Friends and Neighbors

This happened to me a few of years ago. I had just started graduate school, and had moved back to my old hometown. Most of the people I had known had moved away, so my love life was hurting, to say the least. I had tracked down Tim, a former neighbor, who had tried unsuccessfully to seduce me a few years before. He was okay looking, but had tried when I was involved, so I wasn’t really interested. We had shared a few drinks, and on one occasion a mutual masturbation session while watching some porn films at his apartment.

While out jogging one day at the park I ran into Chuck, a friend from college. Chuck and I had been drinking and smoking buddies in college, and Chuck had introduced me to bisexual sex one night when we were kinda wasted. He gave great head, and I really enjoyed it. I was hesitant to return the favor, and ended up jacking him off. I had thought about getting together and trying it again but we lost touch.

Anyway, when I ran into Chuck, we swapped phone numbers and said we’d get together soon for a beer. After I got home, and facing the prospect of another weekend watching TV alone, the wheels in my head started turning. I called Tim and Chuck, and invited them over Friday night. Tim had been surprised to hear from me after all this time, but was very eager about getting together. I think he still had a thing for me. He showed up at my place about 8 o’clock, with a 6-pack and some music. I had just gotten out of the shower, so I pulled on a pair of running shorts and a tank top and opened the door.

As part of my plan, I neglected to wear any underwear, so the tip of my cock was just visible when I walked. From the look in Tim’s eyes, I knew he had seen it, but I didn’t say anything. Tim looked kinda pissed when Chuck showed up a few minutes later, but I played the good host, made sure everybody Eskort Bayan had a cold beer, and put on some music. Ever-dependable Chuck pulled out a joint and asked “Who wants to get fucked up?”

We proceeded to get very mellow, and in my case, VERY horny. My plan all along had been to really try out guy to guy sex, so I decided to get the ball rolling. Tim had been staring at my 8″ erection, which I had been trying unsuccessfully to keep in my shorts. When Chuck got up to throw his beer can in the trash, I stood up right in front of Tim, with my cock right in his face. He looked up at me for a second, then pulled down my shorts and went for it. Chuck walked back into the room and was greeted by the site of me wearing nothing but a tank top, my cock buried in Tim’s mouth, and Tim massaging my butt. “All right!” I heard from the

door, and then Chuck was behind me, pulling my shirt off. He kissed me, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I’d never kissed a guy before, and was surprised to find I liked it. I pulled Tim’s shirt off and started running my hands over his chest. I broke out kiss long enough to suggest we go to my bedroom, and in no time we were all naked on my king-sized bed. Tim was sitting at the head of the bed, with me kneeling in front of him while he continued to work his magic on my cock. Chuck slid under me and starting sucking Tim.

“What the hell?” I said to myself, and moved around so we were in a triangle, all giving each other head. Being the amateur of the group, I tried to do for Chuck what Tim was doing for me. Chuck’s cock was about an inch shorter than mine, and Tim’s was only about 5″, and very small in diameter, which later turned out to be a blessing! I started licking the head of Chuck’s cock, then slowly took the head into my mouth, running my tongue all over it, feeling the velvety hardness under my tongue, and relishing the taste and smell of a guy’s cock.

I’d gone down on a lot of ladies in the past, and really loved the taste, but this was a whole new experience, and was reeling from all the sensations I was feeling: Tim giving me an incredible blow job, slowly deep-throating me, stopping occasionally to lick my balls, Chuck filling my mouth with his cock while he sucked Tim, and everybody touching and stroking each other everywhere! We kept on like this for a few minutes, our breathing getting faster and harder. I was getting the hang of sucking cock, and was able to take most of Chuck without gagging.

Tim suddenly pulled away from me, and told Chuck to 69 with me, which he gladly did, moving around on the bed so I was lying on top of him. We were both getting into a great rhythm, bobbing up and down on each other and stroking each other’s butt cheeks. Tim ran his tongue gently around my ear (Which drives me nuts, by the way) and whispered, “You’re gonna love this.”

Suddenly I felt his tongue running across my balls, then working it’s way across my ass and down my crack! He started licking my very tight asshole, slowly pushing his tongue inside me. I thought I’d go crazy from the feeling, and started sucking harder and faster on Chuck, and he returned the favor. Tim stopped his licking, and then I felt something hard pushing against my ass and realized he was going to fuck my ass! I was scared at first, but was so turned on by this point that I figured what the hell–I’ve gone this far, I might as well try it all. It hurt like hell when he first pushed into me, and I cried out as best I could with a mouthful of cock.

He realized this was my first fuck, I guess, ’cause he stopped pushing and let me get used to the feeling of him inside me. My ass started to feel really hot, and I liked it. I started slowly wiggling my ass around, getting used to him inside me. Tim took the hint, and slowly started pushing into me, then pulling back some, then pushing farther until I could feel his pubic hair tickling my ass. He picked up his pace to keep up with Chuck and I. I was getting really close to coming, and I guessed he was too, judging from the amount of noise he was making.

was worried about what to do, and whether or not to let his come in my mouth, when suddenly I felt that rush starting in my balls, then racing up my spine, a flash of white light inside my head, and I started pumping buckets into Chuck’s mouth. He never stopped his rhythm, just kept pumping my cock, and a second later he grabbed my ass really tight and pushed all 7″ into me and blew his load. I jerked my head back, so most of his load caught me on the lips. I savored the salty, sticky taste, then opened my mouth eagerly for more.

Tim yelled “Oh God!” and shoved himself into me. I could feel his cock spasming inside me, which made me come even harder. Our jerking and panting slowed, and we collapsed on top of one another. Chuck was running his tongue rapidly over the head of my cock. I’m always super-sensitive there right after I orgasm, and this was driving me crazy. I thought I was going to come again from the sensation. I couldn’t stand it anymore and rolled away from him.

“God, I can’t believe we just did this!” I said aloud.

Tim and Chuck started to laugh, and I joined in. Chuck went into the kitchen and brought back 3 beers. “I was gonna bring us all a beer a long time ago, but then I saw the two of you and forgot all about it.” This brought on another fit of laughing. “Well, John,” Tim said. “I never guessed this was what you were planning tonight, but I hope the night isn’t over.”

“Oh no” I replied. “This is just the beginning” And it turned out, I was right.

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