Fulfilling my boyfriend’s fantasy


The doorbell rings.
I am standing at your front door, wearing a not-so-long black coat, that ends suggestively mid-thigh. You invite me in, licking your lips in anticipation. My sexy heels straighten my back and gently push my ass out, and as I slowly turn around to close the door, you catch a glimpse of the bottom of my ass cheeks. I turn back to look at you, expecting a gentle, yet passionate welcome, but instead you grab me around the throat and snap a collar around my neck.
“You’re mine today bitch, and you better do exactly what I tell you to, for your own good,” you growl into my ear as my hand flies up to protect my throat. You slap it away and slam me against the wall. “You understand me slut?”
I am struggling for breath as I glare into your eyes. “Fuck you! You fucking pervert!”
Your hand squeezes tighter, and my feet ever so slightly leave the floor. “What was that you fucking bitch? What the fuck did you just say to me? You better obey me slut, and after everything you say to me, I want to clearly hear you say ‘yes, master’, got it?” Your hand squeezes even harder as you say your last words, to emphasize your point.
I reluctantly agree. “Yes, master,” I say softly, glaring at you the whole time.
You order me to take off my coat, releasing your iron grip on my neck. You adjust yourself so you’re standing behind me as I slip out of it, and to your delight you discover that I am clad only in a skimpy, see-through black thong and matching bra.
“Look at you, you nasty whore,” as you force me to look at myself in your hall mirror, “you’re all ready to be fucked. Horny bitch. Are you ready to be fucked like the dirty whore you are?” As you continue to whisper dirty things and trashy talk in my ear, shivers roll down my spine, and we can both tell I’m getting really turned on.
“Well?” you demand.
“Yes, master. I am ready to be fucked. I am a nasty bitch and I need to be fucked like one,” I breathe huskily, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter.
You attach a leash to my collar and tug me up the stairs, calling me filthy names the whole way up. We stop at the railing right in front of your bathroom, and you force me to bend over it. Because of my heels, my ass is sticking far up and out into the air.
“Spread those luscious ass cheeks now, slut,” you order as you give them a hard slap. I cry out, but do as I’m told, not wanting to be choked again so soon. You slap them each again and tell me not to move. I hear you leave, and when you come back I hear the distinct sound of a shutter clicking.
“Open that ass!” You bellow at me, but I do not move. I am already very uncomfortable, and I do not want to. Suddenly, two very hard slaps come smashing down on my tender ass, and I cry out in pain. “Are you disobeying me slave? OPEN YOUR ASS!” Still, I do not move. You lose your patience and your hand comes crashing down on my ass, over and over. You watch my ass turn a very bright shade of red and your cock gets hard seeing your hand prints all over my cheeks. Finally I can’t take any more, so I wrench my cheeks apart and beg you to stop. “Please master! I’m sorry, stop slapping my ass! I’ll do whatever you say, please!” Your hand stops, and my ass is burning. You grab my hair, yank my head back, and hiss into my ear. “That’s right bitch, I OWN you. You’re MY pet, and you will be punished if you don’t do what I say.”
The only thing I can do is growl an acknowledgment of what you said, because I am in so much pain and my head is pulled back all the way. You let go, and tell me to keep my ass as open as possible. You start taking pictures of my bright red ass cheeks, my tight little asshole, my pussy lips, everything. You feel like a dirty pervert, and your cock gets even harder just thinking about what you’re going to do to me.
“Did you clean yourself out for me like I asked slave?”
“Yes, master. I am all cleaned out and ready to be fucked by your big, hard cock.”
Your hand weaves its way into my hair and pulls it back again. “What was that, bitch?”
I say it louder. “Yes, master. I am cleaned and ready to be your personal fuck toy. I want to be your filthy whore. Please fuck me with that huge cock.”
You smile and let go of my hair. “Good slut,” you whisper, and ask me to go sit on the bed and remove my lingerie, there will be time to watch me take it off later. You tell me to lie down, with my arms above my head and my legs spread apart. You take your pants and your shirt off, and you disappear into the closet. Even though I know I should obey you, I can’t stop myself from playing with my already dripping pussy.
You reappear, holding rope, lube, a vibrating dildo, and a large butt plug, but the perverted smile on your face quickly melts into dark anger. Before I can protect myself, you jump on top of me and slap me in the face. I try to fight you off, but you pin my arms together above my head with one hand. You deftly tie them together and then tie them to the headboard. I can see your cock hardening through your underwear as you continue to slap my face with your free hand. Left, right, left, right. I am trying to avoid your relentless rhythm, but to no avail. You repeat the same thing over and over, “horny bitch, horny bitch,” to match each stinging slap.
