Subject: Getting Close Part 6 This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal or private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. *** Nifty is an awesome platform for so many different types of erotic fiction. Please consider making a donation to keep this archive open for as long as possible. fty/donate.html *** Firstly, I’m SO sorry about the mix up when I submitted part 5. I spent hours upon hours writing it, that I didn’t proof read it properly, hence all the mistakes. And then I accidentally sent in Part 4. However! I was so happy to see the amount of emails I’d gotten with people asking what had happened. I didn’t think many people would even like my story considering how slow it’s been. I genuinely didn’t go 20 minutes that day without another email from someone asking me what had happened. So I want to extend my apologies and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. Secondly, the story is starting to ramp up a bit between Chris and Ryan. It’s getting to the point where there’s not really much more that can happen between the two of them before the inevitable happens. I’m hoping that when the big payoff does happen, it’s not going to be a letdown. Something I’m kinda worried about if I’m honest. Finally, I love hearing your comments and thoughts about the story! I love it when I get a new email in my inbox and I try to respond to every single one! Please keep ’em coming! ——- I woke up the following morning alone. I was in my Dad’s bed, which was a very rare occurrence. It took me awhile to realise exactly where I was. Then it all came screaming back to me. Wanking Alex. Getting my arse eaten by Alex. Holding Dad in the shower. Drying him. Seeing his arse bent over on the bed. Grabbing his cock. Feeling his jizz burst into my mouth. Dad grabbing my cock and blowing my own load all over me. It was like one of those montages from the movies where life flashes before your eyes… Except this was within the space of an hour last night. Yikes. I stretched out in Dad’s bed and looked over at his alarm clock. It was 9.08am. It wasn’t even that late for a Saturday morning. I lifted my head and felt a force pushing me back down on to the pillow. Fuck, hangover. Wonderful. It took about ten more minutes before I could even attempt to get up again. I lumbered, fully naked with a full on morning wood, out of Dad’s room and straight into the bathroom. I just stood underneath the shower for as long as I could take it, trying to wake myself up. It took a while, but I was able to build up the energy to actually clean myself and not just stand under the shower head and grumble. I began to feel myself again, while I soaped myself up all over, I began to panic. What the fuck was I gonna say to Dad? How the hell am I gonna explain what I did? I feared he would disown me. I feared he was gonna kick me out. He probably didn’t want a queer for a kid. Am I even gay? I have no clue at this point. The stuff with Alex, it was all in the moment. I don’t even know what’s going on with myself right now. Then I smelled it. Bacon. I felt like one of those old cartoons where the smell is visible and seeking out my nose. Everything dropped out of my head at that point. I was absolutely ravenous and bacon sounded, and smelled, amazing. I pretty much just rinsed off the soap and shampoo. Not even caring that I hadn’t cleaned as thoroughly as I normally would have. I towelled myself off, grabbed a pair of shorts and a vest from my room and bolted downstairs. Dad had made me a full english and was just plating up as I walked into the kitchen. He laughed as I sat down and turned to look at me. I guess he knew that food would rouse me from slumber. He brought over a plate, loaded with sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, mushrooms, and a couple of slices of toast. I could have kissed him right there. I just stared at it, not knowing which angle to attack from. Before I could even grab some of the bacon with my fork, a pint glass full of water was set in front of me. “Drink it all.” I remembered that Dad had always sworn by a huge amount of water the following day. Something about beer dehydrating you. I never understood that before, cause beer is primarily water as it is. I couldn’t argue with him. He towered over me, like he was going to monitor me as I drunk. He did. He watched as I downed the pint glass in one go. He laughed again, grabbed my glass and filled it up again. I would have taken another big gulp of water, but my mouth was full this time with a bit of everything that I had on the plate. “Fuckin’ glutton. Make sure you chew.” Not another word was said as I tucked in. I couldn’t help it. It was like I’d been stuck on a deserted island for the past