Subject: FRIEND FROM PARIS Without hesitation I booked a ticket and took the first flight for Paris. My friend Debbie wanted to see me desperately. She didn’t give any reason but she did tell me that she had been missing me terribly. We had been chatting in girl’s room for some time when suddenly she begged me to pay her a visit. She sounded very sad and I thought she must have been in distress. Immediately my sympathy for her took over and I just couldn’t turn down her pleas. I had been saving money for months with the aim of buying a new black leather jacket but unfortunately I had to spend them on the plane tickets. She did offer to help me financially but I declined as I never take advantage of my friends in any way. Being 19 years old, poor and proud as a peacock, I would never allow Debbie to pay for my expenses. Afterall that’s what friends are for. Friends, in my opinion, should give their support and love amply without being asked twice. There was another reason too. I wanted to meet her in person because she told me she had changed her appearence after having been scolded relentlessly by me for too long. Debbie was used to wear glasses in all her life and it was such a pity because they spoilt her cute appearance in my opinion. She is 26 years old and may not be the most beautiful girl in the world but her smile can melt even the coldest heart. Her burning green eyes pierce the depths of your very soul and give you a warm feeling of relaxation. Cascading ebony silky hair, reflecting the morning light in every direction, crown her head like a royal tiara studded with gems. I couldn’t wait to taste and caress with my tongue her sensual wet lips. I got off the plane and entered the airport arrival lounge. I kept looking left and right in search for her but there were so many people that quickly I got dizzy. I saw my luggage on the rail and the moment I grabbed it I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and there she was. Immediately I run towards her with my arms spread wide. She did the same and we met halfway. We fell in each other’s arms and we hugged so firm that anyone who watched the scene would think that we were some kind of wrestlers or whatever. I could spell only her name as the tension of the moment made me oblivious to anything else. For a moment I couldn’t utter even a simple word in English; it seemed I had forgotten everything. She must have experienced the same because she spoke to me in French. I did catch a “mon’amour” though. We were kissing each other on the nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead in random order as a tidal wave of uncontrollable feelings had flooded our senses in such degree that our hearts were beating like drums. She cried, I cried and our faces were a mess from our tears and marks of lip-gloss. We broke our embracing and started laughing with tears still running from our eyes. At least she had taken my advice into account and replaced her glasses with eye-contacts. She was by far prettier than ever before. We wiped away our tears from our faces using some napkins I found in my bag and we corrected our make up. She headed straight to the parking bursa escort bayan where she had left her car and I followed her only to realize, halfway, that I had forgotten my luggage! That girl had shaken my entire world to its foundations! I returned to the rail, took my luggage and followed her to the parking. We got in and she drove straight to her home. During her driving to home I wasn’t paying attention to anything else but her. My eyes were glued on her face and couldn’t stop admiring her new look. Each time the car stopped due to traffic jam or in front of traffic lights we leant towards each other and kissed passionately. My hand went on her right thigh and I caressed her soft flesh gently. I dragged her mini skirt a little bit upwards and I felt her inner right thigh. Debbie looked at me rather surprised but she didn’t say a word. She just kept driving. I coated my index finger in my saliva and I applied it on the area where the elastic of her cotton knickers had left a red mark. My fingers traced the curves of her labia over the fabric of her panties very slowly. Debbie let out a little moan but she kept her eyes locked on the road. The rubbing of my fingers became more intensive and a stain of fluids began to take shape on the fabric. She brought her pelvis at the edge of the driver’s seat and spread her legs a little bit more in order to give me better access to her private parts. I kept stroking her wet crotch and pushing the fabric inside her pussy. Her crotch was covered by a big stain of fluids and I brought my fingers in my mouth and licked them. I was very curious to find out what was her taste. I’m always very nervous when I’m ready to taste my partner’s juices for first time. She tasted delicious! I was ready to put my head between her legs and lap on that stain but that very moment she stopped the car. We had arrived at her home! We got into her house and when she closed the door behind us I hugged and kissed her on the lips. “Wow Christy I almost came there. Are you always so bold and adventurous?” she asked me with a smile. “I couldn’t wait to taste your juices honey” I said. “My God I’m so excited and my panties are soaking wet” she exclaimed. “Why don’t you go to your room and change your clothes? You could wear something more casual and convenient” I proposed with a wink. “If you want me to, I’ll do it. Make yourself at home. I have a bottle of pink French champagne in the fridge. I’ll go and get it and then I’ll go to my room and change. Okay?” “I’ll be waiting for you Debbie” I said. She went to the kitchen and returned with the bottle and two high champagne-glasses. I filled our glasses and we chinked. She sipped from her glass and then she went to her bedroom. I took off my coat and looked around for a radio or cd-player. A careful research revealed the position of a very expensive hi-fi stereo which I turned on immediately. I found a station with sensual old French songs and I left it there. A few minutes later Debbie showed up. She rested her hands on either side of the door case, tilted her waist to the left and assumed a cozy sexy pose. She wore nilüfer escort a transparent light green baby-doll with an edged green fur, about 3 inches