“Please master!” I cry out, begging you to stop. To my surprise you do, but only long enough to rip your underwear off and pull out your stiffening cock. You move your body close enough so you can continue slapping my face: with your cock. You can see that, despite my best efforts, I am getting very turned on by this, and I start moaning lightly in pain and pleasure.
“Please master, slap me harder with your dick, oh please,” I beg you softly, but you ignore me. I repeat the same plea, this time louder and more urgently, but you just smile and ignore me again. A few times you catch me trying to capture your moving cock in my mouth, desperately wanting to taste you and please you. You reach behind you and feel my soaking wet pussy. You gather up as much of my sex juice on your fingers as you can and bring it back to my face.
“You wanna taste your pussy you filthy slut?” I look up at you with hungry eyes, and plead.
“Yes master, feed me my pussy. I want to slurp my juices from your fingers.”
But instead, you teasingly smear those juices all over my face and around my lips. “Fucking whore, you don’t deserve that.”
I groan into your hand, and you begin to spread my juices around with the tip of your delicious cock. Your other hand goes back to my pussy, and gently starts playing with my protruding clit. It is so sensitive that I open my mouth and moan in ecstasy, and you steal the opportunity to stuff your juice-covered cock into my awaiting mouth.
“Oh fuck! Yah, that’s so good you fucking bitch. Suck my cock! You’re such a good little cocksucker aren’t you? You love my hard cock in your mouth!” You lean back and shove your cock roughly in and out of my mouth, as I try to swallow as much of it as I can. The feeling of your cock sliding in and out like that, plus the way you were rubbing my clit quickly sends me to the edge of an exploding orgasm.
“You filthy, cock-sucking whore. How do you like me shoving my dick down your throat? You wanna cum don’t you, you nasty slut. Take that cock! Take it down your throat bitch. Swallow it!” Each word matches a thrust, and I can feel that you’re close to cumming too. I can only look up at you with unfocused, lust-filled eyes, not noticing anything else except the exquisite feeling of your stiff cock forcing itself into my mouth. I start rolling my tongue over everything, flicking and teasing your Porno hikayeleri tip so that I could make you come. You can tell that I am so close to cumming, so you start furiously rubbing my swollen clit. “Cum for me slut, cum hard,” you command as you look into my eyes, and my pussy tightens and explodes. I open my mouth and scream in pleasure, which is what you were counting on. You shove your cock all the way down my throat and leave it in there, feeling my screams and my orgasm rack my body. My throat closes and squeezes your sensitive tip, and you can feel the vibrations through your balls. You can’t hold your load anymore, so you take your hand away from my clit, which was screaming for relief from your unyielding fingers, and use my cum to lubricate and massage your large balls.
“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum all over your pretty little face, you slut. Did you like cumming all over my hand with my cock shoved down your throat?” I can only grunt my reply and answer you with a sexy stare. You continue to fuck my throat and rub your balls, looking into my eyes the whole time. “Filthy slut, you want my cum on your face? Do you?”
I nod eagerly, wanting to feel your hot load shoot all over my face, and taste it on my tongue. You pull your cock from my mouth, and hold it over my lips. “Ok bitch, I’m going to feed you my cum, so open up and say ahhhhhh!”
I part my lips, stick out my tongue and say ahhhhhh as you cry out and the first stream of your cum hits my upper lip and cheek. Your cock pulses as stream after stream of cum shoots out of you, bathing my face and waiting tongue. Finally, your screams subside, and you watch your cum make rivulets along my face.
“Please master, I want to eat your cum. Can you please feed it to me?”
You smile at your little pet, pleased that I finally know my place. You take your finger and wipe each individual river of cum from my face, poking it gently into my mouth. I lick and suck it clean each time with a low moan of satisfaction.

“Can you untie me now please, my arms hurt.”
“You think we’re done here slave? Just because I came, doesn’t mean I won’t cum again. We’re going to have a little fun while my cock has a little rest.”
You get up from the bed, and walk over to where you dropped the sex toys. I eye them with nervousness, but I know now that I cannot stop you from doing what you want with me. I am your fuck toy today. I am your filthy slave. You fucking dirty bastard. Without a word, you lube up the butt plug, which seems to be enormous. You look at me expectantly, and I slowly turn over onto my stomach, and raise myself as best I can to my knees and elbows. With my ass sticking up into the air, you slowly and gently feed the monster into my tight little asshole.
