Getting Even Ch. 1

Bottle Insertion

I want you to strip for me and make it quick. You can tell that I’m miffed because I’m wearing red. I always wear that colour when I’m feeling nasty and babe, I’m feeling particularly wicked today. Ever wonder about the hooks I have in my bedroom doorframe? You are about to find out. I’m going to leave you hanging like you left me. First, I need my handcuffs and I attach one pair to each wrist and the other end to the two hooks at the top of the frame. Comfy?

I’ll use my straps to tie each ankle to the bottom. Umm. I like the way your body is stretched, muscles tight. I let my fingers trace across your chest, toying with your nipples, teasing them hard. My cool hands drift lower over your belly and down your thighs but I avoid touching your hardening cock since it isn’t your pleasure that I’m concerned with yet.

I push past you so I can have access to your back and cute, firm ass. I like you not being able to see me or know what can happen next. I’ve sharpened my nails just for you lover and I intend to use them to their utmost. The muscles in your shoulders jump as I draw my thumbnail over and down your back, leaving a thin red line. I laugh and start drawing my name on your skin.

When I’m finished, it stands out in thin welts across your back. I look at my handiwork and shake my head. I can’t leave you like that. I leave and you can hear me in the kitchen. I come back and stand before you with a large glass with ice and a bottle of Sambucca. I pour about an inch of liquid into the glass then turn to you and smile. Slowly and teasingly, I start sliding my red panties over my hips. I’ve been wearing them all day thinking about this moment and believe me, they are soaked. I put my hand on your stomach to steady myself as I lift one foot then the other out of the panties. Pushing them into the glass, I get them wet and cold in the liqueur. I come back to you and pull your head down to mine, kissing you deeply, demandingly, my body pressed against you and my tongue thrusting into your warm mouth. I can feel you smiling against me lips, enjoying the game. I lean back and quickly push the sopping material into your mouth, the cold liquid dripping down your chin and neck. I laugh at your surprise and catch a stray drip on my finger as it trails down your chest. You watch as I slowly suck the droplet into my mouth, licking my finger like it was my lover’s cock. My lips purse and my cheeks hollow, my fingers moving in a slow, hypnotic motion in and out of my mouth. My other hand traces over the silky material of my nightie, cupping and kneading my breasts until you can clearly see my nipples standing hard under the thin material. I can see you swallow, wincing as the liqueur burns your throat.

There is a knock at the door and I laugh, giving your butt a quick smack as I push by to answer it. You hear me laughing with another female in the other room and you pull against the cuffs. You are hardly in a position to meet my friend. Don’t worry lover. You will like Carrol, she taught me all I know about being wicked. We stand behind you, discussing you like the boy toy you are right now. You can smell Carrol’s perfume and feel her warm hands on your ass as she gives your ass a playful squeeze. Her hand reaches between your legs and caresses your balls. “Hmm” istanbul travesti she says “Nice set.”

Let me tell you a bit about Carrol. You said you liked tall women, well, she certainly fits the bill. She is 5’11 and built like an Amazon. Long auburn hair, deep brown eyes and drop dead gorgeous. (I hate going out with her.) Long legs that can break a man in two. I have known her since grade school and there is nothing we haven’t done together. Nothing. The difference between us is I’m naughty and nice. She is plain naughty. Perfect for you.

I push by you and sit in my chair so I can watch her do her stuff, draping my legs over one of the arms. This way I can watch you and you can watch me. You hear a zip behind you as she opens her bag of goodies. “I understand you have a fetish for anal penetration” she breathes into your ear. You nod, hesitantly. “Good. So do I.” She tosses something to me. It is a fair sized vibrator. “Will this do?” she asks. I shake my head no. She pouts and holds up something else but it is out of your vision. “How’s this?”

You aren’t sure you like the wicked smile that comes over my face as I nod.

Carrol steps in front of you, letting you see her for the first time. I smile as your eyes widen. She is wearing a trench coat and heels that make her well over 6’3. She unbuckles the coat, slowly unfastens the three buttons and pulls it open. She is naked, her firm, dark nippled breasts just grazing your chest as she caresses your skin. Her eyes are dark and mischievous as one long, red fingernail pokes the cloth in your mouth and then disappears into hers. She laughs. “My favourite vintage.”

The coat falls to the floor as she leans in and covers your mouth with her blood red lips, sucking the juice, spit and Sambucca from the panties. Swallowing, she gives a throaty ‘ummmm’ as her tongue darts out to lick her lips. Carrol runs her hands down your arms, pulling to make the cuffs bite into your wrists and you moan, trying to take your weight and hers off your sore hands. She leaves a trail of lipstick as her mouth moves down your chest and belly teasing you from nipple to navel. Her breath is hot on your hard cock as she grazes past your skin and it jumps as she flicks it with her tongue.

I love watching you with another woman. Even more so when you are bound and helpless. I can feel my pussy moisten the thin fabric of my panties and as I lightly brush my clit through the silky material I sigh in pleasure. A smile crosses my lips as I watch you with your eyes shut, head back and fists tightly closed. I can see you are enjoying her touch but the urge to fuck her is growing in you.

Carrol kneels in front of you and tosses back her long hair. She glances at me and winks. Reaching into her bag of ‘tricks’ she withdraws a bottle of flavoured oil and pours the liquid into her hands. After rubbing them together, she caresses your erect cock leaving it slick and shiny in the candlelight. More oil is applied to your balls. Her hands go between your legs and over your ass and I see you flinch as those long fingers probe you. Your breathing is quick and deep as you try to relax against her questing fingers.

