Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 14


Somehow after that night with Tony, things went back to normal in the house. Mathew still stared at her every now and again as did Vincent, but that was no different to how it had been before they had forced themselves on her. In many ways, both men were even nicer to her now and she was feeling much happier about it. Surprisingly, even her mother-in-law was treating her better.

The only thing that hadn’t changed though was Tony’s lack of time for her. Lack of time and lack of skill in making her cum. Sure he had stuck it into her, but he always came before she had a chance to get her release. Even thinking about Mathew’s long hard cock when her husband fucked her couldn’t get her off. She was back to feeling so frustrated sexually.

It was the summer vacation when Tony announced he had to go on a business trip. Steph wasn’t pleased as she had thought that they could take the kids on a short trip somewhere. She brightened up a little when she learnt that Vincent was taking his family to the coast and that her kids were invited as well. Her happiness turned to disappointment when she heard that her Mother-in-law was going as well and there wasn’t enough space in the van.

“Anyway,” Her mother-in-law had said, “Someone needs to cook for Dad.”

And that was that. All the decisions in her life were always made by Tony’s family. She never got to do what she wanted.

“Why can’t she stay and cook for him?!” Steph yelled at Tony one evening, in the quiet of their room. “Why cant I go with our kids? Why does she always have to go? “

Tony was taken aback by Steph’s unexpected outburst. Tony tried to explain that his mother had to go along to help look after Vincent’s youngest child and that the kids needed time to bond with their cousins. He went on to say that his mother did so much for them that she deserved a break. All the things that Stephanie really didn’t want to hear.

The first few days alone with Mathew went quite normally. He spent a lot of time out and only came home later at night. Stephanie was lying in bed, reading her Cosmopolitan magazine when she heard Mathew. .

“Steph!” he called from the front room. “Stephanie!”

The sound of his voice made her tense up. She detected a slight slurring of her name and she figured her father-in-law had been drinking. She decided to ignore him, hoping he would think her asleep and that he would leave her alone and get what he wanted himself.

She heard his footsteps coming down the hall and before she realized it, he appeared in the doorway, a half-smile half-frown plastered on his face. “So there you are,” he muttered, “Why didn’t you answer me?”

“I — I didn’t hear you… S- sorry.”

Mathew leered at her, his eyes looking her up and down, drinking in the sight of her lying in bed wearing a think beige nightdress. The covers hid her from the waist down but he could see her nipples teasing the sheer fabric.

“What do you mean you didn’t hear me?” he demanded.

Steph didn’t anwer him but asked a question of her own. “What are you doing here in my room?”

Mathew sneered. “Your room? This is MY house remember. I own every room in the house. Matter of fact, I own EVERYTHING in this house!”

Stephanie gulped and pulled the covers higher over her.

“And anyway, Stepanie girlie, it’s not like I haven’t been in your room before.” Mathew chuckled. “Remember the last time I was here?”

As he spoke, he moved slowly toward her, unbuttoning his shirt.

The magazine in Steph’s hand began trembling.

“Stay away from me,” she whispered. “Please. I don’t want anything more to do with you.”

“But I do,” he said with a grin. “and we both know what fun you can be.”

He laughed as he fished out something from his pocket. It was the pair of panties she had been wearing yesterday. He brought up the pale blue lacy garment to his nostrils and sniffed deeply. Watching him smell her panties excited her but she fought the emotion.

Mathew unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. “I been smelling your panties rather often girlie. Your scent just gets me so hard. Yesterday these panties were wet. Simply Soaking! Were you thinking of me then?” he laughed.

“N-No! I wasn’t!” Steph cried out, almost embarrassed at how lewd Mathew was acting. “Please. Please just leave me alone..”

“Leave you alone? That’s horseshit and you know it.”

“No! Get out! Anadolu Yakası Escort Please!!” Steph whined, hurling the magazine at him and then jerking the covers up to her chin. “If you so much as touch me, I’ll scream.”

