Gas, Grass or Ass

Ana Foxxx

My old Honda 1100 was really getting long in the tooth. After twenty years and 37,000 miles reliability was becoming a question. So I took the plunge and splurged on a new 600 sportbike.

Hearing that my old bike would soon be sold, my wife’s sister Fran surprised me by inquiring through my wife if I would take her for a ride on it. Now I’ve known Fran for 15+ years and I’ve owned the bike the whole time and not once did she express any interest in riding. I didn’t give the matter much thought other than telling her she would have to schedule it soon, since I wanted to sell the bike before the fall.

A few days later she comes over. My wife Paula and I go over with her where to sit, how to hang on and how to avoid getting burned by the exhaust pipes. Now like I said, I’ve known Fran for a long time and to tell you the truth, she’s never really done much for me attraction-wise. As my wife’s older sister, she’s well into her forties. She’s always been heavy, and while that has equipped her with very large breasts, the rest has been big too. Fran is a continual dieter, dropping 20 lbs. and putting them back on repeatedly. While she has a pretty face and she could potentially be quite attractive, it has never really worked for me. To the best of my knowledge, she has never been all that attracted to me either, although I would have to say in all modesty that I am better looking than her husband. My wife has always said that Fran was very attractive through high school and weighed like 120 lbs. on her wedding day. She explains that her sister’s weight problem is tied to low self-esteem, the low self-esteem leads to depression and eating which generates the weight problem. This is all too complex for me.

Surprisingly, Fran’s latest weight-loss plan seemed to be working – sensible eating coupled with regular trips to the gym. I wouldn’t go so far as say she was svelte, but she did look better than she has in recent memory and seemed more upbeat as well.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to bust her chops the day we were to ride, even with my wife present.

“You taksim elit escort don’t think I’m taking you for a ride with those clothes on do you?” I sternly questioned her.

“Why, what’s wrong with these clothes?” She replied, looking at her jeans and sweater.

“They are nowhere near sexy enough. Biker chicks have a reputation for sexiness you know, and you are undermining it.”

“Well, I didn’t bring a change of clothes, so you’ll just have to tough it out.”

This exchange had all three of us all smiling, so continuing in the same vein I then asked her, “Did your husband tell you what the charge is for riding?”

“No, what charge?”

“Gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free. And since I already have gas and work prohibits me being involved with grass, you know what that leaves.”

This brought forth a chuckle from us all, and with that said we got on the bike and rode. Fran was a pretty nervous passenger, but to her credit she didn’t freak out or try to lean the wrong way or anything. We rode for about 20 miles and as we waited for a red light, I leaned back and told her we needed to find a secluded area for her to pay for her ride. She just gently swatted me and smiled from under her helmet. Needless to say, we didn’t actually do anything but ride back home where she thanked me and said she enjoyed the ride and hoped her husband would consider buying the bike. I did hit the brake firmly a few times get those big boobs pressed against me.

A few days later Paula was out shopping when Fran called the house looking for her. Feigning that I didn’t understand why she called, I asked if she was trying to get another ride. I must have caught her in a sexy mood, because she answered maybe. Perhaps I was in a sexy mood too, because I reminded her of her dress code and the required payment schedule. She replied that she understood the conditions.

“So when do you want to go for this ride?” I asked.

“What are you doing right now?” she countered.

“I’m guess I’m firing up the bike and taksim escort picking you up, be ready in 20 minutes.”

With that, I got the bike out and started trying to think of a nice secluded place that I could take her and call her bluff. The day was bright, warm and sunny. The ride over on one hand seemed to take forever and on the other came much too quickly as I still wasn’t sure where to go.

When I pulled up she was already outside and her clothes didn’t disappoint me. Evidently the diet was working well, since she had on a pair of shorts and a tube top that she never could have worn before. She must have been hiding her dieting success under baggy jeans and sweaters before. I smiled and remarked that I was glad she decided to dress the part.

“You like?” she asked as she struck a model pose.

“Oh yeah, you look great.” I replied.

I was really looking at her in a whole new light. They say that confidence is sexy and I was starting to understand this.

Fran climbed aboard and we were off, riding east and into a more rural area of wooded backroads and farms. I guess you could say that my senses were tuned up, but every sound and sensation seemed more intense and the feeling of her behind me was both new and comfortable. Her hands seemed relaxed around me and she stayed snugly up against me. I didn’t have to hit the brakes to move her up and her boobs felt nice on my back.

About a half an hour into the ride I took a rutted side road into the woods. I was getting anxious to stop and it looked like a deserted area. About 200 feet in, the road abruptly stopped at an abandoned house. I pulled behind the house through some tall grass and parked out of sight of the main road. I shut down the motor and motioned for her to dismount and we both got off the bike.

“So, what’s this place?” she asked, smiling.

“This is a secluded area to allow you to pay up.”

When she didn’t immediately respond, I was suddenly unsure if I had been reading her wrong and that she would freak. She just walked around the back taksim eve gelen escort of the old house looking around and at me. Finally, she spoke.

“Are you sure we can do this?”

“I’m sure.”

“How would we start? I don’t think we can, you know, make love here.”

“Why don’t we start with these.” As I pulled her to me and began rubbing her breasts through the tube top. She closed her eyes and began breathing heavily. After a moment of no resistance, I pulled the top down and gently licked her nipples. They were very large and very hard and she obviously enjoyed my attentions. As I pulled away from her, she pulled me back to her and kissed me.

Now generally, I really enjoy pleasing my women and tend to not be demanding enough of my own needs, but this time I wasn’t going to be left hanging. Pulling her along with me, I backed up against the bike and unzipped my jeans. She quietly stood in front of me, watching with her breasts standing out above her tube top. I watched her eyes as she stared at my cock when I pulled it out.

“I think you know what to do.” I instructed as I pushed down gently on her shoulders.

She did indeed, kneeling before me, stroking my cock a few times before putting her mouth over it. It was good, really good. I can’t say that she sucked better than any other woman I’ve been with, although she was better than a few. It was just that it had been so long since I’d had any “strange” and the whole afternoon had gotten me tuned up so to speak.

I sometimes have a hard time cumming while standing up, but not this time. She bobbed up and down and as I got closer and closer I told her:

“Oh, this is so good, soooo good, oh I’m gonna cuuuum.”

I was worried that she’d wimp and pull away, or just finish with her hand, but she was good and stayed right on it. I blasted what felt like a giant load down her throat and she didn’t miss a beat, swallowing every drop and sucking gently until I finally started to soften. It was a wonderful blowjob.

I felt a little bit like a punk leaving her unfulfilled, but hey, she was the one who didn’t think we could make love there, right? I told her I owed her one and to let me know when I could pay her back. We mounted up and rode back. Her husband was expected home soon, so we didn’t go inside. She did give me a discrete kiss as I left.

Maybe I won’t sell the 1100 after all.

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