thirty nine days with nothing to eat and this was just set in front of me. I devoted every single ounce of my being to the plate in front of me. My mind was blank until I was wiping up the bacon grease and tomato sauce from my plate with the last bit of toast I had left. I put the last bit of moistened toast in my mouth and saw Dad doing pretty much the same. I drank the last of the water, grabbed my plate and glass, and started doing the dishes. It seemed only fair. Only now, I’d noticed the silence between us felt kinda… weird. Once I’d finished the dishes, Dad’s included, I looked back and saw Dad was still sat at the kitchen table. I was wiping my hands on the dish towel and turned round, leaning against the sink. Dad nodded to where I was sat before. This wasn’t good. “We need to talk, kid.” Oh dear. Here it comes. I didn’t say anything, I just audibly gulped. It took a few moments for him to start talking while I just looked sheepishly at the table. “Uh, well. We need to talk about last night.” “I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking! I don’t know what came over me!” I blurted out. My face felt warmth running through it. I must have been blushing super hard. “Shut up.” “What?” “I said shut up. You don’t have anything to apologise for.” I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what was going on. Why didn’t I have anything to apologise for? I took advantage of him… Didn’t I? “You didn’t do anything wrong. You rushed home from smoking and drinking with Alex, which you know I don’t care about. You came home to look after your old man when he needed it. In my book, that gives you a hell of a lot of leeway with me.” I just had a look of confusion on my face. I didn’t know exactly where this was heading now. “I’m the one who needs to apologise to you.” Dad continued. I almost choked. What the fuck was he on about? “I’ve let things go a little bit too far with you. Seeing me have a wank at the hotel. Wanking together on my bed. Letting you see me fuck.” He started to blush himself now. He looked away from me and looked at the table. “Kissing you on the sofa. I’ve let things get out of hand.” “But Dad…” “No, let me finish. I need to get this all out.” His voice cracked a little but he came back with his usual gruffness almost immediately. “I’ve let things get out of hand. I shouldn’t be acting this way with you. What happened last night… It was great. But, you’re my fucking son. This can’t happen again. It’s not right. It’s sick. I could be put in fuckin’ prison. You know that? I love you kid and the fact you’ve been here for me since that whore left has been fuckin’ awesome. But this went way too far than just two buds pulling it together. It can’t… It will not continue.” Dad took a breath. I was mortified. I’d been confused by what had happened between us. Dad probably understood the confusion that I was going through. But… I enjoyed it as well. Last night was the first time I’d reached out for him. The first time I initiated anything and he’s shutting it right down. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I blinked a lot, trying not to show how close I was to full on bawling. “Do you understand what I’m saying, kid?” The word kid stung. He’d call me kid all the time. But this time, he was reasserting our roles. He was the man. The father. The word to be listened to. I was the kid. The son. The one to follow the rules. I just nodded. Dad let out a sigh of izmit rus escort relief. “Thank fuck. I was terrified of having this conversation. I just knew it needed to happen though.” I didn’t really know what to say. I got up from the table and walked upstairs in a haze. I landed on my bed and felt like I’d taken a knife to the chest. I began crying deep, but silently. I had let myself go and give in to urges that I’d not even realised until the last night. I wanted my Dad. I wanted to touch and feel his body. I wanted to grasp hold of his meaty cock and have it inside me every which way from Sunday. And now, I wasn’t allowed it. I had my one fleeting chance and then had it ripped away from me. Fuck. *** Things calmed down after this. I kinda retreated from everything. I felt like if things with Dad were so wrong, that I shouldn’t put myself in any position with Alex to do anything queer. It was a rationalisation I made in my head to make myself feel better. I pretty much stayed away from Alex in any one-on-one capacity. Only seeing him at school, or at parties, or with groups of people. I just knew that if I was gonna be alone with him, that we’d end up doing something. Six weeks since Dad had The Talk with me, and things had been going ok. I hadn’t put myself in any situations with Alex where I’d let myself go. I stayed away from Dad, trying