“And who’s going to hear you Stephie? Why are you Shivering baby? Cold? Excited maybe? I just bet you love seeing this old man smelling your nasty panties.”

Mathew didn’t even have to duck as the magazine hadn’t even reached him but just hit the floor. He watched Steph’s eyes as they followed the path of his hands as he tugged down his shorts and allowed them to slide down his old but strong legs.

An involuntary gasp escaped Steph’s lips. She didn’t want to look at his exposed cock but she couldn’t seem to look away. His huge schlong was in a state of semi-erection, yawning lazily to one side and drooping slightly. Below it dangled the wrinkled, hair-covered skin bag containing his walnut-sized testicles. Absently the tip of her tongue touched her upper lips at its midpoint.

“You like it don’t you?” he chortled. “Much bigger than that son of mine could ever get it, isn’t it!”

“No, damn you!” she spat. “Next to you, it’s the ugliest thing I ever saw!” But she was lying and they both knew it. Her pussy juices were starting to seep out of her and her nipples tightened. God help me, she thought, it does look good to me!

Steph tried to fight the feelings raising up in her loins but she couldn’t. The sight of his rising, thickening penis brought back the memory of how wildly she’d responded to this brute of a man when he’d taken her, not once but a few times. She felt vulnerable as, against her will, a sense of excitement welled up in her at the prospect of her husband’s father once again taking her.

“G-Get out of here,” she whined, when Mathew, now completely naked, stood at the side of the bed. He pushed the covers off her and then grasped her wrist and drew her hand to his loins, forcing her feminine fingers around the hard, hot shaft of his massive member.

“No!” she protested, even as her fingers encircled him with an eagerness that surprised them both. “Oh, no… nooo,” she whimpered again as she felt his hard cock throb in her hand.

“Feels good to you, doesn’t it?” Mathew teased.

Stephanie refused to answer, her fingers holding the throbbing piece of meat in her hand.

“Sure it does,” he laughed derisively. “And we both know why, don’t we? Because you’re nothing but a slut. Isn’t that right, Stephie baby?”

“Oh God No! I’m not a slut,” she wailed, jerking her hand away. “All I want is to live a normal, decent life and to be a good wife to Tony. Please! Please! Leave me alone. Please, please!”

“You’re such a liar Stephanie. We both know what a slut you are. Dave, Brenda, Vincent, Me. We all bring it out of you.” he replied. “Don’t know what it is, but there’s something about you that brings out the beast in me too.”

Mathew reached down and viciously tore the nightdress off her body. Stephanie jerked her knees up to cover her nakedness, tears streaming down her eyes.

“Don’t fight it baby.” Mathew demanded as his hands reached out to pinch her nipple. “Spread those legs, Stephie, you’re going to get screwed.”

Mathew climbed atop her and pushed her knees down and apart. His mouth descended to her nipple and as he took it in, she panted out. “No! Not again! Oh, damn you . . . Please don’t do this to Meeee!”

Mathew was taken aback at how much she was fighting him. Determinedly he reached down and took his aching rod in hand, skinned it back and, squirming into a better position, guided the forefront of his bulbous glans into the hair-fringed opening of Steph’s cunt.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, because for a second there, when she felt the heated knob pressing for entrance, she had the urge to throw her legs wide apart and let him ram that big lovely thing up into her as deep as it would go.

Her mind reeling with conflicting emotions, Stephanie took a deep breath and raised her hand to slap his face. Mathew caught her hand as it flew toward his face and with a wry smile, he pushed her hand back down.

Mathew lifted her legs and spread them wide. He moved his face down and toward her crotch so that she could feel his hot breath teasing the top of her trembling thigh. His tongue reached out and licked along her slit, eliciting a low groan from her. Avrupa Yakası Escort She shivered with a surge of perverted expectancy as she expected him to continue his oral assault on her cunt. His lips however only lightly brushed her swollen vulva before he raised his head and stared down at her.

