Found out by our Neighbor… 2

Double Penetration

Found out by our Neighbor… 2My folks came home and I was in my room, door opened as I lay on the bed reading. My pops asked if I was OK and I answered ‘…yeah Pop, all is well why?…’ He smiled and said ‘…hope she did not wear you out…’ Grinning he went on his way. I knew my Pops thought he had witnessed me having sex with a girl one night, I was to embarrassed to tell him that what he saw was Daniel fuck1ng me. I remembered what Mister Henry had said that he wanted me to come over to his home after my folks got home, he initiated that he would tell my folks what he had seen in my window if I did not. Mister Henry used that same ploy to take me earlier in the day and saw Charlie as he left and had some words with Charlie. I so wanted to know what they had said, since they seemed to be so chummy after their talk, but I did not want to have sex any more.My butt was worked raw from taking two sessions earlier and neither was gentle, one fro Mister Henry our neighbor and the second from Charlie. My bung was still aching when my pops reappeared and asked ‘…did you and Henry finish up last night, if so I want to go over and see what y’all did…’Panicking I quickly answered ‘…no Pop, we have not finished yet. I was just waiting for y’all to get home so I could go over and see how much more we need to do…’ Pop looked at me and said ‘…you don’t need to wait for us to get home, just leave us a note and get on over there, now get dressed and make you way over so y’all can get done!…’I got up from my bed and put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, tennis and socks and left for Mister Henry’s home. As I crossed our lawn I saw Mister Henry in his garage and went in, Mister Henry came over to me and embraced me gripping my buttocks as I tried to twist away. He said to me ‘…don’t be so shy, we gonna have some fun for a little while and then do some work…’Mister Henry told me ‘…grab my cock and lead me into the house like a good little fuck toy…’ I hesitated and Mister Henry warned me ‘…better hurry up before some sees us standing here and wonder what we are doing…’ I glanced out the garage entrance and saw no one so I quickly reached out and grasped Mister Henry’s manhood thru his trousers and pulled him towards the kitchen door..Mister Henry’s cock throbbed as it harden in my grasp and he called out ‘…damn my bitch is in a hurry tonight…’ We entered the kitchen and Mister Henry said ‘…this is far enough for now. Get out of those clothes, I want you stark naked from head to feet…’ I looked at him as he smiled and nodded his head up and down.I looked pass him at the door and said uşak escort ‘..OK, only if you close the garage door and double lock that door…’ Mister Henry laughed and went into the garage and closed the doors and re-entered the kitchen locking the door to the garage. I kicked off my tennis and dropped my jeans, underwear, removed my socks and lifted my t-shirt over my head as I removed all my clothes.Mister Henry looked at me and said ‘…place your hands at your sides and turn slowly around so I can get a good look at my bitch…’ humiliated I slowly turned as he looked at me and stroke my body as I turned. The as I faced him again he said ‘…lead on to the bed room sweetie we gonna have some quick fun…’I started to walk down the hall way burning mad in embarrassment with each step I took. As I reached the bedroom door Mister Henry said ‘…wait, turn around and get on your knees. I turned to see that Mister Henry was also naked and his cock was jutting out form under his stomach bobbing up and down with each breath he took.I knelt down to my knees as he came closer and placed his hand on the back of my head, his cock was centimeters from my nose as I caught the odor of stale urine and musk. Stifling a gag reflex I parted my lips and begin to kiss/suck the tip of his manhood. Mister Henry moaned softly as I sucked his penile glans into my lips and caressed the back of my head approvingly.Mister Henry’s cock throbbed and twitched as I sucked at his cock head sliding my tongue underneath his penile glans massaging that sensitive nerve underneath his dick head. The repugnant taste of Mister Henry’s pre-cum made me want to throw up, but I manage to keep it down. Mister Henry took this as my enjoyment for he said ‘…that’s it Baby cakes suck that dick like it’s a babies bottle, suck it good so I can fuck your tight little ass/pussy…’I pushed away from Mister Henry’s musty crotch and started to stand, Mister Henry placed his hand on top of my head and said ‘…naw Bitch, stay on your knees and crawl into the fuck room and stay on your knees with your head on the floor sticking up in the air…’ I crawled into the room and stopped near the bed and chair and did as he instructed.Mister Henry parted my buttocks and exclaimed ‘…oooowiiiieeeeem, look at the angry tight little brown eye. Boy, your boi/cunt looks as if it been used very badly. It’s all red and swollen, puckering up like it wants to be kissed…’ It was then that I felt Mister Henry’s breath on my anus and then his lips embrace my anal opening and kiss it, gently sucking at my very tender outer anal sphincter van escort muscle.I could not help but moan as Mister Henry’s lips and tongue worked at my