Subject: Full Service in the Military part 3 Full Service in the Military By Danny Smith Part Three Meeting Steve’s family was a joy. His wife Ann was cute as a button and super sweet. She really made me feel welcome, although some wives might have resented the intrusion. And Steve’s son, Alan. Wow. That kid was special. Warm, friendly, polite…and so good looking. His hair was darker than Steve’s, his eyebrows thicker, and his overall build a little less muscular than Steve’s. He loved lifting weights but also was into gymnastics, so he didn’t want to bulk up too much. He was 15 (I’d guessed wrong) tall for his age, and so open and innocent about life that it made you want to hug him. And as to Steve’s questions about which way Alan leaned — it was obvious to me in less than a minute. I guess Steve didn’t see it too because Steve is his dad and didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but believe me I did. The kid wanted it bad. I hoped I’d get the chance to…not exactly sure what, but you know what I mean. We ate pizza for supper that night, and I offered to pay but Steve and Ann wouldn’t hear of it. Alan drank a Coke, Ann sipped at a beer, and Steve and I both polished off quite a few. They showed me my room, which was downstairs, connected to their family room. The family room also had a big screen TV and its own refrigerator, so after supper we ended up down there watching the tube and getting to know one another. Ann gave up pretty early and headed back upstairs, leaving it to Steve, Alan, and me, but not for very long. After a few minutes Steve made noises about going upstairs to bed and that Alan needed to `let Mr. Danny get some rest.’ I answered quickly, “No, Steve, don’t worry about me. Alan’s fine where he is. He and I might want to finish up this movie before we give up.” Steve caught my drift in a flash, quit arguing, and headed for the stairs. That left Alan and me alone. We were watching an old Hercules rerun with Kevin Sorbo. Alan said it was one of his favorite shows. “He’s really great isn’t he Lt.?” “Yeah he’s got that amazing physique that girls like. Sometimes it turns other guys off because they’re jealous, but he also seems genuine, like you’d really like to have a beer with him or something. And speaking of beer, does your Dad let you have one now and then?” “I’m not supposed to in front of Mom, but when he takes me fishing he always lets me have one or two.” I immediately reached in the fridge and pulled out two cold ones. “Here,” I said, “let me pop it for you.” I kind of winked when I handed it to him and he did the same. Did he catch the double meaning? Not sure but I think so. “And please don’t feel you have to be overly respectful. You can call me Dan and I’m fine with that. Or Danny. All my friends do.” “Thanks Dan, er, Danny.” We went back to the show and naturally came to a scene where Kevin Sorbo had his shirt off. I said, “Wow he really is tuzla escort something isn’t he.” I reached down and, ever so gently, gave my crotch a tug. No comment. Just the tug. Take it easy, Danny, don’t come on too fast. After a minute I noticed that Alan made the slightest move imaginable to touch his own crotch. That was my cue to get just a little bit more open, as I rubbed my hand — gently — over my own crotch. Again, after a minute or two he did the same and I saw clearly that he was boning up. I stayed motionless for a spell but the next time we saw Sorbo shirtless, I reached inside my pants and “adjusted” my cock. It was clearly swollen and I was ready to go, but was Alan? He answered that question by bringing up another topic: “Yeah, Kevin Sorbo really works out, you can tell that, but he’s not too bulky. Danny, when you work out does it put more hair on your chest?” “No, that’s just genetic. It either happens or it doesn’t. Guys can look good either way.” “What about…well, when you get bigger…does…everything get bigger?” His slight emphasis on the word `everything’ made it clear he was talking about dick size. “Well, working out can’t hurt, I guess, but I’m pretty sure that’s genetic, too. It’s either in your genes one way or the other. Fortunately, if you take after your Dad you’ll be hung just great.” “You’ve seen my Dad’s cock before?” “Many times!” I grinned. Then I added “guess I answered that question a little too quickly didn’t I?” He ignored my semi-apology and instead asked “What’s it like?” “Your Dad’s dick?” “Yes! Have you seen it close up?” “Alan, what has your Dad told you about him and me?” “Only that you’re a super nice guy and he thinks a lot of you. He said you and he were close. Actually, he always says you were `very close.’ That’s true isn’t it?” “Yes. In fact, Alan, you could say that your Dad and I were as close as two men can be. Intimate in fact.” “Oh God tell me about that. Please. I really want to know.” I related the facts about how Steve and I first met and I told him bluntly that I had given him a blowjob through a gloryhole. “How old were you?” “About your age.” I stretched a little bit. Alan was younger than I had been by two or three years. But that’s okay. “I want to feel what that’s like. Someday.” “Alan. Tell the truth. You want to feel it right now, don’t you?” “I don’t know.” “Your dick is giving me the answer.” With that I reached over and started feeling him up. This was something he sure didn’t expect or see coming, but it was clear to me that he had definitely thought about it. He didn’t make the slightest move to discourage me. Just sat there letting me feel him up. “Take it out,” I said. He complied without hesitation. First he unzipped and fished it out, then changed his mind and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. There it was. And it was beautiful. No, it wasn’t the biggest one I’d ever seen but he was tuzla escort bayan 15 for Christ’s sake. (I found out the next day he was actually 14. He liked to say he was 15 because he