Subject: Galelmegon Gay Male/ Adult-Youth(?) Sf-Fantasy Usual disclaimers apply. Do not try this at home though for the life of me I don’t rightly know how you would. If you are in a position to do so, please donate to fty as without this site a lot of us might never have made it this far one way or another. As I finish this, COVID-19 is in full effect and I hope you are all staying safe. Feel free to send me a message with any suggestion, comment, rude remarks, what have you. I know this drags on in places but thank you for reading anyway. I felt the familiar tug of being summoned. Closing my eyes I allowed myself to transverse the dimensions until I was where I was being called to. I opened my eyes to find myself on a beach. There were people sunbathing and running around in bathing suits. Finding the Dreamer wasn’t hard. He was the only one with an actual aura. He was a tall man with a sandy blonde hair wearing a pair of blue trunks. He was over 6 feet tall and covered in muscle that could probably get him into a bodybuilding contest easy. His skin was tanned to a perfect golden brown only a few shades lighter than my own mahogany skin. A quick check with my second sight showed that the only part that was added on was a tattoo that encircled his left forearm. I was a little surprised. Seeing a Dreamer with this clear a self image was rare. Normally they saw themselves bigger or smaller of more handsome. Not that the man wasn’t handsome. He probably had people throwing themselves at him on a daily basis. I hid my tail and wings not bothering to reduce my teeth as most people didn’t notice them anyway. I swapped my regular outfit, leather leotard with a zipper that ran from my crotch around to above my ass for easy access, for a pair of trunks two sizes too small so that they showed off all my assets. I approached the man with a look of adoration. “Wow mister! You look real strong!” I said trying to sound amazed. I looked to be about 12 even though I was almost 800 years old. My hair was a shade of black to almost be blue and my eyes were the color of amethyst gems. I barely came up to the man’s rib cage and had to look up to meet his eyes. I was slim but my ass was sizable, jiggling when I walked and my cock was almost 5in though he couldn’t see it. He smiled kindly and flexed for me. “Thanks kid. I try my best to keep my shape.” Smiling I reached out and ran my fingers over the warm muscles of his abs tight and hard. I felt my heartbeat speed up. I’d done things like this hundreds of thousands of times but I forgot every year. It was the universe’s way of keeping it fresh for me. If I’d remembered every time I’d had sex I’d grow disinterested and wouldn’t be able to get as good a meal. This would be my third human of the year so it was still new and exciting. The human was frozen in place as I brought both hands up to stroke and squeeze his pecs. “You do a really good job!” I said trying not to sound too turned on. I glanced down and saw his cock straining in his trunks. Gasping and feigning surprise I lowered my voice. “Your weenier is hard too!” I moved my right hand down towards his erection but he stopped me. “Wait. You shouldn’t be doing that!” He hissed looking around. Unsurprisingly nobody was paying much attention. “It’s ok mister. Mine is hard too!” I yanked down my trunks and exposed my hairless crotch. His eyes were glued to me in an instant his grip loosening just enough for me to slip my arm free and place my hand on the head of his cock. I saw his breath catch as I gently caressed the swollen appendage. “Feels like you’ve got a real big one too!” Hesitantly his hand rose and encircled my erection. “Y-yours is pretty big too…” he breathed obviously forgetting about the people around us as they all stopped moving no longer necessary to keep the illusion. Gently he stroked my cock. “Wow….” Pulling his trunks down until they fell at his feet. He had deep tan lines, brief shaped pale flesh surrounded his cock and ass. I grabbed his erection again unencumbered by his trunks and stroked it for him we stood there for a minute slowly jacking each other before the constructs started moving again. Suddenly he seemed nervous. “It’s ok mister. Nobody’s lookin.” I said in a conspiratorial tone. He checked around and noticed that indeed we were unobserved. “Can I suck on it some? I promise to do a real good job!” Swallowing thickly he nodded and I leaned down, sticking my tongue out and running it up and down his slit a few times before taking the wide head into my mouth. Sucking hard I stroked his shaft a few times before letting up on the pressure and sliding my lips towards his crotch. His hands were at his sides clenching and twitching like he didn’t know what to do with the. My eyes rolled back as his pleasure rolled into me. I shivered both from his cock finding my throat and from the realization of what I was dealing with here. I gagged hard but didn’t let up as his cock spread my throat and slid inside. I moaned around him, a choked sound from my throat being so utterly filled. Soon enough I had taken him all the way down, glad I didn’t actually need siirt escort oxygen as I held him