Friends First Time


This is based on true events from my past.

This is my second story, I wrote it because of a request from one of the responses to my first story.

They said it would have been nice if I wrote in more detail what had happen in my past.

It is a longer story but i hope you enjoy it, as with the first I welcome all feedback and constructive criticism.


My first time with another guy that was more than just curiosity, was when I was 18 with my best friend Mark.

Mark was about 5’10” and 11st with jet black curly hair. He was the best sprinter in our school and also had a body like one, great abs and nicely toned legs and arse. Me, I was also around 5’10” but about 12.5st with blond hair and blue eyes. I wasn’t as well toned but I was a stronger and bigger build. A hint of abs but I didn’t have the definition of my friend, I also had a paler complexion.

It was the summer and we were camping near his house in a wooded area with small clearings dotted around. The trees around us were good enough to hide us from a casual observer, but it wasn’t too far out of town.

Anyone looking would find us easily.

We did this regularly, as it gave us the freedom from parents and siblings that we craved. We would take some food and alcohol if we could get it, talk about life, cars and girls we wanted to fuck. On a few occasions when we were lucky we would get to meet up with a few local girls in a clearing nearby.

Like usual we pitched the tent at the beginning of the weekend, once we were ready we could just head back to the tent and wouldn’t have to set it up in the dark. Then we went ‘exploring’.

We were out most of the day and it was late afternoon, going down one trail talking about the usual things we came across 3 girls we knew, two of which we had fooled around with. The rest of that afternoon was spent fooling around with the girls a little more.

I don’t know about Mark but my cock was bursting out of my pants, I was horny as hell by the early evening so we invited the girls back to our tent. That’s when the third girl started complaining that she needed to get home, eventually she convinced the other girls and they left along with our dreams of getting laid that night.

As the girls walked away we lay there on the slope of the edge of the field, I stopped looking up and turned my head towards Mark. Without really thinking I scanned down his body and felt my own aching cock lurch, my gaze hit the very clear bulge in his trousers. Instantly, sexual thoughts about him started whirling round in my mind, I tried to shake them out and think about something else but I had had them before and knew I would again. We had to lay there for a while letting our erections subside saying how the girls were cock teasers and bragging how far we had got with them. As it started to go dark we decided it was safe to get up and head back to the tent, although I still had a semi from the fantasies stuck in my head.

Once there we started to get changed into shorts and a t-shirt, we always faced away from each other for privacy. As we changed I started to fantasise again about what his cock looked like.

What size it would be?

Would it curve up like mine or be straight?

I had seen it when we was at the urinals and remember thinking it looked bigger and darker than mine, but since my little fantasy in the field earlier I was gaging to see it erect and in the flesh.

Maybe have the chance to touch it.

I could feel myself flush it was all new and exciting.

As soon as I had changed I lay down as quick as possible to hide the semi I was sporting, as if he would have been able to read my thoughts and tell what had caused it had he seen it. As I did I noticed he did the same which probably meant we were both horny, I just assumed his would have been from the girls earlier.

We both lay on our fronts in the tent, side by side. As was now customary I took out some magazines that we had collected and hidden away, we started looking through the mag’s comparing the hot girls. He liked blonde thinner girls with the A or B cup breasts and tight firm body’s where as I prefer brunette’s with a little shape and C or D cup breasts. We never had a problem with fancying the same women, although we have shared one or two but that’s another story.

As it started to go dark I turned on the little lamp and positioned it in between us and just above the magazine. Just the mag was lit up and the rest of the tent was almost dark, as I flicked through with one hand, my other hand was out of sight discretely as possible playing with my rapidly hardening cock. I knew he was doing the same because we had done this pretty religiously from the first night camping out.

I’ll always remember feeling so electrified with anticipation and excitement as my cock swelled up to fill in my hand. During these sessions the Eskort multitude of fantasies I would have whilst laid there, both straight and gay, would soon have my cock painfully throbbing. Oozing so much precum into my shorts I could have lubricated a porn set for a week.