to make sure that I wasn’t lusting over his body, or let him see that I was looking over my body. Dad had gone back to normal. I wasn’t finding him crying all the time, he seemed like he was finally over his breakup with Rachel. He’d told me that he’s seen a solicitor and that divorce proceedings were going ahead but that it was going to take a long time. It was the final week of school before the Christmas break. Teachers pretty much weren’t that bothered what we did. They were light on homework, they were pretty much just giving us time to finish coursework or to study more for some exams that were happening in the middle of January. I was never the most studious of people, but as it was drilled into me how important these exams are, I’d begun to revise things a little bit. The Christmas glut though was overwhelming. I didn’t really want to do anything. Christmas songs being played all the time just bogged me down. The final class of the year was Media Studies with Alex. The teacher had pretty much checked out, and played us an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, some musical shit that she wanted us to take notes on. I had no idea what relevance this would actually have. I had a feeling the teacher had checked out and wanted an easy end to the last day of school for the year. Can’t really say I blamed her. Me and Alex sat at the back of the class as normal, trying not to focus on the bizarre singing about bunnies and dancing while slaying vampires and stuff. Alex was pretty much engrossed on his phone, I just sat back in my chair trying to force time to pass quicker. It wasn’t working. I looked over at Alex, He was hunched over with his phone under the table, trying not to get caught using it. Which was laughable really, considering I could see the teacher at at the front of the class doing exactly the same thing. I looked over at Alex and saw that he’d been working out a bit more. His arms looked thicker than I remembered, so did his thighs. He back looked awesome and then… I looked down at the seat and saw that as he was hunched over, the top of his arse was showing. I couldn’t help but stare and lick my lips. All thoughts about it being wrong and sick and not normal went straight out of the window. I felt blood rush through my body directly down into my cock, making sitting still highly uncomfortable. I had to sit up and rearrange myself to stop it from hurting from the sudden expansion. It became awkward as fuck for me. My dick just didn’t want to go in the direction that was comfortable for me. It was five whole minutes of me fidgeting about, left and right to try and get myself in a decent position. “Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Alex leaned over and whispered. “It’s nothing” “C’mon man, what’s up?” I knew Alex. Once he was curious about something, he wouldn’t let up. He wouldn’t stop asking until I told him. I had less prudishness around Alex, considering I’ve been inside his throat and had his cock in my hand. He must have caught me at a weak moment though, cause I glanced around the room. Everyone in the class were not paying attention to notes and stuff, they were talking amongst themselves or just looking at their own phones. I reached over and grabbed Alex’s hand from his phone and placed it on my crotch. He grabbed at it firmly, like a baby clasping onto a finger. I couldn’t help but gasp a little. “You a bit hard up then?” “Shut up, it’s your fault!” “What the fuck did I do?” “You bent over and showed me your arse” I sniped back, blushing. Alex just grinned wide and deep. I knew he hadn’t done it intentionally, but it was still his fault. He hadn’t let go off my rock hard cock, he was just holding it and squeezing. After the fourth time he squeezed it, I began to panic, thinking that people might look over and see the resident jock feeling up another dude. I should have thought of that before I grabbed his hand, but I was too busy basking in the glory of his squeezes, if I’m completely honest. “Fuck, you have to let go!” He didn’t. He began to make it worse. Instead of squeezing onto my cock, he began stroking it slightly. If anyone had looked over, they would have easily been able to see what was going on. It was so dangerous, but I couldn’t help myself. I would have been able to have just pulled his hand off of me, I just… couldn’t though. “Please… Stop Alex.” I looked directly at him. I was breathing heavily. I was feeling my balls churn. I didn’t want to have to walk out of the class stinking of cum and a giant wet spot six inches to the left of my crotch. Alex looked over at me, and grinned again. “Okay” Alex didn’t say anything else. He gave one final squeeze to my dick and let go. I felt a sigh of relief emanate