Frat girls


Frat girlsAbout 6 years ago i lived in a giant apartment building. It literally had 12 apartments, mostly 1br studios cept for two of them. Then, on my floor i noticed a new girl moving in across the hall and struggling with a dresser. Being a gentleman, i offered to help and introduced myself. Her name was alyssa, she had strawberry almost red natural blonde hair, a very young petite body with tiny breasts and was around 22 years old.I told her i read tarot and commented on her mariah carey poster and immedietly hit it off. I soon met some of her best friends (beth and renee) as they were her main drinking buddies she met in a college Fraternity. Alyssa wasnt really a heavy drinker, but Beth liked to drink to unwind and Renee was a stone cold drunk, a lush lol. Beth was another blond but different from Alssya, she was a dirty haired blond, was probably the thickest body type of the three, but none were overweight really, she had big thighs and her smile was the most adorable of all three. Renee, bursa escort was a brunette with a perfect S shape curvy figure, large natural breasts and got very wild when she was drinking. We 3 often shared a beer and a story, but i never stayed long, just 10-15 mins, i didnt want to be the weird neighbor as i was in my mid 30s and these girls were like 21 each, i was older but i do have a babyface, but was smart to never overstay my welcome.One night, they were very loud and i was walking in my door with a 6 pack of Sam Adams, they usually bought the cheap stuff to down a case haha. Our hall was set up in a weird way where alyssas window sees onto the stairs and renee saw me with the sam adams. She said, you know you’re giving me one of those right? i laughed and said dream on! She opened the door as i was opening my door and said, oh really? You can say no to me? i laughed, yep.Then, she suddenly shut the door behind her and came towards me with a big grin and gently rubbed her hand bursa escort bayan down my thighs, you sure you cant spare a beer?i then said, well, maybe i dont know these are expensive! She then went from my thighs to my cock and rubbed it teasingly through my jeans and said, are you sure? I moved to kiss her, she only gave me a peck and started reaching for the bottle, i stopped her and said, i tell you what, give me a blowjob and you can have 5 of them, just let me have one. I kinda giggled figuring she was going to say no, but to my surprise, she turned and exclaimed sure! She moved me to the bedroom and then rubbed my cock while kissing me passionately.She unbuttoned my jeans and said, lucky jeans huh? Nice! She was impressed and i hoped my fashion choice would get me a shot at more action later, (it did) haha. She pushed me back on the bed, licked all the way from my ankles, up my thigh teasing and then her tongue slowly found its way to circle around the head of my cock. Stop escort bursa teasin me i demanded! So she giggled, put the mushroom head in her mouth and started working it in and out of her cute sweet glossed lips. Faster and faster she started so suck, i could feel her wetness like a pussy and she would occasionally look up at me while she stopped to lick the head and breath before deep throating me to the hilt. Man, what a blowjob!After about four minutes of this i kept begging her not to stop, i was about to come, she sensed this and did not ask me to pull out, she kept going faster and faster and deeper down her throat until finally i came in two big spurts and she swallowed it all. Then, she reached up, kissed me, and took off with my beer, ALL of it lol. This was just the start of all the crazy things that would go between me and these three.Renee had a smoking hot body as i would some come to find out as we fucked several times. She would often extort drinking money out of me, i was such an easy mark for her, she knew she was hot, she knew she could have me wimpering at her feet and she used her charms to great effect! I would also find out, two of them were bi and that was another story entirely! Stay tuned for part 2!

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