From the park to the “greatest sex”


From the park to the “greatest sex”As she opened the chest under her bed the camera starts to record, as she opened the chest there was plethora of……[continued from story one and two] …sex toys, lube, blind folds, handcuffs, riding crops, collars, ties and mask. Knowing her this doesn’t surprise me. Knowing her for as long as i have it would be a shock if she didn’t. Ironically she hasn’t been with many sexual partners, and none who she have bedded satisfied her. although i had more sexual experience and more partners, i didn’t know what to expect. intimated would be the right word to express, walking into unknown territory here. But my motto is “when in rome”, experiencing the life i have, i rome is somewhere i always lived therefore i was up for trying new things. when looking at this box she labeled “fun chest”, figured i was in over my head, now vulnerable , she was aware that she had the advantage and i was servelely disadvantaged. she said “you will be taken care of, i wouldn’t do nothing to hurt you”, i knew this to be true. before this encounter it has been five years since we met. now both mature adults we no longer the frighten, flaky, awkward college students we once were. we both knew what we wanted, and we wanted each other. in a way we have needed each other during these years apart and today was no different. years of built up tension will result in consequences, me being here is an effect of those decisions to be apart for so long. ill take blame for that. for so long she has watched me date women who were wrong for me. for so long she said nothing until recently after my latest breakup. “we need boundaries…this is way to much for me to handle”, she continues to talk about how she has always been there for me, she is the only woman who love me. i never took notice, then i thought about how many other women in other men’s lives have watched the man they knew they loved, the man who she felt only belong to her chase every fucking cliche available. women with larger breast , tighter ass, bigger ass, prettier face, longer hair, women who where younger, older, dumb, smart, always the other woman but never her, she is never YOU! she is always the one too cool to be girlfriend material, ironically she is “to special” of a woman to enter a relationship with which will jerpodize what we currently have. To know that women already have a billion insecurities, to know that women dont view them selves as beautiful this was added baggage to her sense of self. “why dont you love me?” she said to me prior to my visit , in typical güvenilir bahis man fashion i replied “its not like i dont”, talk about bull shit. if harvard was giving honorary doctorate degrees for bull shit man answers to women questions i would have plenty. To me she has everything i been looking for while at the same time had nothing. only because i never know what to seek, today she was going to give me a reason of why she will be number one. she wasn’t alone in her quest for my love and affection , nor she wasn’t the sole woman in my life. in this current moment nothing else mattered, no other person mattered but us. after i viewed the objects in this box, she said “today everything in this box will be used on, and in you,” my face blank, “WHAT THE FUCK” was what was on my mind , “what did i get my self into?” i asked my self. “When in Rome” i told my self to calm my anxiety . she took my hand and escorted me to her other room. she called it “the heathen room”, what went on in here was ungodly. and i was about to experience this first hand. walking into this room where unholy things happened she quickly snapped a pair of handcuffs on my right hand, using this quick disadvantaged she cuffed me to a bed frame. She then yelled “SUBMIT I AM IN CONTROL NOW” “you can’t escape”, she reminded me “WHAT YOU DOING TO DO, RUN AWAY TO THOSE OTHER BITCHES…NAH NO MORE OF THAT” , i eventually stopped struggling, my alpha maleness went into submission. now i was being own, that was my currently reality. she snapped my left hand to the frame and tied my legs to the end of the bed. “no escaping now”, she put a black blind fold around my eyes, strapped a collar around my neck, and then i heard a chain being attached to my collar. lying on the bed she slapped my thighs with her crop, she talked about how much she loved my “sexy brown legs” , she kissed them with her soft lips, went down to my inner thigh…my dick being next on her menu. my dick sooooooo fucking hard she brushed her pink tongue across the head of my black dick, i hear her make moaning sounds with the swallowing of my pre cum. enjoying every last drop she wraps her hands around my dick and started stroking while twisting and grabbing my balls. not forgetting she has the collar around my neck she gently pulls it as a reminder of her control and my submission. as she is sucking my dick she slides one finger in my ass, and it is wet. to my shock and awe she added lube to her fingers. cold at first and awkward i became use to it. thinking in this situation i have the feeling that women türkçe bahis all over wanted to try some kinky, nasty shit with their men but wouldn’t want to cause discomfort. men