Full Contact


I sat in the office of the donjon staring at the pictures. The class I just finished teaching was not the usual Thursday night sparring-fest. Some of the students were unhappy about it but with a tournament on Saturday I thought reaction drills would avoid shaking anyone’s confidence.

Students rarely disturbed me after class. Sharon, the other assistant instructor, stayed on the floor and closed the school so she caught a majority of questions. Our master left the heavy sparring classes to me since I was younger with a background the smart students did not want to test. Luckily, dumb ones took their lumps and liked them since it meant I had something to teach.

I found the Tae Kwon Do school when I began attending the local university for my master’s degree. I got lucky; the school owner was from the same town that I trained in during my father’s tour of duty in Korea. My father was heavily into martial arts and to a Marine brat the dojos were familiar ground anywhere in the world. I followed my father’s footsteps into the military but after six years it was suggested there were better options elsewhere. The courteous gentlemen in suits were surprised that I did not wish to pursue those options. They should have read my file more carefully. I lost the only friends I ever had to bad intelligence; one of them died saving me. I did not blame the agencies, but I was not interested in having my mistakes make someone’s shoulder the towel for a widow’s tears.

Michael insisted Jason and I take college classes while stationed in barracks and as many correspondent courses as we could. He was a pushy bastard but I was thankful for the bachelor’s degree when I walked away from my life. I had always lived in the military’s insulated world; first as a brat and then a soldier. The white tower of academia was the closest I could ever get to that in the real world.

“David,” Sharon said leaning against the door.

I smiled warmly at her.

Sharon was a pretty, middle-aged brunette with an ass and legs other women might kill for. She found martial arts during the last three years of an abusive marriage. She kept the fact she was taking classes hidden from her husband for two of those years. By the time he found out, it was too late. Our master had done a good job of reconstructing Sharon’s self-esteem. She walked out of her marriage and into a divorce lawyer’s office. The black belt women banded together for the last year of Sharon’s marriage to keep her afloat as she was dragged through the divorce sewer. I was sure Sharon and her daughter had spent many nights in the donjon itself.

I started instructing in the school immediately after the divorce finalized. The black belt women were not happy about my employment since the majority of the higher belts were female. My qualifications were unimpeachable though; I had trained consistently since I was three years old in various martial arts, usually at that art’s country of origin. My father was one of the most decorated Marine Corps Sergeant Majors and many commanders knew that bringing him on board would make their men strack immediately. My mother never complained about the world travel and I do not remember being asked my opinion.

Sharon’s husband resolved a lot of little problems by following his nature. I was teaching an advanced children’s class that included Sharon’s 11 year old daughter, Melissa, when her husband decided to introduce himself. Most of the next class was doing warm-up stretching around the floor so there were plenty of witnesses.

He walked in and headed right for his daughter; Sharon moved to intercept him. The situation culminated in a question and answer session with the witnesses about my beliefs on the ‘non-violent principles of the martial arts ethics’. I believe those principles deal with making a conscious decision with an understanding of the options and consequences. From my perspective, a strange man walking into my class and putting his hand on a student, a child nonetheless, placed us in a physical conflict. I knew that but the witnesses and he had not. Any escalation could have been prevented by someone in the class calling the police or a set of them standing with me to back him down with the force of numbers. The moment I released his grip on Melissa, I knew one of the consequences might have been him lying on the floor unconscious while we waited for the police. Some of the female black belts did not like my answers but admitted there had been plenty of opportunity for them to pursue other options. Their inaction settled the issue of my being the best hire in our master’s eyes.

I did not know it at the time but that night had another significant event. After the police left, the master had me give Megan, a college freshman, an introductory lesson. She was one of the more vocal witnesses when the cops asked questions. She was a little wide-eyed during her lesson but I put it down to seeing her new instructor in the kind of action usually reserved for movies.


