Subject: From dream to reality, Part 1 From dream to reality Part 1 ail Please donate to Nifty to keep this site open and free! None of the characters are based on anyone real, and none of this ever happened, most of this story is just wishful thinking. If you like the idea of intergenerational and sex between teens with some kinky themes, you will probably like this. All that being said, If you like this story and have constructive comments or suggestions, I’d like to hear them. English is not my mother tongue, sorry for any mistakes. My email address is: ail “Relax.” Arthur said, his voice low. The kid breathed in pants, his body sticky with boy sweat. Arthur met the kid on Grindr, young, slim, bottom, and wanted a date. Now the kid was is his bedroom and straighted up, shrugging his jacket off his shoulders, letting it slide down his arms. Arthur noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt, the sweat running down his body, his torso glistening, the kid dropped his jacket aside and exposed his naked chest. Arthur glanced down at his crotch. There was a nice bulge down there. Not big, but nice. Arthur licked at his lips as the kid smiled a little insecure. Arthur watched his beautiful ass moving in his shorts as he turned around slowly. “Fuck, what a butt” Arthur mumbled softly as he watched him, he noticed the kid’s hand had gone down to his crotch. The kid adjusted his cock in his shorts, but Arthur’s eyes were glued to his ass. The kid looked back at him and smiled. Arthur reached out and slide his hand down into his shorts. Arthur felt his hard cock as it pulses against his palm. Arthur grabbed his cock and began to rub his fingers around it. It wasn’t large, but was definitely not something to be ashamed of, he continued to grope him, feeling his smooth, loose balls. Arthur couldn’t feel a single hair on them. In fact, he could only feel a small bit of hair around the base of his cock. This was a pleasure to be able to grope this young kid’s hard cock. The kid spread his legs apart as wide as he could to offer him access. Arthur heard him moan softly, as he slowly stroked his hard cock and slowly lowered his shorts. The kid stepped out his shorts and grabbed Arthur’s hand and placed it on his warm, smooth chest. Arthur felt, his chest was incredible how soft and warm. Arthur began to rub his chest, as he worked his way upward and found his little nipples. It didn’t take him long before he had them nice and hard. The intensity of his moans increased as he massaged his nipples. The kid was blond haired, skinny, just nicely shaped, with one attribute that had caught his eye from the first, he had a good fuckable looking ass. It was rounded, yet firm, smooth and hairless. “You are a hot little number. Let we have some action, we can talk later,” Arthur stroked his firm ass. The kid looked at Arthur, admired Arthur’s muscled body. “You look good too!” The kid said and Arthur dropped his own shorts, just like that, and the kid nearly past out! He couldn’t believe he would Arthur’s cock up his ass! Arthur holding his shoulders, “Just relax. That whole thing is going up in you, so you will get used to it. Get on my bed.” The kid did, but trembled in fear. “Get your legs up,” Arthur ordered. “Show me your little ass.” The kid did as he wanted, letting moan escape his lips as Arthur’s fingers started rubbing at his asshole. “Please…” he was breathing heavily, not knowing exactly what he was trying to say, whether he was coming to his senses or not, realizing the danger he was in. “Please man, this is a mistake, don’t fuck me.” Arthur smiled and waited some seconds before pulling him closer. Arthur aimed his cock and pushed, the kid’s whole ass felt tight. The kid arched under him, letting out a deep, half pained, half pleasured moan as he entered him. The penetration was intense, the kid felt that his cock head penetrating his depths, pushing hard up into his gut. The kid let out another long moan, feeling Arthur’s cock press inch after inch into him. The kid couldn’t believe what he was feeling when his pubic hair finally pressed against his cheeks. A throbbing man cock, thrust deep into his being. He couldn’t believe Arthur had impaled him so deep. “Yeah. You like that, huh?” The kid lay under him, his mouth open in a soundless moan of pleasure. “Like my cock up your little tight ass?” The kid lay there, drenched in sweat, his hands for the first time gripped on Arthur’s hard, sweat slicked muscles. Arthur spread some spit on his crack and pushed a finger up his little boy hole all the way to the knuckle. The kid closed his eyes, mentally preparing himself for a not-so-gentle fuck as Arthur twisted, pushed and pulled his finger to stretch his tight ass. “Oh, yeah boy, this is going to be a nice ass