Getting to Know the Neighbours


It had been one of those rare English summers when temperatures had soared continually into the eighties. Good intentions to maintain my garden in pristine condition had gone by the wayside as sunbathing and barbecues had presented themselves in more attractive modes. So here I was, as summer was on the point of leaving, making a valiant effort to restore some of the garden’s former glories. The sun was getting low in the sky but the temperature was still high enough, coupled with my exertions, to cause a trickle of perspiration to gently slide down the glistening valley between my breasts. Weighing in at a proud 36DD and, although large and heavy, they were firm enough to defy gravity and maintain their shape and form without the restrictions of a bra. It was certainly not the weather to feel restricted, particularly when kneeling on the edge of a flowerbed removing countless weeds with a trowel.

“Hello. You look busy.”

I looked up, taken by surprise, to see a male face with smiling brown eyes looking down at me across the dividing fence. As I tilted my head to look up at him, I realised from the direction at which his eyes were pointing that I was presenting him with an almost uninterrupted view of my fun bags, nipples and all. My sun-top was low cut and loose fitting and had not been designed to prevent prying eyes viewing its contents from above. I hastily rose from my kneeling position, and returning his smile, said, “Yes, work which should have been done much earlier.”

“I’m John,” he grinned, “just moved in last week.”

My previous neighbours had sold the property some weeks earlier but until now I had no idea who had bought it.

“Pleased to meet you.” I replied, taking his offered outstretched hand. “I’m Julie, Julie Summers.”

“I noticed you working and thought that you might fancy a drink when you have finished. Give me chance to meet the neighbours and get to know some people in the area.”

“Oh, well… O.K. Thanks. I’ll just finish off here and get cleaned up. About an hour alright?”

“Super. The invite includes hubby or boyfriend.” he flung over his shoulder as he turned to go back into his house.

“Don’t have either.” I called to his retreating back.

I quickly finished off the weeding and, putting the gardening tools away, went into the house for a shower. The warm water gushed over my body and as I soaped myself I noticed my nipples beginning to harden and rise. For some reason showers always had that effect on my body and many a happy time had been spent finishing off with my fingers the work the cascading water had begun. My hand almost involuntarily strayed to my shaven pussy and gently opened its now soaking lips. As I slipped two fingers into the warm wet depths I closed my eyes and began to enjoy the tingling feeling starting to grow between my legs.

Suddenly my new neighbour’s face appeared in my mind’s eye and I began to imagine that my fingers were his. My hand moved faster and my other hand moved to my now rock hard nipples. With a shuddering moan my love juices gushed over my fingers and left me gasping. I stood still for a few minutes until my quivering body regained its composure. I had never brought myself to such a quick climax before and combined with the exertions of the gardening it left me feeling a little weak at the knees. Eventually I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a large bath towel and allowed it to absorb the wetness of my body, finally completing the drying with slow circular motions. I opened the wardrobe and chose a small silk dress with a low cut neckline and short skirt, at the same time pushing the sensual thoughts of the shower to the back of my mind. I decided on white silk panties but no bra, following the old adage ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ The image in the mirror certainly left little to the imagination. “What the hell,” I thought, “ Give the guy a thrill. You can walk out if he starts anything. Anyway, he probably has a family in there, so enjoy.”

Five minutes later, my finger poised over the doorbell, I nearly lost my nerve. Maybe I should go back and wear something more conservative. I was not given that option though because John must have been watching for istanbul rus escort me and before I could move the door opened and he was saying, “Come in.” I walked into the hall and he directed me to the lounge. Whilst he was pouring my drink I took stock of the room. It had the air of a room that was not yet completely occupied. Obviously the process of ‘moving in’ had not yet reached its conclusion. I studied a couple of photographs of John with a very attractive brunette smiling into his eyes. He came up behind me and said “My wife. She left me for someone else.”

“I am sorry.” I said. It sounded rather limp in the circumstances.

“That’s why I moved here. We sold up and split the proceeds. Some of her things are here though and so I will see her occasionally when she decides to collect them.”

I turned to take my drink from him and unintentionally my breasts brushed against his arm. As though being let off a leash my nipples jumped to attention and were very evident through the thin silk of my dress. John’s eyes homed in like radar and the admiration in them was plain to see, as was the rising lump in his jeans. In my confusion I misjudged the distance to the glass and the drink was knocked into the air. Sod’s law prevailed and the gin and tonic cascaded across my chest. The wet material of my dress was now almost transparent and the admiration reflected in John’s eyes turned to unadulterated lust. Putting the empty glass onto the table John’s hands were all over my hardening tits in a thinly veiled pretence of wiping up the spilled drink. His ministrations were playing havoc with my lower body reactions and I could feel that well-known tingle starting in the region of my thighs. His fingers were at the buttons and within seconds, with a whispering sigh, the silk dress lay in a heap around my ankles.