think that their women aren’t nasty enough hold back, the woman hold back now you have a bad situation. she knew me. as she took my dick out of her mouth i heard a tube squeeze thinking she is about to add another finger to my ass again by surprise a toy enters. a billion emotions are running through my head…”its just the tip” she says softly. “fuck how many time i said that to a woman?” i say to my self. in this heathen room the natural in the world is turned upside down. if there was a non industrial indigenous island where women ruled all affairs this room would be it. and she would be their leader. she focuses back on my dick, this might be the best blow job given ever in human existence. the cure to some present or future virus is in my dick and she is going everything she can to suck it out of me. my dick is throbbing in her my warm wet mouth i am craving some pussy on my face, my pussy on my dick. i tell her to let me go, then she reminded me that this isn’t my house. she sense my frustration , but not at what she is doing, which is pleasurable but at the fact that i want to please her. she offered to release me under the conditions that i dont remove my blindfold or the collar in addition i put keep on cuff on. i agreed she removed the toy from me, unties both legs. like the a****l that has been released in the jungle, he eats, i eat. she is now my pray, during all of this i have lost time, it was daylight when she blind folded me now i dont know what time it is. thinking this was her plan all along, starve me. thats the reason she didn’t want us to eat until later. but she didn’t have food in mind. only one of us was eating anytime soon. it was her that was going to be my first and second. she force my face into her pussy, i have never encountered such wetness ever “you will never eat another pussy again , this is all and only you need”, right now i believe her. i lick her clit, but gently only the top of the clit with quick lashes , i use my free hand to slide to fingers into her wet pussy, i touch the her g spot, i fill this ball inside of her that i finger rapidly . i apply stronger lashes to her pussy. i can see her facial expressions or body motions but i feel her huge thighs around my neck and she is convulsing with seizure like movements , the more i fuck her with my fingers the more she scoots away from me to the head board. she is now where güvenilir bahis siteleri i want her….she screams “DONT STOP I AM ORGAMING!!” “OH MY FUCKING GOSH I AM CUMMMING”…”KEEP GOING I AM CUMMING AGAIN…” she yanks my collar and tells me to “FUCK THIS PUSSY…DADDY PLEASE FUCK ME” taking orders well i get on top of her slide my dick in her soaking wet pussy and starts long stroking. slowly i slide in then slowly slides out, i blow on my dick and her pussy to create a chill down her spine, now she has goosebumps all over her body. i rest her legs on my shoulders and demand that she lets my other hand go. in no position to deny she unlocks my other hand now pounding her pussy i have her in a v shape as i have her right foot in my mouth sucking her toes, i nibble and bit lightly which causes her to wiggle and back up away from mel this doesn’t work i chase her with my dick thrusting faster and faster, i suck on her breast, juices come out, pleased i suck more to receive more gifts from her breast i slide up wards to her neck….now i am kissing her passionately , while she digs her nails in my bed. while still blind folded i i tell her to bend over. not being able to see i slide my face down her ass and licks then my tounge lands in her pussy i get up and shoves my dick in her from behind, i grab a hand full of hair with my left hand, and slaps her ass cheeks with my right hand. grabbing her hips now with both hands i am fucking her fast as i can, she yells it hurts but keep going, “is this my dick ” , “yes” i reply “is this the best pussy you ever had “YES IT IS AND THE ONLY PUSSY I NEED”, I shouted “I AM ABOUT TO CUM”, she takes her pussy away and say “i wanna see you cum inside of me”. she gets on top of me and puts her breast in my mouth “let mommy feed you…you will never starve again” as i milk her breast i grab my hands on her huge ass, bouncing it on my cock, bouncing , bouncing , bouncing , we kiss, i bite her upper lip, she sticks her tounge down my thoat, tasting the combo of she ass, pussy and breast on my mouth. “I AM ABOUT TO CUMMMMMM….” with the collar on still she puts her hands around my throat causing my to lose oxygen but at the same time intensifying the orgazm times ten. as i scream she tightens her grip on my throat. she lets go and i shout “ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….I AMMM CUMMMMMMMINGGG” , “GIVE IT TO ME!!! ALL TO ME EVERY LAST DROP IN MY PUSSY”, she rides it until i tell her to stop. she removes the blind fold from my eyes and the moon is up its almost nine o clock at night . she removes the collar, the leash and tells me “your free to do as you please now”, “what if i wanna stay here and be with you” i replied “thats is something i would love” but right now lets clean up and eat some real food, even though i am assuming you had enough already”

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