wide, which covered only her navel. A matching thong embraced her crotch which left her wet slit exposed. Her breasts were naked and I could discern her erected nipples from distance. A thin golden chain surrounded her waist and a smaller one her left ankle. Add to that an expensive pair of black stiletto high-heels and you get the picture. Her appearance left me breathless and I had to do something to repay her somehow. I gave her a signal to come over and sat on the sofa. She did and I immediately stood up. I had decided to give her a little show. A nice striptease would be most appropriate. Afterall we were in Paris, weren’t we? I went straight to the middle of the room and started shaking my body slowly following the rhythm of the music which was coming from the radio. My hands were running slowly from the top of my breasts down to my waist and thighs and then back again, while my pelvis was going left and right. I grabbed the edges of my black tank top, with both hands positioned in “X” shape, and lifted it slowly. Debbie was watching my movements and drinking champagne from the bottle with her eyes wide opened. I turned around so that Debbie could see my bum and I tossed my tank top away. My hands went back but couldn’t grab the clasp of my bra. I called Debbie to come over and help me while I was moving my body sexily. She came over and unclasped my bra while my hands were lifting and playing with my long dark brown hair which covered my back. Debbie stuck her body on mine and cupped my 36 B breasts. I felt her nipples poking my back through the fabric of her baby-doll and her heavy breath in my ear. I told her to go away or else I wouldn’t finish my dance. She let out a deep sigh and went back to the sofa. I turned around again and started to play with my breasts and bra. I put the bra between my tits and squeezed it and then I rotated them around it in a slow and sensual way. Debbie was sitting on the sofa with her legs spread apart and her right hand was caressing the bottleneck. She was moving her hand softly up and down and I bet that if I hadn’t been there she would have found a good use of it. I finally took off my bra and tossed it on a chair. I turned around and bent over a little bit. My hands went on either side of my mini black skirt and I started wriggling my body out. I would push my skirt down two inches and then pull up by one. Debbie was moaning too loud and she nearly screamed when the small triangle of my black thong appeared above my asscheeks. Then I bent over completely and dragged my skirt down to my ankles, giving a full view of my toned ass to anyone who might have been watching. My hands caressed my ankles, calves and went up to my ass. I pushed the rest of my thong between my twin orbs and started bending my knees one after another, giving a rippling movement to my asscheeks. I looked behind and saw Debbie licking the edge of the bottle with her little red tongue and squeezing her türbanlı escort thighs together. Her versatile tongue teased the bottleneck for a while and then her velvet lips closed around it. She sucked it deep in her throat as if it were a male organ and looked at me. Then she closed her eyes and started bobbing on it, sucking as much as she could by hollowing her cheeks to their limits. The sight of Debbie giving blowjob to the bottle pushed me to the edge. I turned around and tugged the front of my thong up. This movement resulted in shoving the rest of my thong inside the valley of my puffy pussylips and I felt my juices flowing around, creaming my sweaty thighs. I lay on the floor with my legs spread and knees bent and then I lifted my pelvis up. I started rocking my pelvis up and down as if I was fucking someone fast and hard whilst my hands were pinching and twisting my erected nipples. Debbie went crazy. She got rid of her crotch-less thong and got on the table which was in front of the sofa. It was about 3 feet high, 5 feet long and 4 feet wide. She put the bottle in the middle of it and straddled it. She stabilized it with her right hand and then she lowered her pelvis on it. The bottleneck parted her swollen pussylips and slid between her stimulated jelly walls with ease. Debbie was dancing and bouncing on the bottle like an Amazon riding her wild steed. Her pussy was glistening due to the amazing amount of musky juices which had coated her velvet fur and her slit like hungry tooth-less red mouth was devouring the hapless cold glass as if there was no tomorrow. I raised both my legs in a 90 degrees angle and I joint them. I grabbed the side of my thong, lifted my pelvis a little and dragged my thong upwards. I passed it over my thighs, knees and ankles and then got rid of it. Still lying on the floor I parted my legs as much as I could, forming a 120 degrees angle, and I placed my right middle finger on my eager pussy. I started rubbing my burning hole with my finger as fast as I could. My breath became heavier and immediately I stuck two fingers in my slit and started finger-fucking my angry pussy. Then I brought my knees on my chest, exposing both holes, and I parted my pussylips wide with my hands. I slid one finger in my tight asshole slowly and started moving it in and out. Debbie moaned loudly and decided to give the proper attention to her other hole as well. She lifted her pelvis and moved the bottle a little bit backwards. Then she sat on it. She let out a scream when the bottleneck entered the crack of her ass but she persevered. The bottleneck passed her sphincter with difficulty but from there found no resistance. Debbie used both hands to stabilize the bottle on the table and then started bouncing her body. She was moaning like a whining cat as the bottleneck was raping and stretching her tight butt to its limits. This was too much for me to stand. I shoved two fingers in my pussy, while I had one inside my ass, and pushed them deep in my vagina. I cried out her name and came hard. Debbie, with the bottle stuck in her ass, rubbed her clit 2-3 times and that was the end for her too. “Oh my God Christy, you are turning me into a nympho” she said faintly. “Don’t be rush. I haven’t tied you up yet” I answered with a smile. END. Written by Christy Mars Copyright 2006 Especially made for 26 years old Debbie from France.

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