Foursome Away


The tension was building; Terry wore her Lycra body suit. She loved the look of it. The front was open all the way down to her pubic line. It accentuated her strong six-pack abs and the clinging Lycra stuck to her body like paint. So form fitting that her lips we clearly visible to any one who cared to look. Terry commented saying “I’m glad this is black, I’m sooo horny that I am going to soak the crotch on these.

Peter smiled at her and said “do you think its because this will be you first experience with another women?? Coyly she said hmmmm maybe.

Peter notice her lightly touched herself at the thought.

The drive to the club was uneventful. Terry kept talking herself into the evening in nervous anticipation.

Arriving at the club they sat by güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the end of the bar and started a conversation with a cute couple, they were from the states She wore a leather top and leather mini skirts. They spoke for an hour until Len and Joanne arrived. A few quick drinks and the dirty dancing began. Hours past by as the girls rubbed and played with each other or with the guys. When Len and Joanne took a break they danced with the American couple, playing with Terry’s pussy’s and erotically grinding themselves into each other. Brenda was petite like Terry with a smoking hard body, Tony also took care of himself and showed Terry by grinding against her with his erection. Sadly this dance had to end and a new adventure with Len and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Joanne developed. They left together and drove to their beautiful home in Oakville.

They arrived; the sexual tension was high, ending with a erotic walk into the master bedroom. The bedroom was ringed with candles producing an romantic look. Joanne began nibbling on peter, working her way down until she was taking his growing erection into her mouth. Joanne sucked Peter to erection. Len peeled off Terry’s Lycra outfit pausing at her perfectly formed ass. he then licked Terry’s ass and pussy slipping his two fingers into her in a sliding, fucking motion…

Peter felt Terry rubbing his back and shifted over. This placed Joanne’s pussy within Terry and güvenilir bahis şirketleri Peters reach. In one quick movement both Terry and Peter went down on Joanne licking her to an intense orgasm. Terry then swung her legs over Joanne’s head, both women started lapping at each others pussy’s when Len mounted Terry from behind, fucking Terry as Joanne licked her pussy. Peter move between Joanne legs and started fucking her in a wild tangle of bodies.

The tangle of sweating bodies ended in terry and Joanne’s explosive orgasm. Terry enjoying Joanne so much moved up straddling her face as she was eaten to another orgasm. Finally Peter moved over to Terry and began fucking her doggie style while Len fucked Joanne. On cue they both came all over their wife’s bodies, shooting streams of semen across their breast and faces…

This Incredible sex was just the beginning they were a great couple and there would be many more encounters. To come.

Terry said it wasn’t bad I enjoyed eating her; I have no problem s doing that again and again. Honey you have released a tiger…

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