GERALDINETommy was 20 years old, still at home and not married. He went to the university and had got quite some girlfriends, but until now nothing serious came out of it. Because he was free during the Eastern-holidays, Jen, his mother and 39 years old, had presented him to granny for helping her out with the spring-cleaning, but this was done behind his back. He didn’t care however because he loved to be with his grandma Geraldine. Geraldine, 59 years, had long black hair that she did wear tied up. She certainly wasn’t too fat for her age although here and there some fat could be spotted, however on the right places. She had a cheerful humour and most of the time they did laugh a lot. In order to not having to ride to and from it was decided that Tommy would stay with her for the whole week.Tommy drove on Monday the car in front of the garage, took his bag and closed the car. He went to the front door, but apparently Geraldine had heard him because before he could touch the bell, the door was opened. Grandson and grandma hugged and kissed each other and then went inside, granny taking the opportunity of giving him a spare key. Tommy hurried the stairs up and deposited his bag in the spare room, after which he went to the kitchen. A cup of coffee was already waiting for him. They started talking and finally the decision was made to start with the cleaning only the following day, today would be reserved for filling each other in of the latest news.”And Tommy, do you have a girlfriend,” Geraldine asked to which she received a “no”. She was very surprised by this answer and she did ask him how this was possible, after which he said, half laughing, half-serious, “because I still haven’t found a girl like you.” Geraldine was for a moment speechless, regained however quickly her senses and said, “but boy, now you’re laughing on me, isn’t it, because you know how old I am and you certainly won’t convince me that you would like something second-hand.” All of a sudden Tommy made a decision and said, “but granny, I know that you aren’t young anymore but I’m sure that with the right clothes you’re able to look like the mom of any student. In fact, to show you my point I just ask you to be confident with me and I’m sure I’ll be able to prove this to you.” Geraldine was looking at her grandson with disbelieve, but she knew already that she wouldn’t be able to change his mind, when he had an idea, even ten horses couldn’t get this out of him. Resigned she nodded yes.Tommy had waited for this and a smile came on his face. A plan was made in his head. He went quickly upstairs, first to the bathroom in order to look at all things laying there, then to her bedroom where he opened the her wardrobe where he went through all her stuff. Once this was done he hurried downstairs, gave his granny a kiss and went outside. He opened the car, got in, closed the door, started the car and drove off. He went to the mall where he visited quite some shops, he certainly was glad that he had his bankcard with him, but finally he went back to granny with a lot of parcels. He stopped the car before the house, got all the bags asyabahis yeni giriş out of the car, which he closed, and then went through the door in. He went upstairs to his room and displayed almost everything on his bed. The rest was put on the chair. From the bathroom he returned with a bath towel, after which he went back to the kitchen.”So, granny, now I’m going to prove you my point. Come with me upstairs, but please, trust me, I’m very serious. Once upstairs I’ll give you time to switch clothes, then you give me a sign and I’ll do then your face. After that we will both come down and go to the living and only then you can look in the mirror and see for yourself if I was right. Will you do that for me?” A little resigned she nodded yes, she wasn’t going to be able to get the idea out of his head anyhow, and she decided to give in, what harm could be done? Both went upstairs. Once there Tommy opened the door to his room and pushed his granny inside. After that he closed the door, meanwhile saying, “and don’t forget to call me once you’re dressed.”Meanwhile Geraldine had walked towards the bed and taken all clothes displayed there in her hands and looked at all items. No way, she fought, this was making no sense, and she sure wouldn’t wear this. She was about to turn around and make an end to this when she suddenly thought about what Tommy had said to her. She knew that her grandson never would hurt her or make her look like a fool. And, in fact, what harm could be done to play along this little game and finally take the ground from under his feet so he had to confess he was wrong. Afterwards she still could have a bone to pick with him for the inappropriate he had done. At last this thoughts won and she started undressing.As first she took the black garter and put it on. The black bra where the place for the nipples was spared out and the thin black panty without crotch followed this. Afterwards she put on, one by one, the fishnet stockings and attached them to the garter. Then she put on the black mini dress and zipped this. For one thing she had to give him credit, everything that Tommy had bought for her had the right size. As last she put on the black shoes with high heels. She was walking now with those shoes, at first a little unsteady, but she regained quickly her balance. Finally she called her grandson. Tommy opened the door and saw that her face was like a thundercloud. Maybe he had overdone the whole thing, but that would be sorrows for later.Tommy was already four years a help in the beauty shop of a friend of his mothers. Although the job wasn’t directly appropriate for a boy, the money was easy earned. He even had got time to look it over from a tot z and he was also given the opportunity to help once in a while. Apparently it looked like he had a gift for the work, as everyone was pleased with it. This knowledge surely was very useful to him at this stage. He made his granny a sign to take place on the chair. Once she sat down he did put a towel on her and then took the pots, ointments and brushes. After 15 minutes his job was done when he finally asyabahis giriş put her hair besides her cheeks and went with the brush through it to give it some volume. Tommy was looking at his work