had a birthday coming up next month). And while it wasn’t huge yet, it was probably one of the hardest I’d seen in a long time. This was a horned up kid, who had hidden his love of men even from himself, and now was getting the chance to let go. It was about five inches long, maybe just a little on the thin side, beautifully cut, surrounded by a nice-looking bush. His pubes were black as coal, unlike his Dad’s lighter brown. My mouth literally watered. Without a word I bent down close to it, inhaled deeply, opened wide and took it in my mouth. “Oh, Danny. Oh, Dan.” We both heard footsteps upstairs, and although there was nothing suspicious about it, it spooked us both. I pulled off and Alan stuck it back in. After a moment when we heard nothing else, I said, “Let’s go into my bedroom. I’ll close the door. Your Mom won’t come in, that’s for sure, and if your Dad does…well, just don’t worry about it. He knows what’s going on.” “He does?” “And he’s okay with it.” “Okay.” We both got up off the couch and walked the short distance to the bedroom. I closed the door and said, “Alan, take off all your clothes.” “Seriously?” “Yes. I want this to be something you remember for a long time, maybe all your life. You’re going to get a blowjob by an expert cocksucker. I’m the same guy that blew your Dad all those years ago. In fact, I blew him again this morning in the airport men’s room.” “Holy shit.” “The only reason I’m telling you that is because I know your Dad won’t mind, plus I want to help you understand that this is not wrong. It’s right. It’s fun. It feels good. Guys have been doing this to guys for eternity. It’s something that’s almost sacred. So strip.” He was hesitant at first, but soon got into it. I joined him in undressing, but stopped with my underwear. Didn’t want to intimidate him. When he was naked and I was in nothing but my underwear, I knelt down in front of him and began nuzzling his young cock. Licking his shaft and tonguing the head I soon had him leaking precum. It was then I engulfed his boyhood, happy to show him just how good a man could make a boy like him feel. As I started my sucking action he was quickly swept away with passion, moaning softly to himself and thrusting his hips into my willing mouth. Too soon, he was ready…close…closer…then the moment of release. My mouth soon filled with the warm seed from his balls. For a moment he just stood there, his body shaking slightly, continuing to satisfy his lust. Then his knees gave out and he sat down on the edge of the bed. I happily cleaned him up with my tongue, something I don’t think he expected. A momentary sense of panic swept through both of us for a second when we heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. Steve’s voice escort tuzla came through, softly but loud enough for us both to easily hear: “Danny? Alan?” Poor Alan looked truly scared but I instantly knew what was going on. Steve wanted to join us and took the opportunity to somewhat recreate that moment all those years ago when my Dad caught the two of us. This time it was entirely different. I quickly calmed Alan down, stood up and whispered “Don’t worry. He knows everything. He’s fine with this,” then walked to the door and softly opened it. “Are you guys done? I don’t want to cut you off.” I stepped back and opened the door, motioning him to come in and see for himself. There was his son, stark naked, his still hard cock quickly softening whether from fear or release I wasn’t sure. Either way he was a beautiful sight, but he needed comforting. His Dad was the perfect person to do it. “Hey son, don’t worry about anything. I know just how you feel right now.” He walked over and sat down beside his son, put his arm around his son’s shoulder. Alan leaned his head against his Dad and said “Dad I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.” “No, no, son, don’t say that. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You just had a blowjob, that’s all. And the guy who did it is my closest buddy. I’m happy, I’m proud, and I love you. That’s all you need to know right now.” His son looked up into Steve’s eyes and said, “Really, Dad? You’re okay with this?” Steve hugged him close and said softly, “Alan, I’ve had so many blowjobs over the years and Danny’s one of the best. I’m happy he did you. I just have one question…was it good?” “Oh, God, Dad you have no idea.” “Believe me son, yes I do. Yes I do.” “That was the most awesome thing that I’ve ever felt.” “I knew it would be. I heard you guys at it and really wanted to watch, but I also didn’t want to interrupt it. Some things are private. But now that you two have done it and it’s all out in the open we can be honest with each other about everything. It’s like a bond, Alan. A bond between men who know what’s it’s like. I want you to remember this moment all your life.” Steve hugged him again, and Alan’s face beamed. Steve had handled this perfectly and I was proud (and lucky!) to have been a part of it. I wondered if the night would continue, but Steve had a big day tomorrow and Alan needed his sleep, so we all said our good nights; Steve and Alan walked upstairs to their bedrooms and I laid down to sleep. As I was dozing off, I noticed that Ann and Steve had a family photo on the wall. I looked at it and thought back to what had just happened; I was immediately aroused again. I hadn’t shot that night so I gave in to my carnal thoughts. I took the picture down from the wall, laid down on the bed, and fantasized about it while I jacked off. When I shot I held the photograph in front of me and sprayed my cum all over Steve’s and Alan’s faces. And Ann’s. I knew I’d have to clean it up, so I licked up my own cum from off the glass, pretending it was really them. Made me want to shoot again, but I held off, hoping for more of the same tomorrow night. To be continued….

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