My nipples were out like rocks and my tits were aching for him to knead them into submission. I reached out and pulled his head to mine, allowing his tongue to roam deeply within my mouth. My resolve to walk away had been washed off with the shower no doubt. My pussy was on fire, wet and longing for action. How could this happen so quickly? I pushed myself into him, feeling his mounting hardness through the denim of his jeans. His hands were in my panties, tearing at the thin silk until they joined my dress on the floor. I pushed my hips forward until I could feel the roughness of his jeans against my naked pussy causing me to reach new heights of desire. I wanted this man to fuck me and I was leaving no doubt in his mind as his ever-growing bulge was confirming. I reached down for his zip and loosened the press-stud on the waistband of his pants, as they hit the floor and he stepped out of them his cock, freed from their restraint, leapt at me. It was monstrous, at least 10 inches and as round as a baby’s arm, its bulbous end, purple and gleaming looked like an over ripe orange. He began to push me to my knees and I knew it wasn’t just to get a closer look at his weapon of destruction.

“It’s so big.” I whispered, as if saying it out loud would make it grow even bigger.

He grabbed he back of my head and pulled me towards his still swelling cock. I felt the wetness of his pre-cum on my lips as I hesitated to open my mouth. I knew there was no pulling back and so I opened my mouth as wide as I could and allowed the purple end to pass my lips. As I licked it tentatively he lurched forward and sank most of that rod of steel into my throat. Gagging, I tried to grab some air as I felt it hit the back of my throat. I pushed my hands against his thighs to try and lever him away. He was too strong and all my efforts were useless. The pressure was relentless as he ground his snake into my throat. I realised my only release would be when he shot his load so I began sucking as hard as I could. The effect was instantaneous. He began fucking my mouth which allowed me to grab some air on the withdrawal strokes. I reached for his stem with my hands and grabbed it near his balls.

Holding it I began to lick the shining helmet. This stopped the movement for a while and I pleasured his cock and balls long enough to regain my breath. kadıköy escort He was not to be denied though and he tore my hands away and once more rammed my mouth and held my head in position while he mouth fucked me. I began to climax and soon my lower body was thrashing around like a loose rope, the stopper that he was thrusting into my throat silenced my moans. Would he never cum? His strokes became faster. And I felt him thicken even more. There was a roar from somewhere a long way off as he emptied himself into my throat. I gagged again and tried to swallow but his cum was too much and it filled my throat and mouth and began to spill out around his cock.

He pulled me to my feet and started kissing me, his tongue roaming around my mouth and cleaning his own cum from my throat. I could feel his still rampant cock against my body. It had not softened at all and was twitching against my upper leg. He held me tightly so I could not move away from him and he moved me backwards until I came to a stop against the wall. He never stopped kissing me and with radar like accuracy his rock hard tool found the entrance to my more than willing pussy. I was so wet that he slipped in as easily as if he was just a splinter instead of the biggest thing I had ever encountered. He reamed my tunnel and stretched me beyond anything previously experienced.

At first the pain was tremendous but soon, as I began to climax, the pleasure took over and I began pushing back as hard as he was forwards. I moaned and bucked as his pleasure rod brought me to heights of ecstasy, which wanted to go on forever, but which at the same time became unbearable. I begged him to stop and not to stop at the same time. He ignored anything I said or did and continued forcing himself into me. I was delirious with enjoyment and soon was climaxing again and again. I lost count of the number of times I poured juices over him. He was insatiable and stayed hard as iron for what seemed like ever. When I thought I could take no more he withdrew but before I could gather myself he spun me round and forced me to my knees again but this time I was facing away from him. Without breaking stride he was in me from behind and had me speared like a stuck pig. The pleasure increased as he continued to use me like a rag doll. His rhythm increased as he rose with my delight. He stopped at the crucial moment and gathered breath ready for the next assault. Then hard into my over used cunt he slammed his thick hard prick. I knew no way of stopping him. Then as I fell forward under a particularly savage set of thrusts, I reached out to steady myself. My hand came in contact with his balls. I grabbed for support and the resulting squeeze caused a reaction I had not anticipated. He lunged forward and with an enormous roar his balls emptied into my womb. He seemed to shoot his sperm into me for minutes until finally he collapsed onto my back. We lay there for a few moments, both gasping for breath until he finally got off me and collapsed onto the settee.