there and looked up with my most innocent look. “Fuck!” He groaned hips flexing and pushing another centimeter into my smaller body. Sliding back up I took a deep breath before repeating the action. “That feels so good. This is so fucking wrong. Please don’t stop!” I slowly moved back and forth engulfing his cock completely before letting off again, over and over again. I was sure we’d both be happy with just this but I had different plans. Pulling off completely I made a show of `catching my breath’ before beaming up at him. “Did I do a good job mister?” “You did really good…” He trailed off looking uncomfortable. “Elm!” I chirped. “Elm. That’s a nice name. I’m mark.” He said still looking shaky though his cock was twitching along to the beat of his heart. I kicked my trunks off and stood naked in front of him grinning ear to ear. Mark was obviously torn between running and seeing how far I would go. I amped up my pheromone output and made the decision for him. “C-could we do more stuff? I-if you want to of course!” Taking his hand I lead Mark over to a towel I’d conjured. I laid down and waited. After a moment’s hesitation, he knelt down and began to feel me up. His hands moved from my shoulders down my chest, pausing to pinch my nipples until they were hard and then moving down my flat stomach and then down to stroke my thighs and legs. Mark took great pleasure in massaging my feet for a few minutes but his eyes never left my still erect cock. “You can do whatever you want to me mister.” I said, voice thick with desire. Needing no more encouragement, Mark’s hands descended in my cock as if they were attracted by magnetism. I sighed and spread my legs, while his fingers rolled my balls. He moved up to my cock and stroked it again. I could tell he was gathering his courage just before his mouth moved down to my cock. I could feel his breath tickle over my skin and raised my hips a little. Wasting no more time he swallowed my cock, moaning with pleasure. He was a bit clumsy but made up for it with enthusiasm. I laid back and let him do his thing not worried about cumming. It felt really good but as long as I kept my concentration I’d be fine. Soon Mark was tired and sat back up, stroking my now spit slick cock and giving it a strange yet intense look. “This might be weird but just bear with it ok?” Without waiting for an answer or looking to see my reaction, Mark straddled my hips and lowered his ass onto my cock. The head breached and he immediately hopped off a pained look on his face. I was a little shocked. I thought muscle dudes like him would rather plow me like a sex doll. I couldn’t stop myself from peeking at his arousal map. Turns out he was only interested in having his ass fucked. I knew from sucking his cock earlier, he was a virgin. Weird with how attractive he was but it couldn’t be denied. Only a virgin gave off that kind of energy. Delving a little deeper I saw why. He’d known he was gay since he was young. He’d worked out so hard to be more manly. He’d tried to have sex with a few women but hadn’t been able to keep it up. He’d usually jerk off to memories of guys at the gym but had never let himself cum so as not to confirm his homosexuality. “Wait mister! You can’t just jam it in like that you gotta go slow. Here let me show you.” Getting him on all fours, I took a moment to admire his muscular back and ass before I spread his cheeks. His hole was pink and tight. Obviously an exit only. I’m gonna enjoy making him rethink that. Leaning down I kissed his hole gently a few times before pressing my lips firmly against his and jamming my tongue inside. I forgot to mention that my tongue could extend almost 3 inches from my mouth. Any form of oral from a Demon of my type would ruin you for most people. I lapped at his walls and pressed his prostate, wiggling my tongue around and massaging his hole. Mark whimpered and moved his hands back to spread his ass open wider. “YES! FUCK YES! YES! YES!” He’d forgotten our audience again as my tongue gave him a proper taste of what he’d wanted since he’d understood what sex was. Mark groaned and quivered as he came hard. I slowly dragged my tongue from his hole reveling in the life force singing into me. I ran my hands up his back caressing his shoulders. “Don’t relax just yet mister. I’m not done with you.” I kissed the small of his back before sliding up behind him and slipping my cock between his burly ass cheeks. The larger man moaned rubbing his ass against my cock. Puling back I applied a coat of lube to my cock with a quick thought and slid my cock home into his ass. For his part Mark moaned and flexed his ass muscles. “Oh god! You feel so big in me!” I rolled my hips, reveling in the tight heat of him. “I’m not gonna go easy on you mister. You better get ready.” I purred. Mark took a deep breath and I got started, knowing that between my pheromones and his own arousal he wouldn’t be able to say no to anything. I started with slow but hard thrusts; slowly extracting my cock until only the head remained, sincan escort and then slamming back in making Mark coo in pleasure. Slowly I picked up speed pounding my cock into the older man enjoying the feel of his muscular ass against my smaller hips. His voice rose until he was moaning wantonly unworried about the constructs who had stopped yet again. I couldn’t help myself and reached my power out, making them turn to face us. I wondered how long it would take him to realize we were being watched. Reaching under Mark, I took his nipples between my thumb and forefinger squeezing and rolling them roughly. I was right in my assumption that Mark would love it. Pressing my hips against Mark’s ass I gyrated my hips as I started cumming. “Oh my god! How can that feel so good!?” Mark groaned. I never stopped my fingers as I kissed down Mark’s spine.’ “It feels good for me too mister.” I sighed giving Marks nipples a hard yank. “Ready for round two?” “What!?” Mark asked as I removed my cock from his ass. With a little prodding I got him to roll onto his side. “Already?” “Of course. You didn’t cum this time. I wanna see you do it!” I knew the aphrodisiacs in my cum would be ramping up his already lust addled brain. Lifting one of his legs, I slid my cock home. Getting no resistance as expected. “I think the others want to see it too.” The constructs shifted slightly and started watching us more intently. “What the fuck!?” “Are they having sex?” “That guy must be some kind of pervert!” Mark’s face flushed as the people around us began to speak. “Wait, no… We need to stop.” Mark said, eyes flicking around nervously. Though he made no move to stop me or move away. “Why?” I asked slowing slightly and pulling a confused expression. “Because…” He seemed to search for a good reason before murmuring. “I don’t want people to think I’m some kind of freak…” Sliding my hand up Mark’s thigh, I wrapped my fingers around his cock. “But you are mister. You’re a total pedo freak. See how hard you are? You love my little kid cock sliding around in your tight virgin hole. You lost your virginity to a kid! Doesn’t that make you feel all hot and horny?” If it weren’t for the steady flow of precum and the way he was moving against me, I might have felt I went too far. Mark’s dark eyes showed an internal turmoil for a moment while he tried to reconcile my words with his own sense of self. All the while, I continued to slowly saw my cock in and out of his ass. It didn’t take long before he thought `Fuck it. I’ve already been caught so if I’m gonna go to jail, might as well make it epic’ Grabbing my hips with his large hands, Mark increased my pace and the force of my thrusts. Taking the hint, I kept up the pace, hugging Mark’s leg for support as my hips moved back and forth clashing with his and filling the small circle of humanity around us with the sound of our coupling. Mark’s body tensed and suddenly he was shooting cum into the sand in front of him. I slowed to a stop basking in the energy Mark was giving off. I could sustain myself on this a good long while. Mark surprised me when his hand found the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. I knew he was utterly drained and satisfied. The dream should be dissolving by now. What the hell was he doing? “My turn little dude.” He smirked before moving us so that he was straddling me again. He planted his feet on either side of my body and began to ride me like his life depended on it. My cock tingled as I was brought to orgasm much faster than ever before. I moaned and thrashed on the beach completely taken aback by this change. Mark had been hesitant up until now. I was rethinking my approach now. I had wanted him to realize being gay wasn’t the worst thing in the world but I might have just created an insatiable monster… Mark rotated his hips on my cock for a few moments letting the aftershocks of my orgasm die down before he started riding again. The muscles in his legs moving and flexing under he skin combined with the intensity in his eyes were driving me wild. One hand found it’s way to my chest and stroked over the skin; mauling my erect nipples. I was scrambling for a way to regain control of the situation when Mark twisted my nipple just enough to send a shock of pleasure down my spine. I was getting a different sort of energy from Mark now. It wasn’t the usual selfish pleasure of an orgasm coursing through the human brain. It was the satisfaction of making a lover feel good. I groaned as my hips started to flex trying to get more! I had thought virgin energy was the best thing a creature like me could experience. If virgin energy was like fine wine this energy was like ambrosia. I had to get more of it! My hands were moving now; caressing every inch of him I could reach. Trying desperately to give every ounce of what I was getting. I don’t know how many loads of cum Mark wrang out of me. My refractory period was nothing. He could hold me here in sexual limbo for the rest of time and I’d never stop cumming. Thankfully though, humans -even honed specimens like this one- had a finite sinop escort amount of energy. I was drained and barely able to move by the tine we were done. My entire body was buzzing with the energy I’d gorged myself on. I probably wouldn’t need to feed for months after this. Continuing to surprise me, Mark laid next to