fucking,” he hissed as he leaned into him, his cock rubbing against his tight hole, teasing him. First a little pressure in, not quite all the way through the kid’s sphincter, but soon a little more on the next stroke, until he finally broke through his tight ass rings. The kid began to feel a whole new, blinding pleasure as Arthur started fucking him. Arthur wasted no time, building up to a hard, nearly aggressive pattern that made his bed creaking under them. The kid’s ass ablaze with the pleasure of their rough sex. The kid writhed under him, moaning out load, swearing, begging for his every inch as he fucked him as hard as he had promised in their chat. “Pease, fuck me!” and so he did… It was in the middle of the night when Arthur’s little brother Toby started to hear light groaning noises coming from his brother’s room. He certainly wasn’t imaging the sounds. Toby got up, he was curious and slowly walked over to Arthur’s room. By the time he got to there he heard the sound of their fucking and the groaning, louder and louder. The door was slightly ajar so Toby peeked in to find Arthur fucking this kid. Toby was shocked at what he saw, the kid was on his back and tuzla eve gelen escort Arthur fucked him hard. Toby stood there frozen for a moment, wanted to flee, but still watched them. “Ohhh!” the kid screamed as Arthur suddenly rammed his cock in all the way. It looked painful and so good, at the same time. “Yes!” the kid screamed, “Fuck me!” Arthur rammed the kid, hard. The whole time Toby watched them. Arthur pulled back until just the tip of his cock was in this hungry teen, and slide it all the way in at once. The boy loved it! He loved feeling full with his man’s cock inside him, and was moaning in ecstasy, and his brother Arthur was grunting and shouting with pleasure, “Yes, boy. Yes! Your cunt is mine. You’re my bitch, now. I own your ass, boy!” By that time Toby was so stiff he thought he was going to shoot his boy load. Without thinking he moved in closer but his fear of being caught grabbed him. Toby panted excited and stepped back for a moment, and his penis throbbed in his briefs. This was so hot, he couldn’t believe he was watching this. At the same time the kid’s burning cock sent hot waves of pleasure through his slim body, he groaned and Arthur sped his fucking slightly as he detected his change. Toby heard his breath quicken. The kid’s first shot splashed against the headboard, the kid’s ass was quivering, and tightening rhythmically as Arthur fucked every drip of cum out of him. The kid groaned under him and realised he had shot his second load, as his hot, his wet cum washed over his stomach. The kid looked at the door and Toby stood there frozen, the kid could see him this way and Toby nearly fainted. Now Arthur fucked him with his whole body, using all the strength that lay under his smooth skin. The kid’s skin burned, hot, wet, hard under his greedy, thrusts. Toby closed his eyes and shot his boy load in his briefs, he stumbled back to his own room. At the same time Arthur pulled back slowly, arching above the kid as his hands ran over his boy chest, his head went back and the kid felt his cock swell and explode inside him. Oh, shit! The kid felt like a warm flood had hit his innersides as he dropped burst after burst of his hot climax inside him. Arthur stayed hilt deep in his slutty ass as he came, pulsing his cum up his shaft. The kid felt the presence of his balls nested between his legs. he stared, gasping at that part where they joined. Arthur’s climax subsided slowly, leaving him feeling soaked in and out. The kid lay exhausted, as spent as Arthur, rubbing his hands up his muscled body, before Arthur ripped his softening cock out of his rectum. The kid felt the abscence instantly, almost like he had lost a part of himself, and remembered he was on a Grindr date… Arthur got him a towel and wiped his cum dripping out of him. The kid got dressed slowly, and thanked him. Arthur gave him a tight hug and said, “Fuck boy, that was incredible!” the kid left satisfied. Toby who watched their fucking. turned sixteen last month, he was a barely legal teen. Sad enough for him, the young teen barely looked fourteen, with no noticeable facial hair or much body hair either. The fact that Toby was so fair made the little hair he did have almost invisible. Toby looked slim an thin, while most teens around him had a toned body, he didn’t have much muscle to show for his efforts in the gym. Toby, lived with his older brother Arthur for almost a month. They shared an apartment owned by their parents so Arthur, his older brother could take care of him. Arthur was openly gay and a dominant guy, and had a good time fucking around with his Grindr dates. Toby was too young and to shy to date himself