Getting Melinda to Play Well with Others

Getting Melinda to Play Well with OthersThis is a little true story about how I finally got my wife Melinda to open herself to sex with other men (all puns intended).It took 5 years together of begging before one night drunk at a party I got her to suck another guy’s cock. She didn’t get him off that time but at least got it in her mouth for about 2 minutes. Once that happened it slowly got things going and within a year I got her to suck cock for real and swallowed his cum in front of me. As things went along I got her to kiss, fool around and suck 6 or 7 more guys for me. Usually on a special occasion as a gift (my birthday, valentines, our anniversary etc) but she always refused to fuck anyone else. She let one guy finger and lick her pussy but that was as close as we got. Finally after 12 yrs together and 2 k**s earlier this year we went to visit my old boss and his wife in South Carolina for a week. He knew about the games we play and always expressed an interest in Melinda. The one evening his wife took their daughter and our k**s out for a movie and dinner. I talked to him and he was still interested. I suggested it to her and she was unsure about giving giving him a bj because she was friends with the wife. I suggested we have some drinks and maybe she could just kiss him and maybe let him play with her tits. She said we’ll see and we started drinking and pretty hard. We got pretty drunk quickly and played around flirting and teasing in his back porch hot tub. She would sit on his lap and let him run adana escort bayan her shoulders. He playfully slide his hands down the top of her bathing suit and cupped her tits. She just giggled and moaned a little as he played with them and bit her neck. She teasingly told me that he was sure getting hard underneath her. She said, “you’re kinda big aren’t you?” To him and winked at me wiggling her butt on his cock. He asked if she wanted to see it and really drunk as we all were she said sure. She got off his lap and he stood in front of her, untied his trunks and dropped them. He did have a pretty good size cock. She most have liked it because she started playing with it and it got bigger. She looked at me like she always does for approval before going further. I smiled and nodded and she took it in her mouth. She gave him a nice 10 minute blow job and he came in her mouth and let some run down her chin into the water. She then sucked me off while he watched. He fingered from behind as she did and she came from that. I asked if he could fuck her from behind while she sucked but she said no and reached to just play with his cock As a consolation prize. After I came we had more drinks as she sat between us naked having stripped off her suit during the play. I kept pushing drinks on her hoping for more especially after his wife called and said she wanted to take te k**s a few more places and would be awhile. Melinda went so far as to sit on his nap in the tub with them both naked but when he tried to adana escort position his cock at the opening to her pussy she slid over and teased him asking if he couldnt get enough. More drinks followed and she went to shower wiggling her butt past us as she got out. She had been pounding the drinks and I was hoping maybe it would lead somewhere more. So she was gone for about 20 minutes while me and my friend sat and got dried off. I went into the room we were using to check on her and found her passed out on the bed with just a towel loosely around her. I tried talking to her and got nothing. She was very drunk. I went and got Mark and told him to come check something out. He came in just in the robe he had changed into. We joked about drunk so was and how hot she looked laying there. He said, “God, I want her so bad. ” I thought lets just see what happens. I opened the towel that lay around her and she didn’t respond at all. I could see Marks cock getting hard under the robe looking at her naked defenseless body laying there. Trying to get more fun going I leaned down and kissed her still damp pussy and pushed her legs wide. I began to lick and eat her pussy and she lay there still. Mark told the idea and kissed her mouth and then began sucking and playing with her tits. I thought this was finally my chance and stood up leaving Melinda naked, wet and with her pussy wide open. I told him this was his big chance. He asked Really? I told him he had my blessing and obviously she wouldn’t mind after all we escort adana already did. Mark pulled off his robe with a huge erection, knelt between Melinda’s thighs as I got a view and slid his cock into my sweet wife. I got out the video camera we brought for the trip and taped as he really got his cock working in and out of her. Soon she did begin to moan and leaned in and began kissing her deeply as she was becoming more aware. I think her approaching orgasm was waking her up. He hips began to meet Marks thrusts although her eyes were still closed. I don’t think she knew yet it wasn’t me. As mark got closet to cumming, he pushed Melinda’s knees up toward her shoulders and began pulling his full length out before pounding in again. She was clearly orgasmimg now and finally opened her eyes and said “no, baby, I said no” as she panted. But she still moaned loudly and then cried out as they both came. My tongue was deep in her mouth as he came deep inside her. I jumped down to film him pulling out and the large load running out of her. He moved away and I immediately mounted her and began fucking. Their cum made her so slick that I only lasted about 30 seconds. As I kissed her. She said, “You know I told you no. You owe me big time.” She wasn’t mad just shocked it had gone all the way. Marks wife and the k**s got home about 20 minutes later and I couldn’t help feel hot knowing his sperm were swimming around inside my wife as we all talked and laughed. The rest of the visit was good. We did pull off a quick double bj for me and mark on the last night in his car. Melinda has been sheepish since then about going all they way with another man again but has promised that she would do something hot with someone for my upcoming birthday as a gift.

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