through my whole body. He went back to his phone for the remainder of the class. I watched the rest of the TV show and listened to the teacher, but it was all in one ear and out the other. My thoughts were directly on my cock and how quickly I could get home to pull out a load. When the class ended, I grabbed my stuff and went to leave with Alex close behind me. “Hey, come with me.” He pulled on my arm as we left the class and directed me down the hall, the opposite way out the building that the majority of people were heading. “What the fuck, Alex?!” He continued pulling me until we reached the men’s bathroom and pulled me inside. “What the hell? What’s going on?” “Will you shut the fuck up, man? Jesus!” Alex kicked open a stall and pulled me in. At this point, I was highly confused. I just wanted to go home and kick back now that school was done for three weeks. Alex sat down on the toilet and started the fumble around with my belt. I still had my jacket and my messenger bag around my shoulder. Like the slowest kid in the class, I realised what was about to happen. I pretty much threw my bag on the ground and shucked off my jacket, managing to hook it on the back of the door, before locking it shut. Alex finally managed to get my belt undone and unzipped my trousers before slowly sliding them down to my knees. I lifted up my shirt, showing off my flat stomach and the beginnings of a happy trail starting to form. My cock finally had some room to breathe, even though it was still encased in my boxers. There was a wet spot the size of a fifty pence piece where the head landed. I was horny as fuck. I knew how good Alex was at giving head and I was going to enjoy this greatly. Thwack! Alex had pulled my boxer briefs down and my cock sprung up and made a huge wet noise that echoed in the tiny cubicle we were in. I knew that people sometimes use the bathrooms after school, so we could easily be caught, but in the moment, I could not have cared less. All I cared about was making my cock home deep within Alex’s throat. “I’ve been waiting izmit escort for another whack at this, man” Alex whispered huskily as he licked at the head of my cock. He grabbed the shaft and brought his hand to rest just below the head and wrapped his lips just above his fingers. The next thing I know, my knees are buckling. Alex’s tongue digs underneath my foreskin and swirls deeply around my bulging head. I had to grab hold of the top of the walls just to stop myself from falling over. It felt insanely intense. I just heard laughs from below me while the hand on my cock slowly slid down to the base and the tongue work continued on my exposed head. I felt flickering on the part of my cock where the foreskin meets the glans and a guttural groan came out of my mouth. I couldn’t have stopped it if I had tried. Alex wasn’t just trying to get me off. He was savouring it. He was trying to make me enjoy the fuck out of it. It was working. Without realising how much I was enjoying the tongue work, I whimpered when it stopped. Alex had begun to bob himself up and down on my cock, only taking about half the length. He was so good at this. I felt no teeth, no hesitation. He was fucking amazing at sucking me off. Thoughts about his head work ran through my brain at a mile a minute but everything went blank as soon as I felt his nose his my pubes and the head of my dick enter that amazing clutch of muscles as they contracted around me. My hands moved instinctively to grab onto Alex’s head. I held him in place while his throat massaged my meat. I was in awe. I was working purely on primal instincts. I lightly moved my hips back and forth, only a tiny bit, so that I was leaving and entering his throat. It was electric. It felt powerful. This hot, burly dude was sat before me and allowing me to use his face for my own pleasure. I could see why people enjoyed getting sucked off so much. Alex’s hands were rubbing up and down my thighs while I thrust into him. He grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled them towards him, causing my cock to enter as deep as it could while he swallowed. He wouldn’t let go of my cheeks. He kept me there for at least a minute while I groaned continuously. I was on a knife’s edge. I could blow at any moment. I was willing myself not to cum. I didn’t want to, I wanted to savour this pleasure, but a voice inside me was roaring to let myself loose, about how good it’s gonna feel, about how much I wanna blow my load directly down Alex’s throat. That decision was made for me. Alex’s hands were kneading my cheeks and pulling them apart. His finger lightly graze my hairy hole and boom. There it was. “AW FUCK!” I grunted out loud, shocking myself at the echo. My cock was pulsing my cum