“You feel that going in there slut? You like feeling this big toy stretching out your ass? It’s going to train your ass and make it easier to take my cock, so you’d better let it in.” You whisper in my ear. I know that with or without the toy, you’re going to fuck my ass for as long as you can, so I relax and cry out a little as I feel it slide all the way in without any resistance. “You see how easy that was, Pet? You like that feeling don’t you? Getting that sexy ass stretched.” Continuing to tease and taunt me, you gently slap my ass and squeeze my cheeks.
“Yes master, I love getting my ass stretched out.”
“Good girl, now turn over on your back again.”
With much difficulty, I manage to lie down on my back again. As the pain goes away, you slowly start pushing a finger in and out of my pussy. Once you feel how soaking wet I still am you push another finger inside. Gently finger-fucking me, you take your thumb and rotate my clit. As I start getting horny again, the pain of my adjusting asshole fades from my mind, and gradually turns into a pleasing pressure. “You like that, slave? You like getting fucked in both holes?” I open my mouth to reply, but an excited moan escapes my lips instead. You laugh a little, and put your tasty fingers inside my open mouth. “Taste your cum, slut. Drink it up.” I slurp your fingers, sucking them clean and hoping you’ll put them back in my pussy. But you don’t. You reach for the dildo, and start rubbing it on my little fuck-hole. “You want this in your pussy?” I arch my back as you poke the tip ever so slightly inside.
“Oh please, yes master. Put that toy inside my pussy.”
“No, you horny bitch. You have to beg me.” The constant teasing as u poke the tip of the toy in and out of my pussy, combined with your thumb against my clit, and my filled ass is driving me crazy.
“Oh, fuck,” I cry out, arching my back even more, squeezing the butt plug in the process, “please, master, fuck me with that toy! PLEASE! I need to feel my pussy as filled as my ass! Oh fuck, please master, I want to cum so badly. PLEASE give me a nice fuck with that toy. I wanna feel the double penetration. I want to be fucked in both holes at the same time. PLEASE!” I am practically screaming at you.
“Alright whore, take this fake cock!” You shout suddenly, and thrust the dildo fully into my waiting pussy.
“OH FUCK!” I scream in ecstasy. The feeling of both holes being filled and my clit being teased is unbelievably amazing. You fuck my pussy at a pace that’s just fast enough to bring me close to the edge and keep me there.
“Ok you filthy slut, here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to let me do whatever I want to you down here, but you’re not allowed to cum until you see my dick hard again. You understand me?” I can only nod helplessly as all my concentration is already on not cumming. You know it is almost too much for me to handle already, but you intend to take the sex slave scenario as seriously as possible. You smile at me cruelly as you flick a switch on the dildo, which starts spinning tantalizingly and vibrating inside my pussy.
“Oh my fucking GOD!” I scream, looking at you with sex-filled pleading eyes. “Please master! I can’t take much more of this!”
You just smile, and flick the switch again, increasing the speed of the spinning and strength of the vibrations. I can now feel the butt plug in my ass vibrating along. You know that your cock will be very hard very soon, but you also know that I don’t know that. I am too busy trying not to cum. Your thumb leaves my swollen clit, making me think I’m getting temporary relief, but to my dismay you flick yet another switch, turning on a second part of the vibrator. This second part is designed to sit on my clit as long as the silicone cock remained buried in my pussy. You place it harshly on my sensitive clit, sending my body into pleasurable convulsions. I am screaming in complete ecstasy as my pussy continues to gush out juices. Everything is vibrating and pulsing. It is way more than I can handle, and you know that. I try to close my legs, to relieve some pressure from my stuffed holes, but you tie my legs to the feet of your bed, forcing them to stay as open as possible. The pleasure continues to consume my body. I know that if I cum now my pussy would most definitely explode, and both toys would come shooting out of my body in a wave of cum. You take your index fingers and gently pry apart my pussy lips, to further expose my clit to the vibrator’s unrelenting torture. You relish the sight: my body bound and held open to your liking, and your sexual torture of my body turns you on so much. Your hand travels to your stiffening cock with the other still yielding my clit to the torment, and you silently praise your little slave.
“Cum for me you dirty bitch. Erotik hikaye My cock is hard again.”
The scream that erupts from my throat is deafening as my body tenses up like never before, and my cum surges from my pussy as my muscles burst with contractions.
