Fun times

Autumn Falls

Fun timesFun timesI was hosting a poker night with four other guys. We had these poker nights once every month and we rotated the location. This time is was the turn to house the game.You had plans that go out with your friends, so it would be a guys only in our house. Normally the guy who was hosting asked his wife to help serving food and drinks. But you really wanted to go out for a few drinks with your girlfriends.You were dressed up real sexy, I was sure you were going to have an fun time with guys in the bars hitting on you all night long.The poker game started before you left the house, all guys expect one was on time. So we cracked open a couple of beers while waiting. You came in the room to have a drink before your friends were picking you up. The guys made comments how sexy you looked and made jokes about how I could “let” you out… I simply told them I totally trusted you and that I was sure you would come home for action even if you got an appetizer.You left when the fifth guy arrive and your friends got you.The game went well for me. I was winning good and time flew by. Shortly before midnight you came back home and was a little bit upset on how boring it had been in the bar. You had great time with your friend, but there had been no guys hitting on anyone! You wanted to get some attention and feel attractive. All the guys who were pretty drunk at this time, made remarks that you were both beautiful and hot. Just the MILF they would love to have some fun with. You got a little bit embarrassed, but enjoyed attention.The guys started to talk about a bachelor party we had attended and how hot the stripper was that we had. There was things going on there than normally never would have been told in front of any wife, but in their drunk state they simply forgot to be careful. They started to talk about how the stripper looked like you, except that they said your were much more attractive. Then they started to tell the stories about the bachelor party. It had been the usual drinking heavy party with going from bar to bar. Late that evening, the party had ended up at a strip bar. All the guys had a lot of fun, but it was a little pricey. One of the guys told the rest of the party that he had talked with two girls who was done with their shift that evening and was willing to come over to have a private strip session. So all the guys agreed it would be cheaper to bring them home than to keep paying for the drinks and strippers at the club.We got home to one of the guys who was single so it was nobody else home. The two girls were hot and seemed to have a lot of fun stripping for the guys. The guy who was getting married was totally wasted and the girls really tried to get him excited. They got totally naked and was rubbing themselves all over him as they laid him down on the floor. It was no wonder that he was getting excited. They opened up his pants to pulled out his cock. They were surprised how big it was and one of them went down on him. She was sucking him hard and both of them seem to enjoy rus escort bayan the action. (That guy was one of the guys playing poker with us that night.) The guys was telling you how exciting it was to see her go down on him. The guy was now sitting off in the corner looking a bit embarrassed. You know him and his wife, you never thought about him being sucked on by a stripper. It was turning you on listening to the guys describing how the stripper stopped sucking the guy and climbed up on him and gave everyone a different kind of show. She grabbed this large cock and started rub it over her pussy. She was very wet and she was moaning with making the cock head wet with her pussy juice. Slowly she lowered herself onto the cock. It was evident that she really enjoyed his cock and was not playing some act. The other stripper who looked like you, was laying next to the couple giving us a show. She was masturbating and had brought out a big dildo that she was working in and out of her pussy. She look straight at me and told me to come over to her. She asked me to get down a lick her. I for a second thinking about what you would say, but decided that I would only lick her and stop at that. In my mind it would not be unfaithful, only licking and no putting my hard dick inside of her. All the guys were egging me on, so in the end I went down on her and started to lick her. It did not take long for her to have a real orgasm. I had managed to give her a real one, when she had started out to give us a show but had enjoyed my licking so much that she relaxed and let the pleasure take over. She tasted nice and reacted so good to my moves with my tongue, it made me very excited and I was rock hard, almost cuming in my pants when she came. When her breathing had come down a little bit, she tried to pull me down on her. Then she rolled us over and got on top of me. She was rubbing her pussy over my pants, rubbing my cock up and down. Leaving a wet track on my pants. She slide down and tried to get my pants open. I resisted, but she got my cock out and started to suck me. I look down on her and saw all my guy friends sitting behind us and wanking off their cocks. The only guys not looking at me, was the guy with his cock buried in the other stripper. It hit me what I was doing and told her that I would not fuck her. She said ok, but insisted on giving me a BJ as payment for her orgasm. That was easy, because I came quick after that!When you heard that you got pretty pissed, not that you thought that it was so wrong. But you had expected me to tell you about this BJ. You stormed out in to the kitchen. I got up and followed you. You was really mad at me, I apologized and told you that I was really sorry. She said, so you think it would be ok if I went out to your friends and gave them a BJ each. I thought you were k**ding, just laughed and said sure if that is what you want and you think you can handle four guys.Little did I know that you would walk right out of the kitchen back rus bayan escort into the poker room. You went up the couch and started to strip off your dress. You did a sexy dance to the music in