Fringe Benefits

Abella Danger

Fringe BenefitsKaren gave me fringe benefits to buy 300 mattresses.I had just purchased a string of motels and was in the market for new mattresses for each bed in every motel. So, I went online to search for local bedding sellers and found one close to me.When I walked in, a beautiful blonde greeted me. She had big blue eyes, a darling smile, and I wanted her immediately.“Good morning! Welcome to Matt’s Mattresses. How can I help you?”I thought, “You can give me a blowjob, then we’ll talk about mattresses.”“Hi. I’m looking to buy about 300 good quality mattresses for my motels.”“I see! Well, we’re presently having a sale on all of our mattresses.”“I guess this is my lucky day then,” I said as I looked her up and down, not caring at all if she saw me.“Um, well, what price range are you looking for?” she asked as she began to walk along the array of mattresses. “We have the best ones here and they get cheaper toward the back.“How much would 300 of these best ones set me back?”She pulled out her iPhone from her jacket, made a few punches, then said, “Those would come to 256,500 dollars with the sarıyer escort ten percent discount.”“Oh wow! I can’t pay that much. I guess I’ll keep shopping.”“Sir. Maybe I can do better.” Then she made a few more punches on her iPhone and said, “How does 230,850 dollars sound? That’s another ten percent discount.””It’s sounding better but is still a lot of money. I’ll just keep looking. Thanks,” I said as I held out my hand.She took my hand, then moved against me, put her arms around my neck and said, “If you’ll buy these mattresses today, I’ll give you a fringe benefit.” Then she kissed me.I returned her French kiss and put my arms around her waist. My cock grew quickly and she felt it when it rubbed her leg. She moaned and pressed against it.I whispered, “What kind of fringe benefit?”“Me,” she answered, then she walked away, locked the door and closed all the vertical blinds. Then she walked back, stood beside a plush mattress, and slowly undresses. When she was completely nude, she laid down, spread her long blonde hair esenyurt escort on the bed, and said, “You can have me all day if you want. I’ll do whatever you want.”My cock had grown hard during her striptease, so I was ready to do everything with her. As I unbuttoned my shirt, I said, “I don’t even know your name.”“Karen. What’s yours?”“John.”“Hurry up, John! I’m horny,” she said as she rubbed her clit.Karen looked so gorgeous and ready lying there, that I quickly finished undressing and crawled between her legs.“Mmm! You’re really big,” she whispered as she reached down and guided my cock into her body.When she did, I pushed it in all the way…all nine inches.”Ugh! God, you feel so hard!” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around me.Then we kissed and fucked for almost an hour before I blew my load. But during that time, Karen had four intense orgasms.Then I rolled over so we could catch our breath. After a few minutes, I said, “That was quite a fringe benefit, Karen!”“Yeah. It was. My ex never gave me multiple orgasms.”“I can’t imagine why not. You’re avrupa yakası escort a gorgeous fuck.”Then she rolled on top of me and we kissed at length. My cock responded and she felt it.“Mmm! That nice cock of yours needs a blowjob,” she whispered, then she kissed her way down and took me into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head, then sucked it. She was already driving me wild when she suddenly pushed her head down to allow my cock to go down her throat. She held it there for a few wonderful seconds, then came up for air.“You are really good at that, Karen,” I whispered.She looked up at me as she stroked me slowly. “You can cum in my throat when you’re ready.”I was already overwhelmed when she said that. “I’m almost ready now.”Then she forced my cock deep into her throat as I grabbed her head and held it down. I made two fists with her soft blonde hair and groaned as my cock began to spurt.Karen coughed a couple of times, but let me dump all of my cum into her stomach until I was finished. Then she pulled my cock from her mouth while sucking the last drops of cum from it. Then she crawled back up and kissed me.“Do we have a deal now?” she asked.“I don’t know. I still want you from behind.”“Well, I have all day.”“I was thinking more along the lines of dinner at a nice restaurant, then all night at my place.”“Mmm! I love the way you think.”- – – – -I wrote Karen a check for $230,850 and we spent the night together.

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