Fun With The Girl Upstairs Ch. 01


Chapter One: The Unexpected Caller

I’d just got myself a beer, I’d been working away all day on my computer, working from home sounds perfect but it’s hard to keep at it when there are so many distractions.

At first I did struggle, but if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. That focuses the mind very quickly so I set a routine for myself. I’d do at least three hours in the morning then grab lunch.

After that it was straight through until five. A couple of cups of coffee but that was it. Today I’d just finished a project and as it was nearly five I thought I’d call it a day, grab a beer and relax.

I live in a ground floor flat, with no views to speak of. The road at the front, garden at the back. The two properties above would have great views of the fields and hills from any window. I miss just sitting in the window watching the world go by.

The one saving grace was that the man above had retired some years before and spent most of his time traveling. I could play my music loud without complaints.

Above him was a couple, Martin and his wife Sam. I’d pass the time of day with them if we ever met in the hallway but that was about it. Sam was a sexy little blonde, lovely tits and great ass. She was only about 5 foot tall, if she was wearing heels. I knew she worked in an estate agents in town as I’d seen her there once or twice. I usually knew what time it was as I’d hear her come home at 5 o’clock. The front door would slam and I’d hear her going up the stairs. Quiet she was not. Still she was cute so I forgave her the noise.

I’d just sat down to drink my well earned beer when the buzzer for the intercom sounded. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I got up and picked up the handset.

” Hi it’s Sam from upstairs, can you buzz me in. I’ve left the keys at the office like a complete idiot and can’t let myself in.”

I pushed the button that released the front door and I heard it slam as usual.

I was just going back to my beer when there was a knock on my front door. It could only be Sam. I wondered what she wanted now.

When I opened the door there was a flushed looking Sam. She looked as if she’d been running.

“God, I’m really sorry to bother you but can I use your bathroom. I’m desperate. I got half way home and realized I needed to go, I’ve been holding it in. I only just realized I don’t have my keys. I’m really going to wet myself, really I am.”

The bathroom was right by the front door so I just waved her towards it. She rushed past me already pulling her skirt up. From where I was standing I could look into the room. Sam has pulled her skirt all the way up and was trying to get her knickers down, she managed it, but only just. She sat herself down and immediately I heard her start to piss. A long stream hissed out of her and she gave a sigh of relief, seemingly unbothered I was getting a free show. She seemed to piss forever, then gradually it slowed until with another sigh she’d finished.

” Well that was embarrassing, I nearly wet my knickers and I haven’t done that since school.”

She pulled a few sheets of paper from the roll and wiped herself. I caught a good view of her pussy as she did it. Completely shaved just how I’d always imagined she’d be.

She pulled her knickers up and smoothed down her skirt before flushing.

While she washed her hands I saw her glance over, a smirk bahis siteleri on her face. I hadn’t moved an inch since opening the door. But it wasn’t like I’d tried to watch her pee.

Sam dried her hands and pushed past me, brushing against me even though there was enough room to get past me easily.

I was aware how aroused I’d become, I could feel my cock hard and straining to be released, placing my hands over my crotch to hide the evidence.

“Well, did you enjoy that? Watching me piss?” Sam glanced down smiling. ” Yes it seems you did. That was very naughty of you, If Martin ever found out we’d both be in trouble.” She came closer. ” I think we should keep this as our little secret, I did quite enjoy having you watch me, you never know, I might just have to forget my keys again sometime so we can do it again.”

With a dirty smile on her face she opened the front door and headed upstairs to her own flat to wait outside for Martin.

I had to just stand there, shocked. Did that really just happen, I was doubting it was real. I sat down and took a big gulp of my beer. Well that was unexpected to say the least. I unzipped and saw my cock spring out, grabbing hold I began to stroke it hard. I wasn’t going to let what just happened go to waste. I’d never really considered that watching a woman pee could be arousing, my cock would beg to differ it seemed.

What a sexy little thing Sam was, I closed my eyes and replayed the moment I saw her bald pussy, knickers around her ankles as she pissed. I hoped she was as good as her word and knocked on my door again. I’d tell her to take her knickers off and spread wide so I could get a better look. I wouldn’t stay outside either, I’d get closer and watch her relieve herself for my pleasure. I was almost certain she would do just that too, there was something about Sam that screamed slut. I imagined her naked, those nice tits hanging free, long legs leading up to to her nice bum. Maybe a pair of stilettos with black stockings.

Before I knew it I was spurting my cum over my hand and trousers as I imagined fucking Sam., She’d be riding my cock while I sucked on her tits or squeezing the soft cheeks of her bum. I looked down at the mess I’d made of myself. With a sigh I stood up and went to clean myself up.

As it happened things took a turn for the better sooner than I could have hoped for.

It was only a couple of days after Sam had knocked on my door. I had just got up. Heading to the bathroom to get ready for the day I saw something had been slipped under my door.

I could hardly believe what I was reading. Sam had sent me a note.

Hello Naughtyman, I have the day off on Thursday, I reckon you enjoyed watching me the other day so how would you like to do more than just watch? I’ve been so horny thinking of you watching me piss, it’s made me all wet between my legs for days. If you want to see how wet, email me and I’ll let you see. If you like what you see, we can work out what time I can come down to see you. Ssshhhh. It will be our little secret. Sam xxx

I had to read it again to make certain I wasn’t misreading. It was still the same the second time I read it. I’d never imagined I’d get to do more than watch, but here she was offering much more. I’d get to fuck Sam in all the ways I’ve imagined having her. I’d cum a good few times doing just that over the last few days. If it wasn’t canlı bahis siteleri still early I would have emailed her. I doubt she would have got to work yet and the email address seemed to be from where she worked. I would have to word the message carefully in case anyone else happened to see it. What an eager girl Sam was turning out to be. Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d get to make some of my fantasies a reality.

