Fun with Deepak Ch. 01


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The day this incident happened, I was feeling horny right from the moment Mrs. Sahukar walked into the class. She was wearing a plain dark red sari that looked incredible against her fair skin. I already had a crush on her, but that day, as I sat on the first bench, all I could do was fantasize about her. She looked very desirable, her black hair plaited and red sari against her fair soft skin. Her figure was great, not too thin, but just right and curvy. I could run my hands over that soft skin, taking handfuls here and there and squeezing them. I had often wondered how she kept such a nice figure even after three kids. She was young, but usually, after giving birth, women most of the time got fat and unshapely. Mrs. Sahukar was still very sexy.

When she walked into the classroom, my thoughts immediately went to sex. My gaze fell on her blouse, which was partially hidden behind her transparent chiffon sari. She wore nice blouses, low-cut and sexy. As she started teaching, my eyes rested on her blouse and on the fair skin of her tummy that peeked out from between her blouse and where she tied her sari at her waist. I always sat on the first bench in her class for this reason, so that I could see her. My hands gripped the wooden bench tightly as I imagined running them over her stomach, feeling the softness, or over her blouse, cupping her generous breasts.

My head was filled with thoughts of her all throughout the class. I had completely undressed her and was sucking on her sweet nipples by the time the bell rang, and I was really very aroused. The foremost thought in my head was to get home and masturbate to the image of Mrs. Sahukar stripping out of that red sari. With this in mind, I walked towards the bus stop and almost immediately my bus was there. I saw that it was filled with people, and for a moment, I wondered if I should let this one go and wait for the next one, but then a naughty thought came into my mind. I could have some additional fun here!

I got on the bus and of course there was no place to sit. I squeezed through to the middle of the bus where the ladies’ area stopped, and the males’ area began. This was the best place for me to stand as I was very horny and wanted someone to press against me. Some man would be better than a girl, as girls are usually not that broad-minded and finding girls who didn’t mind squeezing together on a bus were hard to find. Standing there, I waited for someone to come and stand behind me. My ride in the bus was a long one as my college was far from my home and I hoped sooner or later someone would come and press himself against my bottom.

At every stop, people got on and off the bus and it got even more packed as it went on. I was moved even more into the back area and I moved to stand against the pole in the bus. I held on to it with my right hand, and put my bag near my feet so my hands were free. I was packed in from every side. Wherever I turned, there were people with their backs to me.

I wondered whether to approach the girl in front of me, especially as her ass was looking very inviting, but as I was thinking that, I felt someone erzincan escort move behind me and I felt a faint touch against my ass. I stood still — it might have been an accident, but soon it came again… and again. First it was with the motion of the bus, so that maybe the person could be excused if I took offence, but then gradually, it got bolder and I felt the person leaning into me. I moved my ass back slightly, to let him know it was okay.

Maybe that was all the encouragement he needed, because then he also pressed his hips to my soft ass and I could feel a hardness pressing into me from behind. As the bus moved over the potholes in the road, he wiggled against me, all the while pushing into my bottom. I could feel his breath on my neck.

It was difficult to keep pressing into each other as the bus moved. The best time was when the bus braked, because then he was thrown against me and I could feel him taking the opportunity and grinding his hard cock into me from behind. It felt so good! I was also pressing my bottom back onto his cock.

I felt his left hand settle onto my ass a little hesitantly. I welcomed the touch. I wanted him to feel my soft, round ass. He started squeezing my ass when he found that I didn’t resist. I moved back more into his hand. It felt very good.

After a few minutes of pinching my ass, I felt his other hand near my right shoulder.

“Excuse me, can I hold this pole?” he asked in a low voice, almost in my ear.

I nodded and moved a little to my left side, allowing him to take support from the pole. He moved his hand into the space between my body and the pole, and slowly his hand travelled to the front and rubbed against my boob. My chunni was up, near my neck and my boobs were open to anybody to see his hand there. I was worried about being seen, but I liked the sensation very much.

‘Let him do it for one or two minutes, then I will move it away,’ I thought.

His hand moved more towards the front and he cupped my whole boob in one hand and pressed it. I felt very good and my pussy started reacting to it. I was feeling my wet juices come out of my pussy and I could feel my panty getting wet and slippery with my juices. With every motion of the bus, I could feel my pussy throbbing and my pussy lips rubbed slickly against each other. I kept thrusting my ass against his hard cock and I wished I was at a less public place, I might have even allowed him to suck my boobs and finger my pussy, but we were in a crowded bus and the only contact we had was what we were doing.

After a few moments, I got afraid that maybe someone will see his hand on my boob and object, so I moved my hand and took hold of his fingers that were pressing my breast. I gently tried to push him away, but he resisted. His hand was rough and manly. I felt nice touching his hand, and a craziness came over me. I wanted that hand to touch my naked breasts, but I knew that was not possible, so I took his hand and pressed it hard against my breast. He also cupped my breast and squeezed it very hard and then while removing his hand, he also took hold of my nipple and pinched it very hard too. If before my pussy was leaking juices, now it was overflowing — I was so aroused.

After erzurum escort that, he removed his hand from my breast, but then I felt his left hand come back where it was, on my ass. He was getting very bold now and was moving his hand around on my ass, touching it all over, trying to press into the line between my ass cheeks. I moved forward to give him space, but because of my kurta, he could not touch me as he wanted.