You get cum splashed all over your chest, as you watch me writhe and squirm with the best orgasm I have ever had. The toy slips from my pussy with a loud, wet slurp, and even more cum gushes onto your bed. Everything is so wet and sticky with my cum, and the room is thick with the smell of sex. Every single inch of my body is so sensitive that I can barely move.

“Did I please you master? Did you like watching me suffer with pleasure?”
“Yes my pet, you did well. My cock is hard again and hungry for your holes.”
“Master, I am so sensitive right now. If you fuck me, I will cum over and over again.”
“I know slut that is what I want.”
“Master, could you please take the butt plug out of my ass? I don’t want it to be too stretched out. I want that big cock of yours to stretch it to its limits.”
You oblige and, slick with cum and lube, it shoots out of my ass with a little tug. You see how much of my cum is everywhere, you see me straining to see you over my protruding tits, and you get a nasty, filthy perverted idea, that only a dirty bastard like you would get. Using both hands to get as much cum as you can, you smother my tits with it. Covering them with my cum makes them shiny and wet, and most importantly, slippery. My nipples instantly get erect with the attention, and you look down at me. “I’m going to fuck these tits of yours slave. Your tits are going to get my cock ready to fill that beautiful ass.”
I nod eagerly, because when you fuck my tits it feels so amazing.
“But master, my hands are tied. How are you going to push them together?”
You look at me, giving me a look of such lust that it makes me want to cum again. You get up from the bed and retrieve one of your sashes. You slide one end underneath my back, and basically tie my breasts together. You did it so tightly that it looks like they tripled in cup size, about double D. “So fucking sexy,” you whisper as you lube up your cock, hard and ready. You slip some lube in between my squished tits, straddle my tummy, and position your tip between my breasts. “Are you ready to get tit-fucked, you dirty slut?”
“Yes, I am you filthy bastard!”
You give me a reprimanding look and, savouring the feeling, begin to stuff your enlarged cock between my tits.
“Holy fuck, this feels so good! Your tits are so big and soft,” you moan as they squeeze your cock entirely. The sight that I see in the mirror makes my spine tingle. My arms and legs are bound to the bed, my body sacrificed to you for your every perverted pleasure. You straddling me, your cock pushed between my tits, slowly thrusting back and forth. I moan, arching my back a little so that your balls rub against my chest.
“Yeah baby,” you say, loving every minute. As you get hornier, the speed of your thrusts increases. Unfortunately, the sash starts to slip.
“I have an idea. Straddle my face instead. My tits will squeeze you more from this side anyway.”
You agree and switch positions. As your balls hang over my mouth, I am now able to stick my tongue out and lick them sensually each time you thrust. You start moaning more and more, and I’m getting off on it. I love teasing your balls with my tongue while you fuck my tits. All of a sudden, I have a dirty, nasty, filthy idea.
As you thrust forward, I quickly lift my head a little and stick my tongue out. When you bring your body back towards my face, my tongue finds its way to your asshole. You cry out in surprised pleasure.
“You filthy little whore! Are you licking my dirty asshole?” I respond by pushing my tongue gently in a little, and flicking it back and forth across your sensitive ass. “Oh fuck, yeah! Lick my fucking ass bitch, fucking clean it with your tongue! Oh fuck, that feels so good. You nasty whore, you dirty slut. Fucking lick it!” You grind your ass against my face. You momentarily stop fucking my tits because getting your ass licked feels so good to a filthy nasty bastard like you. You continue to shout dirty things at me, and I’m loving every second and getting off on it. I nudge your body forward, making you remember to fuck my tits. So now, every time you thrust forward, I lick your balls, and every time you bring your body back, my nasty tongue finds your dirty asshole. I start getting a little more aggressive.
“You like when I lick your ass, you nasty pervert? You dirty bastard, look at you, enjoying a good ass licking while fucking my tits. Yeah, fuck those tits you dick. Fuck me with your hard cock. You want me to taste your asshole? Fuck my tits and my tongue at the same time you pervert. You filthy fuck. Come on! Give it to me!”
You get even more turned on as I trash talk while I please you with my tongue. In no time at all, you’re ready to cum again. You tell me you’re going to cum a little bit so you can last a lot longer in my ass. Knowing that I was forgetting that I was your slave, you pushed your body all the way back and sat on my face. Leaning forward a little, you removed the sash to spill your cum on my tits. With my tongue trapped, I have no choice but to tickle your asshole with it. Not being able to breathe properly, I tease and lick your dirty ass as best I could while you stroke your cock. With a loud groan of pleasure, your cock spurts cum all over my tits, my nipples and my tummy. Using your fingers, you work it into my breasts and my stomach, making sure it wouldn’t drip off.