me. Spooning my body against his and buried his nose into my hair. Slowly I fell into a satisfied sleep. ~~ The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the warm body wrapped around me. Then the pleasant scent of sweat and cum. Then the sensation of my tail wrapped around a thick limb. None of this made sense. I should be back in my own rooms, alone and waiting to be summoned again. Maybe someone had come to visit and decided to crawl into bed with me? That would be in my friend Omira’s wheelhouse. But Omira isn’t that big nor did she smell this heavenly. Opening my eyes, I confirmed that no, I was not in my rooms. A glance to the window showed bright light filtering into the room not the dull reddish type I was used to. I was in the human world. And would likely have a ton of explaining to do. Mark woke not long after I did and tightened his arms around me, kissing the back of my neck. I couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down my body. “I’ve got time before I have to get to work. Wanna help me with my morning workout?” The hard cock pressed between my legs left no doubt to what kind of work out he had in mind. Also pretty cavalier thought process for finding a naked boy in your bed after you went to sleep still convinced you were arrow straight. Twisting in his embrace I eyed him wearily, once again scared I’d broken the poor guy. “Umm… Don’t you wanna ask me some things first?” “Nope. Sex first then questions. If I think about this too hard, I’m pretty sure you’ll disappear.” Well logic like that can’t be argued. I went down on Mark, starting with his cock and then his ass not letting him cum until I slid my own hardness into him. He did not comment when my tail snaked up his body and wrapped around his cock or when my wings spread in my orgasmic bliss. I was licking up the cum he’d shot on his abdomen when Mark finally started his questioning. “Am I dreaming?” “Not anymore. The beach was on the Dreamscape. This is all very real.” “So you’re real?” I nodded. “What are you? How did you get here?” He didn’t sound concerned in the least. Just curious. “I’m a succubus. And I’m here because… Well, I probably made a mistake.” I admitted. “What kind of mistake? I didn’t have any complaints last night. What we did was better than any porn I’ve ever seen.” Sighing I put myself against his chest again. It was easier wrapped in his warmth and scent. I had to tell him. Wasn’t really something I could avoid. “I fell in love.” My voice was raspy with emotion I wasn’t used to dealing with. “I fell in love with you so now I’m bound to you.” “And that’s bad because?” Mark asked sounding guarded. “Because I exist at your leisure now. I can only exist if you love me back and one day you’re gonna resent me because you feel like you have to love me and then I’ll be gone and you’ll feel like it’s all your fault and…” I dissolved into sobs. I’d heard of it happening before. Succubi and Incubi fell in love with humans pretty often but 8 of 10 ended up fading because the human they were bound to started to hate them. They were further tortured with the guilt their human felt after their death but having no way of alleviating it. The souls of those poor creatures were the reason for the red sky in my home world. Their cries could be heard late into the night any place that wasn’t properly charmed. I had always feared I’d become one of those souls. I’d gone 800 years feeling nothing for humans. And it took only one to bring me to my doom. Worse. I didn’t blame him. The entire time. Mark murmured gentle words into my ear, his hand stroking up and down my body in a calming way. “You don’t have to worry Elm. I’ll never stop loving you.” I wanted to laugh as much as I wanted to believe him. “I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that I wanted to hold on to you forever. You didn’t make the situation any easier being so deviously cute. I promise you. I’ll die before I let you fade away.” His conviction flowed through me. I knew he meant it. Wanted it to be true as much as I did. He didn’t know he had less control over such matters than he thought. Since I didn’t have any other choice though. I believed him. I’d give him as many reasons as I could to love me. I’d work hard every day to make sure he knew I loved him with everything I was. “Umm one more thing. Could you watch what you think?” I asked leaning back to show him my larger cock. “It kinda effects me.” The head of my cock expanded until it was like a mushroom cap and worse it doubled in sensitivity. Even the air flowing around me was almost too much to take. “Oh we can have some fun with that…” Mark said thoughtfully. A/N: You’re probably wondering about the title. Well Galelmegon is Elm’s full name. It was supposed to be mentioned but the story went a bit differently than I originally wanted it to. The ending kinda dangles because I’m thinking about adding more to it. I wanted to get out the parts about Elm’s fears about becoming a Shade because it’s something that will come up should this continue. Fell free to completely ignore it though and just enjoy the sex.

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