“Wow, that was great.” He panted.

“Yes, but a little too savage for my liking.” I responded. I prefer my fucking to be gentler and mutually enjoyable. However if you like it one sided then maybe I can oblige.”

He had not noticed the paper knife on the table beside me and his expression of surprise almost made me laugh when I laid its point on his throat and explained that it was now my turn to make use of him. Gently running my fingernail along the underside of his tool, I watched as firstly it twitched and then gradually began jerking in time with my strokes. Soon he was back to his hard 10 inches and I carefully climbed on board. My nipples were at his mouth level and my very receptive pussy was sunk fully down his stem. Slowly, oh so slowly I lifted till I was at its tip. I held it there for a few seconds then even more slowly sank back down its full length.

He moaned as I continued this gentle manipulation of his cock. I stopped and used my muscular pussy walls to gently squeeze. He shouted for more but I refused and continued my slow grinding on his manhood bringing him to the point of explosion before allowing him to cool back to a position kartal escort were I could start again without giving him complete satisfaction. The expressions on his face told me all I needed to know to keep him in this state of absolute control, the point of the knife preventing him from thrusting forward into me. How long I could have maintained this equilibrium is a matter for conjecture had not a voice from the doorway asked…

“Can anyone join or is this a private party?”

The surprise voice caused me to crash downwards and him to lurch upwards as we both looked towards the door. The result, as I then stood up, was a cascade of cum arching through the air and covering my belly. I recognised the woman from the picture. It was his ex-wife.

“Mmmmmm.. Don’t you look nice?” she whispered as she began loosening her blouse. Her breasts were smaller than mine. 34 D I’d guess but firm and beautifully shaped with nipples seeming to stick out about an inch or more. Losing her blouse and skirt she revealed an excellent figure with long shapely legs and a mound of dark hair showing through sheer silk panties. As she stooped to pull down her panties her tits swung forward and bounced onto her arms causing her nipples to extend even further. She continued to walk towards me and as she stretched out her arms I realised it was me in whom she was interested. Her fingers hit my nipples like two butterflies alighting on my tits and the electric shock of sheer pleasure surged through me. It suddenly hit me that she had left John for a woman, not another man. As my mouth opened to speak she moved in like a rapier and her lips hit mine as her tongue darted into the cavern of my mouth and started tracing patterns of delight inside it.

Without realising it I had responded and was kissing her as wildly as anyone I had ever kissed before. Her fingers were doing things to me that I had never previously experienced and soon I was moaning and cumming in torrents. She opened my pussy, not that it wasn’t already well opened by her husbands efforts, and found my clitoris and my sweet spot all in one. My back arched and my love tunnel thrust further onto her hand with my juices flowing like a river. My hands grabbed the cheeks of her arse and pulled her to me. The dark curly bush around the opening to her cunt rammed into my shaven area and I began thrashing around in absolute paradise. I screamed for more and she brought me to a shuddering climax, leaving me gasping for air.

“My turn now I think.” She whispered. I gathered myself and tried to copy the things she had done to me. Soon she was repeating the motions which such a short time previously I had been through. I hit her clit and she literally jumped bringing herself into harder contact with my nipples and pussy jamming my hands between us. I looked over her shoulder and saw John with the largest hard of the day unbelieving what he was seeing. I had a wicked thought and quietly muttered in his wife’s ear that maybe we should give him a better view. She smiled her consent as I turned her to face him. She spread her legs and I opened her wide with my thumbs. She leaned back with her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes as she began to enjoy the mounting sensation. She did not see me motion to John to join us. He grinned wickedly and rod standing proudly at attention rose from the settee and, without breaking stride, rammed it straight into his wife’s wide-open cunt.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh…No…” she screamed as her eyes flew open and her head snapped forward. This only resulted in a deeper penetration of her tunnel by John’s ever swelling cock. He slammed her backwards, almost knocking the air out of my lungs. I swear I could feel him right through her body. All the pent up anger and frustration at what she had done to him was spent in the next fifteen minutes of relentless fucking of the woman who had betrayed him. I don’t know how many times she climaxed, I know I did at least three times and I was only holding her, but her cries of refusal changed to screams for more as she was ridden into submission.

Eventually the pace brought us all to a final climax as both John and his wife shouted their mutual orgasm in a mighty YEEESSSSSSSS.

We collapsed on the floor and after a few minutes, while they were still locked together, I made a quiet but speedy retreat next door. Later that evening I reflected on what had turned out to be a most unusual ‘House warming’ and wondered which of my new neighbours I would get to know best in the months ahead.

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