Fucked my moms best friend


Fucked my moms best friendFucked my moms best friendI just wrote a story about hooking up after giving someone a ride home and it reminded me of the time I gave Moms friend a ride home from a nightclub when her car tore up.This happened in the early 90s. I was in my 20s moms friend was in her 50s.Background moms friend was divorced and had 4 k**s from 30 down to a 8yo that she had after having an affair with a man her ex worked with which caused her divorce. Her name is viola but everyone called her Vee. She was not the prettiest woman around and was not fat but had some extra weight on her. She dressed mostly frumpy most the time and I never even thought of her in any sexual way.One night I got a call from mom asking if I could go see if I could help Vee get her car started. She was at a local nightclub known to be a meat market. I headed down there and it was raining a bit so I did not want to get working in it but was going to see what I could do. I drove through the lot a couple times and finally found her car but did not see her.I waited a bit figuring she went inside to use the phone or something. I saw a car a few rows up bouncing and saw a man sitting in the driver side but no head in the passenger and knew what was happening. I watched it for a while and then drove up to the front and looked for here again. I did not see her and said ti myself that if she was nit at her car I was leaving. I pulled back beside her car and was looking around when She came up and pecked on my window scarring me because I was looking the other way.1st thing I noticed was how she was dressed. Tight white skirt, tan hose, white stiletto heels (my weakness is hose and heels) and bahis firmaları low cut blouse. For a 50 something grandma she looked hot. I looked at her car a bit and tried to figure out what was wrong. I got soaking wet but could not get it started. I told her I would drive her home and look at it tomorrow when it was dry.She thanked me and got in my car. I could not keep my eyes off her legs. I made small talk and told her she was too drunk to be driving anyway. She said she did not start drinking till she was sitting with butch waiting for me to get there. I told her I had been there for a while looking for her but did not see her. She apologized and said she was sitting in a car talking to someone just a couple rows up. I ask what type car and she told me and I realized it was the car I had saw bouncing.I told her it was probably a good thing that she was not out in the rain or she would be giving me a great wet t-shirt view with that white blouse she had on. She smiled and said that “you would not want to see my 55 year old boobs” I thought why not flirt a bit and told her that I would actually love to see them. She did not say anything but just smiled and changed the subject to her car. I told her Ihad no idea but would be happy to look at it tomorrow when it was light outside and not raining.I was trying to figure out a way to let her know I saw the car she was in bouncing. Finally I ask her if she had saw the car the car near where she was sitting bouncing. She perked up a bit and said no and ask what I saw. I told her I could not see the type car but I saw one bouncing but only saw a mans head sitting in the driver seat. She played it off and ask if I thought kaçak iddaa he was playing with himself. I told her I had no idea but that maybe he had saw her in her short skirt and those sexy heels and could not help himself. She just laughed and said no one would think she was that sexy.This whole time I was staring at her legs every time I could and was getting hard as hell. I finally went for broke and reached over and rubbed her leg and told her I loved hose like she was wearing. She ask what I was thinking. I told her I was thinking she looked sexy as hell and I would love to see more. Then I ask if she was in the car that was bouncing. She looked over and said “you know damn well I was and what I was doing” About this time we pulled into her drive way. I ask if I could come in and dry off. She said that I could come in and do what ever I wanted as long as I never told my mom. I ask her what I was going to tell her. that I picked her friend up after I saw her blowing a stranger in the parking lot then took her home and done even more to her.We got out and ran for the door and straight to her bedroom where I grabbed her and started kissing her while I rubbed her ass and pulled up her skirt. I found out that it was stockings and garter belt rather than pantyhose which really turned me on. I took her panties, blouse and bra off but made her leave on her skirt hose and heels. I pushed her down to her knees and she took my cock out and swallowed it whole in one go. This woman had practice sucking cock. I was ready to blow in no time. I made her stop. She said she wanted to swallow my cum. I told her I wanted something else. which she was more than happy to oblige. kaçak bahis I had her lay down in bed and I crawled between her legs and sunk my cock into her sopping pussy. I ask her why she was so wet and she admitted she was horny and hell because what I saw in the car was only half of what happened. She was sucking butch like I thought but another guy was behind her somehow fucking her. She was bent over sucking butch while the other guy was pounding her from behind. They had both came in her and left her wanting more. The thought of her being used and put out wanting more turned me on even more. I then looked at her and ask if she was saying that her pussy was full of another mans cum. Somehow she sensed that turned me on.She smiled and said it was and that when I kissed her she had not rinsed her mouth out since swallowing the other load. She then ask me if I would like to go down on her and see if there was any left. She pushed me down the bed similar to how I had pushed her shoulders down to get her to suck my cock earlier.Turns out that moms friend was a vert kinky woman. I spent many night in her bed. She would call me to come over after she had been fucked by one of her many friends or one night stands. I watched men fuck her from her closet. She was even responsible for me sucking my 1st cock. One of her friends was bi and she told me that I should try taking it from the spigot at least once rather than eating it out of her. We did lots of things for over 10 years when she got sick and was no longer able to enjoy things.I have a few stories about her I will post later. My favorite was when I talked her into trying a black man. That turned on me because be both got addicted to black cock. If mom only know that asking me to go pick up her friend one night would end up with me spending many a night licking cum from her friends pussy or on my knees beside her sucking cock.

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