Having someone so close who I was attracted to whilst going through this made it so hard to control myself. I felt like just rolling over and displaying my swollen cock to him in the hope he would reciprocate, I could then live out some of those wild fantasies. I didn’t want to lose my best friend because I was too horny so always chickened out.

We laugh when we talk about those days now, if we had been more open it could have been so much easier.

Instead as usual I massaged my cock, my eyes flicking between the girl on the page and the friend beside me. As usual it got to the time when it became too much for us and we agreed it was time to “sleep”. I turned the light off plunging the tent into total darkness, as quietly as possible so I wouldn’t disturb Mark “sleeping” I rolled over onto my back and removed my shorts as if I was just fidgeting. As quietly as I could I unzipped the sleeping bag just far enough so that I could expose my painfully hard cock to the cool air of the pitch black tent. It felt good to have that breeze across my burning cock but it also felt dangerous, he could turn on his torch anytime and catch me. I knew he wouldn’t though because all the time I was doing this I heard the sounds of Mark doing the same, though neither of us said a word.

Slowly at first I started to stroke my shaft, feeling it pulsing in my hand. Then pressing on the back to squeeze out all the precum, I scooped it onto my fingers and the licked them clean. I did enjoy the taste, but I also did it because if I didn’t that much lubricant would have made the tell-tale noise I could hear coming from Mark’s side. Once my cock was clean I started stroking it harder, squeezing the shaft in my fist and massaging any more precum into the swollen head.

I used to fantasise that I was playing with his cock.

In my mind’s eye it was 10inches long and so thick I could only just get my hand around it. Holding his thick shaft in my hand, I would dream I was milking the precum out of the end and rubbing it in with the tip of my thumb as I was doing to my own cock. I loved the thought of me taking control of his desire, teasing and massaging until he lost it.

I dreamed his cock would swell and pulse away, as ropey thick white cream bust from the end to cover my hand. I would then use that thick white cum to lubricate my own shaft until I came, mixing my cream with his own.

Quite a tame fantasy by today’s standards but it never failed to get me off and still doesn’t.

Part 2

I have always been big into planning, after about a dozen of these camping nights I decided I had to do something to get even a glimpse of his hard cock. One Saturday afternoon I went out on my own and found a great spot to put the tent, it wasn’t a very big clearing but it was surrounded by trees with no clear path to get to it. The best bit was, on one side there was a light in the distance from a metal barn or something. If I pitched the tent right the light would be outside his side.

When I showed him the spot he thought it was great “more like real camping”. He never knew that it would serve to silhouette his toned body and perfect hard on.

The first night we camped in that spot I had a hard on for most of the days riding, I was just biding my time for it to go dark so I could say I was tired. When that time came I yawned stretched my arms out above my head and went to stand up, proclaiming my tiredness. In my eagerness I forgot I had a major hard on and halfway into the stand I quickly bent forward and started to put the fire out.

I’m not sure if he saw the state I was in because when I looked back at him he was staring at the floor. We went to the tent and I quickly changed and jumped in my sleeping bag. I was so eager to get to the part where we both secretly played with our dicks that I barely paid any attention to the magazines or the conversation. I dare not touch my cock for fear it might explode there and then, it had become achingly hard from the moment we got in the sleeping bags.

Finally, Mark announced he was tired and wanted to sleep. We put the magazines away, turned the lamp out and settled down. As quickly as I could I took off my shorts and layed on my back with my head turned towards Mark. I couldn’t make out any colours only the silhouette of his shape; I undid my sleeping bag zip at the same time I heard his zip going down.

After a quick glance in my direction he did it.

He folded back the sleeping bag and straight out like a flag pole from his sculpted body sprang his beautiful hard cock. I remember letting out a low growl or groan and him turning in my direction, as he wrapped his fist around that magnificent engorged cock. I went as quiet as a mouse and soon he turned back and started slowly stroking his hand up and down the length of his shaft. I could see to my surprise that he also liked to spread his pre-cum all over his swollen helmet, but he didn’t eat any.