and always busy to study. Arthur called him an impossible nerd. Arthur was a in construction, 23, he was a blonde-haired and a naturally muscular stud, his friends called him the Viking. And of course, living with his strong athletic brother, his Viking brother became Toby’s secret jerk off fantasy since he moved here. Yes, Toby was gay, but deep in the closet. Toby was late on his puberty, and small for his age, so nobody asked him about it. One day when he saw his brother rough fucking in the shower with a date. Arthur’s power over this kid, who was about seventeen, made him even hotter. Toby licked his lips, imagined how it must feel when Arthur was sliding his cock inside his young ass. Toby’s mind fooled him to think he had control over his desires, but never te less he cock hard watching them. Toby fantasized in those brief seconds that had past watching their fuck, he could take his brother’s cock. Toby knew Arthur was a hard riding fucker and had a lot of dates with much younger boys. At night Toby could hear his brother’s bed banging against the wall when he got going. Completing the picture in his mind he saw himself laying on his back and as brother fucked him. That was an amazing hot thought and Toby stroked his penis, adding horny details, building his lust in the depths of his mind and the erotic mist of his fantasies. Toby’s breath quickened, his mind was taken over by his stroking hand. Fueled by the fucking sounds in the bathroom next and his fantasy, he groaned softly. Toby’s young, bright eyes were widening, as his hand shifting the full length of his penis. Toby closed his eyes and had that fantasy he couldn’t stop, he couldn’t wait to feel Arthur’s man cock inside him. In his fantasy Arthur hadn’t showered and had a sweaty scent. Arthur took him on his bed and felt him all over and fingered his little ass. Toby said he was his hot sexy man and his brother grinned at him. Arthur got between his smooth legs and lifted them. He aimed his cock at Toby’s ass and stuck it in. It felt really good and he yelled, he was waiting so long for this. Arthur pounded him hard and said he was going to fill his little boy ass with his cum. He secretly loved this and began moaning loudly. Arthur groaned and asked him, you like tuzla otele gelen escort this, boy? You like my cock? He likes to breed boy holes, Toby was sure of that. He wanted Arthur to breed his boy hole! Toby groaned as he pounded him and shot his load in his ass. Oh, was he ready, torrents of hot jizz went inside his tight ass as he moaned for more. He felt it seeping out due to the massive volume of cum Arthur was blowing into his ass. Toby kept moaning as he shot his boy load, dreaming being fucked this way, but this could only happen in his fantasy. One night Toby woke up in the middle of the night, needing to piss badly. He made it quickly down the hallway in just his briefs. Having finished what he needed to do, Toby opened the bathroom door and froze. Arthur was standing there, leaning against the wall, waiting his turn. Toby’s brother was stark naked, his cock half-hard and was already considerably bigger than Toby’s own penis with a full hard on. Toby couldn’t help himself, he was staring at his brother’s cock, his muscles, his powerful chest. Toby watched as his brother’s cock was growing harder. Blushing furiously, Toby tried to get pass him, but Arthur put a hand on his shoulder, and as Toby glanced up, he had an unmistakable smirk on his face as if he could read his mind, “Toby my little brother is a gay boy,” Toby was shocked and hurried down the hall, he could heard a quiet laugh. Back in his bedroom, with the door firmly closed, Toby flopped on his bed, trying to catch his breath. He felt like he had just run a marathon. Toby’s face was flushed and sweat was forming, but his penis was as hard as rock. Gay boy… Toby’s hand reached down without a conscious thought and he was gripping his penis and he started to stroke it. He closed his eyes as he visualized his brother standing there, unembarrassingly naked and hard. Suddenly he heard faint footsteps outside his room, or maybe he imagined them. Was his stud brother was standing there, listening, knowing what he was doing? Toby closed his eyes, he wanted his brother, he wanted to be taken… Toby’s heart started beating rapidly. Of course, as any young gay boy, his penis got harder as the thought of sucking a real cock. But still, this was not what he had planned, and this was the wrong timing. Toby wasn’t sure to be ready to come out and to admit he was gay himself. Toby wasn’t sure about anything. He just dreamed about being naked on his knees in front of his older brother, sucking his powerful man cock. ‘Fuck it.’ Toby thought, he need to cum and took down his briefs to his ankles, he just didn’t care anymore. Toby closed his eyes, he had that hot fantasy, Arthur’s cock hit him in the face and he opened his mouth willingly. That would be great! The feelings of his hand around his penis were amazing, and it felt good to become just a naked boy at his brother’s mercy. Toby continued to jerk off, concentrated on his fantasy. He was loving every moment of it, but now he had no control anymore. He imagined his brother was standing there naked, but it couldn’t be true. He dreamed he heard his warm firm voice that ordered him to suck his cock. It was just a fantasy, all teens like him have fantasies. Toby suddenly knew it might change everything between them, but he didn’t care, he wanted it, needed it, but couldn’t do it. He was massaging his penis dreaming away. Toby grunted, he was so hard and horny. By now he was beating his penis as fast as he could, his other hand holding the duvet up like a tent so that he didn’t make a thumping sound against it. Arthur might be there at his door… With this fantasy of having Arthur’s cock in his face, his penis would soon be spewing its pent-up load either into the hastily grabbed tissues. Toby shivered, he was close. Arthur’s cock looked like huge to him, but Arthur wouldn’t care, he had is mouth to suck him! Toby thought of all the sex he missed the past months, but he wanted Arthur and that frustration built up inside of him made him to lose control. Arthur would hold his face and pressed it against his crotch, he could smell him. Toby would finally look up at him with a eager puppy. ‘You want me to force you?’ Arthur asked him, there was no need for that. Upon hearing that, he would open his mouth wide for him, and Arthur would take the opportunity to insert his man cock between his lips. It felt so good and so warm to have him inside his mouth. Toby was jerking off silently while dreaming on. It had to be purely fantasy, of course, nobody knew his secret desires! Surely there could be nothing more to it. He was getting aroused at the thought of putting his lips around Arthur’s cock and to suck him. Of course it was just some slightly weird fantasy which he had developed but on his knees, he would proceed to take his brother’s cock in his mouth and bob his head up and down. At least he knew how to do it, knew that Arthur liked it and stroked his penis. He had always been attracted to this brother, he really, really liked him. Toby accepted the fact that he was gay. He jerked off thinking about him so many times. Toby grabbed his hard penis and stroked it harder. Toby couldn’t believe that this strong guy, the object of his jerk off fantasies, was so close maybe, standing at his door. Toby couldn’t hardly believe this was happening, his penis started to drip, this fantasy was so hot, he forgot everything. He was just beside himself, cock hard and dripping, his heart beating became so fast. He was on the edge and panted. Toby’s penis throbbed a few moments later, striving towards release. Toby felt his penis swell suddenly, and almost painfully large in his hand, “Aaah!” Toby felt his body harden, push, give, his balls tightened, his penis throbbed and throwing his release in the air. The pleasure pushed Toby over the brink, sending him into an intense climax as he yelled, “Aah! ARTHUR!!!” Toby’s groaned, his whole mind tuzla sınırsız escort caught in conflict of what he was doing and what he was feeling. He shivered in his complete and pleasurable explosive peak, as ropes of boy cum fired out is penis. For the first time he experienced his orgasm as a hot wave of pleasure. It went through his whole body and his orgasm was nearly too much, he was moaning as wave upon wave of ecstasy coursed through his trembling body. The release hit him as a rock as Toby’s body dropped back against his bed, covered in his salty gift of boy cum. The afterglow of his orgasm lasted for quite some time. When he came back to reality he suddenly felt a tap on the shoulder. Holy fuck, it was Arthur, he snapped his fingers twice in front of his face to get his attention. “Hey, are you with me, little brother?” Arthur asked softly, “Is everything okay?” “Oh fuck! Sorry, yes,” Toby mumbled, his mouth felt so dry, he had been breathing heavily through his open mouth. He felt a little dizzy. Arthur looked down at him again and smiled, placing his hand on his shoulder. “Hey boy, your penis is rock hard and your body covered in cum. You had a good time?” and he didn’t wait for his answer but said very softly, “Can I ask you a question?” Toby trying so hard to get control of himself, he closed his eyes, just for a second or two, and nodded. Releasing his grip on Toby’s shoulder, Arthur placed his hands on his hips, elbows bent, his basket so close to his face. Toby had a little