and was very pleased by it. “Come on, grandma, now it’s time for us to go downstairs.” He took her by the hand, helped her off the chair, after which both left the room heading for the living. Once there he pulled her to the mirror and turned her around, so that she was now able to look at her, while Tommy was watching from over her shoulder.Geraldine looked at her reflection in the mirror and was speechless. Although she knew it was she, there was practically no recognition. In the mirror she saw a woman in her forties. This wasn’t possible, was it really she? Finally she had to admit that she looked really tasty. She turned herself in profile, then at the left, then at the right. At last she stood back straight before the mirror and placed her legs a little apart. Wow, she thought, Tommy was right.When Tommy saw his granny looking at herself in that way in the mirror he was very happy. Suddenly it was as if a lightning struck him. Seeing the reflection of his grandma in the mirror made him realise what a desirous woman she was. He got in no time a hard on, which surprised him, but suddenly his sense went to zero because the only thing he really wanted was the woman standing before him. He surely would have to speed up because otherwise the opportunity would be over. He bowed a little and planted a kiss in the neck of his granny. What he was hoping for happened as she closed her eyes. All of a sudden he went trough his legs, took the bottom of her dress to draw it upwards, went with his right hand to her vagina and placed his hand that his fingers were between her lips and on her clit. At the same time he placed his left arm around her and gripped her right breast and pushed his mouth back to her neck. He was now working at the same time at her pussy, her breast and her neck.He hadn’t been too quick because Geraldine was trying to release herself, but she was no match to the young power holding her. “Tommy, stop immediately with what you’re doing and release me. Come on now; do as you’re told. Damned man, can’t you even listen?” Tommy remained deaf to her appeals; on the contrary, he was doing more and more his best with his right hand and noticed that this started to have a result as he felt her moist leaking out of her pussy. “No, Tommy, no, please, let go of me. This isn’t funny anymore. No I say, nnn, nnn, …, ooooooh, oooooooh.” Grandma started moaning because of what her grandson did to her. Step by step her resistance was broken and she started to resign her to what he did to her. She started moaning heavier and more and more moist escaped from her pussy. She also had stopped fighting and started leaning more and more on Tommy.Tommy was careful happy. One battle was already won, but certainly still not the war. Suddenly he let go of here. He pulled her on the ground after which he settled himself between her legs and placed his mouth on her lips. He was just in time as asyabahis güvenilirmi his granny regained her senses and she did try to make an end to it. “Stop now boy,” she tried, but Tommy had put her clit in his mouth and started sucking heavily on it. Stabs of pleasure went through the body of Geraldine and soon she was heavily panting. Suddenly she felt the approach of an orgasm. “Yes, Tommy, go on, I’m going to cum.” Tommy sucked even harder on her clit so that she soon got an overwhelming orgasm. When Tommy heard her yell that she came and he felt her body shake, he started sucking gently on her clit to release her only after she had another couple of orgasms. Geraldine was breathing for air. Tommy saw this and thought it was now the time to go a step further, hoping that he so would definitely win the war. He got up, got out of his shoes, stockings, pants and underwear, took a pack with a condom from his pants, opened the pack and took the condom out of it. He did put this over his still hard on. Then he got back between his grandma’s legs and penetrated her very softly but firm until his whole cock was in her pussy. Very slowly he went back and forth. All the resistance from his granny was broken down, certainly as she was still in a state of finding her breath together with feeling how something nice was moving in her love-tunnel. Suddenly it was as if all fuses had blown. All pent-up sexual feelings since the dead of her husband seemed to come out of the dark depths of her body to the surface and she needed only one thing, being fucked and climax again.Tommy noticed that he had won the war and now certainly didn’t have to fear anymore that his grandma would make any objection. When his granny asked him to let her stand up in order to undress herself of some clothes, he complied with her request. Geraldine stood up and removed her mini-dress. Afterwards she went back to her place on the floor and she opened her legs very wide. “Come on, dear boy, give me your dick and make love to me, I need it very bad.” Tommy laid himself on her and stuck his penis again in her. With one move he buried his dick in her pussy. When he was working in her with long strokes, he bowed forward and took then the left nipple, then the right nipple in his mouth. He sucked both nipples in such a way that it was certainly something worth seeing. Geraldine was so excited by this that she wrapped her legs around his body, thus opening her pussy even wider, and she rubbed her feet over his buttock. Tommy felt like if electricity went through his body when the nylon rubbed his body and he increased his speed. “Yes boy, give it to me, spray everything in me, I’m almost there, oooooh yes, please, shoot, I’m cumming.” The body of Geraldine started shaking and her vagina muscles wrapped the penis of Tommy giving him thus a wonderful massage. Tommy wasn’t able to stop his climax and with a loud yell he shot jet after jet of semen in the rubber. Both remained on each other until Tommy finally got his cock out of grannies pussy. Geraldine rolled Tommy now to the floor, bowed forward, took the rubber from his penis, and finally took his dick into her mouth in order to clean it. When all semen was swollen down and his shaft was all cleaned up she removed her mouth from it. Both were looking now into each others eyes and they knew that this week not much would be done about the spring-cleaning

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