Fun in Neral with Niharika


After we reached her mother’s house, we introduced our friends to her mother, and had some tea and snacks. Since we had already had beer and snacks (and sex) on the way, we were feeling sleepy, and so decided to go upstairs, make the beds and have a nap.

Her mother rarely used to come up, only when it was absolutely necessary. So we were assured at least of some amount of privacy.

We went up, and Niharika came up with us, ostensibly to help use make the beds. As we were walking up the steps (which were not visible from the main living room, ) she was walking ahead pulling Vikas and Tushar’s cocks as she had put her hands up their shorts. I was amazed to see how boldly she was behaving with her mother just a few feet away. The guys each had a hand on the cheeks of her ass, under her dress. And I brought up the rear, looking out to see that her mother was not following us.

As we reached up, she showed the boys where the mattresses, sheets and blankets were, and instructed them how to lay them out. The as they started laying the bedding, she pulled up her dress and called me to lick her. She was standing with her legs wide apart, and I knelt down I could smell the strong odour of her cunt from a foot away. It was glistening and the lips were swollen. She was very wet because I could see some of her juice running down her leg, so I knew that she was still very turned on. I started licking her cunt as she leaned against the wall. The boys stopped poker oyna their work and were watching. I signaled one of them to go and stand near the steps which were in the other room. I gave her a couple of licks and pressed down on her clit with the tip of my tongue, and move it back and fort a couple of times. She suppressed a moan by keeping her mouth tightly closed, and before I knew it she was trembling and then convulsing in orgasm. She started laughing softly at how soon and how easily she had come. I asked her how it was and she said it was one of her best, but not as good as the one when all three of us had licked her.

For the next two days we were mostly on the top floor, but Niharika could not indulge her liking for being nude as there was always the danger of her mother catching us. But we spent many hours in conversation about how we could raise the eroticism of our activities. During these conversations, Niharika used to have her long t-shirt nightie pulled up to her navel, and one or the other of us would either be fingering her or licking her cunt, and sometimes she was left halfway as her mother called us down. Tushar and Vikas wanted to add at least one and maybe more of their friends to the raise the excitement level, and Niharika eagerly agreed to this.

Niharika and I had also discussed if she could indulge in these activities in my absence, since I used to be very busy at times, and also out of the country due to my business. She canlı poker oyna used to get very horny and frustrated when we didn’t meet for more than a couple of days. She wanted these guys on those daysso that she could bring down her frustration. Principally I was not against it, but had vetoed the idea , because even though I trusted my young friends, I didn’t trust their minds when they had their erections up and ready to go. Their hard dicks would be like rats, ready to push into my virgin girlfriend’s hole. Niharika asked me to think of a solution to the problem, whereby she could remain a virgin and still have fun when I was not present.

I steered the conversation to this topic, and Niharika, who had both the guys cocks in her hands, (none of us used to wear underwear when we were in Niharika’s mother’s house) remarked that they had grown slightly bigger and harder as we discussed the topic. I was sitting leaning against the wall and looking at the window, which had a grill. I joking remarked that I should put a grill on my girlfriend’s cunt to prevent thieves, meaning the boys, from stealing her virginity when I was not there to protect her. As everybody laughed, the design of a chastity belt, inspired by the window grill I was looking at, came to me.

I drew it and showed it to Niharika and the boys. All of them were very excited, the most excited being Niharika. She immediately asked me what I was going to make it out of, and when would internet casino it be ready, because a was due to take a trip abroad after about 15 days. What she was most concerned about was whether it would be ready before I left. She was also eager to know what I was going to make it out of, and how I would make it fit properly so that she could pee, but not be penetrated by a hard dick.

The next topic of discussion was blow-jobs. She had not taken anybody’s dick in her mouth, except mien, and didn’t want to either. Also, I had never come in her mouth. So I proposed the use of flavored condoms, which she agreed to, and said she would love to suck off the boys too if they wore the condoms. After a few hours, we left for Mumbai. but we were not able to do much as we were all tired and Niharika’s cunt was sore dueto all the sucking. On the way we bought flavored condoms in all the available flavors. Tushar and Vikas wore them and Niharika sucked them off in the back seat with her t-shirt and bra off so that they could squeeze and suck her boobs and pinch her nipples. As I have said before, she had very sensitive nipples and after some time of this play, she thrust one of the boy’s hands into the elastic waistband of her pants (she had not worn panties,) and came as soon as he touched her cunt.

Since it was late we dropped continued home, and I dropped them all off, first the boys and then Niharika, but not until I had a session with her in my place, where she sucked me off with a condom on., but promised that the next time we met up with the boys, she would let me come in her mouth, just to let them know that with me it was love, and with them just lust!

To be continued…

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