“That felt so fucking good, slave. Oh you’re a nasty little whore aren’t you? I’m going to fuck your dirty hole now, you bitch. Are you ready?”
Knowing that it was a rhetorical question, I only smiled a little and answered with a quiet “yes, master.”

You untie my arms and legs, after making me promise that I would do what you said. I turned over, and got on my hands and knees. You spread my ass cheeks and to your delight, you saw that my asshole had shrunk enough that your cock would feel it stretching out again. Reaching for the lube, you notice how much of my cum has leaked into my ass. You laugh softly and plunge your tongue into my tight little asshole, making me squeal in pleasure. You try to slurp up any cum left inside, and I start grinding against your face and trying to fuck your tongue.
“Oh god, YES! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Slap my ass please master, fucking spank me! I’ve been a bad little slut, fuck, punish me!” You’re driving me wild with your tongue, and I’m getting so horny that I’m screaming profanities at you. You do what I want, spanking my ass cheeks and feeling them wobble against your own face as you continue to fuck me with your tongue. I can’t hold any longer, and I cum all over you, spraying your chin and neck with hot cum. I collapse, panting and coming back to reality. You look down, and see your cock standing at attention. Making me cum like that makes you so sex-crazy. Sticking your fingers inside my pussy, you scoop out my cum and stuff it inside my ass. Feeding my ass and getting it all wet with one hand, you open the lube bottle with the other and slather your cock with lube. I arch my back in anticipation, holding my cheeks open with both hands and begging you to stick your cock in. At first, you were going to tease me with your tip, but you’re so fucking horny that you forget and plunge your rock-hard cock into my dirty, waiting Sikiş hikayeleri asshole. Holding my ass cheeks open with your own hands to keep balance, you tell me to play with my clit. Because I had just cum, it was so sensitive that as soon as I touched it, we both felt my body respond. Another orgasm was building up. You start thrusting in and out of me slowly, trying to slow my pace and stop me from cumming so quickly. The more I rub my clit, the more you start to realize that I’m going to make myself cum whether or not we’re in sync. Your thrusts get faster, and harder, until you’re pounding away at my tiny ass, yelling in pleasure and feeling my ass getting tighter and tighter. I let out this animalistic growl of pleasure as my ass clenches your cock, trying hard to trap it inside me. You fight through it, knowing that the harder you thrust and fight my ass, the harder I’ll squeeze and cum. Your cock is slamming in and out of me, your balls furiously slapping against my tender pussy.
“Oh yah, give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard master! Take my ass! Please! Fuck me with that big fucking cock of yours! Oh my God! I’m going to CUM! FUCK ME YEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!” I scream as I cum. It is a feeling so unbelievably amazing, that you can’t possibly do anything except try not to cum yourself. As I come back down to earth, you grab my hips and help me get up. With your cock still deep in my ass, we switch positions so that you’re lying on your back and I’m sitting on your cock.
“I’m tired slave. Ride me. Fuck my cock, and bounce up and down on it. Grind that sweet ass of yours on my dick.”
I look at you with wanting, starving eyes as I slowly start moving my hips around, grinding my ass on you. I reach back with one hand and start massaging your balls, still warm with my cum. I begin bouncing up and down on you in coordination with my grinding, to ensure that your cock is getting pleased in every way. I look deep into your sexy eyes, wondering where you’re going to put your delicious load of cum. I forget myself for a second and slap you in the face. “You like the way I ride your cock you filthy pervert?”
Before I could recover and apologize, you yank me off you and throw me to the bed, ass up. You slap my ass so hard, over and over again, making me tear up with pain. Then you flip me over roughly, and slap me across the face.