the background. The guys turned to you and started to egg you on. It made you more excited and you got more revealing in your dance.When you felt that guys were turned on enough, you walked over to one of the guys and sat down in his lap. You could feel his cock against your butt. You rubbed your ass on his cock and noticed that he was very turned on. He ran his hands over your body, at this point all you had on was a sexy bra, stockings, and g-string panties. You looked to fucking hot! You decided that it was time to do more and opened the zipper and let the hard cock out. You went straight down on it and started to suck him. It did not take long for the other guys to get up close to you and start touching you all over while you were sucking hard on the cock in your mouth. He came too quick for you to be happy, so you turned to the next guy. He did not need any help, he opened his zipper and let out his cock faster than you could say a word. Of course, you got really excited to suck these suck these guys. You finished this guy of fairly fast as well and got the third guy. His cock was small and you felt sorry for him, but you did not really want to suck him off. But that was not an issue, because as soon as you touched his dick, he erupted all over your hand. It was only one guy left. The guy who had fucked the stripper. He was sitting on the couch with a grin on his face. He said that he could not wait to get your mouth over his cock. He had a real attitude. You told yourself you would show him. As you lowered his pants you realized what the stripper had seen. His cock was not only pretty long, it was the fattest cock you ever seen. You even thought that it would be hard to get that one in your pussy.. You started to suck him. It was hard to get your mouth around his cockhead. You were so wet now. He was sitting on the couch but moved so that he could lay down. He pulled you around so that your pussy was over his face. You never stopped sucking him. He pulled your butt down and move the little g-string aside so that he you taste your pussy. You reacted and started to leak even more pussy juice. You really enjoyed being licked as you were sucking him and having a bunch of horny guys looking at you. No matter what you did, you could not get this guy to cum. At this point you really enjoyed that fact. Then with one swift move, you lifted your head of his cock, moved your hips down his body until his cockhead was rubbing you wet pussy. Then you lower yourself and you are in total control. The guy is simply laying back and let you do all the work.You did not care that all my friends had been touching and was now watching you impale yourself on this very large cock. You moaned in pain when you got his whole cock inside. Me had reached the bottom of your pussy and you started escort rus to ride him. He put his hands went to your hips to slow down your pace. He said it felt too good and that he wanted to enjoy this a bit longer. You looked him in the eye and told him that he could have you again, but right now you wanted to fuck him and cum as you wanted. He reached up and pulled on your nipples, this makes you wild so it did not take long for you to cum all over his cock. The big cock felt the same way and he grunted that he was cuming too. You did nothing to move off his erupting cock. He started to pump his cum deep in your pussy. He had a lot of cum, so it started to show each time you got him deep. It squirted out on the sided of your pussy with each thrust. As soon as he started to get a little bit soft, your tight pussy forced him out with your muscles. You were still cuming and contracting your pussy muscles. When his cock popped out with a wet loud noise, a heavy stream of his cum poured out of your pussy.You had got upset about some stripper that I did not fuck, but you took the liberty to fuck this huge cock as soon as you saw it. You had taken a huge risk since you were not on the pill and he had deposited a large amount of cum deeper than my cum ever had been unloaded.You had not had enough yet, you got down on the floor between his legs and started to kiss and play with his cock. You were working hard on getting his erect back. Meanwhile, one of the other guys that you had made cum with your mouth, got behind you with his now stiff cock and attempted to enter your pussy doggy style. I thought you would push him away at this point, instead you spread your legs and leaned forward so that he could get access to your wet hole. You grunted when he started to fuck you hard from behind. The guy with the big cock sat back and looked at your sucking his cock at the same time as you got stuffed with more cock. His cock started to slowly grow again. It did not take long for the guy who was fucking you to cum too. Don’t think he pulled out either. He unloaded what he had. Before he had even pulled out the next guy was there. You had cum running down your leg when the next guy fucked you.You looked like a whore getting stuffed with more cock than you could have dreamt of this morning.Mr big cock soon took over, he laid you on your back and stood on his knees on the floor. Even with all the cum had had been deposited in your cunt, you still grunted and moaned when he forced his huge cock in you again. During this incredible fuck session, you had a big smile on your face. The only time the smile went away was when an orgasm would hit you. There were many climaxes for you this night. I never stuck my cock in you and you never asked me to fuck you either. All my buddies fuck you at least twice each.Mr Big stayed after the other guys had to return to their wifes. He fucked you as I went to bed alone.Next morning, I woke up and heard noises from the livingroom. When I walked in, you stood on your fours and he was stuffing you full of his huge cock. You did said good morning to me and then went back to fucking. Mr Big smiled and told me that you had fucked him all night and that they never slept. He said you had made him cum 8 times since I went to bed…..Needless to say, you were now addicted to our poker nights.

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