Subject: My Fun with Chad at College Please help all you can. This is our page on the web, and it needs our support!Terry After Christmas break, I returned to the campus of Mary Washington, happy and ready for my second semester. My first grades had come in, and my folks were pleased with how I had done. Being the first in the family to go to college, my feat with a lot of science classes was impressive. Growing up in a rural area, I had become more confident. There were so many wonderful students, and members of the community in Fredericksburg. Also I was liberated in a way, as my roommate Chad and I were becoming very close. We finally had discussed the elephant in the room, which was our apparent sexual tension we had towards each other. He was from DC, where being gay was acceptable, but I didn’t have that option. Now that we had discussed our feelings before the time away from campus, we were closer to crossing the rubicon that I hadn’t yet. In high school, I had felt up a couple of guys, but hadn’t exactly “traveled the circuit.” As a young man I was 6 feet tall, thin yet athletic. There was the time I jerked off Matthew in the woods on a bike ride, and I loved how his hard penis felt in my soft palms. Taking his pants off, I kept sliding my okay hand sign around his throbbing cock, until the white goo flew out. Kevin and I had sword fought with our hard cocks in the school locker room. Chad got excited as we had talked about this previously in our dorm room, and confessed he was gay too. Drinking was involved. We talked about it for hours, but nothing happened yet, and I mezitli escort was looking forward to changing this. Chad was handsome as he also was white, had platinum blonde hair, and I had looked at him naked and appreciated what I had seen. Watching porn at home on my cell phone, I knew what I wanted to do with him. He had told me about his boyfriend in high school Shawn. When they were together in scouts, they had started out by giving each other head. Thinking of them in a dome tent satisfying each other turned me on, as did Chad went he told me about giving himself up. He said anal hurt a bit, but he looked forward to “getting plowed again.” After hearing and thinking about what it must feel like, I watched countless videos of men fucking. That Christmas break I must have set Guinness records for jerking off. Watching these videos made my 7 inches sprint upwards, and as I came, my balls would tighten up as I blew a load of huge amounts. I needed to fuck, and so wanted to finally have my first experience. Sitting in the dorm hard, Chad got back in with some care packages and the like. We had a couple days to kill time mostly. Since all of our classes were lined up, all we did was get our syllabuses, as other students switched classes with registers, advisors, and other members of the faculty. Chad and I talked more, and one night we had several drinks in us. Him and I got along really well, and as we watched movies on our dorm couch, somehow by an invisible force we were literally right next to each other. Who knows how it happened, but soon pozcu escort he was reaching down my pants to unbutton them. I froze but yet was anticipating too. Was this really happening? As he took my pants off it was, although for some reason, I wasn’t hard. I shook a little bit. “You’re nervous, just relax and go with it.” The air was thick but as I looked at Chad, I watched his hands disappear in my underwear. My back arched and the sensation is something I’ll never forget. Instantaneously hard he was touching my shaft, and the feeling was magical. Soon he felt my balls up, and I just became lost in a place that was desirable. The clouds of pleasure and bliss, as I was in heaven with him going up and down meticulously on my manhood. “You’re so big.” I lost it as Chad’s face went down, and he took my hard penis in his mouth. Melting. Just transfixed on cloud nine as this was my first blowjob. My fingers and toes curled. Looking down I saw his blue eyes and lips wrapped around my giant engorged cock. I couldn’t say anything. This must be what drugs were like, as all I could do was moan. Up and down he went. His shirt and shorts were off, and I felt his nice shaved cock through these what looked like neon green panties. Hearing him breathe heavier, I tried not to scream out, biting my lips as the warmth of his saliva was making noises going down my hardness. Soon I took his underwear off, and he smiled as I touched his smaller but nice penis. Touching his testicles, I hesitated at first, but soon I took him in my mouth. There wasn’t much of a taste escort bayan but some saltiness, as I licked his shaft like I had seen in the movies. Oh yes I was giving my first bj, and his smile and movements said I was doing it right. As I explored him with my mouth he moaned. Then he screamed out “I want you to fuck me!” This was a bit of a shock, yet before I could react, he was feeling my cock up again. I was resigned to the fact. Resistance wouldn’t happen, as he put warming liquid on my precum leaking genitals. It was such a good feeling. Chad laid me down on the couch, and with his warm hands, maneuvered my rock hard clock underneath him. I gasped and he couldn’t say anything. His eyes closed, and I felt everything. Soon my hard penis was clenched tightly, and he bounced up and down on me. I cried out as did he. So warm and the walls felt amazing. A discovery and I plunged up further, turned on to a degree that mere words can’t convey. He went up and down on my hardness. I tugged his hard cock, and he howled. We were two guys in a zone that was going all the way. A quick thought of “I never knew how good this felt” went through me, as I bit my lips warmed up by his insides. The sloshing around, I watched as his dick ejaculated all over my abdomen, and his high pitched screams made me rabid. I had made him cum. The temperature was at a solar level, and I couldn’t help it, as his fingers stirred the tanks of my balls. Everything went dark yet slowed down, as the machine underneath was like a dormant factory reignited. I shot a huge load in his rear end, screaming out in ecstasy as the orgasm was the most powerful I had ever experienced. Glob after glob of my sperm was in him. Chad and I smiled at each other, as right there we knew we had something special. As we sat in our nudity, quietly, I knew we were going to be changing the dynamics of our relationship.

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