Watching you with Carrol is a bigger turn on than I imagined. My nipples kadıköy travesti are hard and rub against the thin material of my lace bra with every breath. Lifting my hips I let my hands stroke the hot, soft skin on the inside of my thighs. I am tempted to join her in exploring your body but I know Carrol is well able to evoke sensations you never knew you were capable of.

You gasp and open your eyes. Our gazes lock and I can see the hungry desire in your dark eyes as Carrol uses her hand and mouth on your cock. I can imagine your responses if you were not bound as her tongue moves slowly up the length. It flicks the tip and then descends again. I catch myself licking my lips in anticipation as her mouth opens and she pulls your throbbing cock into her eager mouth. You groan and your hips thrust forward, trying to drive deeper into her throat. Carrol laughs and pulls back. “Sorry, lover. Not yet.”

Her mouth moves back to cover you but I can see she is keeping her touch light and oh, so teasing as you strain against your bonds. I know you are seconds away from cumming. Carrol recognizes the signs too and moves away from you, standing and stretching. She pats your cheek then moves to kneel at my feet.

My body is shaking as I realize I want her as much as you do. I reach out a trembling hand to brush her long hair from her beautiful face and gaze into her large chocolate eyes. She smiles and her tongue darts out to moisten her full red lips. I can’t resist and I bend to kiss them, softly, hesitantly. She has your scent on her skin and it is intoxicating. My hands twist in her hair as our mouths open and tongues touch. I can feel my clit harden and begin to throb in anticipation.

Carrol’s hand slides up my leg, caressing my calf and the back of my knee. My legs spread as if by some unspoken invitation, which her hands accept. She slides one hand under my ass and kneads the tight muscles there. With the other I can feel her long fingers stroking across my mound, parting my moist lips and delving into my wetness.

I pull back from our heated kiss with a deep moan. Lying back in the chair I watch as she lowers her sweet mouth over my clit, sucking and teasing. Looking up our eyes meet again. Still bound in the doorway, still hard and eager, you pull against the bonds and I can hear the wood creak in protest. I lick my lips and smile. My attention is dragged back to the delicious feelings Carrol is evoking in my pussy with her mouth, tongue and fingers. She has two fingers deep within me, slowly inserting a third and rocking her hand in a deep even rhythm. I gasp as she carefully, methodically, pushes in the third and forth. My pussy spasms around her hand and I grasp her arm, not sure of her next move. Carrol pauses and lifts her head. “Do you want me to stop?” she asks quietly.

I am shaking with desire, my clit throbbing and nipples aching. How can I stop this flood of sensations now when I am so close to ecstasy? I shake my head and release her arm. A slow smile crosses her lips. She knows I am as captive as you. Lowering her head once more, she begins to kiss my stomach and up to my heaving breasts. As her lips close over my nipples I arch my back. Her mouth is warm and wet, exciting anadolu yakası travesti me, teasing me. With a quick thrust her hand enters me, spreading and filling me to my limit. Her fist is like a huge cock pounding into me. Within seconds I can feel the overpowering waves of my orgasm start. As my hips rise, I grab her arm with both hands, fucking her fist as I cum over and over.

Collapsing back against the chair I try to catch my breath. My skin is glistening in sweat and I’m trembling. Carrol pulls back her hand slick in my juices and raises her fingers to her lips. Catlike, she licks her fingers then leans forward to kiss my lips.

I hear the doorframe creak again and we both turn to look at you. Carrol laughs and gets up. She stands in front of you and tilts her head. “Well, my pretty. I suppose you would like to be, ummmm, released?”

I see a look of relief cross your face and I can’t help thinking its premature. Carrol slides down, rubbing her breasts over your body and unties your legs from the frame. Her hands massage the tight muscles in your thighs as she straightens and steps behind you. Pressing her tall, supple body against your back she slides her hands over your stomach and chest. I’m fascinated watching her long fingers toy with your nipples, making them erect. I see you sigh with pleasure as she grinds her pussy against your ass and kisses along the back of your neck. She lifts her head and winks at me, beckoning me to join you as she busies herself behind you.

I stand and stretch, then unfasten my lace bra. As I walk to you I let it fall, cupping my breasts in my hands and caressing the warm, sensitive skin. I put my hands to your face to brush away a stray strand of hair, feeling the tightness in your jaw and the heat of your flesh. Pulling your mouth down to mine I gingerly pull the panties from your lips and let them drop. Our lips touch and I feel the heady rush that comes from kissing you. Your tongue pushes into my willing mouth and your eagerness takes my breath away.

Carrol’s movements force your body against mine and I can feel your cock throbbing against my belly. Her hands move down your stomach, one grasping your erection and the other brushing over my pussy as if testing our readiness, our need. I can hear her chuckle at your groan. Her hands move to your ass and I see your eyes widen in surprise. She has added more oil to her hand and is using her long fingers to tease open your anus. Your breathing is deep and quick as you surrender yourself to her, letting her push deeper into you. “Do you like this, baby?” she whispers. All you can do is nod and moan to her rhythmic thrusting of the dildo hard in your ass.

“Do you want to cum now Baby?” she asks.

Again, all you can do is nod. I drop to my knees and grasp your cock tightly. I capture the strand of precum on my tongue, savouring the salty taste of you before lowering my mouth over your cock. Immediately you thrust deep into my throat and I have to grab your hips to keep from falling as you plunge into my mouth. The doorframe creaks once more as you pull your hands free, now grabbing my head and forcing yourself deeper into my mouth. With one great thrust you release spurt after spurt of your cum into my sucking mouth. I can’t swallow fast enough and the thick liquid drips from my chin. Carrol steps back, your knees buckle and you collapse breathless into my arms. I cradle you in my arms and wait for your body to cease trembling.

Carrol leans over and kisses first my lips and then the top of your head before picking up her coat. “Same time next week?

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