Fucked in the Local Club


Fucked in the Local ClubFucked in the Local ClubThis story starts out at our house it was just Terry and I. We had been watching a XXX movie and drank a few beers, which always gets me horny. We moved to the bedroom and started to undress when a knock was at the door hubby goes and checks and it is three of his friends. He called for me to come me out I said wait a second. He said no you don’t need to get dressed come on out. Well I’m not shy plus a little drunk so what the hell. I walked out with the only things I hadn’t taken off, which were my stockings and panties. My tits were out for all to enjoy. Terry and his friends were very pleased, and excited I could tell to see me dressed this way.Terry’s friends had already been drinking a little before they came over. The guys said they were bored and thought they would see what we were up to and maybe we all could head out for a few beers at the usual hangout. I sat on the arm of the couch, just about completely naked like I said I only had on stockings and panties, as we all talked. The conversation only went on for a short time when the guys finally decided we would all go for a few drinks. My hubby suggested I should go as I was and the other guys agreed. They said to just wear a coat and nobody will even know you not dressed. Even though it was winter and a little cool I did as they ask and the thought made my pussy wet, and I also thought, why not? It’s a small bar and there will not be anybody there or just a small group any way. Terry gets dressed I put my coat on and we head out.We get there step out of the car and Terry says to me wait a second everybody. We stop and he reaches in my coat and slides my panties down. I put my hands on his shoulder and I step out of them, he throws them in the car and we go in. There were a few guys and a couple at the bar. They check us out as bursa escort we go in but no one has an idea I’m not wearing anything but my coat, shoes and stockings. Then the guys start joking hey can I get your coat before we set down? Let me help you with your coat. I tell them very funny very funny you know it’s all I have on.We set and order a pitcher of beer with a round of shots. The guys start playing pool and a few more rounds of shots are ordered. We were probably there a half hour before the excitement of knowing I had nothing on under my coat started getting to the guys. When no one was looking they would open my coat to get a peak. Which got pretty exciting to me? So I undid all but one button in the middle. I was sitting facing away from everyone but the guys playing pool. My chair was side wards from our table so I could spread my legs to expose my pussy, or pull open the top to expose my tits. This was really exciting to me and my pussy was starting to get very – very wet.It is a long skinny bar and the pool table is in the back. Everyone there is seated in front of the pool table. Now I’m getting horny and excited so I decided to stand facing the back of the bar, in front of the pool table and undo the last button. I put my hands in the pockets of my coat and opened it. The guys are playing pool and watching as I open my coat to fully expose myself. The bathroom is in the back but when someone went to use it I just closed my coat. Now after a while that got to be too much for the guys, and they would walk by and grab or put their face between my tits or run their finger across my pussy and they were not shy about it either. The guys didn’t care how obvious they were then I gave up all hope of being discreet when Terry’s three friends held open my coat and lingered in front of me playing with my tits. I looked over bursa escort bayan my shoulder everyone was watching the guys and me. I don’t know if they knew I was naked. But they knew the guys were having a good time with me. That’s when one of the guys seated at the bar decided he had to use the restroom. The guys that were playing with me ( Jeff, Bill and Brian) didn’t let me close my coat, as the stranger walked by he looked and saw I had nothing on. He hollers back to his friend at the bar “nope, nothing”. They must have been talking and wondering if I had anything on under my coat. I guess at this point Terry had enough of me hiding my nakedness and He stands alongside me and lifts my coat. Now the whole bar knows for sure I have nothing on under my coat.The next thing I know Terry has me by the shoulders, pushing me onto the pool table. I feel him pick up the back of my coat. I ‘m thinking he wants the people in the bar to see my ass again. I was wrong he was holding me down and then just a second later I feel his cock probing my pussy. I think He’s going to fuck me right here and I was right! I was so fucking horny by now I think to myself I won’t his cock in me and I am all so thinking maybe the other guys will fuck me also I just love to be well used. Terry starts fucking me and I’m making noises it just fills so good, then I tell him oh god yes give it to me deep honey. Looking at the people all watching me take my hubby’s 11 inch cock and telling him to give it all to me, some of them just shack their heads. Hubby fucks me hard and I love it what a fucking turn on for me. Then he says Tina I am going to fill you up I need to cum and he slams me so hard as his cum fills my pussy.When done we receive applause from the patrons. I walk to the bathroom the clean up the cum that is now running down my inner thighs. When escort bursa I come out I see a line from the pool table to the bar and Jeff, Bill and Brian are at the beginning of it. I hear Terry say they all would like a chance at you or we can just go it’s up to you. I say no I worked them up and it’s only right for me to help them out but there was not this many guys here when I went to the restroom. Terry tells me no I had this set up and just did not tell you knowing you would need more cock after just putting on a show, knowing how you get from fucking in public. I also told them to call some of their friends but have them wait outside that they would not be disappointed. I just said thanks honey they are all for me then and I removed my coat and climb onto the pool table. The first guys at me was Jeff, Bill and Brian. They start going at me and before I know it the gang was all around me and saying things like look at her swallow that cock I am going to have her do that to me, and I am going to fuck her ass it looks so good. The guys and two gals fuck me for more than nine hours; it’s after three when we leave. There were forty eight guys and like I said two gals took turns at me. They fucked me in every one of my holes and I was double and triple penetrated in my ass and pussy. I ate so much cum I lost track of the count but it had to be over three hundred loads and I sucked all I could get from the other lady’s also. I fucked the guys for about three hours and was telling them I need more give me more. That is when a group of guys came back to me and said you want more we will give you more, and that is when the guys went wild on me. They started to double and triple penetrate me. I love to be treated this way and I then just went wild and started to scream oh god yes use me I am a slut and I love to be well used and throat fucked deep and guys already know I love to eat cum. I was never without at least six to eight guys going at me at once. I loved every minute of it and thanked hubby when we got home by sucking him off twice.The end Told By Slut Wife Tina

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