I managed to wait until just after nine before I composed an email. I set up a brand new email address, one that only Sam would ever use. I made a few drafts before settling on what to send to Sam.

“Hi Sam, I got your message this morning. Yes, that day for a viewing works perfectly for me. As far as time goes, anytime would be fine for me as I will definitely be home. As far as viewing I would love to see what you have on offer, just send it to this address and I will look it over. I have to say I’m excited to see how fast you work, this is an added bonus as I never expected for things to move along so quickly. I will wait to hear from you soon. N Mann.”

I thought the N Mann at the end was apt seeing as I was looking forward to being a very naughty man. I hoped whatever she sent would be very explicit, I wanted to see what her pussy looked like close up. I shouldn’t have worried, I saw the email arrive with two attachments one was a video file. I opened the attachments first. The first was the picture. I looked at Sam’s pussy in close up, she’d used her fingers to spread her lips showing how wet she was, I could see her juices glistening, it coated her lips, a single drop was hanging from her open hole, just about to drop.

My hand was shaking as I opened up the video file. I could see Sam, she was looking into the Lens, she was whispering but I heard every word.

“Mnnnnnnnnnn, Hi Naughtyman, did you like the picture, It was hard to get a good picture but I think it shows how wet I am. I can hardly wait until Thursday, I will be knocking on your door as soon as Martin has gone. I will spend a few minutes getting ready, I don’t think I would get away wearing what I’ve picked out while he was around, I think you’ll like it, I feel such a slut cheating but I need a good, dirty fucking and I think you will do just that to me. Well I better get back to work but I think I should let you watch me pee for you again.” She moved the phone lower, she had stripped her skirt and knickers off and was stood over the toilet, legs open ready to pee. Her bare pussy opened and a jet of hot piss spurted out. So loud on the video as it splashed into the toilet. It lasted about 30 seconds before the final dribble ran out, some of it was running down her legs. She lowered the phone so it was under her pussy. I could see the last drops fall as she gave a little shake. The camera came back up to her face.

“God I needed that, I’ve been holding it since I left home, just for you. Hope I’ve made your cock so hard. I will check my emails later just in case you send me something.”

She blew a kiss into the camera then it ended.

I saw that she had sent it from a different address. [email protected] Clever girl, she’d set up a private account just as I had. I decided to send her a quick message, taking my hard cock out so I could take a picture showing what I had waiting for her. Adding it as an attachment to the message.

canlı bahis You dirty girl, you’ve made my cock all hard for you, I took a picture to show you how hard it is.

I can hardly wait to see you naked on my bed, legs spread wide and ready to be fucked. I hope you piss for me first, maybe leave your knickers on so you soak them, I think I’d love to see you do that for me, perhaps I will hold your pussy as you do it. Would you like to do that for me, my little slut? I’m going to find it hard to work now, I will keep wanting to play your video rather than do any work. If you feel in the mood I’d love to see your tits, I’ve been thinking how good they will look without a bra on them. Hope you like the picture. xxx”

I struggled to work. I kept wanting to play Sam’s video as I stroked my cock. By lunchtime I’d basically given up pretending to work and decided to make a sandwich to eat. I’d just switched the kettle on to make a coffee when I heard the ping I’d set up to alert me of any new emails from Sam.

The coffee was forgotten as I sat down and opened the new email. I read the message first this time, I would open the attachment later, I was hoping it would be worth the wait.

“Hello Naughtyman i wanted to send this earlier but had to wait because I’ve been so busy this morning. So you want my tits out do you? Well that was easy to do for you. I’m a nice 34 C, hope you think they are big enough for your needs, as long as you don’t leave any marks I don’t mind what you do to them. Some slapping is allowed if that turns you on. I quite like them played with and sucked on, especially if I’ve got a nice sized cock stuck right up me, yours looks good to me. I just wish it was inside me right now. I wish I’d had more time to film for you but I think you’ll like it. Kisses Sam xxx.”

I pressed play and was treated to the sight of Sam topless. She’d stripped her top and bra off so her tits were hanging free. She was sat on the toilet with her skirt up and knickers off. She must have found a way to prop her phone up so she was completely in the shot. Her hand was rubbing her pussy, I could see she was fucking herself with two fingers, biting her lip as she pushed them in herself, hard. I could hear her groans as she did. Her tits were swaying as her hand moved faster and faster. She was going to cum for me. I got my cock out and began jerking it hard. I knew she had to be quiet but I still heard her saying she was going to cum. Her head went back and she clamped her free hand over her mouth as she shook as her orgasm hit. I watched her shake two or three times before she finished. Brushing her blonde hair from her face she smiled. she pulled her hand from between her legs and brought it to her mouth. She sucked on the fingers that had been inside her. With a wink I saw her get up and turn the phone off.

I set the film to replay and stroked harder watching her play. I managed three views before I shot my cum into the air. Not caring where it landed. Three nice spurts before the last drops coated my hand. I sat back and watched her playing again. I loved hearing her tell me she was going to cum. God I wanted her, I might wait for her to get home later and drag her into my flat to explore her gorgeous body. I don’t think she’d put up a struggle and we could have maybe five minutes kissing and playing, I hoped she would get down on her knees and suck my cock, I wanted to cum in her mouth before sending her upstairs, hoping she’d kiss her husband with my cum on her lips. I think I will do just that.

Next part. Thursday comes at last. Where Sam knocks on the door ready to fuck.

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