Then I realised I was witnessing for the first time another man stroking his hard cock, my heart was racing and the blood pumping in my head. I ever so slowly wrapped my fist around my own swollen shaft and started to stroke myself in time with him. My cock was running with pre-cum but I didn’t eat it, I was getting braver and thought he might get off on the sound it made as I did. I rubbed it all over my helmet and down my shaft and carried on playing with my now very slick cock. Eventually it started to make that familiar sound his always did, again he turned my way. He was looking for about ten seconds but I don’t think he could see anything so he turned and concentrated on his own erection. I watch as he rubbed his pre-cum down the back of his cock head with his thumb and then he seemed to speed up a little until the noise came back and he looked my way again.

Was he letting me know he was doing the same?

My head started whirling thinking maybe he was thinking the same things, wanting to do the same things I wanted to do. This horny new revelation drove me to the edge but I didn’t want to cum yet, I wanted to watch Mark cum first. I was struggling to hold back, keeping myself on the edge, all the time watching his fist pumping his cock harder and faster. I knew he had to be close, just a little longer.

I was hardly touching myself, fighting the urge to come.

Then it happened.

He stopped stocking his cock and holding tight in his fist he raised his hips up, and I watched as his cock pulsed and pulsed. The thought of him releasing that thick creamy load all over his body drove me over the edge. I couldn’t help it again a little moan escaped from my lips, he turned looking my way as my own hips raised up and my milky load splashed across my chest.

Turning back I cleaned up myself as I watch him do the same. Within minutes we were both fast asleep.

Part 3

By now there was an unspoken agreement between us.

We both knew full well what the other was doing in the dark so we didn’t try to be as quiet. In fact I know we would both make certain noises when we were enjoying ourselves and cumming, we just didn’t talk about it.

As the weeks went on we got braver and started to lie on our sides facing each other while we read the mags. We still stroked our cocks under our shorts and sleeping bags, even though it was slowly at first so as not to be too obvious.

We could both clearly see what our other hands were up to.

We started talking about wanking and how long we would go for, or the most times in one day. As we kept discussing it we would get into more and more detail, like technique and what we liked to do with our pre-cum. Mark never knew I’d seen his techniques and what he liked to do with his pre-cum every night we had camped in this spot.

One weekend the weather took a turn for the better. It had been in the mid 20’s all week and this Saturday was no different.

That night we went to bed and got changed into our shorts, but both left our t-shirts off as we hadn’t been wearing them all day. As Mark went to get in his sleeping bag I announced that I was far too hot. I would be sleeping on top of my bag and I lay down on my belly. He agreed and got out of his bag, but then to my surprise he layed on his side and pulled out his favourite magazine.

In that position I could clearly see the outline of his hardening cock straining against the material of his shorts. I know he caught me looking but didn’t say anything just flicked through the mag to his favourite girl. Not wanting to be the chicken and feeling quite emboldened I turned on my side to face him, straightening the magazine so I could see it better. I was hard as a rock, my small blue sleeping shorts fighting a losing battle to contain me. A fact that I noticed hadn’t escaped his attention, I hoped it was this and not the girl in the mag that was making his red ones quickly fill out as well.

We had reached unexplored territory and we were both nervous as hell.

As we flicked through the magazine’s reading our favourite stories and constantly checking each other out. Neither of us touched our cocks for fear they would burst free of our shorts, it was clear to see we both had wet spots where we were leaking pre-cum. This was what broke the ice.

My wet patch was bigger and Mark noticed it, “man you must really be leaking down there.”

“Yeah I normally rub it around or wipe it off,” I said. Leaving out the part where I’d pop it in my mouth.

“Me too,” he said

Without another word I put my hand down the front of my shorts and started playing with my cock. Just rubbing the juice in at first, massaging it into my swollen crown. Slowly I worked the rubbing into stroking and before long I had my shaft in my grasp while pretending to look through the magazine. Within seconds Mark was doing the same, I was watching out of the corner of my eye at his hand disappearing under his shorts to massage that cock I wanted so badly.