directly down Alex’s throat as I backed my hips and fucked in and out. My legs were spasming from the intensity. Alex’s finger kept rubbing against my hole as I kept on cumming. It felt like I was jizzing for an eternity, but it was really only like thirty seconds. When I’d finally finished pulsing my load out, I fell back against the door, panting like I’d run a bunch of laps around the football field. I’d expected my cock to slide out of Alex’s mouth, but he followed me back, gliding to the floor and kept sucking on my cock as I started to deflate. As he nursed on my cock, I felt aftershocks of insane pleasure run through my body, causing me to shudder violently, much to Alex’s amusement. “Fuckin’ hell man. That was insane!” I grunted as I wiped the sweat from my brow. After a couple of deep breaths, I realised what Alex had done for me and that I should probably return the favour somehow. “Uh, you want me to..?” “Nah, you’re good, bro” Alex said as his lips smack as my cock fell from his mouth. “Call it an early Christmas present.” He chuckled. He stood up and looked at me. My trousers and boxers down at my ankles, my shirt tucked under my armpits and my stomach and chest sweaty beyond belief. “You gonna make yourself presentable?” Alex shuffled around in his pockets and pulled out his phone. He took a few pictures and sat back down. I was too exhausted to think much of it. I just looked confused at him. “Something for when I’m alone.” He winked at me. “Come on man, get your drawers on, I wanna get home. I’m fuckin’ starving.” I quickly put myself together. It was a struggle though, it was like I’d had every ounce of energy drained out through my dick. As I put my cock in my pants and buttoned myself back up, I throbbed. I felt a droplet of cum ooze out and a final aftershock radiate through my body. After I’d finished shuddering through the sweet orgasmic remnant, I grabbed my bag and jackets and peaked out through the cubicle door, making sure no one else was around. Alex laughed, thinking I was being too scared, but how else am I supposed to think? I just got a blowie from my best mate in the bathroom at school. Not entirely normal. As we parted, I headed off home in a rush. It was fucking freezing and had started to rain. Bad enough that it gets dark at half 3, now I’m rushing home in the rain. When I bolted through the front door of the house, I called out to see if Dad was home, but there was no response. Typical, Dad usually stayed at work until later anyway. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and saw a text from Alex. “That was fun. If you want a repeat performance over Christmas, let me know. ;D” *** I spent the next 7 days replaying the blowjob from Alex in my head. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe how good it felt fucking his throat. Before, I’d just sat back and let Alex do his thing, but that time, I fucked into his throat and it was beyond words. I was busting my balls two or three times a day without even needing anything else to help me along. Normally, I’d watch stuff on pornhub or watch stuff I’d downloaded before, only now, I had a first person view to replay and remember how it was. It was the Friday before Christmas, Mad Friday. The night where everyone goes out in Town and gets absolutely pissed, Dad included. It’s not really something I’d experienced yet, considering I wasn’t even sixteen yet. I mean, I could go out and get served easily. Dad regularly said I looked about twenty one, but I didn’t really see the need if I couldn’t be with my mates. Plus we could always just get the beers and hang out at one of our houses as it was. Tonight though, I didn’t really feel like it. I ordered pizza, dicked about on reddit and played some Final Fantasy XIV. A boring night for some, but it kept me reasonably entertained. I fell asleep about 11pm and was reasonably out of it until I was awoken with a start. I sensed a heavy weight behind me. I must have been asleep for at least a couple of hours, it took me a few moments before I could even fathom what was happening. Dad had returned, and he’d climbed into my bed. We hadn’t exactly spent much time together since The Talk, I felt too awkward. I didn’t want to put him in any weird situation where he thought I was lusting after him. But now he’d climbed into my bed. What the fuck? Did he even know he was in my bed? He must do, he sleeps alone now. Fuck, that’s a shitty thing to think… “Dad?” “Shhh, Ryan, shhh…” His arm grasped hold of my waist and pulled me into his body. I just gasped. Dad was holding me the way I’d wanted him to for the past two months. I melted into his embrace. I wouldn’t be able to stop anything from happening now, even if I wanted to. Dad held onto me, his head resting in the crook of my neck, I could feel his breath warm my nape and then feel moisture there as he exhaled deeply. Wait. That wasn’t from his breath… That was from his lips. He was kissing my neck. Holy fuck. Was this happening? Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck! Dad’s hand gripped onto my waist and spun me around so that I was facing him. He was red eyed and I could taste the beer on his breath, even though his face was about six inches from my own. I just stared into his eyes. Terrified about what was going to happen. Terrified that nothing was about to happen. Dad just leaned forward and his forehead rested on mine. “You okay, bud?” He asked, slurring heavily. I just nodded lightly. I don’t know why, but whenever I kocaeli escort get scared or nervous around Dad, I just lose all power of speech. Dad didn’t care, he manoeuvered his face so that his lips met mine. The world melted around me as our lips parted and we kissed hungrily. Our tongues began to dance around each other while I grabbed at my Dad and clutched onto every part of him. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to hold onto, his neck, his back, his shoulder, his arm… His arse. My hand latched onto his big, beefy arse and clutched tightly. Dad purred into my mouth, not missing a beat with our kissing. If anything, he got more aggressive, sucking on my tongue gently, biting down on my lip. He began pulling on me, trying to bring me closer into his body even though there wasn’t a millimetre of space between us. Even our cocks were nestled together. Mine was swinging free, I didn’t like sleeping in clothes, not even boxers, I always felt like I got tangled in them in my sleep. Dad however, was fully clothed. Wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white button down shirt. He looked insanely hot when he left the house, but now, his cock was bracing against his denim zipper. I could feel his hardness against my own crotch as he bucked his hips towards me. “Dad… you sure about this?” I left the kiss, I hated myself for asking, but I didn’t want to put him in a position that he would regret. “I don’t fuckin’ know” He resumed the kissing hard. I’d never kissed anyone like this. Not Kate, not Alex. This was pure animal lust Dad leaned over and we rolled onto my back. I felt my Dad’s full weight on top of me. Normally, in a position like this, I’d fucking hate it. I hate being enclosed, but with Dad? I felt safe. I was wanted. I was desired. Dad’s lips left my own and he began to kiss my jawline and travelled over to my earlobes where he nibbled and dug his teeth in. Shockwaves exploded through me and a groan escaped my mouth. Dad’s hips began to thrust into my own. It was clear he was in full control of this now. I was his to play with. I was his to own. Dad slowly travelled down my body, and I sincerely mean, slowly. He kissed every part of my chest, nuzzled in my armpits, bit down on my nipples and caressed my happy trail with his tongue. I could only grunt. It was as if I was locked in place. My body was telling me to move and feel up my father, but I couldn’t, I was just immobilised. Dad’s face stopped when he got to my crotch and my dripping head was poking at his bearded chin. He lifted his head, looked at my cock and then back up to my face. He grinned, and devoured me in one go. The second my cock entered my Dad’s throat, my body spasmed. I leant forward and looked down to see my own father inhaling my teenaged prick. Holy living fuck! What the hell is going on?! Dad moved his hands across my stomach as I leant back on my elbows. I wanted to see this. I needed to. I needed to see my Dad sucking my cock. I felt my cock pulse in his throat just before it was ripped from that joyous place. My cock fell from his lips and he leant down and began bathing my balls with my tongue. Alex had told me to trim down there after he’d sucked me off the first time, as he said it looked nicer. I had to agree. I guess it had the added benefit being able to feel his tongue more as he licked around my sack. As Dad sucked on my balls and licked around my crotch, I was enamoured by this man. I couldn’t believe that this man, who could get any one he wanted to swing from his dick, wanted me. He could have picked any bird tonight and brought her home and fucked her, but he wanted to come home and feast on my cock? That was almost as good as the tongue lashing I was receiving right now. Dad spent at least ten minutes on my balls, they were dripping with his saliva constantly, the churn was definitely real. I usually blew a decent sized load on a normal wank, but this one was going to be beyond good. I thought he was going to suck my cock more but Dad kneeled up, ripped his shirt