“You’re nothing but a hot-assed little cunt,” he hissed, as he reached out and began running his hand possessively over her abdomen and breasts, all the while leering down at her as if to signal that he owned her. Stepanie looked away, almost in shame as she realized that indeed, he did own her.

“Look at me” Mathew commanded but Steph kept her face turned away.

Mathew reached up to captured the nipple of her left breast between his thumb and forefinger and slowly began pinching down on the tender tit-flesh.

“Nnnn!” she whimpered.

“Look at me.”

The mounting pain in her nipple forced her to blink open her eyes and turn her head back toward him and gaze up at him.

“That’s better cunt.” Mathew leered at her. “get ready to suck.”

Leaning forward he straddled her body and half sitting on her upper chest he wagged his massive member in her face, offering it to her but saying nothing. How it boosted his male ego when she whined softly and slowly she stuck out her tongue and started licking his bulbous purple head.

“Cocksucker,” he slurred, deliberately defiling her by the way he pronounced the insulting obscenity.

Purring like a hungry cat who was finally being fed, she moved her head forward to lick the the entire bulb of his musky-tasting masculinity. She opened her mouth and took the head into it, slurping softly. Entwining his fingers in the silky strands of her hair, he pulled her head forward, feeding his cock into her mouth.

He stuffed the entire head of his fat dick inside her mouth and paused to enjoy the feeling of her hot mouth sucking on his cock. He face fucked her for a moment before he pulled out of her mouth, his cock coated with her saliva and glistening in the light.

Stephanie’s eyes had taken on a glazed look as Mathew slid downward and positioned his cock at the entrance to her now seething cunt. He pushed himself into her slowly. Stephanie moaned as she felt his hot cock slicing into her, spreading her cuntal lips wide. She had forgotten how big his cock was and how good it felt in her. She groaned softly again as she felt his hairy balls nestle against her ass cheeks. Her pussy felt delightfully snug and full.

“You love my cock don’t you?” he said, more as a statement than a question.

“Unnh…N-No…” Stephanie protested. “No.. I don’t!” She didn’t want to let Mathew know how good his cock felt in her pussy. She was still trying to fight him. She felt him tense inside her, causing her insides to tingle with lust. Slowly, Mathew pulled his cock out of her and then fed it back into her.

He fucked her slowly, with short strokes, feeding only half his cock into her. Stephanie felt her insides turn to mush and her belly started to quiver. She instinctively spread her legs wider, trying to get him deeper into her throbbing pussy. Her mouth was agape and a soft moan escaped her lips.

“Tell me you love my cock.” Mathew commanded.

Stephanie could no longer ignore the fires raging in her cunt. It felt too good and her body was responding not matter how hard she tried to fight it.

“Yes! Damn you!” she sighed.

“Yes what?”

“Yes! I love your cock!” She cried out, enjoying how her cunt stretched and pulsed to his thrusts.

“Just a couple of minutes ago you said you loathed it,” he reminded.

“I di-didn’t mean it,” she told him, involuntarily undulating her hips and straining her loins up toward him.

“You lied?”

“Uh-huh,” she conceded. “Oh, daddy, more. Give me more!”

“More what?” he taunted.

“More of your big cock!” she hissed. She threw her arms around him and clasped her hands over his muscular rump, tugging him downward, sighing again and again as she allowed her hungry hot hole to take in inch after hard, throbbing inch of his cunt-stretching prick.

She was his to do with as he pleased now. Mathew knew that well. At the moment, it pleased him to hear her beg, so he paused with just a little more than half his schlong still remaining outside the wet warmth of her snug, velvety sheath.

“More!” she pleaded, İstanbul Escort without his having to coax her even a little bit.

He slipped her another inch of it.

“Ohhh,” she sighed. “Oh, Yes, yes! More! Give me MORE!”