Sharon bostancı escort walked into the office drawn by my warm smile. She put her hip against the desk and stared at me. I knew Melissa was waiting patiently in her mother’s car so nothing was going to happen but the thought of Sharon and I widened my smile.

We had embroiled ourselves in a torrid affair a month after her husband interfered with my class. It was a Friday night and she looked a little lost as she was leaving the building. I stopped her at the door and asked if anything was wrong. She told me it was Melissa’s first weekend with her father. I grimaced in sympathy and she laughed.

I had never seen her laugh before that; I liked how it brightened her face.

I asked if she wanted to go to the local diner and a movie. She said she had plans. I nodded somewhat wistfully, said goodbye and walked back into the office. I was surprised five minutes later when she came in to tell me her plans had fallen through.

The smile on her face warmed me as she spoke the words.

I decided to treat her to better than a diner when she made a joke about it being her first time out in years. The military life was not the most financially rewarding but my mother’s family was old money. I had a healthy trust fund that was given a steroid shot when I chose to attend the same university my grandfather taught at.

The movie was forgotten as Sharon opened up. I was the best man at both Michael and Jason’s weddings so marriage was not something foreign to me. Their wives had found me a good sounding board when they had problems with their husbands. I was used to hearing the good and ugly of marriage.

Sharon’s had been ugly from the beginning, with little good throughout. I was surprised she let him have any visitation but she assured me that for all his faults he was a good father.

I am not quite sure how we ended up in her apartment or kissing on her couch.

She whispered a lot of excuses about why we should not be doing anything but those stopped with my first touch on her clit. She came hard soon after and lay back looking at me with satisfied eyes. I shifted uncomfortably when she got up on her knees and leaned over me. She did not bother to fix her panties and jeans, which were around her knees. We kissed deeply before her hands fluttered on top of my zipper. I let her take her time; I was enjoying having my hand on her hip and stroking her unbelievably soft skin. I pulled my hips up when she got my pants opened and she pushed them down my legs. She gasped into my mouth when she put her hand on me. She broke the kiss and looked at my crotch.

I was a healthy couple of inches longer than average and thick to boot.

Sharon looked back to me. I was beginning to feel self-conscious when her eyes flared with feminine want. She pushed my underwear and pants down my legs stripping me below the waist. She got up from the sofa and threw a cushion down between my legs. She knelt on it and gave me the best blowjob of my life.

We were sitting on the couch relaxing and I decided to return the favor. I was kissing down her belly making my intentions clear when she said my favorite words in that situation.

“Wait! Nobody’s ever…”

I looked up at her and my smile must have been close to evil. She found out why in the next fifteen minutes as I lavished her with my lips and tongue. She was too tired to protest when I hooked her legs on my shoulders. I found out quickly that Sharon liked long, deep, slow strokes. Her pussy felt so good around me that I was happy to oblige her preferences.

We spent the weekend together and afterwards enjoyed each other’s company during Melissa’s weekends with her father. I was very surprised when she insisted I continue dating and fucking whomever I wanted. I was annoyed by her lack of possessiveness to be honest, but accepted her explanation. She said as long as I was still seeing other people she did not have to take what we had seriously. I guess I could not blame her for being leery of commitment after her marriage.

For a year after, I dated if a woman asked me but Sharon and her blossoming sexuality were all I wanted in my bed.


Sharon smiled as widely as I had and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Megan is downstairs beating up the heavy bag.”

Sharon had unwittingly set fire to Megan and me.

It was fairly obvious that several of the female students found me attractive. I did not think I was all that but Michael and Jason’s wives had assured me the eyes alone entrapped beating female hearts. Everyone on my mother’s side of the family had them. They were a brief stop in the blue pool on the way to white. Matched with my father’s Spanish coloring of dark skin and hair, it made my eyes a piercing blue. I avoided the younger female students knowing their crushes would wane as boys their age matured. I was not adverse to flirting with the older women figuring if it got them in the büyükçekmece escort donjon a couple of times a week there would be more benefit to their health than harm to their hearts.

