Geeks Never Get Any: Bobby


Foreword: This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

Operators of erotic story web sites, whether free or fee-based, have my permission to post my stories for public reading, provided that credit is given to “Hungry Guy” as the author, and as long as you don’t make changes other than fixing typos. Even beware of fixing typos, for I occasionally use local slang and dialects that may be flagged by your spell checker. Thanks.


Bobby was daydreaming again about being the captain of the starship _Enterprise,_ practicing interstellar diplomacy and defending the Federation against the collective Borg menace.

In reality, he was sitting in his cubicle gazing into an ancient 3277 TSO terminal waiting for the billing system to complete its daily cycle. Transmission glitches had plagued the SNA network all day, and JES was bottlenecked with batch jobs waiting to run on the mainframe.

Now that it was 6:15 on a Friday night, the office was deserted and network traffic had reduced to a trickle. Weekly sales data from the Unix servers in branch offices across the country had finally begun to accumulate into generation data groups on the private DASD packs.

Bobby stood up and yawned, and looked around the sea of cubicles in the vast office floor. He heard one of the secretaries clicking away in the next aisle, but otherwise the floor was devoid of staff.

The last of the files had been received. He checked the NDM logs to confirm that they had been received correctly, then he went into ISPF to submit the first job of the production cycle.

The cycle finished quickly, ending about 15 minutes later. All the condition codes were returned as 0000, indicating a successful production run.

He sent an email to Steve, the lead programmer over in the financial area, to inform him that he can submit the financial jobs that would get the reports out to all the department heads by morning.

He clicked on _send_ and stretched out in a big yawn in anticipation of going home and catching the end of the _Thunderbirds_ marathon on _Tech TV._ He stretched his arms out and leaned as far back as his chair would allow.

The view he got was completely unexpected. That secretary from the other aisle was standing at the entrance of his cubicle looking down at him.

She stepped closer and said, “Can I show you something?”

Bobby had seen her around the office a few times. She always had a cold, hard face; and she always dressed so provocatively — short-short skirts, sheer blouses, bare midriffs, and so on. She was what most guys would call “hot,” but she was clearly not interested in being friends with the likes of him. The one time he has smiled at her in passing, she had just glared back. He clearly wasn’t her type; and truth be told, he wasn’t interested in her type either. Despite that, his private thought was, _Step closer so I can see up that short skirt and you can show me something!_ What actually came out of his mouth was, “What?”

He started to sit up and she said, “No, don’t sit up!”

She leaned forward, removed his glasses and set them on his desk, and placed her hands taksim grup yapan escort on his shoulders.

She pushed him down a little more in his chair, stood up on her tiptoes, and stepped forward.

“Hey!” Bobby gasped as she stepped over his face, squeezing his head between her thighs.

He was presented with the view of her naked hairy pussy and ass, with her panty crotch pulled to one side.

He panicked and pulled his chair in toward his desk, but she stepped forward as he rolled in. He was suddenly in as far as he could get to his desk. A bare moment later, she lowered herself onto him, pressing her pussy against his face.

“What are you doing?” he asked into her muff.

“I’m making you eat me, that’s what,” she answered back.

While Bobby certainly enjoyed going south on women, the idea of this woman who had never been at all friendly to him now forcing herself on him like this seemed almost like rape. “No way! Get off me!” he gasped.

“Not until you eat me,” she insisted.

“I’m not going to eat you,” he said.

He felt her press down on his face with her pussy, forcing his head back and down a little more.

“I’ll just stand here until you do,” she said.

“You can’t stand there all night,” he said.

“Sure I can,” she said.

“It’s a long night. You’re going to have to eat or go to the restroom eventually.”

“I just ate a salad while waiting for the financial report to FTP from the mainframe. But, since you mention it, I do have to pee.”

Bobby was relieved at that. She would have to leave to go to the ladies room before he would give in to her bizarre demand.

Then he felt her pinch his jaw open, and bear down on him a little more. If she though that would make him eat her, she was mistaken.

Then, he felt the strangest sensation inside his mouth. His mouth was rapidly filling with liquid.

_Gaaak! She’s peeing in my mouth!_ Bobby began struggling frantically to pull away from this disgusting torture. He couldn’t pull his chair in any further. He couldn’t push out any further as he legs blocked his shoulders. He couldn’t lower his head back any further since she was already pressing her pussy down on his face with considerable weight.

She stopped peeing just as his mouth had reached its capacity. What could he do? He tried to spit the disgusting fluid out, but her pussy was pressed down too tightly against his lips. And he certainly couldn’t swallow the filthy liquid.

She said, “See? I don’t have to go anywhere. I can stand here all night.” Then she pressed down on his face even more.

Having no other choice, he began to swallow her foul water. Luckily, it had no taste or texture. After a few moments, he had swallowed it all. Bobby felt like crying at this treatment. Yet, it was obvious that she could, indeed, carry out her threat to remain on him all night, peeing into his mouth whenever the need came to her.

He began to lick her pussy. She was already quite wet. He cautiously licked her moist back and forth and side to side.

“Come on!” she insisted.

At her insistence, he found her vagina with his tongue and began to slide his tongue in and out. He continued to fuck her with his tongue, bringing more pussy juice into his mouth with each stroke.

“That taksim masöz escort feels good, but move on to my clit,” she said.

He found her clit and closed his lips around it and drew in his breath, sucking it deep into his mouth. Then he began to lick and flick it with his tongue.