difficulty focusing again. Very softly he said, “You like what you see, don’t you?” Toby felt a rush of heat flow through his face and he could hardly breathe. Toby immediately looked away from him, trying to catch his breath. Arthur placed two fingers on his chin, turning Toby’s face back to his crotch. “Little brother, look at my cock, touch it. Are you sexually attracted to me?” he asked as he looked down at him, Toby felt another flush of heat in his face. Arthur’s cock was prominent in his tight briefs. Toby felt compelled to touch the outline, he had never touched his cock before but he felt like he needed to feel it. He raised his hand and placed it on Arthur’s cock. Toby could feel it’s warmth through the cotton. He tried to swallow and almost choked, he could hardly breathe again. “Hey relax, little buddy. I know the truth, just tell me…” he said as he squated down in from of him. Arthur grabbed his chin looking directly in his eyes. “It’s okay. It’s okay if you’re attracted to me. I don’t mind.” He said in a very calm and soothing voice. Toby looked him in the eyes. Immediately, he felt more relaxed. He shook his head yes, took a deep breath and said, “I really like you Arthur. A lot…” Toby looked right in his eyes for several seconds. They didn’t say anything. Toby realized that he was holding his breath, finally Arthur said, “Good boy, I’m proud of you. I can only guess how hard that was for you to tell me. I’m really glad you told me. I just want you to know that it’s okay.” He must have seen the relief Toby felt in his face. “You hear me when I fuck around and take a boy with me in my room, don’t you?” Toby nodded, “You listened to me, the sex, the fuck, you got hard and was dreaming about being that boy, you couldn’t handle it all and yelled for me.” Toby nodded, “That’s okay little buddy, yell for me, get hard as much as you want and shoot your load for me. That’s okay, little buddy. You can jack off on me, I like the idea! Really! I am turning you on, that’s great. I know, little buddy, just don’t deny it. You love hearing me moan. Your cock is so hard that it tents your little briefs. That’s it, you are a healthy little boy and you stroke your penis. No need to stop, Toby, you can continue you can stroke your penis, as much as you want. Dream about me fucking a date.” Toby got hard again and Arthur took his trmbling hand and brought it down, “Touch yourself, feel your hard penis. I know, you want to cum again. Oh yes, you are a horny boy and you are young and can shoot amother load for me.” Toby stroked his penis softly, “Just do it, boy, close your eyes enjoy my voice, the warmth of my body. I can see your muscles in your thighs flex and tighten, your whole body is so hard thinking about me. Your penis starts to spasm. You feel it, don’t you? You are getting close…” Toby groaned softly. “You got a hot little body, Toby. Any man would be delighted to have sex with you. Dream about my cock entering a tight little boy ass, fucking a boy.” Toby opened his eyes and guessed his eyes showed need, he looked at the glorious vision of Arthur’s perfect body, the outline of his cock. He was obviously getting hard too and Toby sighed and stroked his penis. “Do it boy, shoot that load for me!” Toby stroked his penis faster and drove himself to the peak of pleasure and leaped over the top. He panted softly, “Arthur!” Toby spasmed from head to toe as he blasted out a spurt of cum, it splattered across the front of his smooth boy chest. The force of his orgasm took him totally by surprise, and as he pumped out load after load of spunk all over his belly and chest. Toby groaned, he was powerless to stop it, nothing existed in that moment but his erupting penis and his hand that could not stop stroking it. He was dimly aware of his strong brother, as he writhed in ecstasy, drawing his attention to him. He didn’t care anymore, he wanted Arthur. He had just shot a load for him, and he cared not in the least he knew it. After Toby had calmed down a bit he looked at Arthur, who smiled and touched him, “That’s okay little buddy, it looked great to see you this way!” Arthur put his arms around him and gave Toby a tight hug, “It’s okay, little buddy. Everything is going to be okay.” For the first time they hugged the way Toby always wanted. He wrapped his powerful arms around him and squeezed him tightly, resting his head on his shoulder. Toby could feel his body heat. He was in heaven. It felt so incredible to be in his arms. They stayed like that for at least a minute, maybe more. Toby did not want to let Arthur go, he wanted more, he wanted everything! I’d like to hear from you. English is not my mother tongue, sorry for any mistakes. My email address is: ail

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