I did not think Megan was one of the crushers.

She took classes irregularly her freshman year but in her sophomore year she was more focused. She was shy around other people in class although was always willing to be my demonstration dummy. She blushed whenever I used a hold or throw that ended with us in full body to body contact but I did not think anything of it.

I thought Megan was pretty. Her dark eyes were a contrast to mine, and whenever she stood close I found myself counting her freckles. I loved the color and style of her hair; auburn, long and perfect tight waves without being curly. We saw each other on campus occasionally but she only gave me a quick smile before looking away. I liked the intense way she watched me sometimes in class. I only caught it out of the corner of my eye, but I could feel it when she looked at me that way.

Sharon discovered teasing during the September of Megan’s sophomore year. She pushed the envelope sometimes but enjoyed the resulting hard takings when she went too far. Those were the few times our sex was a little rough. I was in the office one Friday night taking a shower after class. The master had a full bathroom installed off of his office and let the assistants use it when he was not there. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower to find Sharon waiting for me. I knew Melissa was with her father so I thought it was the beginning of another fantastic weekend. It started fine with Sharon pushing the water off my body with her hands and tongue. She took me into her mouth and sucked for a couple of minutes before letting me go.

She stood up and smiled.

“I’m visiting my parents this weekend. Have fun!” she said excitedly and ran out laughing. I was naked so could not follow her. I grit my teeth and fought the desire to kick the walls. I finished drying and stood looking at myself in the mirror until I calmed down. I put on boxer-briefs and stepped into the office.

Megan was waiting for me.

I stood in the doorway staring at her. She stared back but at my groin. I was half-hard when I stepped out of the bathroom; in seconds, I became what Jason used to call ‘wicked hard’.

“Hello to you too,” Megan said in voice that mixed confusion, humor and feminine awareness.

We both blushed at her words. She tried to raise her eyes for my modesty’s sake. They did not make it to looking into mine; they stopped at my abs and chest. I kept my body in fighting trim; combat fighting trim and she admired every exposed inch.

I blushed again, which was two times more than I had in years, as my dick became insistent. I shook my head knowing Megan was probably the second part of Sharon’s tease. I always locked the office door when I showered. Sharon had to know Megan was waiting for me, set me up in the bathroom, and let Megan into the office as she completed her escape.

I stepped around Megan carefully and put on my gi pants.

Megan was the only student I wished had a crush on me. Sometimes, there was something voracious about her eyes when she looked at me.

I made a conscious decision not to put on my top and sat down. I leaned my chair back and put my hands on my stomach.

“I’m sorry about that, Megan,” I said carefully.

She nodded and sat down across from me. I noticed that she was still wearing her gi and sat up as she explained her situation. Megan was testing for her fourth rank in two weeks but was unsure about her throws and holds. None of that stuff was required for the rank but the master liked his students to have a jump on advanced techniques. I told Megan not to worry about it but she seemed nervous. She asked if I could give her some extra help. I put my top on but not my belt and gestured towards the door.

Trying to teach Megan proper holds and throws while hard as a tire iron was not the best idea I ever had, but the results were great. She learned everything she needed after only a couple of tries. She teased me into teaching a few more things and we somehow ended up with me putting a reverse choke on her. I did not hook my legs so she would not panic. We fell backwards and she was on top of me as I lay on the mat. She pried my arms loose when I made an allowance for her being female and stretched them out as far as she could. It trapped her hands into keeping mine away though. She wriggled upwards which exposed her neck as she tried to make good her escape.

I bit her gently before I realized what I was doing.

We both froze and I let her go.

She got up slowly.

I stood up behind her and thought about how to best apologize for my indiscretion. She turned around and looked at me. Her eyes were shining and she took a couple of steps back.

I opened my mouth to apologize and she charged. It caught me çapa escort completely flat-footed. I am surprised I did not hurt her. She hit me too high to be an effective tackle. I went down but at the last moment jumped up to take her with me into the guard position. I was on my back with my legs locked around her waist; my arms were around her upper body with my hands cinched together behind her back. I pulled her as close to me as possible.