“You bitch. You fucking bitch. You never learn, do you? I’ll teach you. You WILL learn!” You slap me again, pull my head up and mouth open by grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling, and you shove your cock, straight from my ass, all the way into my mouth. The taste is a mixture of the lube and my cum, and I look at you with pleading eyes. You fuck my mouth violently, slapping my face with one hand, pulling my head back and forth with the other. Your cock has nowhere to go but directly down my throat, forcing itself past my gag reflex. “That’s it bitch. Choke on my cock! Swallow it! Taste your dirty ass. Look at you, you’re such a filthy whore you’re starting to enjoy this!” And I am. My eyes give me away. It turns me on so much to be forcefully fucked in the mouth by your huge cock, when it had just been inside the dirtiest place on my body. The slapping and hair pulling just add to my pleasure, knowing that you were getting off on it so much more every second. I taste a lot of pre-cum, as you pour it straight into my mouth. I try to swallow, but I gag, and it comes back up again. “That’s it bitch, taste it a second time!” You growl at me as I swallow again. “Have you learned your lesson slut?” I nod weakly at you, and you smack my face with your cock a couple times to make sure I did.

You grab my leash, still attached to my collar, and pull me downstairs. You push me onto the couch, and shove me over the back. You redden my ass with an echoing slap and order me to open up. I whisper a yes master and pull my cheeks as far apart as they would go. You entwine your fingers in my hair and yank my head back once again while at the same time ramming your dick into me. I cry out in surprise as your cock enters me, because I feel something enter my pussy. “That’s right you fucking whore, take it!” You fuck my pussy fast and hard, not giving me a chance to adjust to the new sensations. Just as soon as you had entered, you are gone again and you plunge back into my ass. My pussy is now leaking cum and is gaping open where you stretched it out. Then I hear a familiar sound: the whirring of the vibrator. You had snuck it down with us, and now you are pushing it in and out of my pussy while you bury your throbbing cock deep in my ass. You open your mouth to say something to me, but the vibrations of the toy through the thin wall of tissue between my ass and my pussy felt so damn good that a low, guttural moan is all you can manage.
“Massage my balls you filthy slut!” You command eagerly, and I obey without hesitation. As I pull and rub your balls, I can feel them tighten as you get close to your climax. We’re both so completely immersed in pleasure that all we can manage are animal noises and moans of utter ecstasy. You fuck me faster and I match that by rubbing your balls harder and matching your thrusts with my hips.
“Yeah, you dirty little slave, fuck me with your ass!” I do fuck you, and with each backward thrust I push that vibrator deep inside my pussy. The further in it goes, the more we both feel it. Pretty soon it cannot go in any further, and you leave it in there and turn it up high. My body reacts by clenching and tightening, and it is time for us to climax together.
“Are you ready to take my cum deep in your ass slut?”
“Yes, master, please cum deep inside my ass!”
“Are you going to cum with me bitch?”
”Oh, fuck yes, master, I want to cum with you!”
“Do you like being fucked in both holes at the same time you nasty whore?”
“Oh GOD yes, master! It feels so fucking good to get fucked in both holes!”
“You want my cum now, you dirty little fuck toy?”
“Fuck yes! CUM IN ME, MASTER!”
“Beg me.”
Out of my mouth tumbles pleas and cries so hungry, so loud, that they send you over the edge.
“Oh master, please, cum in my ass! Please, I love your huge cock digging in my ass like it is! Fuck me harder! Ram that cock into me! I want to feel your load explode inside my ass! I want to feel my ass fill up with your cum, please. Fill my ass with your hot, delicious cum! PLEASE! I need your cum in my ass, master. Give it to me! Feed my ass! Let my ass milk your cock and drink your sweet sex! FUCK, GIVE ME YOUR CUM!”
With a yell so loud it almost drowns me out, you smash your cock in and out of me as you begin to cum, and, feeling my ass clench and my pussy contract in response, you slam your cock into me with a final hard thrust and empty your balls into my used ass. We both are screaming at the top of our lungs, cum shooting out of both of our bodies and pouring all over each other. You pull the toy out slowly, and your sensitive cock falls from my ass with a wet, satisfying pop. You wipe the excess cum from your tip onto my stretched asshole and bring your softening cock gently to my lips for a good cleaning. I sensually lick you, bathing you with my tongue. You tell me not to move as you go upstairs. You bring the camera down, and tell me to gradually open up my ass. What you see almost gets you hard again. You came so much in my ass that it was overflowing, and dripping down my pussy lips and thighs. You start snapping photos, telling me every so often to push your cum out a little more. Finally, after most of the overflow has been pushed out and is flowing down my legs and pussy, you scoop it up with your fingers, bit by bit, and feed it to me.
“How does that taste, my pet? You’re eating cum that I shot into your ass.”
I look at you with my wanting eyes, and tell you that it tastes delicious.

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The Story of Love Pt. 02

My training with Reiko continued at a leisurely pace. I watched as she made love to various men, including one,…

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