Gay Prison Guards Fuck

Gay Prison Guards FuckEverything was going great on the inside. I was fucking this gay bitch every week just to satisfy my sexual urges, i really had no complaints. But of course, that wouldn’t last long as i was unexpectedly called by another guard for a little chat in the shower room. I walked in there and it was just me and him as he asked me how i was doing. I responded and told him i was good and asked him the same. He quickly asked me about the inmate i had been fucking and right away i knew that he also knew what we were doing. I was in deep trouble as i tried to play it cool. I watched as he walked right up to me and told me he noticed me and the inmate had been spending quite a lot of time together. To which i had no answer, all i could do was listen. He smiled, as if he had got me in the palm of his hands. Unexpectedly i felt him grab a hold of my crotch. He gave me a squeeze as i stood there, still and not moving. “It’s okay… i know what you’re doing .. i won’t tell anyone..” he said as he let go of my cock. “But i want in…” I felt a bit of relief as that probably wouldn’t be hard to arrange. He should’ve just told me if he had wanted to fuck that bitch too i thought. But i couldn’t be more wrong as he stood looking at me.. “I want in on your cock…. I want you to fuck me….” he said as i was shocked even more. “I’ve seen how you fuck him.. and i honestly want you to fuck me the same… fuck me like how you fuck him…” He said. I think he was expecting me to respond but all i could do was look bursa escort on. He walked back over to me after a short pause. “I’ll let you think about it…. if you want to take me up on this offer… just come meet me in the locker room during lights out” He walked off and left me by myself as we both went on with our days. It got dark fast and the time came around where i would have to either stay and put myself in trouble for my affair with the inmate or go meet the other guard for more gay sex. I was against it but at the same time, it was a easy choice to make. I went ahead and walked through the doors and hallways and made my way to the locker room. The place was now quiet and empty as everyone settled down. I walked in there and didn’t see anyone around as i cautiously looked around before heading to his locker room. I then heard foot steps and turned around to see him in a towel as he had just finished showering. “You want to shower before we start too? Or you want to just get down to it?” he said as i stood there frozen. “Okay… let’s see it….” he threw off his towel and he was already rock hard as he got on his knees and undid my belt and my pants as he pulled me out. My cock, also hard as he pulled it out with his hands and looked at it. “Fuck yeah… it looks even better in person.. I can’t believe that bitch gets to fuck your cock.. this should’ve been mine….” he said as he slid it his mouth and started sucking and gagging. I just stood there at first letting hi have his way with me, escort bursa but i eventually gave in as i started to fuck his mouth and grab his head. Both of us moaning as he tasted my cock. “Take it off… come on… ” he said as he backed off stroking his own cock, waiting for me to get naked. After i stripped everything off he came over and grabbed me as he started kissing me and he was literally all over me as i backed up onto the locker. We were there making out like crazy as he wrapped his leg around me and i grabbed his ass and teased his ass with my finger making him moan as i sucked his neck. “Fuck yeah.. I can’t wait to get that big dick in my ass..” He moaned. He quickly turned around and arched his ass waiting for me to get my cock in him. “Come on… fuck my ass with that dick.. give it to me… ” i held onto my cock and his hip as i pushed myself in him. Watching my ass slid inside of his ass, already nicely lubed. Both of us moaning together as i got deeper and deeper in him. Working my cock in and out of his ass as i grabbed onto his hips and started pounding him , making him moan as he was loving it even more . “Oh yeah.. fuck it.. fuck my ass, fuck it like how you fuck that bitch… fuck it with that dick..” he moaned. Grabbing onto him so hard as i pounded him while he stroked his cock. His cock and balls swinging back and forth in his hand as we moaned. “Fuck.. pound me… yes.. make me cum… make me fucking cum!!” he begged. After pounding him hard for a short minute his ass tightened görükle escort and gripped my cock as he stood up and started shooting cum onto the floor. “Fuck… oh god…. oh fuck my ass yes!!!” he yelled. Cum dripping onto the floor and covering his hands as he came. I slowed down resting with my balls against his ass as i let him finish. He finished , out of breath as he looked back at me , looking so tired. “Fuck…. let me taste my ass…. ” he said as he got down on his knees, my cock sliding out of his ass and right into his mouth as i watched him suck it. He was taking my cock to the back of his throat and loving it as i placed my hand on his head. He spat me out and stroked me with both hands looking up at me as he talked dirty to me. “Did you like fucking my ass hole? did it feel good on your cock? You going to cum for me? give me that cum.. cum on my fucking face… make me your little gay whore…” he was stroking my cock with both hands so fast as he spat on my cock repeatedly , watching how much he wanted my cum, i exploded and covered his face, shooting loads across his face and onto his lips as he had his mouth open and tongue out. Feeling my cock throb in his hands as he shoved it in his mouth and swallowed whatever cum i had left from my cock. He licked my cock clean and i watched him lick his lips before he got up and let out a loud moan. He gave my cock a good stroke and then walked a few feet away before stopping and looking back at me. “Not going to wash up? Come on?” he said as i walked over and we both hit the shower together as we cleaned off all our cum and i found him all over me again, tongue in my mouth as we moaned kissing and grabbing eachother and i thought about sliding my cock back in his tight ass.

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