Games Night Act 01: Super-ego


“Do you want to play a game, little sub?”

I look up at your smiling face with a matching grin… I do so love it when Sir gets inventive!

Nodding my head in acquiescence, I ask, “What are the rules, Sir?”

You cup my face and start stroking my cheek with your fingertips.

“The rules are, that you get to do whatever you want to me…”

My grin widens. I like this game already!

You reach forward and kiss from the side of my mouth to my ear, before whispering to me, “Do whatever you want to me… until the alarm goes off on my phone. I set it earlier… but you don’t know for how long. And after it goes off…”

You pull away, smiling broadly, watching as my breasts rise and fall with my already increased breaths.

“I get to do,” you begin, kissing my cheek.

“Whatever I want,” kissing my forehead.

“To you,” kissing my nose.

“For however long I want.”

You hover so close to my lips, your breath fanning mine.


“Yes Sir!” I say quickly, hoping you will reach forward and kiss me. You smile at me.

“You’re in charge little sub. Time is ticking!”

I cup your chin gently, mimicking your gesture from before. Kissing your cheek, your forehead, your nose. Delicately my tongue flicks out over your lips. I watch as your pupils dilate, and I giggle as I start to undo your shirt. I kiss each bit of flesh exposed, before licking and nibbling as I undo the next button.

When all the front ones are undone, I open the fabric and let my eyes roam over your taut body. I reach for your wrists, and after undoing the shirt there I push my tongue hard into your pulse point, so I can feel your heart beating. I look up at you, anxious for your reaction, and you smile at me encouragingly. istanbul travesti I slip the shirt from your shoulders, then stand back.

“Undo your trousers and slowly pull them over your hips,” I instruct you.

You do so, an indulgent smile on your face. I bite my lip as I realise that your not wearing any underwear, your semi erect cock springing free from its confines.

“Lower them to your knees.”

I drop to all fours and crawl over to you slowly. Kneeling in front of you, I lift first one leg, then the other and pull your trousers off.

From your feet up, I start to rediscover my favourite parts of you… the hollow of your ankle, the curve of your calf, the deep, sensitive spot behind your knees. Worshipping you with lips and fingers, tongue and gentle teeth. Trailing my fingers up your firm thighs, I ignore your groin area and instead start to lick the top of your hip.

I hear you blow out a heavy breath, say, “Well.. I did ask for it, my little tease!”

I laugh as my tongue probes.

I kiss gently up your side, across to your nipples which I suck at until I hear your sharp intake of breath. I know I have marked you.

Up to the column of your neck, dipping into your collar bone which you know that I love to tease so much. Until my face is level with yours.

“Kiss me?” I ask.

You smile at me, pulling me close and kissing me deeply and passionately. Your cock lays along my stomach as you hold me close, and I wriggle my hips against you.

I pull away, quickly stripping off my clothes. I place you on the bed, your hands holding the headboard and I tell you not to let go.

I lay by your side, my hair tickling you. I trail my fingers up and down your thighs, şişli travesti my mouth close to your groin, blowing on you softly. I watch as your cock grows from semi to erect, as my fingers move close up your leg, smoothing softly under your balls and up over, ever decreasing circles. You groan and thrust your hips out, your cock bobbing with the motion. I admonish you sharply, and slap your thigh.

I hear you laugh, and I smile up at you mischievously.

“Sir is not being a good boy,” I admonish.

I reach forward until my mouth is centimetres away from your bellend. Precum is starting to ooze from your cumhole. Using my thumbnail, I draw it up the underside of your shaft, sticking my tongue out and pressing it to the wet hole at the same time. You groan and flinch.

“Do you like that, Sir?”

“Very much sub. But tell me.. you know your time in charge is finite. Don’t you want to cum? You can do anything you want, have me eat your pussy until I’m drowning in your juice, fuck my cock until I’m begging for release.”

I look at you.

“I’m doing what gives me the most pleasure Sir. Teasing and pleasing you.”

One of my hands cups your balls and the other grasps the base of your thick member. I start to wank you with slow, deep strokes as I lick upwards in one swipe from your base to just under your glans. I squeeze and stroke your balls, and after a few minutes I am rewarded by a thick droplet of precum oozing down your shaft. I use my hand to massage it all around your girth, before licking it off. Your body is twitching and jerking with desire, and you groan loudly as I hold the tip of your cock gently between my teeth and swipe across it with my tongue.

“Please sub, bakırköy travesti I want to be in your mouth,” you beg.

I look up at you under lowered eyelashes.

“Of course, Sir!”

I pull you to your feet, kneel in front of you. I make you link your hands behind your back, tell you to keep them there. Your throbbing, purple cock stands proud in front of me, and I open wide and take your thick girth deep in my mouth. You groan and again thrust your hips.

I pull your cock out with a pop and slap your thigh.

“As still as you can!”

I suck you back in, deeper this time, then slowly back into the chamber of my mouth. I rock slowly in this way, taking more and more of your cock into my mouth, until it hits the back of my throat. I convulse around you as I gag, before pulling out a little, looking up at you, noticing you are watching as I deep throat your cock. I stare into your eyes as I move forward, your whole cock disappearing into my mouth. As I start to gag, I push further forward, taking you deeper, until your stomach hits my nose. I rock on that final inch, gagging deeply on you, my mouth uncomfortably wide to accommodate your girth, saliva dripping down my chin and onto my breasts. My eyes are watering and I’m struggling to breathe, but my nipples have hardened to little pebbles and my pussy throbs. I pull you out of my mouth, and look up at you.

“You may use your hands and your hips to fuck my face properly, Sir!” I tell you.

You grin hugely, grabbing my chin and pushing your cock in roughly, as deep as before. Your fingers stroke my chin and cheeks as I choke on your length, your other hand cupping my head as you drive into me.

“Such a beautiful little sub,” you coo. “Mouth stuffed full of my hard, thick cock. How I love fucking your sexy, slutty throat! You love nothing more than servicing me, don’t you baby girl?”

Before I can answer, I hear bells chiming. You pull your cock from my mouth, smile kindly into my upturned face, still stroking my cheeks gently.

“Times up, little sub. My turn now…”

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