Then he moved his hand to my side, and before I could realise what he was doing, he slipped it inside the side slit of the kurta. Now his hand was inside and I didn’t know how to react. We were in a bus and if anyone saw us, it would be very bad. I looked around towards the people surrounding us, but most of them had their backs to us, and we were surrounded and packed so closely that no one could see what was going on at waist-level anyway so I let it be. I also wanted him to touch me.

He moved his hand to my tummy and rested it against my naked skin. Oh, it felt so nice! Finally, I had that rough hand touching me. He held my waist and started pressing into me from behind. Now it was better as we were moving as one body and the motion of the bus could not separate us. He was also giving little thrusts like he wanted to plunge his hard cock inside my asshole from behind and fuck me like that.

My wetness was spreading and I was holding my legs tight together so that it won’t flow down my thighs. My panty was probably sopping wet already, so that wouldn’t stop my juices from making everything else wet also.

As he was thrusting into me, a stop came and the bus stopped. We also stopped moving and became still. My mind screamed for him to push his cock into my ass again, but I knew we had to stand still until the bus moved. I was feeling very impatient as the bus stayed still to unload and get more and more passengers.

Just when I felt that my horniness could not wait any longer, I felt his hand that was inside my dress move down. He tried to stuff it inside my salwar, but it was tied too securely for him to reach inside too much. His fingers were inside and he was wriggling them around, trying to thrust more of his hand inside. I wanted so desperately for him to touch my pussy, because I knew I would reach orgasm if only he touched me and stroked my pussy at that moment.

I moved a little, trying to suck my stomach in, hoping that will give him more space, but he jammed his hand in and it was stuck halfway inside. He was touching the top of my mound. The tips of his rough fingers rubbed me a little, but both of us were impatient for more contact. I wanted his hand between my legs.

The bus started moving, and he got his hand out and moved it down over my salwar. ‘What a good idea’, I thought. As his hand moved down, I separated my legs slightly to give him space to touch between my legs. It was a brilliant move. His hand slipped in and I could feel him reaching down and cupping my throbbing and wet pussy. Even though he was touching me over my panty and salwar, it felt like heaven to have his solid hand there, touching me.

I shifted my hips back and forwards, rubbing against his hand. He settled his hand over my pussy, and started squeezing it. He held me like that with one eskişehir escort hand between my legs and started thrusting into me from behind again, with the motion of the bus. It felt great with his hard cock pressing into my soft ass and his rough hand cupping my pussy. I was sure his hand was wet from my juices.

He worked out a nice rhythm. As he thrust into my ass from behind, he simultaneously squeezed my pussy, and then as he moved back, he relaxed his hold and brushed between my legs lightly. This way I was getting a massage also and he was pressing my pussy also. I was so aroused that I knew I would reach orgasm soon.

His rhythm got faster and faster, until I felt I could not take it anymore and I moved my hand between my legs and settled it over his hand, pressing hard. He understood and smooshed his hand into my pussy, trying to rub and squeeze both, and I felt a very powerful orgasm rock through my body. I leaned my upper body and against him and felt it tremble through me. I was thankful of the motion of the bus that hid everything from being apparent to the other passengers around us. If he hadn’t been there behind me, I knew I would have fallen down, so powerful was my orgasm.

Gradually, I got my attention back to my surroundings and glanced outside the bus. my stop was coming in a few minutes. The guy behind me was humping me again, with his hand holding my pussy.

‘Let him enjoy for a few minutes more,’ I thought.

I slipped my hand inside the slit of my kurta too and put it over his hand, rubbing and caressing it. I wished I could touch and stroke his hard cock and make him come. He had given me such a good orgasm and he deserved some nice cock-rubbing too, but I knew I couldn’t do it there. So I rubbed his hand, thinking it was his cock there, nestled against my pussy and I massaged it. I took hold of one of his fingers and stroked it up and down, like I would do to his cock if it could be in my hand. I felt his him sigh against my neck.

I kept up the stroking and kept increasing the pace, until his thrusts against me suddenly stopped, and he squeezed my pussy again and pressed his hips into my ass hard, so that I could feel his hard cock. I couldn’t make out whether he was coming, but I hoped he was.

After this, I realised I had to go to the front of the bus because my stop was coming. I hurriedly tried to disengage myself from him. He clutched me as I wriggled, and whispered into my ear.


I ignored him and gathered up my bag, moving away, pushing through the people to the front of the bus. My stop came and while I exited, I looked back once into the faces of people, but I could not make out which one he was because there were too many people and I didn’t know where I was standing exactly.

I stepped down to the ground, and as the bus was moving away, I saw a hand come out of a window in the middle of the bus. In the hand was a piece of paper. By instinct, I reached out and grabbed the paper as the bus started moving. I couldn’t catch it, as the bus was moving, so it fell to the ground, but as the bus went away, I looked down at the ground and saw the paper. I bent down to pick it up and read it.

On it was written, ‘Deepak’ and then a phone number. I sent a silent thanks to him for having the presence of mind to write down his number and give it to me, even though I was going away hurriedly. Now at least I had the option of calling him up and talking to him while fingering myself. Phone sex with such a hot and daring guy was sure to be mind-blowing! Maybe I would call him soon…

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