We lay there for an hour and even though we had our shorts on, the motion of stroking our cocks were not leaving much to the imagination. I was so nervous just wishing he would be the bravest and first to take it out and play with it in the open for me to clearly see.

As the excitement grew in me, watching him and having him watch me (we were both only making a token effort to look through the magazines by this point). I decided to start stroking my cock in long slow strokes, running my hand along over the ridge of my helmet to the very tip and back down the shaft to the base. This had the effect of opening my shorts right up, exposing half the shaft for a second at a time as my knuckles caught the waist band and pull it down. He couldn’t help but get a really good look at my swollen throbbing dick.

He stopped focusing on the magazine now and lowered his head to look directly at my twitching cock. It’s now or never I thought and rolled onto my back and just took the shorts off. He looked away for a second and stopped stroking his cock, even though his hands were still down his shorts. As soon as I started stroking my cock again and rubbing the pre-cum into the head blatantly in front of him he looked back. He started rubbing his cock again only this time he was exposing more meat with each stroke. I think he wanted to go further but was a little unsure so I told him.

“I was far too hot in my shorts, you must be too. As I can see most of your cock anyway you might as well take them off.”

Without a seconds hesitation he rolled onto his back put his hands under the waist band, in one motion his shorts were off and his cock sprang free.

Finally, I couldn’t believe it; I got to see that beautiful hard cock in the light. Every ridge, every vein, I studied it; took in the shape the texture and the colour.

I realised I was staring but when I looked up Mark was doing the same, he looked at me and just smiled. I smiled as well and told him I had been wondering what his cock look like for so long, he said he had too but didn’t want to ask.

It was no 10inch monster but it was so nice. His cock was about 7.5″ and straight as a board, the shining purple helmet was perfectly shaped and proportioned with his nice thick shaft. A clear droplet of pre-cum oozed from the tip, the skin was just slightly more tanned than his body.

Even in porn, rarely have a seen a more perfect cock.

My cock was also about 7.5″ but curved up towards me a little, it was a little thicker than Marks at the base. The head was also a nice proportion to my shaft; mine though was a paler complexion that matched my body.

Now the flood gates had been opened for me there was no closing them.

I asked him what else he had thought about but hadn’t wanted to ask. He looked really sheepish and I could tell he was blushing a little. Emboldened by this sign that thoughts of doing other things had probably gone through his mind I started to confess some of my tamer fantasies.

I was still apprehensive about going too far.

First I confessed that I had seen him playing with himself since we moved to this spot, not letting on I had planned the whole thing. He told me he had wanted to watch me too ever since we started camping out, as he was telling me I noticed he had begun to slowly stroke himself again. He saw me look and gave me a little smile that I returned and I started to massage my own cock.

This was the clearest signal I could have asked for, so, looking hungrily at his cock before returning my gaze to his face. I asked him if he had ever wondered what another cock felt like. I told him I was curious and wanted to know if it would be as hard as my own, if the skin would feel the same. He didn’t answer for a second, and then in a quiet voice said he had thought about it a lot. He had wanted to grab my cock as soon as he had seen it spring free from my shorts, to see if it felt as hard as it looked.

At this confession we had both stop stroking and were just laying there with our hands around our very engorged dicks.

I could feel my face start to flush and butterflies in my stomach as I said to him, “Do you still want to? Because I don’t mind if you do.” He looked down at my cock and I let go of it, it fell slightly but stayed virtually upright. God but I was horny at that moment.

He looked back at me and nodded his head, as he let go of his own cock I moved my hips just a little closer to him. I don’t know if it was eagerness or a way of letting him know it was ok but that brought us within 6inchs of each other. I could feel the heat radiating from his body to mine as his hand wrapped around my sensitive cock releasing waves of electric from somewhere to course through me.

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