Fun out in the Parking Lot


Fun out in the Parking LotFun in the parking lotWe were headed to another of the porn theaters in Denver for another hot evening with a bunch of horny guys for her to entertain. Cheryl was in the passenger seat, short skirt, shear blouse, shelf bra, hose, her sneakers on till we got to the theater where she would change into a pair of stiletto heels, for more of a whore look.I pulled around the side of the theater and found a place to park, backed into the parking spot so Cheryl would be on the side of the car away from the street, but still in the lights of the theater. I went around the car and opened the door, with me standing in front of her, my slacks unzipped and my cock out.“Ooo, are you gonna cum on my tits? I do love cum on my boobs” She said, remembering the time we had been to one of the other porn theaters in town where I had shot a load on her tits, then having her button her blouse, showing nice cum stains.Of course, I think you looked ravishing going into the porn theater with a cum stained blouse,” I added as I began stroking my already hard cock as my wife sat in the car, one leg on the ground, her legs splayed wide, her blouse open and tits bare her hands cupping her c-cup tits.“Mmm, I’m so glad you love jacking off on me, then showing how much of a slut I am,” Cheryl commented as I stroked my cock rather rapidly.“Yes, and I like you talking nasty as I fuck your face, or jerk off on you,” I added, looking her in the eyes as I continued pounding my meat.Cheryl made another couple of rude comments, cupping her tits for me. Suddenly there was movement to my right and left, two strange males now stood next to me as I was jacking off to my wife lewd and making obscene comments.“Mmm, more guys watching me being a good cum slut,” Cheryl added as she pursed her lips with her tongue.“Ahh, yes, you are my cum whore, aren’t you?” I asked as Cheryl now ran her fingers through her slit, letting the guys see her pussy in the glare from the streetlight.“Do you studs like seeing sarıyer escort my hubby jack off on me?” Cheryl looked at one then the other stud cupping her tits, keeping her nipples erect.“Oh, fuck yes, you cum whore,” the one to my right exclaimed as he now had his cock out of his pants, slowly stroking himself.“Yeah, come on bitch, make hubby cum, so I can add my load to your fuckin’ face next,” the other guy added, as he pulled on his cock.“mmm, God this is fucking hot, watching you guys masturbate for me. Mmmm, cum on my tits and face!” Cheryl demanded.I pulled her head closer, jamming my cock into her mouth, pumping in and out of her sweet mouth. Cheryl cupped and toyed with my balls for a few minutes as I fucked her face, the guys watching and encouraging her. God, she was hot, and being such a slut for me.After a couple of minutes of fucking my wife’s hot mouth, I pulled my cock from her mouth, shot one stream of cum on her nose and lips, then the rest on her neck and tits.The guy to my right moved closer to my wife, stroking his cock as he approached her. He was moving his hand rather rapidly up and down his eight inch dick, just inches from her nose.“Oh, honey, stroke that meat for me, cum on my face. Mmmm, cum on my titties too,” Cheryl coaxed him as she continued playing with her clit, while we watched her being a good slut.Two black guys now joined us as Cheryl now sucked the guy in front of her for a few minutes, until her shuddered, and pulled his cock from her red lips, shooting cum on her face, and tits, a little of the cum now dripping off her nipple and dripping her nylon encased thigh.The other guy who had walked up with the man who had just shot his load on my wife, now walked up and began stroking his cock harder and faster. He also moved close enough to begin rubbing the tip of his cock all over Cheryl’s pretty face, smearing the cum around.“Damn, that white bitch is sure hot.” One of the black’s esenyurt escort commented as they stood taking in the ribald scene of my wife in a small bukakke party.“Mind if we join in?” The other asked.“Not at all, she loves black cock and cum as she does any other color and flavor,” I replied.Suddenly the back door to the theater opens, a couple comes out, she is dressed rather sexy, but does not appear to have been used while in the theater. Hubby stands behind her, groping her ass as they now join the little show my wife is putting on.“Oh, my!” The busty brunette exclaimed as hubby now placed his hand over her shoulder, now fondling her left tit, rather aggressively.The male now fucking my wife’s face pulled his hard cock from her mouth with a loud pop, and began shooting his load on her face, then her tits, adding to the lovely glaze on her skin in the glare of the street lights. He growled deeply as he pumped a huge load on her face and tits, her nipples quite erect as we all watched.The taller of the black studs quickly moved infant of Cheryl who continued to sit in the front seat of our car. This guy pulled out ten inches of hard, black mea and began stroking his cock in the goo on Cheryl’s face, as he called her several vile names, which makes my wife’s pussy drool.The woman made some comment I did not hear, but hubby continued groping her tits and speaking softly with her. I could now see her arm moving, I think she was feeling his growing cock.The black guy playing with Cheryl and was slow and methodical, slowly jacking his dick while rubbing the head on her cheeks and lips, smearing the cum other male’s cum around.Now the other black male moved closer to the couple, not touching her, but whispering in her other ear as they watched my wife and the black guy. I could not hear what he was saying to her, but I did notice her glance at him from time to time. I also watched as the other couple as hubby got his hand inside her blouse and avrupa yakası escort was really working over her tits now.I moved to the other side of the car door, watching Cheryl as she was sucking greedily on the ten inch black cock sliding in and out of her red lips. I am always intrigued by the sound of a man’s balls slipping on the chin of a slut, along with the sucking sound of a woman fellating on a cock. I watched my wife intently as she sucked on the black dong, slowly growing harder by the minute.Hubby now had his wife’s top open, and her tits out and over her bra, a useless garment unless it is a French cup bra. He was sucking and kissing one tit as the black guy was doing the same to the other. This broad was finally getting into the program, she may have been quiet earlier, but she was getting with the slut program now.Cheryl had three loads of cum on her face and tits, I thought she was going to get a fourth, but this black dude held her head steady as he pumped his load down her throat, some of the cum oozing from the corners of her mouth. As he finished pumping his cum into my wife, now, half his softening cock in her hand, lifting it so she could lick and suck his balls as we all applauded quietly.I looked over and the other black guy had the broad bent over, legs spread and was now pumping his cock in and out of her frothy box. He had his hand in the middle of her back holding her down as hubby held her tits which swayed obscenely as he let them escape his grasp.At some point three other single guys and another couple joined us and suggested we go into the theater before some of the neighbors heard the ruckus and called the cops. Cheryl pulled her blouse together and fastened a couple of buttons and the other broad getting fucked stood up, put her tits back in her blouse, and we all headed to the theater entrance.“I can’t believe I am walking into a porn theater, dressed like a fucking whore, cum on my face and tits, and with a bunch of horny guys,” Cheryl commented lewdly as we walked around the building to the theater entrance.“Amazing to see you this way, really enjoying the exhibitionism. And, I agree you look like a lovely, fucking whore,” I added as we walked along with four single guys and the new couple.This is part one of this story, I am working on part two, the party in the theater.

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