It had been automatic defensive maneuver. I think her next move was also automatic.

She rested on top of me with her face in my chest. She tested our position trying to gain some advantage but even if my fighting instinct had let her put me down I was too well trained to not hold her perfectly.

She rubbed her tummy against the hardness pressing against her.

I was hard when I left the office, which slowly became half-hard as we worked on her technique. The bite had put me back in the range of wicked hard but there are no words for what I became after she rubbed herself on me.

I made believe I did not notice what she was doing until she moaned.

The sound broke both of us.

She was strong for her size but it was no-contest.

I took her hard.

I do not know if I would have stopped had she fought me for real. She struggled as I ripped the center seam of her pants but it stopped when I pushed her panties aside to take her body. She wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged tightly. She cried out her orgasm and I felt the months she had wanted me.

It was rough; my body gave her’s no quarter as I tried to make myself a part of her through friction. I fucked her and when I thickened as my pleasure subsumed me she screamed out her second orgasm.


Sharon pulled away from my ear. She turned my chair so my legs were out from beneath the desk. She leaned down between my legs and put her hands on the waist of my pants. She pulled them down far enough to clear my hardening dick and testicles. She smiled as she put her tongue on me.

I had stood by quietly that first time as Megan dressed behind the door of the women’s locker room. She walked out and looked at me. Her eyes had a little trepidation and a lot of satisfaction in them. She waved nervously and almost ran out of the donjon. I punched the heavy bag for a few minutes trying to kill the extra energy.

The sex was good… actually it had been great.

I had no idea what was going to happen next between us but my body was on the side of more Megan. I walked into the office to find Sharon sitting naked in the chair. She was playing her fingers lightly up and down her pussy.

“That was the sexiest shit I’ve ever seen and you are going FUCK me long and hard all night,” she said in a painfully excited voice.

Sharon was insatiable that weekend. The night I fucked Megan for the first time, I also fucked Sharon’s ass for the first time. Seeing me with another woman opened Sharon’s fantasy life. We spent the weekend living what fantasies we could together. She admitted in the darkness of the night when we could not even see each other that part of her excitement was wanting Megan too.

The next year flew by as I lived from Sharon weekends to Megan nights.


Sharon stood leaving my dick standing straight up. She raised an eyebrow at me and strutted out the door. Megan and Sharon had developed a strange relationship in the year since my first time with Megan. Sharon was the only one that knew about her. She became Megan’s co-conspirator in making sure the path was clear when Megan was in the mood for what our time together had become.

I thought in some ways I was a well-trained puppy. As soon as Sharon said Megan was still there, my body surged with lust.

Sharon stopped at the door and cocked her hip. I loved her ass; there were times inside of her that I prayed I would not cum so the cries of her orgasms would never end.

“You know, David,” she said looking over her shoulder. “If you want something more with Megan and you need an excuse; she would certainly make a fantastic first woman for me.”

She turned and walked out without seeing my reaction to her words. I wanted more with Megan, more with Sharon, more with both of them but at that moment what I really wanted was to bend Sharon over the table so I could lick the sweat residue of a hard class from her ass and pussy.

I did not really know what I wanted with Megan though. I just knew that a session every three weeks or so was becoming not enough. I did not want to ask for more if it was all she wanted but…

I gave it a couple minutes worth of thought and walked downstairs. Megan never gave me any sign that she wanted more so I had to settle for what she was giving me.

The sessions changed slowly in the intervening year. At the beginning, there was only a little fighting/wrestling before we fucked. She fought harder now and gave nothing that I did not take first. There were times in class that she concentrated fiercely and I knew she was thinking of modifying a technique to use on me.

Sharon called it rough seduction.

Megan was giving the heavy bag a small pounding. She turned to look at me and took off the sparring gloves. We learned long before that they got in the way when things became heated.

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