off, literally, one of the buttons hit me in the face, and undid his jeans, kicking them off to the floor. Dad was fully naked now, licking at my crotch. His hand had wrapped around my knees and were slowly lifting them up as his flicked his tongue lower and lower. Before I had even contemplated it, Dad had swiped his tongue up and down my hairy arsehole. “Holy fuck, Dad! What are you doing?!” I cried out. I heard him mumble something, it’s kinda hard to enunciate when you’ve got your tongue attacking a hairy teenaged hole though. I’d had this done to me once before, Alex did it. He was kinda gentle and spent most of his time licking my hole. Dad was not like Alex. Dad used his tongue like a spear, using it to dig deeper into my hole. My arse was not used to this sort of treatment. It was giving way so easily, like it wanted the intrusion. Dad devoured me. He went on and on, not letting up for a moment, while I just laid with my knees hitting my chest, panting from exhaustion and insane pleasure. From up above, I couldn’t see anything but the top of Dad’s head ravishing me, but it felt like Dad’s tongue was super deep inside me. When Dad’s face reappeared, he had a look on his face like he knew he could mount me there and then, and I wouldn’t have said no. How could I have? I was laid there covered in sweat, I was barely delirious. Who knew that having my arse eaten would cause this sort of reaction? Dad looked down at my dripping cock and licked his finger. He inserted it the full length and then drew it back out. It glistened in the red light of my alarm clock. I was confused for a moment, until I next felt it, digging into my arse. It burned slightly, but then I felt it enter deeper. A weird wiggle on the inside caused another gasp as my feet hit the mattress and I grunted at the top of my voice. Only momentarily was the finger inside me, before Dad withdrew and sucked on his finger again, only this time, he had two in his mouth. Before I knew it, his fingers were sliding into me like a hot knife through butter. Before I could even react, Dad’s other hand grabbed onto the base of my meat and held it steady as he sucked the full length in one stroke. Dad didn’t let up, he was going for broke. He was stroking me on the inside and out. My legs straightened out beneath Dad’s body. My left foot felt something wet, I used my right foot and felt around. It was my Dad’s cock in between my own feet. Dad growled as my cock head entered and left his throat. In between grunts of my own, I grabbed my own father’s dick with my feet and clumsily stroked it. He seemed to like it and Dad’s fingers picked up the pace. He was going for broke. The fingers inside my arse slid in and out at rapid speed, as his fingers left my hole, my cock head would enter his throat and vice versa. It felt like an eternity, but it was probably only a matter of minutes. I tried to relax, so I could hold on. But I couldn’t. It was too much. “Aw fuck Dad, you’re… you’re… Aw fuck… DAAAAAAADDDDD” I cried out at the top of my lungs, my hips thrusted into Dad’s face and my hands let go of the sheets I’d been clutching and grabbed onto his head as I fucked his mouth while blowing my load. I didn’t care anymore. I was fucking his face like I saw him fucking Rachel. Dad’s fingers never let up, he continued to assault my insides while I bucked in and out of his throat. When my cock had stopped spasming, I let go of Dad’s head and melted into the mattress, completely worn out. Dad knelt up and inched forward, Straddling over my crotch so my sticky, wet rock hard cock was resting in his crack. He began to fist his own cock for roughly 30 seconds while he rocked his hips against my teenaged prick. “Aw fuck, aw fuck! Aw fuck, Ryan!” Dad’s cock unloaded his ball juice over my body. It was a lot. It was more than I ever usually blew. His ropes streaked up and down my chest and stomach as I continued to catch my breath. Dad’s face contorted as he continued fisting his cock through the orgasm and his body shook. When he’d finished, his body collapsed on top of mine, jolting me with his sudden weight. He turned his head and we continued the ravenous kiss from earlier, with his load squelching between our bodies. “I fuckin’ love you, kid.” He whispered into my mouth. Within seconds, he’d fallen asleep on top of me. I managed to roll him over and joined him in sleep, entangled within his embrace.

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I had been out of town for four days, working an exhibit. I was looking forward to coming home and…

Duplexity Ch. 02

"Uh, yes," I said into my phone. "I need a large supreme pizza, extra—""Dude, no black olives," Jamie shouted, without…

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