“Game” Over???

“Game” Over???I had not had any Barb time since returning from Kansas City. School was to start up in a week ending summer break and I needed to dress. The folks were at work and I was going to play.I put on the open bottom girdle dad had bought me, tan nylons, a white lacy bra and my breast froms, and 4″ black pumps. I went into the folks bedroom turned on the stereo and sat down at mom’s vanity to do my makeup. I then went to mom’s closet and started looking through her closes to see what I could wear. I felt something brush my hard cock and looked down to see a manicured hand gently holding it!! I turned around and was face to face with mom! Before I could utter a word she said “it’s ok Barb, your father told me everything”. She then kissed canlı bahis şirketleri me very softly and said “he was right, you are a beautiful young lady”. We continued to kiss as she began to stroke my drooling cock. She then knelt in front of me and took me in her mouth and she was great at it! She stood up and gave me a deep kiss and started unbuttoning her white blouse, pulled her beautiful breast out from her bra and asked me to suck her nipples which I gladly did. She walked to the dresser and slid her grey skirt up over her 6 strap garter belt and then bent over the dresser. F**k me baby she said, I want to feel your nice hard clitty in my pussy. A dream come true!! Her tanned inner thighs were wet and her pussy was canlı kaçak iddaa dripping. I eased into her slowly and started pumping, slow at first. She was so wet and warm!! She turned her head and looked at me “harder baby, please squeeze my nipples too”. Soon she was moaning and pushing her ass back at me. Baby, she said, I want you in my ass. Your dad is to big but I think I can take you if you go easy. I gently eased into her, she was tight but soon relaxed. Harder she kept saying as she played with her pussy as I f**ked her ass. Her moans grew louder and she started to tremble. Cum in me she kept saying, I want your cum baby. I could not hold back any longer and erupted in her sweet tight ass. She collapsed on the dresser canlı kaçak bahis out of breath. I started to pull out but she grabbed my butt and told me to stay in there till I went soft. I finally stepped back and she turned around and knelt in front of me. She sucked and licked all of our cum up she could find. Stood up and gave me a long deep kiss. I always dreamed of having a daughter she said. You will do just fine my love. That night I went to bed wearing my girl clothes. In the middle of the night I was awoke by a gentle kiss. It was mom. I have something for you she said. She slid her night gown up and straddled my chest. I know how much you love your fathers cum as she moved her pussy over my mouth. I eagerly lapped their combined juices and dad’s creampie from her. She then moved down and sat on my hard cock and started riding it. Of course it did not take long for me to cum in her tight pussy. She leaned down and gave me a warm passionate kiss saying “now I have something to bring to your father”.

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