He loved that he had her just where most men want most women – so hot and bothered that she was half out of her mind with desire, and actually begging for it. With Stephanie’s cunt practically urging him on, he brutally drove the last four inches of his large phallus into the wanton woman.

There was a ragged intake of her breath as Steph’s twat was forced open to the limit in order to accommodate the fantastic girth and length of Mathew’s bludgeon. Her mouth gaped open and her eyelids clamped shut. A tremor racked her feverish body. She emitted a cry when the fistlike head of his inrushing organ hit the neck of her womb. She felt as if the cock had entered her abdominal cavity and her cunt spasmed and clasped the cock tightly within her.

“Oh, God… Oh God!” she gasped, shuddering all over.

With a grunt, her father-in-law began humping away, giving it to her hard and fast right from the start. He didn’t even give her time to catch her breath. She struggled to breathe as each hard stroke of his cock forced the breath out of her.

“God you’re such a Slut!” Mathew said to her softly, almost lovingly as he crammed her full of his cock.

The bedsprings were squeaking and creaking in a way that Steph’s husband had never caused them to do when he fucked her in this very same bed

“Do it! Oh, do it tooo me!” she rasped, rolling her head sensually from side to side.

Her body was being rocked backwards and the headboard banged against the wall.

“Harder!” she urged. “Faster! Deeper!! I. . . I’m going to . . . to come! Oh . . . ohhh . . . oohhhh!”

Steph humped back eagerly at Mathew as her pussy trembled and spasmed in orgasm. Mathew watched her body convulsing beneath him and kept on fucking into her with hard, long strokes.

“You hot-assed little cunt,” Mathew hissed down at her. He rammed his cock into her harder and faster, feeling her cuntal walls slick and wet against his shaft.

“You just love fucking don’t you,” he hurled at her. “Your nothing but a cock starved slut aren’t you. You just need to be fucked and you’re lucky you got me to fuck you.”

His verbal abuse made her all the wilder for it. She drew up her legs, bending them at the knees, and planted her bare feet on the mattress. The muscles in her thighs and calves contracted smoothly and swiftly as she began really slamming her sopping wet pussy up to him.

Mathew was grunting rhythmically. Moans and sighs of sexual delight poured continuously from Steph’s parted, quivering lips. He looked down at how his cock disappeared into her. Each outstroke caused her crimson cuntal lips clung to his retreating shaft tightly, distending out obscenely from her body as if reluctant to lose his precious penis for even a fraction of a second.

“Ohhh,Godddd” she cried out. “I’m gonna cum again…..Ohhh…Yeeeaaahhhhhh!”

The pleasure of it was taking Mathew over now, too. He flashed her a lewd grin, then grabbed the panties he had taken the day before and fed it into her mouth. Steph could taste herself on the panties and this only caused her passion to rise. She sucked greedily on them, drawing out her juices from the dried crustiness of the gusset.

The sight of Stephanie sucking on her panties mixed with her tight, wet, convulsively clutching vagina pushed Mathew over the brink within seconds and, grunting hard he rammed his throbbing meat into her all the way and emptied the contents of his aching balls into the sweet, hot depths of her heaving belly.

They both clung to each other as they basked in the orgasmic joy. Steph felt her pussy full of sperm as Mathew’s cock continued to jerk inside of her, releasing every last drop of sperm. He lay atop the panting, sighing girl, letting his pecker soak in her until it went soft. Only then did he drag his deflated meat out of her and, as soon as he did so, he rolled over and lay beside her. Steph felt his sperm leaking out and dribble down her thighs. She removed her panties from her mouth and used it to wipe up the cum leaking out of her.

Steph lay beside him, wandering when he was going to leave. She had really needed to be fucked and her body was still tingling with carnal pleasure. Realising that Mathew wasn;t going to leave, she turned to her side and snuggled up to him. Her hand reached to fondle his flaccid cock, slowly teasing it.

“Keep that up and I might just have to fuck you again.” Mathew mumbled.

“Maybe that’s what I want….” Steph giggled.

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