Getting the Girl


I saw her sitting at a table close to the dance floor. She had just lit a cigarette, and I watched her full lips circle the end of it as she inhaled. I smiled as I watched her turn her head up and crook it to the side as she slowly let the smoke out.

From where I sat, I could only see her profile. She was pretty, with short red hair; I could see the outline of high cheekbones, and big, wide eyes. Her lips were what I was most fascinated with, full with a natural pout, perfectly shaped, I wanted to feel them.

My eyes moved down as she took the cigarette to the ashtray. Her fingers were long and slender, and she twirled the cigarette around instead of just flicking it. I decided to make a move. I hadn’t seen anyone with her all night. She danced by herself, fending off any one that came up to her, which by this point had been almost every one in the bar.

Before I continue let me introduce myself, I’m Lyn, I’m 30 years of age, and almost completely lesbian. I’m not missing in the looks department either. I have long brown hair, and brown eyes to match, that in themselves are big and wide just as the woman’s that I was hunting. My lips are also full, and my skin is naturally tanned. I had had problems keeping people away from me all night as well. I had my prey, and I wasn’t about to lose her for someone else.

I moved to her table, pulling a chair beside her, and sitting down. She turned her head fully to me, and I smiled as she looked at me. Her stare showed absolutely no interest in me as she moved her eyes around my face; it made my pussy throb more.

“Hi, I’m Lyn”

She nodded, “Jessi.”

My body responded to the fact that she didn’t even look at me as she told me her name. Her eyes had moved to the dance floor, and she watched the people up there. I thought to myself, “either I’m going to have to work my ass off to get her, or she’s going to be a good fuck.”

I continued to talk; she continued not to look at me, but she responded to me and she didn’t shew me away as she had done so many others in the course of the night.

I took out a cigarette; When trying to pick up someone I always smoked Virginia Slims 120’s; I’ve always found the longer cigarettes very sexy, with their thin, long shaft. She turned and looked at me, smirking as she watched me light it. After I inhaled, I moved the butt to her lips and she took a drag off of it. I let my finger play with her lower lip, and she smirked again as I pulled away.

We sat in silence for a while, then she turned her full attention to me.

“You wanna get outta here? This place is getting lame.”

I smiled, “yep. Wanna go to my place?”

I watched her mouth finally go into a full smile and she laughed and nodded her head.

“Yeah, sure, why not.”

I led her to my car, and as I got into the drivers seat I saw that she had let her skirt ride up to her upper thigh. She looked at me as I got in, and that smirk came back, as she let her legs fall open a little more. I shook my head and smiled to myself as we drove off.

When we got inside my house, I thought about just attacking her, but held back. She lit another cigarette and looked around.

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“I’ll olgun porno show you.”

I took her down the hall, and as I turned on the light for her, she gave me a sideways glance.

“Why don’t you come in with me? Hold my cig for me.”

I smiled and nodded, following her in. I watched as she hiked her skirt up over her waist I knew she did it just for effect, there was no reason to pull it up that high. She handed me her cigarette and I took a drag as she sat down.

She straddled the toilette, something else for effect, and my eyes went straight to her hairless pussy. It was spread wide open with the way she was sitting, and I could see the pink inside folds. I let out a sigh as she released the warm yellow liquid from her bladder. Her eyes came up to mine and she smiled.

“You like that do you?”

I nodded.

“Hmmm…looks like I was picked up by one naughty, nasty little girl. Is that right, Lyn?”

“You better bet your ass, it’s right.”

I took another drag of the cigarette and then brought it to her lips. Once she’d exhaled, I brought my lips to hers, moaning at the smoky taste of her skin. My body shivered as she took her tongue across my lips, and then she pulled back.

“Touch me.”

I moaned, and brought my hand down to her pussy. I moved my fingers all around her, taking them back almost to her ass, before I let a finger go inside of her. She sighed and then smiled as I pulled my hand away.

“Lick it, Lyn Lick your hand. Lemme see you be a nasty girl for me.”

I brought my fingers to my lips and slowly licked up and down. Her smile broadened as she moved off the toilette, and came to me, pressing herself against me. She took my face in her hands and pulled my lips to hers. We both moaned as our tongues began to do battle with each other. It was me who pulled away this time.

“Lets go to the bedroom.”

She shrugged, her I-don’t-care-about-anything, attitude coming back.

I led her to the room and let her go in first. As she got to the bed, I pushed her, making her fall onto the soft down comforter. I moved on top of her, pressing my pussy against her full firm ass as my lips found the back of her neck. She sighed as my lips went down, and found the white skin of her butt. My eyes looked up at the back of her head and she turned, smiling.

“Lick it Lyn. Lick my pussy right now!”

I let out a lust-filled growl. I was used to being the dominant one, but it seemed as though I’d met my match. I moved my lips down as she brought her hips up. I drove my tongue between her slit, and smiled as I heard her moan out, “mmmmm…that’s it girl, lick that fuckin’ slit.”

My tongue found her hard little clit, and I flicked it hard. Her body shook and a louder moan escaped her. With my experienced tongue, I knew she wouldn’t last long so I dropped back, and drove my tongue into her cunt. She yelled out, “fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy, baby.”

I moaned as I moved my head back and forth, driving my tongue as hard into her as I could.

I could feel her body tensing for an orgasm and I stopped again. I flipped her over onto her back. I ripped off her clothes and threw mine to the side porno before I laid on top of her. I looked down at her and smiled, “Jessi you have the sweetest tasting pussy.”

She smiled and nodded, “I know, lemme taste it.”

