FUN WITH STEP SIS 3As usual most good things end and soon I was headed for McGuire Air Base, New Jerseybto catch a flight to Chateauroux, France only to find that Base was closing and I ended up at a place in West Germany called Bitburg which would eventually close as well, but not till the 1990s. Duty there was crap, but made the most of my off time in nearby Trier and eventually drove into Holland and spent weekends in Eindhoven. Had experiences with German frauleins and Dutch maids during my three years, but most importantly met my future wife in London on leave in 1967 and asked her to marry me just before returning to the USA in July, 1968 to be stationed at a remote Missile site near Lakota, North Dakota though based at Grand Forks. Missing fiancée Sarah Anna and my grandfather Charlie lived a 300 mile drive güvenilir bahis away in eastern South Dakota so as soon as I could afford it I drove my used 61 Chevy Impala down to stay with Anna for two nights before having to drive back. Blake and Emily were delighted to see me and how they,d grown with Blake now 9 and Emily 6. After a few bedtime stories they were happy to go to bed which left Anna and I to reminisce. In bed with only our birthdaybsuits on Anna asked “So have you taken Sarah,s cherry yet?” “I did that on the night we got engaged.” I answered. “Good. That way you can have a great sexy time on your wedding night! Rod loved the fact I Wasn,t a cherry, the reason Blake was born so soon after we married.” she confessed. “Of course Spud Freeman took my cherry when I was just fifteen. I never had türkçe bahis the guts to tell anyone but you!” “Whatever happened to him?” “Went to college, but Didn,t finish, Married Joan Sexton, they have a son and he helps his Dad on the farm.” Anna replied. “Does Sarah Suck your chick and swallow your tastey cum then?” “She does and seems to love it.” I confessed. “Then make sure you marry her. A woman who does that is the woman you want and as long as you eat her pussy she,ll stick by you!” “Would you have stuck by Rod if he ate you out?” I teased. “That bastard never even tried, too wrapped up in his own pleasures!” she snapped. “So how about some of your lip treatment on my stiffie then?” I asked. “Why not?” There was no hurry as she pleasured my hard cock with her lips, mouth and tongue and this time gulped güvenilir bahis siteleri down all my heavy load of semen happily. “You taste a lot better than Rod! He always tasted a bit sour!” she sighed. “Time for a bit of pussy eating!” I,d already discovered my step sister Loved to have her pussy eaten and almost went crazy when I did so and this time was no exception as she underwent multiple orgasms under my talented tongue. Later once she,d recovered her breath and we cuddled waiting to have a leisurely fuck she told me “The man I date that will eat my pussy is the man I,ll marry!” The fuck was wonderful as we both worked to bring maximum pleasure to each other. “Cum in my pussy and don,t worry if I get pregnant I get pregnant!” she groaned. By that point I was pastbthe point if stopping any way and proceeded to pump my heavy ejaculate deep in her womb. Fortunately she did Not get pregnant! Again by the time Emily woke me in the morning I was sleeping on the sofa. I spent the second night with her and then had to drive back to base. TBC

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