tender rosebud sending unknown waves of delight thru out my body. Mister Henry stopped making a wet smacking sound with his lips as he pulled away from my tender anal opening. He smeared a slick cool substance over my anus and inserted two fingers coated with the substance working them back and forth as I moaned and mewed like a small kitten.Mister Henry used his knees to push my legs apart and his fingers to part my buttocks and his huge dick head slid over my anus causing me to tremble in anticipation. With his huge dick head poised at my tender anal opening Mister Henry begin to press steadily into me parting my anal sphincter with his thick penile glans.Mu Body begin to tremble and quiver uncontrollably as his dick head parted my anal flower and entered my sphincter tube it closing tight around the neck of his cock as he stopped when his cock head was past my anal sphincter muscle tube. I could feel Mister Henry’s cock as it throbbed and my anal muscle reciprocate gripping tightly around the invading monster.Mister Henry groaned softly and started to pull his cock back, my body sliding back trying to hold onto the invading tube as if it did not want it to exit. Mister Henry gripped my hops tight and started to slid his cock back into my receiving rectum. I cried softly into the carpet as Mister Henry started to saw his cock back and forth each time slipping more of his seven to eight inches(17 to 20cm), deeper and deeper into my penis receptacle.Mister Henry continued until his thighs was slapping against my thighs as he fucked his cock into my bung. My butt was so tender that I could feel every vein, blood vessel and hair as Mister Henry fucked me in the ass for what seemed like hours but turned out to be only twenty minutes before his cock exploded and filled my sore bung hole with his splodge.Mister Henry collapsed down on my up turned butt, his cock throbbing and squirting his seed into my receptive rectum filling my colon with his baby batter. My knees ached as they tried vigilantly to hold up under the weight of Mister Henry’s portly form. He was gasping as the sweat dripped from his body and mine.Mister Henry regained composure and begin to raise up as his cock emptied it’s substance, slowly he pulled his still stiff cock from my anus and gasped ‘…damn look at that boi/cunt as it wink back wanting more dick…’ As Mister Henry stood he said ‘…stay just like that, don’t move…’ I thought he was going to get escort bayan a towel or something to keep his seed from spotting the carpet.To my shock Mister Henry came back with another young guy and told him ‘ show me how you would fuck this pussy. I started to get up and Mister Henry cautioned me ‘… this my nephew, he wants to fuck his first piece and you gonna let him or else…’ I turned my face towards the bed and rested my head in my hands as his nephew came up behind me and inserted his cock into my well lube anus.Once his nephew was in m y butt and working his cock back and forth Mister Henry came round and twisted my face so he could see into my tear stained eyes. ‘…I had to get my nephew to come over and help me clean out my garage since you and I want have the time and I know your folks will want to come over to see what all we have done so enjoy it while he gets his pay…’ Mister Henry’s nephew was a very young guy and his stamina was far better then Mister Henry’s, it took Mister Henry about twenty to thirty minutes to bust his nutt, his nephew took almost ninety minutes before he finally pulled his cock from my butt. Mister Henry asked hi ‘…did you cum in his ass…’ his nephew said ‘…yeah ’bout three times or more…’Mister Henry looked into to my butt and said ‘….damn look at all that cum leaking out your boi/cunt now. Nephew you ever had your dick sucked really good?…’ His nephew said ‘…no Uncle Henry, can he do that also?…’ Mister Henry looked at me and said suck my favorite nephew off and swallow his cum and I want tell your folks what I saw…’As I moved my anus expelled excess air and cum making the most awful obscene sounds as I got in position to service his eager young nephew. His nephew’s cock was covered with both of their splodge and the mucus from my rectum, I started to wipe it off and Mister Henry objected saying ‘…suck it just the way it is…’His nephew so excited that he lunged forward smearing my lips, nose and cheeks with the fluid, his nephew grabbed me by the ears and managed to get his cock into my lips so That I could suck his cock to9 completion. Surprisingly it took only ten minute before his nephew exploded filling my jaws with copious amounts of young cum.To my surprise, it was thick and some what sweet tasting as it filled my oral orifice and I swallowed it and sucked his young cock till he pushed my lips off his semi rigid cock. Mister Henry patted my head and told me ‘…get dressed so I can walk you over to your house…’I had no ideal why, but was filled with caution as we entered and I called my pops to the door. He and Mister Henry talked for a while and when he came in he gave me an envelope saying ‘…Henry wanted to give you more, but I told him he was spoiling you so there’s a hundred dollars there for you, be happy and tomorrow go over and thank Mister Henry properly…’

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