I moaned as I brought my mouth to hers and her tongue shot into my mouth. When the kiss broke, I smiled down at her.

“I got something for you.”

Her eyes widened with interest, “oh yeah? What’s that?”

She watched me as I moved and went to the draw. When I brought out the strap-on, she smiled broadly and nodded her head.

“Mmmm..yeah, put it on, Lyn and come fuck my pussy.”

I let out a low lustful growl, while I harnessed the toy around me. Coming up onto the bed, I stroked it, staring down at her and smiling, “you ready Love?”

“More than, stick that big cock in me baby, and fuck this cunt good.”

I moaned and began to insert the toy into her pussy. She sighed and smiled as I got the entire length into her and came down on my hands so I could kiss those full soft lips again.

I slowly ground the toy into her cunt, causing her to make soft mewing sounds as the toy worked inside of her. I moved my mouth from hers and whispered, “you like my cock? You like having it shoved in your pussy?”

She smiled and licked her lips, “I love it. Your cock feels so good in me.”

I let out another low growl and sat up, thrusting my hips harder into her. She let out a long loud moan and I watched her back arch as she cried out, “that’s it baby, fuck that cunt hard. Jesus that feels so fuckin’ good.”

I grabbed her hips and made them work with me as I looked down at her and watched her body flush all over.

“You gonna cum for me Jessi? Cum all over my big fuckin’ cock!”

Her moans turned into screams and she nodded and yelled, “Yes! Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming for you! I’m cumming all over your big goddamn cock!”

I moved my hips harder, which made her scream louder. Her body tensed, and as the height of her orgasm hit, her hands came up to her nipples and she pinched them hard.

When she began to calm down, I moved down again and kissed her nipples that she so roughly played with. Between kisses and licks I spoke to her, “was that good?”

She laughed and nodded, “it was the best. I wanna fuck you now.”

I smiled and moved handing the toy to her. Once she had it on, she stroked it as I had done, moving her juices along the shaft of the thick, long toy. She smiled down at me, and gave me her hand.

“Lick it, Lyn. Taste me.”

I took her fingers into my mouth one at a time, moaning as I tasted her again.

She took it away when she thought I’d cleaned it well enough, and moved closer to me. She bent down and took one of my nipples into her mouth, moaning as she sucked on it, and then nibbled it lightly before moving to the next.

Her mouth moved down, kissing my belly and she began to speak between kisses, “I’m gonna fuck you Lyn. I’m gonna fuck you so hard. My cock is gonna tear this fuckin’ pussy up.”

I moaned at her words and nodded, but as I went to speak her mouth moved down to my pussy, and she flicked her tongue across my hard clit. My body jumped Porno 64 and I forgot what I was going to say, as she took my clit between her teeth and flicked her tongue across it hard.

She didn’t let me come; she moved right before I could. Her tongue moved down and she slowly inserted all she could of it into my hole. I gasped as she began to fuck me with it. Again she moved, right before I came and her mouth went down and she bit each of my ass cheeks, before letting her tongue slide between them and move across the tight hole.

She looked up at me and moved her mouth, “do you want me to fuck you hard Lyn?”

I whispered in my lust, “yes. Oh god yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard with your big cock.”

She laughed and sat up on her knees. I watched her hand expertly stroke the toy. Her voice turned hard and commanding, and I liked hearing it as she demanded me, “come and suck it, Lyn. You know how to suck a cock?”

At this point, I would have done anything for her; I moved and took the cock into my mouth. She moaned as she watched me, “mmmmm….good girl. Suck my cock, baby, take it down your throat.”

I took what I could, and as I came back up she moved my hair from my face and smiled down at me, “bite it. Bite my cock Lyn.”

I laughed and took the head between my teeth, chewing on it as I would a real cock.

“Such a nasty girl, you like eating my cock?”

I nodded and looked up at her. She smiled down at me, “you like it better though if it were in that pretty little cunt of yours huh?”

“Yes, stick it in me, Jessi.”

“Turn around.”

I moved onto my hands and knees, and she moved the cock up and down on my slit. My body shook and I moaned, “put it in my cunt, Jessi. Please. Fuck me!”

She grabbed my hips and thrust forward, sending the entire length into me all at one time. I screamed out in passion as she rammed the toy deep and hard into me.

“Like this Lyn? You like that? You like being fucked hard by my cock?”

“I goddamn love it!”

She laughed again, and sent her body forward, making me lay flat on the bed. Her legs came on the outside of mine, and she made them close. I moaned loudly as the cock went deeper into me. My pussy was so tight around the toy, that had a real man been fucking me, he would have lost control and came.

Her lips moved to my ear and she whispered to me as she drove the cock ever harder and faster into me, “fuck it Lyn. Fuck my cock. Move that fuckin’ little cunt!”

I began to move my hips and she moaned, “that’s it baby, you make my cock feel so good.”

I lost it then, my orgasm hit so hard that my body almost went into convulsions. I screamed my passion out in profanities.

She had stopped moving the cock, letting my body take over. She yelled over my screams, “that’s right! Do it girl, come all over this fuckin’ cock!”

I screamed again when she started moving the toy, and I went into another orgasm, smaller but no less intense than the first.

When I was able to speak again I whispered, “that’s it. I can’t take anymore.”

She laughed and pulled the toy out. She looked at me as she took it off, and held it at it’s base. I watched her bring it to her mouth, and start to lick my cream off the shaft. I sat up, and helped her clean the toy; and as our tongues met at the tip, she took mine into her mouth and sucked my taste from me.

I watched her get into her car, and smiled as I thought about the next time we’d meet.

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