believe was possible.

“Ok, now it is time to stretch that ass more as I know she is capable of doing.” Robert said loudly.

He reached out and tapped Tom on the shoulder, indicating for him to pull out of Sue’s asshole. Then once Tom was out, he told Shane to move from her pussy to her ass in his place. Shane groaned out loud as he felt his cock slipping into Sue’s already well-fucked asshole.

“Fuck it slut! Let’s see you ride that cock with your ass!” Robert instructed.

Sue was beginning to get tired now but she obediently fucked Shane’s hard cock with as much strength as she had left.

“Ok, do you think you can handle two cocks inside your ass now? Well, who cares if you do or don’t…I say we just go for it and see what happens!”

Robert stated with an air of superior authority.

Tom came in close to Sue and began trying to squeeze his big hard cock into her already well-stuffed asshole. She made sounds of protest because it did hurt whenever he nearly got his head inside her but then it slipped out again. Again and again Tom tried to work his hard cock inside to join Shane’s but it slipped out each time and Sue was not managing the pain well.

Robert told her to shut up and take it as he forced his cock into her mouth once more, telling her to suck it up! It was just in time too as Tom yelled “YES!” triumphantly when he finally got the head of his cock into her asshole.

Robert’s cock in her mouth definitely muffled her scream of sudden surprise and extreme discomfort. He pulled out of her mouth to go and have a look at her ass being stretched. All three disregarded the noises she made as Tom concentrated on getting each inch of his long cock inside her, alongside Shane’s. Robert pulled his saliva covered cock until he thought his balls would burst at the sight of his wife being stretched past her limits.

Each time Tom got his cock in further, her ass would stretch a little bit more again and she was almost showing signs of distress.

“Take all that cock slut!” Her husband gasped, as he panted through his wanking.

“You wanted lots of cock. Now you have not just one, but two cocks and a third here on stand by just in case. Fuck those cocks baby! Fuck them!”

Sue tried to push back against the cocks in her ass but it was incredibly hard going and she moaned once quite loudly as her upper body collapsed against Shane’s chest in total exhaustion.

“Say it babe…say those words I want to hear. Say ENOUGH COCK!” Robert pressed.

Sue turned her head and said “Enough Cock.”

“Not very convincing…” Robert said.

“ENOUGH COCK!” Sue declared with her last ounce of strength.

“Ok boys. Bring her over here so she can get down on her knees and bring on the cum bath she rightfully deserves now.” Robert instructed.

They helped Sue off the bed and down on her knees, holding onto her until she was steady enough. Then all three stood around her feeding her their cocks to suck and pull until they came one by one, all over her face and tits. Sue loved cum and she opened her mouth to receive as much of it as she could. Three loads of cum covered most of her face and eyes, dripping off her nipples onto her spread thighs. Then when they were done, all three walked out of the room leaving her there on her knees covered in cum.

Later after Sue had showered and was lying in bed resting, Robert came to sit down on the edge of the bed. He stroked her hair and she opened up one sleepy eye to look at him. He said:

“Those boys looked at you as though they had never seen you naked before.”

“They haven’t ever seen me naked before.” Sue replied quietly.

“They acted as if they had never fucked you before.” Robert added.

“They haven’t ever fucked me before.” Sue replied calmly.

“Well, what the fuck did they do with you then?” Robert asked her pointedly.

“They talked to me Rob. I talked to them. We had actual conversations…” Sue told him.

“Well, what did you find to talk about with them?” Robert continued.

“That’s just it,” Sue began, “There wasn’t much they could talk with me about so I gave up and sent them on their way.”

“So I just forced you to have sex with two guys you’ve never even fucked before?” Robert asked her with amazement.

“Yes.” Came her short answer.

“Fuck, I’m a bit of a dick head then, aren’t I?” Came his amused conclusion.

“Yes.” She replied smiling.

“But you enjoyed it didn’t you, you little slut.”

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