“Yes! Oh God! Keep sucking!”

He sucked her clit like a lollipop drawing it even deeper into his mouth with his breath. He licked and flicked the nub with his tongue as he felt pussy juice flow from her genitals into his mouth and onto his face.

“God! You’re good at this!” she squealed as she squeezed his head tightly between her thighs.

Bobby felt her orgasm shake her body as she pressed down on his face even harder.

“Oh God! I’m coming! Oh God!” she squealed over and over again.

Bobby continued to suck and lick as her orgasm rocked her body repeatedly until he heard her fall forward and slap her palms onto his desk.

“Wow!” she said. “You’re damn good at eating pussy!”

He was unable to reply what with her practically sitting on his face with her full weight bending his head back at an impossibly sharp angle.

Bobby felt another squirt of pee splash against his tongue, then she backed off him.

She had turned and left before he could catch his breath and say anything to her.

Bobby sat up, and licked piss and pussy juice off his lips and wiped his face with a tissue. He swallowed a couple of times and stroked his matted hair with a comb.

Then he stood and looked around, but she was nowhere in sight. But he could hear typing come from the secretarial area. With some trepidation, he headed down the aisle and over to the secretaries’ area.

He stopped just outside her cubicle as he listened to her type on her PC. He noted the name on her nametag, funny how he never bothered to learn her name. Then he swallowed and stepped into her cubicle as she was doing something in an Excel spreadsheet.

“Uhm,” he stammered. “Excuse me, Julianne.”

She turned and glared at him. “What?” she snapped.

“After what just happened,” his voice cracked, “maybe you’d like to spend the night together.”

“Fuck off, four-eyes!” she sneered.

“What?” he asked in shock.

“You’re not my type! Now beat it before I call corporate security and report you for sexual harassment!”

Bobby was shocked, to say the least. Still he returned to his desk, logged off TSO, and left for the night.

He had made some special plans over the weekend, rehearsing them in his mind every day and night. The following week had passed uneventfully. Every day, he had waited a little after 5 to see if Julianne had stayed late. Unfortunately, she had always bolted out right at 5.

His chance came a couple of weeks later, again, on a Friday night. It was about 6:30 and Julianne was working late at her desk.

Bobby walked through the sea of cubicles, making sure that he and Julianne were truly alone in the vast office. He stopped into the men’s room, removed his slacks and underpants, then pulled his slacks back on while putting his underpants in a small toiletry bag.

He walked back out and stopped just two cubicles down from Julianne’s. Bobby could be very quiet when he needed to be, he stepped into her cubicle and taksim otele gelen escort bent over and pushed her sh9ulders down, hard, like she had done to him.

“Hey!” she screeched as his slacks fell to his ankles when he released his grasp on them, and he stepped over her face on his tip-toes.

His cock was as hard as a rock in anticipation of fulfilling hi plan. He pinched her jaw open with on hand, and deftly slid his cock into her mouth with the other, silencing her scream.

He bent his knees pressing down on her jaw with his crotch. He had never had a woman deep-throat him, and the sensation of his cock jammed all the way into her mouth, past the sharp angle at the back of her throat, and down her gullet, was incredible!

It briefly crossed his mind to pee into her mouth, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do something so filthy to someone, even though she had done that to him.

He rocked his hips back and forth a few times, fucking her mouth so deep. That was all it took for him to explode into orgasm. His cock throbbed, pulsing wad after wad deep into her throat.

On top of that, her bucking and choking body pinched and squeezed his cock so tightly with her throat muscles, that he continued to cum over and over again, far longer than he had ever cum before.

He finally felt drained, and stepped back off her. He pulled his pants up and bolted out of her cubicle as she gasped and sputtered.

He headed out to his car and hurried home. He had expected an army of police cars to start chasing his car any moment, but his drive passed uneventfully as he approaches his neighborhood.

Although he rarely ate at restaurants, being awkward to eat alone and all that, he stopped into _Steak City,_ to have what he expected to be his last meal as a free man for a long time. He parked a few blocks away from the restaurant in the hopes that the police wouldn’t bust in and ruin his final meal. He ordered their most expensive T-bone steak, and _death by chocolate_ for dessert.

He finished quickly, though, and left a generous tip. He slowly walked back to the car watching for the inevitable police ambush as he approached it. He was genuinely confused when he got into his car and drove home without mishap.

He spend the weekend cleaning his apartment and getting his finances in order for however long he expected to be a ward of the state.

Yet, Monday morning came, though the weekend seemed the longest he had ever experienced. By the end of the weekend, though, he had seriously begun to think he might be able to evade the police.

He considered skipping work, and disappearing. But he knew the long arm of the law would find him eventually. So, rather than live in fear, he decided to show up for work and take the consequences. Yet, he would much rather be arrested at home than in front of everyone at the office — it was going to be so humiliating to be arrested for rape as he walked into work.

He was surprised yet again to arrive at work at 9:00 Monday morning and make it to his cubicle without interruption.

His day passed normally, with a routine staff meeting in the morning — his manager had announced that all employees had to sign up for the yearly Diversity Awareness seminar and the yearly Sexual Harassment seminar.

The rest if the day passed slowly as he waited for Corporate Security and the local police to show up at his cubicle at any moment.

At about 10 minutes to 5, his email popped up alerting him to a new message — a too-common event in his job.

> FROM: [email protected]
> TO: [email protected]
> I’m working late again tonight! How about you?

– END –

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