Fucked by the Professor


I walked into the dark classroom, my professor Mr. Burtrum behind me. He lagged a step, phone in hand. When he came in, he didn’t turn on the lights like I expected him to. Instead, he kept them off and clicked the door locked.

“What are you doing?” I asked him sheepishly. I could see his eyes glint devilishly in the darkness.

“I hear you’ve been… A naughty girl.” He said, whispering. He suddenly crossed the room towards me, his dress shoes hitting the tile loudly.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I gulped, clenching my fists. The way he said naughty made me tense up. I felt my pussy tingle.

“Oh, I’m sure you don’t.” He was now behind me, his breath tickling my neck. “I know that you have a thing for me. A sort of desire, yes?” I bit my lip. What he was saying was true.

“I have no such feelings.” I was unconvincing. I wanted him so bad. I felt myself get wetter down there.

“Mmmhm..” Mr. Burtrum ran a finger up my side, all the way to my neck. I gasped at his cool touch. “You like that?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Y-yes, Professor.” I was too turned on to lie.

He suddenly began kissing my neck from behind, a slow chain of kisses that went from my collarbone to my jawline. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I moaned. His hand grasped at my neck, while the other slipped down my stomach to my groin. Mr. Burtrum pushed up my shirt, exposing my bare flesh to the cold air. His warm, masculine hand traveled up my stomach and cupped my breast. I shivered, thinking back to all the times I wanted him to touch me like this. All the times I fantasized about this in class. All the times he caught me looking embarrassed and asked me what was wrong. He must have known what was wrong.

My panties became soaked as I realized just how much I wanted him. I wanted him to take control of me, to fuck me senseless. I needed him.

“Fuck me.” I whispered quietly. I couldn’t believe I said that.

“What?” My Professor replied, momentarily stopping the kisses.

“Fuck me.” I said louder, my voice still a whisper.

“Your wish is my command.” He said. Mr. Burtrum turned me around suddenly and pressed his mouth to mine hard. I kissed him back, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth for the first time. It felt amazing.

I pulled back from the kisses to pull my shirt over my head and wrap an arm around his neck. The kisses resumed, and I moved güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my other hand up his firm abs. He was very fit.

“Get on your knees.” He demanded.

I did as I was ordered and got on my knees. I could see that the khaki material of his dress pants was bulging out further than it normally did. There was a big cock waiting for me.

Mr. Burtrum unzipped his pants and I helped pull them down to his ankles. His boxers were bulging out from his body.

I worked his cock outside of his boxers, putting my mouth around the base. My hand rubbed his bulge, making him as hard as possible.

I finally pulled his boxers down to where his pants were. I was right: his dick was at least 7 inches long.

My mouth was soon around his cock, licking the large head. I could taste salty precum on it, and decided that it was time to start sucking.

I began deep throating his dick, making sure it went all the back before it came out. The head was left in there at all times as my Professor fucked my mouth. His thrusts were short and hard, but varied to long and slow.

“Ohhh…” He moaned. This wasn’t my first time sucking cock and he could tell.

I started humming, causing vibrations güvenilir bahis şirketleri to move up his dick. He moaned louder than before. My wetness was growing by the second.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum.” He said quickly, his voice shaky from the pleasure. I didn’t allow him to cum, instead teased him and made him wait. His cock was released from my mouth.

Mr. Burtrum hungrily took off my clothes, his eagerness to fuck me apparent. We both breathed heavily and he removed my skirt and panties. My bra was the last thing to hit the floor before he bent me over a table and started to fuck me.

His huge cock pounded into me quickly, going deeper than I had ever experienced. His head was large and the friction caused by it was spectacular.

“You’re such a fucking slut; you deserve to be fucked harder than this.” He said angrily. I moaned at his words.

The Professor’s thrusts started to slow a little, replaced by even deeper and slower thrusts.

“God your pussy is so tight” I heard. He suddenly pulled out everything except for the head, which was still very pleasurable.

“Oh my god Professor.”

As soon as those words escaped my mouth, he shoved his huge cock in my pussy all the way. My sudden scream was shortened by his hand clamped over my mouth.

Mr. Burtrum did this a few more times and every time I screamed. I was going to reach orgasm soon.

He pounded me one last time before I orgasmed the hardest I’ve ever before. I screamed and spasmed and my pussy muscles milked his cock of all that was left.

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